Star Trek

TOS (The Original Series): 

Valediction — Just a short one-shot after the episode “The Immunity Syndrome.”

Shooting Stars — Bones feels like a wallflower at a diplomatic party. A few shooting stars help lighten his pensive mood.

Make-Believe World (Mirrorverse, rape, non-con) — Mirror!McCoy is forced to transfer his allegiance to Mirror!Spock, the new captain, and become his kept man. It bothers him a lot… but not for the obvious reasons.

If Sickbay Walls Could Talk (smut, porn) — Smutty Spones drabble! After Amok Time so technically TOS but could also work for AOS if you want it to.

AOS (Alternate Original Series or Kelvin Timeline): 

A Night to Remember — Leonard and Spock meet under very different circumstances.
Amanda asks Leonard to be Spock’s date, which turns into a night to remember.

Nostalgia — After “Star Trek 2009”: Spock Prime succumbs to a bit of nostalgia, revealing a relationship that would redefine more than one person.

Quality Time — After “Star Trek: Beyond”: Just a quick fic about Spock and Bones and Joanna. 🙂

Chocolate and Wine (smut, porn) — After “Star Trek: Beyond”: Valentine’s Day comes and goes on Yorktown but both Bones and Spock were date-less… until they decide to share the treats they had each gotten.

Sensitivity (multi-chapter in-progress, currently on hiatus)

Summary: Spock learns to appreciate Bones more when he becomes the good doctor’s patient in “Star Trek: Beyond.” What he learns about McCoy as well as himself through the ordeal makes Spock question whether all of his choices, while logical, were the best.

This is my first work for the Trek fandom. I emerged from “Star Trek: Beyond” an uncontrollable Sponeser or McSpocker. With my apologies to the readers of my other works in progress, I hope this helps me get my writing mojo back. There will be more chapters, although how many is as yet unclear.
Live long and prosper! .\\//

Chapter 1: Empathy

Chapter 2: Respect and Gratitude

Chapter 3: Flashbacks

Chapter 4: Complexity

Chapter 5: Green-Eyed Monster

Chapter 6: Down the Rabbit Hole

Chapter 7: Knit the Raveled Sleeve of Care

Chapter 8: No Other Answer

Chapter 9: Self-Diagnostic

Chapter 10: An Ear to Bend

Chapter 11: Life Happens

Chapter 12: Symptomatic

Chapter 13: Awakening

Chapter 14: Perceptions

Chapter 15: Unexpected Pleasures

Chapter 16: A Night of Firsts

Chapter 17: Living a Fantasy

Chapter 18: Brunch

Chapter 19: Christening and Cuddling

Chapter 20: Communication

Chapter 21: Memory Meld 1

Chapter 22: Memory Meld 2

Chapter 23: Memory Meld 3

Chapter 24: A Welcome Home

Chapter 25: Connection

Chapter 26: Scuttlebutt

Chapter 27: Illogical

Chapter 28: Taking Charge

Chapter 29: A Moment to Meditate

Chapter 30: Surprises

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