Half Life 3

Reese bit his lip as though he wished to disagree, but after a thoughtful pause he only said, “You know how much I love to touch you?”

“Yes. I’m well aware that you’re a… tactile lover,” Finch replied with a warm smile.

“There’s a new part of me that… wants to touch you so badly,” Reese confessed, “but I don’t want to until I know for sure that you’re comfortable with it…” He rolled over to grab Finch’s glasses from the nightstand, where they had been tossed carelessly before the two men had made love. “Here,” he said, placing them on Finch’s nose. “Now look down.”

After adjusting his glasses, Finch followed Reese’s line of sight to the younger man’s nether regions and saw what looked to be several large black leeches – except they were impossibly waving and undulating in the air. Finch blinked, rubbed his eyes, and squinted. The pointed black ribbons were still there, and he realized that they were all attached to Reese’s body where his penis should have been.

“Is—Is that…?” Finch gasped and trailed off, unable to finish.

“Yeah. That’s my dick.” A moment later the multiple strips clamped together to form what looked more like a football than a human penis, but they were definitely a part of Reese, not some separate organisms that had latched on to him. “Gross, right? They look just like the giant leeches that infected me. But the one advantage is, when I spread them out, there’s that much more surface area to touch with… and to stimulate. I… I’ve never used them to touch someone before, but… if you don’t mind… I would love to give you a hand-job – or whatever you’d call it – with them. I wanna touch yours and make it feel so good…”

The tentacles separated and reached out to Finch’s cock, which was still hanging limp. Finch wasn’t sure he was ready for this, despite what he had said earlier, so he stalled for time.

“Uh… How many of them are there?” he asked.

“Six. All equal sizes,” Reese answered, watching his lover closely. “You think they’re grotesque, don’t you?”

“N—No, not at all!” Finch responded with a fake grin. “They’re… fascinating.”

Reese weighed the matter for a moment, then removed Finch’s glasses.

“Tell you what: don’t think about what they look like. Just let me cuddle with you like usual. If you can tell when I’m touching you with them and it creeps you out, just say the word and I’ll stop. But they feel exactly like my fingers, only… boneless. If you don’t watch, you shouldn’t be able to tell – I promise.”

Finch swallowed and took a deep breath. “All right. I trust you, John – and no matter what has happened to you, or what your body might look like, I will always love you.” He traced the scales on Reese’s shoulder with one finger, delicately, and placed a kiss on the border where his skin and scales met. “I will always… love you.”

Reese moaned, a soft sound that was close to a whimper, while Finch continued kissing his shoulder and neck. He was quite sensitive there, as Finch had discovered when they’d first grown intimate. Kissing up the other man’s jaw, Finch enjoyed the prickly, grizzly feeling of his unshaven beard until their mouths met in a wet tangle of need and desire. He loved Reese, and he knew Reese loved him. Their touching, kissing, and lovemaking were all external expressions of their internal connection. When they finally pulled apart for air, Finch knew he was ready.

“Touch me, John,” he whispered. Reese’s calloused hands slid from his waist to his back, warming Finch’s naked skin as they wandered all over his body. It was a ritual Reese loved to indulge in almost every night, one that calmed Finch’s frayed nerves as nothing else could. When the long, slender fingers started to fondle his privates, he did not even think about what he had just seen – only that Reese, this wonderful, loving man, wanted to be with him. His cock was tenderly stroked and caressed until it grew firm, heat building within and radiating through his body. Reese’s hands seemed to be everywhere at once, squeezing his buttocks, rubbing his shoulders, pulling on his shaft…

“Oh,” Finch gasped as the realization hit him. “You’re… It’s… Oh!”

Reese had peered into his face anxiously when he’d started speaking, but when a particularly sensual tug on Finch’s cock made him arch his back, Reese grinned with smug relief.

“Do you like it?”

“Oh… yes…” Finch panted. He did not have to look down to know that those black tendrils – Reese’s transformed penis – were entwined around his own. One of the soft tips was sliding back along his perineum, worming its way to his open anus, while two were slithering around his testicles, cupping them with just the right amount of pressure. The other three were stroking his cock, sometimes in unison along the shaft, more often one of them tickling his slit or rubbing the sensitive underside of the head.

