7. Pedicure

They lay there for a while, simply basking in the afterglow of their twin release. Finch’s mind was reviewing and analyzing what had happened earlier, noting (belatedly) that Reese had achieved some satisfaction as well. The intimate location of his male appendage – still sandwiched between Finch’s upper thighs – made him consider hitherto unimaginable possibilities.

Does he want to… do that? he wondered, astonished anew that the other man considered him physically attractive, even desirable. I suppose he does… He’s a healthy male, after all, and if he’s willing to… get involved like this, with another man, then I must assume that he’s bi, at least, and looking for a… deeper, more intimate, relationship… He’s probably experienced…

Finch contemplated how he felt about being desired in a sexual way and, more importantly, how he would respond if Reese asked him outright to have sex with him.

It’s painful, isn’t it? That’s what I’ve always heard… not that I’ve investigated the ins and outs of anal intercourse, but as general knowledge… He would probably be gentle, though. Even with the acupressure treatment, he was careful not to push me beyond my endurance. I don’t suppose it would be entirely unbearable, or there wouldn’t be as large of a gay population as there seems to be…

He had more or less decided that it would be an interesting experience to try, when Reese placed one more kiss behind his ear, slipped out of bed, and threw on one of the bathrobes he had discarded earlier.

“Guess what, Harold?” he smiled, bending over him. “I have a present for you.”

“A present? Whatever for?”

“Our anniversary, silly!”

With a little wave of his hand, Reese disappeared into the other room, returning before Finch could fully sit up and put on his glasses. He pulled out a long box from the pink bag and showed it to him.

“They had foot lotion downstairs! Isn’t it marvelous? ‘Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion’ – I promised the girls I’d try it out on you right away…”

Reese peeled the covers off of Finch, leaving him exposed in his nakedness, and sat under his feet so they rested in his lap.

“If you don’t mind, could you hand me the other bathrobe?” Finch asked dryly.

“Why, Harold? Don’t tell me you’re shy!” Reese teased, but handed it to him nonetheless. “You have nothing to be shy about – such a nice package!”

Flushing, Finch pulled on the bathrobe, realizing how much easier it now was to do so. His neck and shoulders felt lighter, more agile, than they ever had since he had incurred his injuries.

Reese was already working on his feet, slathering first one and then the other with the pungent lotion, then rubbing it in, massaging the soles of his feet as he did so. Finch moaned appreciatively and lay back against the headboard.

“Finch… why were you so hesitant, earlier, to let me rub your feet?” Reese asked, dropping his flamboyant act for a moment. “Were you worried that I’d hurt them?”

“Worried? No, of course not. More like… embarrassed.”

When Reese caught his eye with a questioning look, Finch blushed and indicated his feet.

“It’s rather difficult… painful, actually, to cut my toenails… ever since the accident,” he admitted. “I have trouble reaching them, so I tend to put it off for as long—”

“Oh, Harold!” Reese interrupted. “Why didn’t you say so? I can do that for you…”

“Mr. Reese, I couldn’t possibly,” Finch began, but Reese had already jumped up (setting aside the feet in question) to run to the bathroom. He came back with a pair of fingernail clippers that had been on the tray of amenities.

“If I’d known, I would’ve bought their nail care products, too,” Reese declared, repositioning himself. “You’re right, they are getting long – this one’s digging into the next toe! Finch, this must have been painful.”

“Well… yes, but…”

“No ‘but’s, Harold. I’m going to give you a foot massage and a pedicure every week from now on!”

“Reese…” Finch trailed off helplessly. He had fought so hard against being an invalid, not wanting to rely on others to do basic tasks such as grooming. It felt like such a defeat, a surrender, to ask someone for help…

“And don’t think of it as an imposition, Harold, because I rather like feet,” Reese announced. “All right, if I were to be completely honest… I have a bit of a foot fetish.”

Finch gaped at him, startled by the revelation.

“Y—You do?”

