Half Life 4

The kiss, as Reese had hinted, was a breathtaking experience to say the least. Finch was running out of oxygen and feeling giddy by the time Reese withdrew the smaller set of his tentacles, which had stroked and probed every inch of Finch’s mouth. As he panted to regain the air he’d lost, Finch could feel them caressing his cheek like a large flower, the damp petals traveling over the bridge of his nose to pay the same attention to his other cheek, then sliding down his neck to his throat where they blossomed – spreading out to cover his skin from his chin to his clavicle. They drew lazy circles, leaving a hint of wetness wherever they touched.

It was hard to concentrate on what Reese’s new tongue was doing since his new penis was doing equally dexterous and stimulating things. The six thick tendrils enveloped Finch’s cock in their own heat and desire, pulsing to a rhythm that was impossible to resist – not that Finch wanted to resist at all. The digitless fingers seemed to be pulling all his male energy out, throbbing around his cock from root to tip until he was helplessly aroused. With their tips kneading the base of his cock and his balls, they formed the perfect tunnel: hot and slick and just tight enough to provide some much-needed resistance without crossing over the threshold of pain. Finch had begun thrusting into them without thinking.

Reese grinned widely with his eyes closed, concentrating on the novel sensations. He had dreamed of fucking Finch like this, but to actually do it… it was beyond his wildest expectations. Finch’s cock pushing repeatedly into the thick of his hyper-sensitive cock tentacles was enough to drive him over the edge, but he clung to his self-control, desperate not to climax before his lover. He could feel the slightest movement magnified a hundredfold, could sense the tension building in the other man’s balls, could actually taste the sweat and pre-cum on Finch’s cock. As he held Finch close with his hands and licked around his ear, sending one tendril inside to explore the narrow channel, he felt Finch clutch him tightly. The next moment, in an eruption of heat and fluid and sound – for Finch couldn’t stop himself from crying out – he came.

“Oh, John… oh! Oh, God… so good…!”

As Reese let Finch catch his breath, his released semen was sucked into the center of Reese’s new penis with a greedy slurping noise, surprising even Reese. He hadn’t known it could do that, having never experimented with it in this way. As his body assimilated his lover’s fluids, he was filled with a deep sense of well-being. He was filled with Finch, and that made him happy. His penis tentacles continued to fondle Finch’s deflating cock and balls, lovingly combing through his thick growth of pubic hair. Reese bent to stick a tongue tendril into Finch’s ear again; it seemed the strong flavor of ear wax was a turn-on to his new senses. Reese needed release now more than ever, although his new organ did not harden like its previous counterpart.

“Finch… do you think I could…” he began, flushing and feeling strangely shy. When Finch turned his blank, glazed-over eyes to him, Reese decided that he could not wait for permission. He had already penetrated Finch’s anus more times than he could count (although he suspected Finch had kept an accurate record of it in his locked-up diary); one more time, even with his appendage’s new form, could hardly be objectionable.

Rolling his dazed lover gently onto his side, Reese grabbed the bottle of lube they had used earlier and squirted a liberal amount on his wiggling penis parts, which immediately slathered the fluid onto themselves. When he drew closer to Finch, the thick tentacles moved with one accord to the older man’s ass, spreading the lubricant everywhere: his cheeks and his crack as well as his already lax opening. Finch moaned as two of the tentacles penetrated him, leaving trails of slime in and around his anus, but did not protest. Reese withdrew his tongue tentacles, which had been caressing his lover’s neck, so he could speak again.

“Harold… I love you,” he whispered.

“Oh, John… I love you, too,” Finch answered with a smile slurring his dreamy voice. When Reese hugged him to his chest, Finch did not hesitate to wrap his own arms around Reese’s.

“I love you so much,” Reese murmured as he pressed his groin against Finch’s ass. His mutated penis seemed to know instinctively what to do: one tentacle reached below to Finch’s balls and massaged them, another wandered up his crack to anchor itself into the crevice by forming an air-tight seal, and the other four plunged together deep inside his body.

