28. Finish

When Carter had finished talking with the FBI in Newark, trying to explain her “Man in a Suit” to the agent in charge, she was allowed to interview Imelda Herrmann and Carl Herschel for a better description of him.

“He locked us in the freezer!” Melda fumed, waving her bandaged hand under Carter’s nose. “I’m going to have scars – I might even need skin grafts!

“You’re just lucky he didn’t shoot you,” the detective calmly assured her, skimming through the FBI’s file on her nephew and his many aliases and crimes. “I told him to let me bring your nephew in, but he likes doing things himself, apparently…”

“And I was ready to cut him a deal… give him a piece of the action!” Melda continued to rant. “I can’t believe I was stupid enough to believe him! He tricked us right into hiding in the freezer!

Not getting anywhere with the irate woman, Carter looked in on her nephew, who was quietly sipping coffee in a separate detention room.

“Yeah, he found my cameras and stuff. It was uncanny… I watched the footage, and he zeroed in on them like he had a sixth sense… When he first grabbed Evan and talked to me over his phone, I felt this cold chill go down my spine… like a warning, you know? He wasn’t kidding when he said he was my Worst Nightmare… Who the hell is he, anyway?”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out,” Carter admitted.

“So he’s not with the police or the FBI, but he turned us in? Why?”

“Well, the way he told me was, he was hired by the former Senator to get the job done right,” Carter said dryly, more than a little offended to think that the Senator did not trust law enforcement to “get it done right.”

“Huh… Well, I guess he earned his pay, whatever he was getting… He conned Aunt Melda, and that’s damn hard to do,” was Carl’s final assessment.

Carter managed to get a somewhat more detailed description of Reese out of him and, hearing that another agent had already gone to the Russwood estate to pick up the evidence of the surveillance devices, asked for directions to the same. By the time she drove out from Newark to the Hamptons, however, it was quite dark, so she called her son to stay with his grandmother. When she knocked on the impressive front door, she was greeted by a distinguished gentleman.

“Senator Russwood? I’m Detective Carter with the NYPD—”

“No, Miss, I’m Mr. Russwood’s butler,” the man said gently. “I’m afraid the family is in the middle of dinner at the moment… Did you have an appointment?”

“No, I didn’t – I was afraid if I made one, the Senator wouldn’t be here when I showed up… Look, I don’t want to make a scene, but I need to ask him a few questions about the man he hired to sniff out all the eavesdropping devices that were planted in the house. That man is a person of interest, wanted for questioning in multiple homicides.” She could see the butler wavering. “It’ll only take a few minutes,” she implored.

“Please, wait here,” he said, indicating a tidy sitting room. Carter sat down with a sigh, trying not to gawk at the opulence of her surroundings. Thankfully, the butler came back within a minute. “This way, please, Detective.”

She was led into the dining room where the Russwoods had just finished dinner and were being served coffee.

“Detective Carter, is it?” Fred Russwood said, standing courteously as she approached. “Please, can I offer you some coffee? It’s a long drive from Town.”

“Thank you, that would be lovely,” she said, taking the seat offered to her. “It’s even longer from Newark.”

“Ah, yes! Our mutual friend informed us that that was where Mr. Carl… oh, whatever last name he went by – had been apprehended. Without incident, I take it.”

“Yes, apart from a touch of frostbite. Did he tell you that he trapped them in the walk-in freezer?”

“As a matter of fact, he did. I thought it was rather clever of him, personally,” Russwood smirked. “Well, the FBI has already been here to collect the evidence, so how may we assist New York’s finest?”

“Mr. Russwood, when I spoke with you yesterday, you indicated that you were aware of our mutual friend’s… special skills,” Carter began carefully. “Were you also aware that he’s wanted for questioning in more than one homicide investigation?”

“I wasn’t aware of that in particular, no,” Russwood calmly answered before taking another sip of his coffee. “But in his line of business, I can’t say that I’m surprised…”

“His line of business?”

“Yes, of course. He and his partner are installers of high-end surveillance equipment. I’m sure their cameras have caught evidence of criminal activity on more than one occasion,” Russwood smoothly supplied.

“Sir, his fingerprints have been found at the crime scenes. If we can gather enough evidence against him, he could be charged with murder.”

Mrs. Russwood looked up in horror. “Oh, no! Not John! He couldn’t possibly… Detective, there must be some mistake – he is such a nice man!”

This sounds familiar, Carter thought with a suppressed sigh.

“I have to agree with Mother,” Janet put in. “I’m sure John is very capable in his job, but he couldn’t possibly be responsible for any… murders,” she stated, as if the very word left a bad taste in her mouth. “He was very patient with Evan – my ex – and explained to him where he had gotten it all wrong, how he had been… deceived, by his so-called friend. I was shocked to find out that my own husband had planted those devices, but… he was a victim, too. He’d been wrongly arrested for possessing cocaine that had been planted on his car, and then his ‘friend’ had led him to believe that Father had been responsible – when he’d been the one behind it all along! But John… John got Evan to see the truth, and even persuaded him to cooperate and tell us where the last device was. Please, you have to make sure that you’re not accusing the wrong person on this – John is such a sweet, caring man… I can’t imagine him hurting anybody!”

“He was so good with Bella, too,” Mrs. Russwood added. “And oh! How adorable it was to see him together with Harold! It’s so nice to see people in love, regardless of what shape that takes.”

“Oh, yes… Harold,” Carter echoed with a resigned lift of her eyebrows.

“‘Everybody loves a lover,'” Russwood quoted with a smile. “And those two certainly seem… made for each other.”

“Mr. Russwood, since you hired this man to do this ‘job’ for you, do you have his contact information? Office address, phone number… bank account where you can pay him?” Carter asked, trying to pull herself together and stay on task.