“Yes. I love this part right here,” Reese said, stroking the skin just above the instep that led from the ankle to the big toe. “If you wear good shoes that don’t chafe – and you do, obviously – this can be one of the softest spots of the body. Here, feel mine.”

Finch looked doubtfully at the proffered foot but ran a finger along the corresponding area.

“Oh! Yes, it is quite soft!”

“Surprising for something that’s shoved inside leather all day, isn’t it?” Reese smiled. “The foot probably takes the most abuse on our body, but it can still have a tender side if you treat it right. I rather like that… it’s almost like a metaphor for people. Like ‘foot soldiers,’ you know – we might take the brunt of the action, but that’s no excuse for becoming callous.”

“I had no idea you could wax so philosophical over feet,” Finch remarked, sincerely impressed.

“I don’t know if that’s really philosophy, per se, but that’s just how I’d always thought about it,” Reese replied with a slight blush. “By the way, Harold… if you keep rubbing me there, I might have to knock you over and have my way with you.”

“I beg your pardon?” Finch asked in some alarm, retracting his hand which had been stroking Reese’s foot automatically.

By way of answering, Reese placed the soles of Finch’s feet against his bathrobe. There was a definite swelling of his male organ underneath.

“Oh! I… I had no idea…” Finch stammered.

Reese chuckled and withdrew his foot, continuing to clip Finch’s toenails.

“I can’t even tell you when I first noticed how… sensitive, I am there,” he commented. “Different people have different buttons, I guess… mine just happens to be there.”

“That’s valuable information to have,” Finch responded, his lips quirking.

“You’re welcome to make good use of it,” Reese replied, practically purring. Finished with the nails, he set aside the clippers and took some more lotion into his hands, rubbing Finch’s toes, ankles, and calves as well. “The funny thing is, because I like being touched and stimulated there, even touching someone else in that spot tends to make me… hot and bothered.”

“Oh… Oh, my…” Finch murmured. “Are you… feeling ‘hot and bothered’ now?”

Reese smiled luxuriously and leaned over Finch’s legs, causing his burgeoning manhood to rub against the other man’s toes under his bathrobe. The direct contact with the hot organ made Finch blush again.

“Ah… well… um…” Finch gasped, flustered.

“Don’t worry, Harold – I won’t force myself on you.”

“Ah… yes, of course – I wouldn’t expect otherwise of you,” Finch began, licking his suddenly-dry lips. “But really, you know… as you proved to me earlier,” he continued, “I’m quite aware of the fact that, should you choose to… ‘have your way with me,’ as you say… I would be entirely at your mercy…”

“Oh, Harold… don’t make me feel like such a monster,” Reese protested, resuming his massage of the other man’s feet. “I know I had you by the balls – literally – when I was trying to seduce you earlier, but I would never use my training to take advantage of someone like that… least of all, someone I value and love…”

Finch swallowed hard, fighting his reservations, before stating, “That’s not what I meant, John… I just wanted to say that… if it’s something that you… really want, and need… I know you’ll be gentle with me. Just like you were gentle, when you were working on my back. And I… I know I can trust you… not to hurt me…”

Reese stared at him in amazement while Finch fidgeted with the belt of his bathrobe, flushed bright red.

“Finch… do you know what you’re saying?”

“I—I believe so. Although I must confess that I’m… woefully ignorant about the… protocol, regarding such… relations…”

“‘Protocol’!” Reese barked with a half-laugh. “Finch, you make it sound like a… a drill, or exercise. And it’s not, you know – it’s so much more…”

Finch nodded, though still avoiding looking at him.

“I am aware of that, Mr. Reese. However, as you seem… well-versed in the modus operandi of such procedures, I’m quite confident that you… know how to bring them to… ah… successful completion.”

Reese laughed outright at Finch’s awkward manner and tossed the tube of foot lotion onto the bedside table. While Finch was startled and distracted by the clatter, Reese pulled himself up to straddle the bespectacled man and stare into his eyes. Finch swallowed, unable to avert his gaze.