“Oh… Oh!” Finch gasped, but Reese recognized his tone to be of pleasure – especially when Reese’s nimble probes found Finch’s prostate and began prodding it with their tips. Finch’s voice rose in ecstasy as they continued to slither around, at least one of them always rubbing a ring around the walnut-shaped bump; the remaining three parts set up a familiar rhythm of advancing and retreating, although they were actually only lengthening and contracting. Reese mouthed Finch’s shoulder, tasting every bit of his skin with his multi-faceted tongue while reveling in the fact that he did not have to pull away from Finch. He could remain as close to his lover as he wished, plastered against him with scarcely even air between them for the whole duration of their lovemaking, since his new appendage was doing all the work for him.

His hands were not idle, either. Once Reese had affixed his penis within the other man, he slid his left hand down Finch’s hairy runway until he grasped his thickening shaft. The direct stimulation of his prostate as well as his balls by Reese’s tentacles had aroused Finch again, despite his recent ejaculation, and with Reese’s skillful fingers wrapped around his cock he could hardly resist getting hard again. Still, it would take time; Reese knew this and did not rush things, happy to savor the sensations he had dreamed of for so long. He could taste Finch’s interior as well as his own semen from their first round of lovemaking; he could raise every well-manicured hair at the nape of Finch’s neck with his multiple tongue tendrils; and he could hold Finch – tightly, tenderly, and possessively – while their bodies seemed to meld into one.

“Reese… John… so good!” Finch managed. “Wonderful!”

Reese squeezed his eyes shut. He had never expected to find someone who would accept him, let alone love him, once he had become this new, indefinable creature. He had never even expected to have a normal relationship with anyone after what he had seen and done for his former employer. But now Finch had found him, and the distrustful man had not only given him a job and a purpose – a reason to live – but also his friendship and love. Finch loved him, even though he knew him at his worst, even after finding out the horrific disfigurement that had changed him. Reese could not answer his lover – not only because his tongue tentacles were spread out across the man’s neck but also because he was choked with tumultuous emotions.

Finch reached behind to place a warm hand on Reese’s hip, then stroked down his side, right where the skin turned into scales. His thumb moved slowly across Reese’s warm body while his fingers skimmed the surface of his new protective covering.

“So beautiful, John… so marvelous… in any shape or form…”

Reese clung to his lover as the deep, throbbing desire in his body was converted to furious thrusting and writhing within Finch’s, his four tentacles surging as one unit to move their bulbous center back and forth over his lover’s most sensitive spot. With inexpressible satisfaction, Reese felt Finch arch his back into the heat of his chest, his human cock thrumming with mounting tension. Reese tried to wait, tried to hold off his own climax, but before he could confirm Finch’s release his own frenetically slithering cock tentacles began shooting out hot fluid.

It seemed to take forever – well over a minute – before he was finished. His sensitive tendrils could taste the cum they had just pumped into Finch’s tunnel, and then Reese realized why it had taken so long: the semen he had sucked out of Finch earlier had been released as well. It had increased the amount of his ejaculation, and thereby the length of his climax, too.

He was pleased to note that Finch had apparently experienced another orgasm also, the evidence of fresh cum clinging to Reese’s fingers. He brought his hand up to lick it clean with his many-pronged tongue. He knew he would never tire of tasting his lover, whether his skin, saliva, or semen. Finch simply tasted good – the most delicious thing in the world to him.

“Well… I must say… that was… quite the ride,” Finch panted.

Reese allowed his satisfied tentacles – all twelve of them – to withdraw from Finch’s body so his lover could rest on his back. Reese crawled over him, burying his face in the crook of Finch’s neck while Finch rubbed his palms over Reese’s scaly back.

“Thanks for letting me,” Reese whispered.

“Please, John – don’t thank me. I loved every minute of it.”

Reese hoisted himself up on his elbows and gazed into Finch’s face, then bent down for a kiss. Neither of them said anything more; they no longer needed words.


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  1. Sam Rawana

     /  2013/05/31

    You’re STILL evil! And I’m breathless and brain dead, but in a good way. Is there going be any more of this story or is this it?

    • This is it. I can’t come up with anything more, although someone suggested having Creature!Reese plant an egg in Finch… I just can’t figure out how that would work. :p
      Glad you liked this!

  2. Kate

     /  2013/05/31

    Wow! I loved it! How creative! I wouldn’t push that version of Reese out of my bed!

  3. God that was so hot! I hope you do another story with that guy.


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