Person of Interest – Short

Mr. Tall, Dark, & Handsome  In Episode 1.02 “Ghost,” Reese went to the software design company where Finch (known as Harold) was working as his cover. One of his female coworkers seemed very curious about Reese. This story is from her POV.

USE the CUSHION  In Episode 1.11 “The Super,” Finch is incommunicado while he meets with Carter, and Reese is bored out of his mind at the apartment. So he finally decides to take Finch’s advice and USE the CUSHION. WARNING: Smut ahead!

Cracking the Code  In Episode 1.12 “Legacy,” Reese tries to hack into Finch’s computer. The next day, Finch calls to say that he’s taking the rest of the day off, leaving Reese free to hack again. What passwords would Reese use in his attempt to crack the code? WARNING: Smut ahead! But only in conversation.

Neighborhood Watch  Finch’s first stakeout is filled with surprises. Missing scene in 1.13 “Root Cause” from Finch’s POV.

Valentine Scheme  Reese is determined to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Finch. Definitely a bit OOC. WARNING: Smut ahead!

A Walk in the Park  From Episode 1.17 “Baby Blue,” Reese’s thoughts on the brief time spent with Leila together with Finch.

Blue  What happens after Episode 1.17 “Baby Blue.”

Dream Date  At the end of episode 1.18 “Identity Crisis,” Tara is arrested around 22:08 but Reese doesn’t bring Finch back to the library until 00:58. What did they DO for three hours?

Goodnight, Harold  After episode 1.18 “Identity Crisis,” John stays in the area to check up on Finch.

Temptation  After Episode 1.18 “Identity Crisis.” Finch has a sweet tooth. Reese has…

Book Sale  From a plotbunny supplied by Lady_Quadress on LJ.

Breakfast at Tierny’s  After Episode 1.19 “Flesh and Blood,” Reese invites Finch to breakfast, but he has ulterior motives.

Regrets  Missing scenes during and after Episode 1.21 “Many Happy Returns.” Non-Rinch (or at least, not specifically Rinch).

Blackout  Based on a random thought mentioned by Katica Locke about what fangirls might do to either Reese or Finch if only given the opportunity… WARNING: Smut ahead!

Steamy  After Episode 1.21 “Many Happy Returns.” WARNING: Smut ahead!

The Root of All Evil  After Episode 1.23 “Firewall.” WARNING: Smut ahead! Crazy Crackfic

Master and Man  After Episode 2.01 “The Contingency.” Bear’s POV.

Focus  After Episode 2.04 “Triggerman.” Short-short Rinch.

Date Night  Before and during Episode 2.10 “Shadow Box.” Spoiler alert! WARNING: Smut ahead!

Just Curious Enough  After Episode 2.14 “One Percent.” WARNING: Smut ahead! Crazy Crackfic

It’s Not Over  After Episode 2.13 “Dead Reckoning.” WARNING: Smut ahead!

On the Floor  Finch finds himself in a tight situation, until Reese comes to the rescue… WARNING: Smut ahead! Crazy Crackfic

Cheering Up Finch  After episode 2.18 “All In,” Reese goes to extreme lengths to cheer up Finch. WARNING: Smut ahead! Totally OOC crackfic 

Voyeur  After episode 2.19 “Trojan Horse,” Shaw is curious to find out more about the two mysterious men. Mild Rinch.

Half Life  Reese reveals some secrets about himself that even Finch didn’t know. WARNING: Smut ahead! Kink sex to follow.

The Things He Cares About  In episode 3.02 “Nothing to Hide,” Finch gets hit on the head and Reese gets shot. Hurt/Comfort (no smut)

Contact  At the end of Episode 3.12 “Aletheia,” Reese leaves Finch in the library, metaphorically walking away from the Numbers. But in the episode the Machine also contacts Arthur Claypool in its first gesture of goodwill, showing him old footage from his marriage to help his fading memory. Wouldn’t the Machine reach out to Reese as well? (no smut)

Sex in the Stacks  Dedicated to Timeless Dreamer and her wonderful POI vids! WARNING: Smut ahead! Basically porn without plot. 

Anonymous Reunion  Short ficlet written after Episode 3.23 “Deus Ex Machina.” Implied Rinch. No smut, sorry.

Ending Headcanon  Short fic of how I envision the show ending. My apologies for the angst.  No smut, unfortunately, but plenty of fluffliness.

Stroll  I was looking through my folder of fanfic ideas and came across this one that had almost been completed. Set sometime before Episode 1.17 “Baby Blue.”

Under Different Circumstances  An alternate meeting for Finch and Reese. No smut, sorry. Possibly up for adoption.

Wiseguys  A drabbly one-shot of Elias and Scarface for Episode 4.22 “YHWH.”

Not Everyone Dies Alone  A fix-fic for the Series Finale.

Persistence of Interest  AU Rinch ficlet in which John notices Harold.

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