6. Pleasurable

Finch swallowed hard, trying to fight down the panic that had been growing like a scream inside of him.

“Ah… I believe it’s actually afternoon – rather late afternoon at that,” he managed in almost his usual dry tone, though his heart was thumping rapidly.

Reese smiled, knowing full well the effect he was having on the other man since his palms were pressed against his chest.

“Oh, Harold! You’re so… precise,” he murmured, then nuzzled the tip of his nose against Finch’s neck, sending involuntary shivers down his spine.

“Yes, well… I would like to know how, precisely, we have ended up in this… condition,” Finch replied, his voice strained.

“Well, I suppose it all started when the towers came down…” Reese began with maddening nonchalance.

“You know what I mean – how we came to be… here. Now.”

“As I recall, we took a cab here. We went to soak in the Jacuzzi downstairs—”

“Yes, of course – I remember all of that,” Finch interrupted with irritation.

“Well, do you remember coming back up here? And what a wonderful time we had together?”

Finch’s heart skipped a beat, then lodged itself in his throat.

“You were such a trooper, Harold – you put up with the pain like a real man,” Reese continued, running his hands slowly over Finch’s skin. “You wouldn’t give up until I was completely finished. I really admire your tenacity… It takes a special kind of man to do that – you know that, don’t you?”

As Reese spoke, he could not restrain the smirk that had settled on his mouth, and Finch sensed rather than heard the sly humor hidden in his words. He realized that he was being teased again, and was chagrined that he had fallen for it for even one moment.

“I remember how thoroughly you worked on my sore muscles, Mr. Reese, and I thank you for that,” he deadpanned, his pulse settling down to normal parameters. “However, I was referring to how we seem to have ended up in the same bed here – I’m quite sure that I had reserved two rooms.”

“You did; but this is so much cozier,” Reese persisted, unabashed, his hands still rubbing Finch’s stomach, chest, and hips seductively.

“And you thought it necessary to join me here… in the nude?”

“‘Necessary’? I wouldn’t say it was ‘necessary,’ necessarily… but it’s certainly more… pleasurable… don’t you think?”

Reese followed this by planting kisses all along Finch’s shoulder with the accompanying wet noises, as well as one hand reaching up to the beleaguered man’s nipple to tweak it. Finch’s breath caught in his throat as he realized, with sudden dismay, that his body had betrayed him – it was actually responding to Reese’s tender attentions.

“Mr. Reese, this is hardly professional behavior!” he protested, his voice an octave higher than usual.

Au contraire, Harold – I dare you to find any professional streetwalker who can do this better,” Reese calmly responded, not letting up his incessant attack on the other man’s erogenous zones, which he knew as well as pressure points. “Just lean back, relax, and enjoy the ride…”

“Mr. Reese, I am not… accustomed, to being handled in such a… familiar fashion,” Finch gasped.

“And whose fault is that?” Reese chided before licking up Finch’s spine. He was rewarded with a deep shudder and, laughing to himself, he continued nipping the smaller man’s back with his lips and tongue.

“M—Mr. Reese,” Finch forced out, panting, “I am willing to… overlook… some of your… eccentricities, since your… expertise…” – he gulped as Reese licked the back of his ear – “and your… skills, are extremely rare and… invaluable to me. However, I must… protest…”

His words (and thoughts) died out as he felt one of Reese’s hands slip down along his stomach, past his navel, and into the furry patch of his manhood. With a sense of dread, he knew that Reese could not help but notice his arousal, although there was something exciting about that as well. When Reese’s slender fingers wrapped around his male organ, Finch’s busy mind finally froze and became silent.

“If you want me to stop, all you have to do is say so,” Reese whispered in his ear, his warm breath stirring the fine, sensitive hairs on Finch’s skin. “I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. But I wish you would give me a chance to prove… how good it can be…”

Reese pulled up on Finch’s manhood as he said this, making him arch his back helplessly against his chest. An almost primal moan escaped his lips. The one hand that Finch had placed over Reese’s, on his chest, grasped it in a reflexive motion, and the other hand gripped the covers.

“Let me finish this,” Reese coaxed, rubbing his hand up and down the other man’s shaft in a sultry, seductive rhythm. “Let me do this for you. Please.”

Finch knew, somewhere in the back of his mind, that there was a reason why he should not surrender to the sweet temptation offered by that soft voice, but for the life of him he could not remember what it was. When Reese repeated his request for approval, Finch could only nod his head, jerkily, in anticipation of what was to come. And come it did, after several minutes of exquisite pleasure at Reese’s very capable hands, leaving Finch quivering and spent in his arms.

“Just relax, now… Breathe in… breathe out…” Reese murmured in satisfaction. He had tucked his own manhood between Finch’s thighs when he began to work on him in earnest, and as he had guided him to the pinnacle of ecstasy, those thighs had tightened and tensed. When he had felt Finch shudder uncontrollably at his climax, Reese pressed himself against the other man’s flesh to fulfill his own release, leaving a slick trail on his skin. Now his organ was trapped between those lax legs, but it was not uncomfortable. In a haze of contentment, Reese resumed kissing Finch’s neck and shoulders.

Finch lay for what seemed a long while, not thinking, not analyzing, simply… existing. He could not remember the last time when he had ever felt so comfortable, or when his mind had ceased its incessant chatter. Inevitably, however, it did start up again, like a massive computer being booted up.