“Of course I know how to make it good, Harold,” Reese whispered in a low, sultry voice. “But that’s not what I’m concerned about. You seem to be offering me your virtue – your virgin ass, in fact – out of some… misguided sense of compensation. As if you feel the need to give me something of yourself, something personal, in exchange for the more personal favors I’ve promised to give you. But trust me, Finch, I don’t need to be repaid for doing your nails; I wouldn’t have offered to do it if I didn’t honestly enjoy it.”

Finch opened his mouth to protest, and nearly lost his train of thought as he found himself skewered by Reese’s piercing, penetrating eyes.

“I—I didn’t mean it that way,” he finally managed. “And quite frankly, I hadn’t even thought about it as an exchange. I just… well… I’m always curious about learning new things, experiencing new things. And… for what it’s worth… I’ve grown quite fond of you, John…”


The smile that curved his lips was genuine, and only slightly mocking.

“Yes. Really.”

At a loss for any words beyond what he had already spoken, Finch pursed his lips into their usual crooked line. He was shocked when Reese leant even closer to him and tenderly kissed those lips.

“I know,” Reese murmured, his eyes sparkling as his crow’s feet gathered into laugh lines. “I can tell by how panicked you get whenever I’m in trouble, or even off the grid for a short while. You pretend to be mad, but I know it’s because you’re worried. And you wouldn’t worry if you didn’t care. Funny thing is… until I met you, I didn’t think I would ever care about anything again.”

Reese lowered his long body onto Finch’s, never breaking eye contact, and grabbed his employer’s hands in his own.

“When you gave me this job, I finally began to care again – about the victims we were trying to save, and about the world in general. But most of all, Finch… I began to care about you.”

Finch could only gape at him as he kissed the backs of his hands, glancing up to throw a contented smile his way before kissing his chest where it wasn’t covered by the bathrobe.

“John…” he gasped, feeling the other man’s warmth and wetness on his skin. “John, I… I do care about you… even though… I hadn’t planned on it.”

Reese grinned and kissed his neck before asking, “Do you always plan everything? Even falling in love?”

“I’ve never planned on falling in love,” Finch answered, truthfully, “but I had planned on not getting too involved. I wanted to keep a… professional distance, so I could maintain my objectivity. I thought I could do that with you.” He swallowed and licked his lips before continuing, “I was wrong.”

Reese stopped planting kisses on Finch’s skin and sat up to face him.

“Wrong to have wanted to maintain a ‘professional distance’?”

“No… No, I was wrong in my assessment that I could maintain such a distance from you,” Finch clarified. “Knowing as much as I do about your past, John… I couldn’t help empathizing with you. And the thing is, once I’d met you – really met you, in person – you became real. You were unpredictable and unique… not another number on my computer screen, but a real human being. And although I knew I needed your skills to do what was necessary, by the very fact that I had asked you to do it, I felt responsible for your well-being.”

“I might not be alive today if it hadn’t been for you, Finch. You don’t owe me anything.”

“I realize that, but still… If I felt bad for those people who died before you joined me – people whom I only knew as numbers – think how much worse it would be if… if something were ever to happen to you…”

Reese let the words sink into his soul for a long moment, before wrapping his arms around Finch and drawing him closer.

“We may both die tomorrow, Finch. Or it may be years from now. But until we do, I will love you. Maybe even beyond…”

When Reese pressed a more ardent kiss to his lips, Finch did his best to reciprocate.


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  1. “You seem to be offering me your virtue – your virgin ass, in fact” LOL

    Ooowww… this was really cute. I think this conversation mirrors their relationship in the series, with arols saving John and caring more about him than he expected.

    • Heeheeheee… and Reese was more than happy to take it!! XD

      Thanks so much! And when they were on the rooftop and Reese mentioned how sure he was that he would have been dead already if it hadn’t been for Finch… oh, the feels!! I was so happy I just flailed!!!


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