Wolfhound Chapter 9

Reese continued to grumble and mutter under his breath on their way to the restaurant, the complaining tone in his growls quite evident. Finch managed to ignore him until they were seated at a semi-circular booth where Reese was able to lie comfortably along two thirds of the seat and look across the low table at him, fixing him with a baleful stare.

“You do realize, I have a hard enough time understanding you without you mumbling like that,” Finch pointed out. “If you have something to say, just say it and be done with it.”

“Roo-roorn-ree-rawrin-roo-fraynerf,” Reese stated with obvious disgust. “Roo-rown-rowr whoo-hee-iff.” [You shouldn’t be talking to strangers. You don’t know who he is.]

He started talking to me,” Finch said indignantly. “What was I supposed to do? Be rude?”

“Roo-rihrn haffoo-ree fo frenry riffim…” [You didn’t have to be so friendly with him…]

“Why shouldn’t I be? He seemed like a very nice man. I think he was trying to ask me out… In fact, I was considering taking him up on his offer.” To Reese’s dagger-like glare, Finch archly added, “You could keep his Cadoodle company. She seemed like a very sweet… well, dog.”

The waitress arrived with a menu and Finch was startled to learn that they had quite a few choices for their canine clientele as well. While she left to wait on another table, he read the items aloud and asked Reese what he preferred.

“Waffer’f fine,” Reese huffed. “An’ awr-haff ra Free-Reef-Reffrey. Roo-foor-fry ra frafe – if-frerrz-reery-roof.” [Water’s fine. And I’ll have the Three Meat Medley. You should try the steak – it smells really good.]

“Ah. Good to know,” Finch was saying when a well-dressed couple with a Saluki and a Whippet were led to the booth next to them. Both humans glanced at Reese appraisingly and, since their dogs were taking some time getting settled in, the man shot Finch a smile.

“That’s a fine-looking specimen. Deerhound?”

“Close – Wolfhound,” Finch replied.

“Oh, right. Great dogs. Very loyal.”

“Uh… yes. If a tad possessive.”

The man laughed, “All dogs like to keep a tight leash on their humans, I think,” before taking his seat.

The waitress gave them their menus and came over to take Finch’s order.

“Water and the Three Meat Medley for him – the extra large portion, of course. And I’ll have the steak, medium well…”

Knowing that they could be overheard by the couple, Reese kept his mouth shut and rested his big, shaggy head on the table to gaze at Finch with soulful eyes. Finch fidgeted, checked his cell phone, and wished that he had brought a book. Thankfully, their drinks came out soon so he could sip his wine while Reese lapped his bowl of water.

“Ror-riffer,” Reese finally said at a moment when the ambient noise was quite loud – three smaller-breed dogs were yapping in excitement in the booth across the aisle since their food had been brought out, and their female owners were almost equally boisterous with their giggling.

“I beg your pardon?” Finch responded without thinking.

Ror-riffer. Ai fin-fraff-fye waffa ror-riffer.”

The couple next to them were talking about their day so Finch risked leaning in over the table to whisper, “Are you saying ‘gold-digger’? You think that guy was a ‘gold-digger‘?”


“How could you possibly know – or guess – that?

“Hee-faw-roo inna nife, free-feef-foof, wiffa hyoof roff rife-fee, riffin-in Ranhaffan. Hee-fifyoorf roo-woor roar-ref.” [He saw you dressed in a nice, three-piece suit, with a huge dog like me, living in Manhattan. He figured you were loaded.]

“I see… well… I suppose it’s possible,” Finch conceded, if grudgingly. “But you can’t expect me to believe that you could tell anything about his character just from sniffing his hand.”

Reese snorted. “Frerr-rife-ah roofer foo-ree.” [Smelled like a loser to me.]

As luck would have it, the couple happened to have a lull in their conversation just as Reese was finishing his statement, and the woman turned around in her seat in shock.

“Is he talking to you?” she said in astonishment.

“Ah… yes,” Finch said, with a nervous smile twitching his lips. “He likes to keep me company.”

“Wow… it really sounded like he was… y’know, almost saying something,” her companion said. “Something intelligible, I mean.”

“I’m sure he thinks he is,” was Finch’s blithe reply.

“What do you think he’s saying?” the woman asked as she peered at Reese over the back of her seat.

“Oh, you know – the usual. What he saw at the park, the things he smelled on our walk over… complaining about how long I have to work at the office and whining about being locked up at home.”

Finch gave Reese a significant glance as he said that last bit, making his partner’s furry jaw drop open.

“Roo roornf! [You wouldn’t!]” Reese protested in spite of himself, but the couple only laughed.

“He sure sounds like he’s complaining, doesn’t he? Maybe you should listen to him more,” the woman suggested.

“Oh, he’s all right – spoiled, really. Aren’t you, John? You’re just whining because you think you don’t get enough attention, aren’t you?”

“Grar-rar-ruff-rawr,” Reese grumbled, trying to sound like a dog but also making his displeasure known. “Gror-ror-rowr-ruff!

The waitress came out with their food then, though, and Finch noticed that Reese’s tail thumped against the seat a few times as he shifted his position to better get at it. After swallowing his first mouthful, Reese conceded, “Riffiff reriffaff [This is delicious],” making sure that the waitress was preoccupied with taking the couple’s order.