Well… that was certainly… Here it stalled, unable to come up with an adequate descriptor. Well. I certainly hadn’t expected him to go that far… although I don’t suppose I have any reason to complain. After all, he did give me a choice, and I – befuddled with desire, but still of my own volition – gave him permission…

He felt Reese’s arms wrap around his torso as they had been initially, and thought to himself that he was perhaps in the safest place of all. It was probably an illusion (he was never fully convinced of his security anymore), but he certainly felt safe.

“You are a man of many talents, Mr. Reese,” he remarked into the stillness, eliciting a chuckle from the man at his back.

“I’m glad you appreciate them, Mr. Finch,” was the somewhat formal reply. “But really, I wish you’d call me ‘John’ – at least when we’re in bed…”

Finch acknowledged this in silence, opting to slip his hands (now unclenched) over Reese’s where they rested on his abdomen. He was surprised when Reese took them and interlocked their fingers, but did not resist. Somehow it felt very right to be lying there, in tacit solidarity, their naked forms pressed against each other so closely that it was impossible to identify their boundaries.

“I have a confession to make, Finch,” Reese said, startling him.

“Ah… Okay…”

“Promise not to laugh?”

“…I’ll try.”

Reese gathered his courage and spoke, his words low yet powerful.

“I love you.”

Finch stared at the window before his eyes without seeing the view. Everything was sliding into focus in his mind, however – all of the pieces were fitting together.

So he really does think I’m “adorable”… he pondered, astonished. How… extraordinary…



“I don’t expect you to jump for joy or anything – I don’t even expect you to reciprocate the sentiment, really – but it would be nice if you could at least… acknowledge it.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ree—John,” he corrected himself. “It’s just taking me a while to process the information.”

“I see…”

“Perhaps not,” Finch explained. “You see… it’s been so long since… since I’ve had any sort of relationship, with a person… I’ve been dealing with numbers, data, and statistics for so long… that I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to… love, and be loved…”

“That’s a very sad story, Harold.”

“I suppose it is. But I must say, John, that you’ve… reminded me…”

Finch squeezed his hands, their fingers still intertwined as though in prayer, and thought he felt the man behind him relax.

“I may need some more time to… to come back to the land of the living, as it were,” Finch mused aloud. “But please don’t think, just because my response seems less than enthusiastic, that your attentions are… unwelcome.”

“All right.”

“And… I’m quite flattered that – under any circumstances – you would consider me ‘adorable.'”

“You heard that?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes… but I was nearly unconscious at the time.”

Reese played with Finch’s fingers for a moment, lost in thought, before he picked up the conversation.

“You really are, you know – maddeningly adorable. But I hope you don’t think that… I’m attracted to you, for your irresistible cuteness alone.”

Finch blinked in wonder.

“Oh… you aren’t?” he said blandly.

Reese sighed before answering, “No. And it’s not just for the sex, either, lest you think I’m taking advantage of you merely for physical gratification. If I only wanted sex, there are more efficient ways of obtaining it than seducing my employer.”

“Ah… of course. You’re a handsome man, Mr. Reese – I wouldn’t doubt it,” Finch commented, falling into their usual pattern of conversation.

“When I was first deployed overseas… I thought I was grounded,” Reese admitted. “But I soon learned that patriotism and altruism, while strong emotions, aren’t enough. You need to find something personal – someone important to you and only you – to really anchor your soul. Someone that you love with every fiber of your being.”

Finch grew still, even his breathing becoming deeper and quieter, as he listened in stunned amazement.

“The way things are now, it’s too risky to get involved with a civilian,” Reese elaborated. “In that sense, the only true relationship we can have is with each other. And for better or worse, Finch, I’ve found myself… very deeply drawn to you. To who you are. To your beautiful soul…”

In the face of such a confession, Finch felt overwhelmed and humbled. His mouth worked for a few seconds before he could get a coherent sound to come out of it.

“B—But Mr. Reese… you don’t even know who I am.”

“I know exactly everything I need to know about you,” Reese replied, echoing the words – ingrained in his memory – that Finch had told him at their very first meeting. “You’re honest, and loyal, and willing to sacrifice of yourself to make the world a better place. You’re a much more capable man than most people might suspect, and I want you to know that I respect and admire your intelligence. And despite what you may claim about losing touch with humanity, I believe you are a very… human sort of person. With flaws and limitations, of course, like anybody else, but also… incredibly lovable.”

Pressing his lips against Finch’s shoulder, Reese smiled in relief at having told him everything that had been growing in his heart.

“You also have the softest, silkiest skin – did you know that? I was lying through my teeth when I told the girls you got itchy skin in the winter, but I never imagined that your back would be so smooth – as soft as a baby’s bottom…”

For the first time, Finch blushed. Nobody had ever complimented him in such a personal way.

“Well, as you are the only person who can appreciate it,” he mumbled, suddenly feeling very shy, “I suppose you’re welcome to it.”

He could almost feel the smile curving Reese’s mouth as the taller man planted a hundred more kisses on his skin.


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  1. Reese, justo going for it!!! Respect, man, respect ^^

    He said he loves him, out of the blue, so lovely and brave.

    I loved Finch’s reaction and Reese’s confession – and I agree with him. Finch is my favorite character, he’s so cute and lovely

  2. SQUEES! The feels the FEELS! (Emotional and Physical!) I love the way you are writing this!


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