“John… oh, God! That’s so… so… amazing…”

You’re amazing, Harold,” Reese murmured in his ear, then stuck his tongue into it, deeper than Finch would have believed possible. “Mmm…” Reese groaned, “I just love how you taste… everywhere…”

As Reese’s hot breath wrapped around the shell of his ear, Finch realized that there were soft, wet fingers touching all around it as well. He managed to open his eyes, which allowed him to see the small black ribbons of flesh emanating from his lover’s mouth – like his tongue, only longer and narrower and forked multiple times at the base. Finch gripped Reese’s shoulders in an attempt to hang on to sanity.

“John! Your tongue!

Reese immediately withdrew the organs, swallowing once with a shade of guilt in his deep blue eyes.

“I’m sorry… I should have warned you about these, too…”

He had a slight lisp, as though he had just come from a dentist’s office. Finch stared at him for a moment, dumbfounded, then wrapped his arms around him and kissed his stubbled cheek.

“It’s all right – there’s no need to apologize. I’m sorry, I was just startled. This has to be so awkward for you…”

“No, Finch, I… I only feel awkward because I don’t want you to… be uncomfortable around me. These things, these… tentacles, actually help me feel and taste better. I can feel so many details of your body… taste more subtle nuances of flavor on your skin…”

Finch gently stroked the fins on Reese’s back, struggling to come to terms with this new reality. Reese’s body had changed, but the tenderness with which he held Finch was still the same. The low, soothing voice was still talking to him in all the tones of love he had grown accustomed to. Finch placed another kiss on Reese’s shoulder, this time on his scales, and scolded himself that this was Reese, too – another part of the man he loved.

“I’m glad you can experience new sensations with them,” he said at last, meaning every word. “And I’m honored that you want to experience them with me.”

“Harold,” Reese breathed, his hands resuming the caresses that had been frozen. “I’m only glad for these changes because they let me know things about you that nobody else can or ever will. I just want to make you… feel good. Feel happy. Because that’s how you make me feel…”

Finch drew back just enough to look Reese in the eye and let his gaze wander over his lover’s handsome face.

“Let me see your new and improved tongue,” he said with the barest hint of a smile.

Reese complied. The black organ was still shaped like a tongue when it came out, but then it split into six equal pieces as though it had been cut, like wedges of a pie. The long, slender tendrils moved independently, twisting and curling in a show of dexterity. Finch lifted his hand to touch one with his fingertip. It was soft and pliable, covered with taste buds on the outer surface and a slick membrane of skin on the inner. It licked his digit shyly at first, then more boldly as Finch began to smile. The other parts surged toward the finger as though jealous and began licking up the length of it in tandem. A chuckle burst out of Finch.

That…” he enunciated, his own tongue sticking out tantalizingly for a moment, “is remarkable.”

Reese flashed a brilliant smile and pulled his tongue(s) back into his mouth. “And you haven’t even let me kiss you with these yet.”

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  1. Plink42

     /  2013/05/16

    I’m not normally into this, but I’m giving it a shot since you’re writing it. It’ll be interesting to see just how far this goes and where else Reese has “surprises”.

  2. Not shocked…I know guana…strange girl that one 🙂 oh well it was smexy RINCH forked tongue or not

  3. Course my brain wants to reverse engineer the changes and catalogue where they came from….Not the point Managerie >_<

  4. Sam Rawana

     /  2013/05/17

    Has anyone told you you’re evil? Because I’m breathless and my mind as gone on holiday. More please?

    • Why yes, yes I am! XD And I do believe somebody has told me that before…
      One more chapter, due next week. 😉

  5. Mamahub

     /  2013/05/18

    Lol! I’m like the others here. Tentacles aren’t my “thing” but because it’s your Rinch, it is very smexy and loving.

  6. Kate

     /  2013/05/18

    very enjoyable, Thea! Thanks! I can’t wait for the next chapter!

  7. Marnita

     /  2013/05/29

    Wow! This is awesome! I just found it and now have to figure out why I haven’t been getting my prompts from your site!! More, please!!

    • You weren’t getting prompts because I set this story up as Pages rather than Posts (Pages don’t send out notifications but Posts do, even though they look identical). I didn’t want to squick anyone — tentacles are not everyone’s cup of tea…
      Glad you like it, though! 😀

  8. Marnita

     /  2013/05/30

    Never really thought about tentacles until I stumbled upon an Avengers fic about Hawkeye having a kink involving oviposition and tentacles. Got me hooked, I guess. So I wasn’t turned off, just intrigued. You guys think of the coolest/weirdest stuff!! I love it all. LOL Keep it coming!

    • I’d never even considered writing a tentacle fic before. Making it plausible was the hardest part! But I’m glad you like it. I hope to finish this story soon with one more chapter.


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