“I’m glad to hear that. Mine is quite good, too,” Finch told him.

They ate without speaking until Reese had devoured every last morsel from his bowl and licked his chops clean. Finch was still only half-way through his steak and was startled when John addressed him.


It was a relatively quiet moment in the restaurant and the couple next to them weren’t speaking, so Finch was guarded as he answered, trying to sound patronizing, “Yes, John? Would you like some more?”

“Rowr-fan-fyoo,” Reese replied, making the woman behind him turn around again.

“He just said, ‘No, thank you,'” the woman pointed out, rather loudly and unnecessarily, drawing the attention of the three young women with the smaller-breed dogs. “How on earth did you train him to say that?”

“Ah… lots of doggie treats. And patience – lots of patience,” Finch said, masking his irritation with a cheesy grin.

“What else can he say?” the man wanted to know.

“Oh, just a few words and phrases,” Finch responded against his will, inwardly fuming that Reese had gotten him into this situation. “He can say ‘I need to go’ and what sounds like ‘I’m hungry.'”

“That’s amazing! And he uses them at the appropriate times?”

“Yes, he knows what they mean, more or less. Don’t you, John?” he added, with the barest hint of a threat in his tone.

Reese lolled his tongue out and smirked at him before getting up to turn around, then sitting on his haunches as close as he could get to Finch on the bench seat. With his forelegs extended, his doggy face was on the same level as Finch’s own and easily within striking distance.

“What?” Finch asked, somewhat defensively. “What do you want? More food?”


“That’s amazing,” one of the young women whispered. All of them were staring at Reese.

“Awr-rowr,” he repeated, his laughing eyes fixed on Finch’s face.

“Yes? What is it?” Finch asked again, his patience beginning to wear thin.


There was a split second of dead silence in their corner of the restaurant before all four women – young and old – broke out into a collective “Awwwww! He said, ‘I love you’!”

“He’s only saying that because he wants something,” Finch countered testily, feeling a flush creep up his neck. “What? What do you want?” he demanded of Reese.

In retrospect, Finch realized, he should have known what he was being set up for. Reese leaned in and gave his chin and lips a very thorough – and very wet – lick.

“Ai-ruffyoo,” Reese declared again, panting with satisfaction mere inches from Finch’s infuriated face.

“John! I’ve asked you not to do that!” he spluttered, thoroughly grossed out and fumbling with his napkin to wipe the dog slobber from his face. “I’m in the middle of dinner here!”

“Ai-ruffyoo,” was Reese’s only reply against the backdrop of laughter. “Ai-ruffyoo, Awr-rowr.”

Finch gave him a narrow-eyed glare and rose stiffly from his seat. “I’m going to go wash my face off now so I’m not contaminated with any of your germs. And I expect my dinner to still be here when I get back, even though it will be cold by then.”

“Ai-ruffyoo,” Reese said, fixing wide, innocent-looking hound dog eyes on Finch.

Stay,” Finch ordered before limping towards the restrooms. Behind him he could hear the women still cooing over the “sweet” and “adorable” dog, as well as Reese’s voice sadly whining his loneliness.

“Awr-rowr? Awr-rowr… Ai-ruffyoo… Ai-ruffyoo…”

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  1. Mamahub

     /  2012/08/14

    Oh you have made me so very, very happy by posting this update! You have no idea how much your fans miss you!!

    “Awr-rowr, Ay-ruffyoo”. OMG!!! Perfect!! And we are all the women sitting around cooing about how adorable they are together! LOL!

    I also like having the transcriptions of WolfieReese’s part of the conversation in the same sentence. I have to admit that I went back through each several times saying his lines out loud to myself so I could “hear” him talking! ;O

    • Thanks so much! You’ve no idea how much I miss my fans!! :’)

      And of course, Awr-rowr is SO embarrassed because now all the women think HE taught his dog to say that to him!! XD

      I wondered if that might work better, especially since he has so many doggy lines this time. I’ll do it this way from now on. I can’t tell you how many times I tried saying those lines to transcribe them correctly to Canine!

  2. managerie

     /  2012/08/15

    Canine Canon!

    Fabulous as ever.

    Thank you for continuing(sp) this wonderful story!

  3. dancing dog

     /  2012/08/15

    I’ve been looking forward to reading more in this series. Princess Pretty Paws, sleeping on the couch right now, says WOOF.

  4. kmmerc

     /  2012/08/15

    Oh, I’m so happy to see a new chapter! It was so sweet and kind of sad at the end – poor John!

    I couldn’t figure out what John was saying here:
    ‘“Grar-rar-ruff-rawr,” Reese grumbled, trying to sound like a dog but also making his displeasure known. “Gror-ror-rowr-ruff!“

    • Oh, he wasn’t saying anything since he didn’t want to let on to the other people how smart he is — just random barks and growls. 😉

      Don’t worry — not even Finch can stay mad at him for long. Not when he gives him sad, puppy-dog eyes… XD

  5. finch-love

     /  2012/09/03

    This is too cute to be put in hanging here……!
    I couldn’t help but start imaging John trying to lick Finch to wake up……or lick Finch out of unconsciousness……
    Your idea and story-telling talent just amazed me, thank you!!!

    • Thanks so much! I didn’t mean to leave it hanging for so long, and I do plan to return to it. This month is a bit crazy with work, but soon!! 😉


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