“Well, as they’ve only just apprehended the suspects today, I don’t expect them to send an invoice for a day or two, but when they do I can pass along that information to you. We’d met quite by accident at the hotel, you see, and since John rode out with me here yesterday morning, it wasn’t a very formal contract – although I’m quite satisfied with their work, of course.”

There had been something nagging at Carter’s mind for several minutes now, and it finally dawned on her what that was.

“Mr. Russwood, you just referred to ‘their’ work – do you mean to tell me that there was somebody else involved in this job?”

“Well, of course – Harold was on the computers, figuring out where the signals from those devices were being sent. That’s how they tracked down who this Carl character was, you know. They seem to work very well as a team, in addition to being lovers – although Harold is the owner of the company.”

Carter’s jaw dropped and she stared at the retired Senator for a long moment.

Harold? He’s the one in charge?” she demanded, forgetting all sense of decorum.

“Well, as John said, they work together as a team, but yes – Harold owns multiple corporations and hired John to work for him in the security business.”

“John said he’d rescued him, like a knight in shining armor,” Mrs. Russwood said dreamily. “He’d been a borderline alcoholic before, but meeting Harold changed all of that. Isn’t it wonderful?

Carter had to force herself to take deep breaths in an effort to remain calm.

I interviewed him – twice! – and he pulled the wool over me, both times! Damn that man… Damn both Harold and John! What the devil are they up to…

Aloud, she only said, “I was under the impression that… Mr. Burdett was a paralegal, preparing to sit the bar exam.”

“Mr. Burdett? Who is that?” Russwood asked in unfeigned confusion.

“Harold? Harold Burdett?”

“Oh! Well, then, perhaps it’s a different person that you’re referring to – the Harold we met was Harold Smith.”

“About five-nine, walks with a limp, glasses, receding hairline?” Carter prodded, knowing the answer.

“Yes, that’s him… but then…”

She did not hold back her sigh this time.

“It just means that ‘Carl’ isn’t the only one with multiple aliases.”

When she returned to her car, she was tempted to dial the cell phone number which she had used yesterday to get in touch with John – or “Suit Guy” as she still preferred to think of him – but she didn’t want to tip her hand just yet. She drove back into the City and, except for a pit stop at a gas station to use the restroom and grab a burrito, headed straight to the apartment where she had met with Harold. She could see the realtor’s signs in the windows as soon as she turned onto the block, but she walked up to peer into the first floor apartment, anyway. Not a single book was left to indicate that Harold Burdett had once resided there.

I guess I’ve got nothing to lose now, she figured and dialed the number. No surprise, it was disconnected, but she kept trying for lack of other ideas. Finally, as she was about to dial it for the sixth or seventh time, there was an incoming call on her cell.

“What do you want, Detective?” came Reese’s somewhat annoyed voice.

“Where’s Harold?”

“He’s… safe. With me.”

“Is he there right now?”

“I’m here, Detective. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Finch replied.

“You lied to me! You lied to my face about everything – your bar exam, how you two met – everything!

“Oh, dear… you’ve found all that out in just one day?” Finch murmured, though without a hint of concern.

“I hope she hasn’t found out anything about our sex life,” Reese said in a mock whisper.

Screw you!” Carter yelled, unable to express her frustration more eloquently.

“No, that’s my job,” Reese told her. “And I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it – aren’t I, Harold?”

“Well… yes… But the proper grammatical form is, ‘am I not’.”

“Oh, Harold… I love it when you talk… so properly…” Reese purred.

They had taken the new motorcycle for a spin, Finch hanging on to Reese for dear life as he put the machine through its paces, and after picking up some Szechuan Noodles they had returned to the library to eat their simple dinner. Afterwards, Reese had persuaded Finch to clear off his desk of everything but his computer equipment so that there was some room on its surface – enough for Finch to brace his forearms against. Having pushed both their trousers and underwear down to their knees, Reese had proceeded to finger-probe his older lover until his flagging manhood had regained its enthusiasm, and he had just moved on to penetrate him with his own, very eager manhood when they had seen the blip on the monitor indicating that someone was trying to call the discarded number. It had been Reese’s idea to return the call – without even bothering to end their intimate dance.

“So. You’re actually the brains of the outfit, I hear,” Carter said, her voice cold with fury.

“He is until I fuck his brains out,” Reese commented helpfully.

John! Please…”

“It won’t be long now, I promise…”

Carter suddenly realized what the muffled noises in the background were from. “Oh, hell no!” she cried out, her face contorted with disgust.

“Oh, yes,” Reese countered, smirking at her reaction.

“I’m sorry, Detective… but you called at a… most embarrassingly… inconvenient… time…” Finch panted out while Reese pounded into his ass at an ever-increasing tempo. Both of Reese’s hands were on his hips, ensuring that he would not hurt his lover’s old injury but also enabling him to slap against Finch’s buttocks with glorious abandon. Even the desk (which Finch had thought to be quite sturdy) was beginning to squeak in protest of the onslaught.

“Harold… my sweetest… cutest… most adorable… Harold…” Reese cooed in his ear, loud enough for Carter – dumbstruck on the other end – to hear.

“Oh, John! Oh…” Finch gasped; then, recollecting himself, he managed to say, “Detective, I hope you’ll… excuse us… We really… AH! John… We must… ohhh… go…”

“Harold,” Reese teased, “the proper form, in this case, is ‘come‘.”

Carter hung up before she could hear any more. As it was, she wanted to wash her ears out with bleach, but she knew it would do nothing for the images her active imagination had painted onto her mind…

The End

A/N: THANK YOU to all of my faithful readers and reviewers! I hope you enjoyed this smutty little fic! ^_^

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  1. deliacerrano

     /  2012/06/15

    What a gloriously smutty, romantic, funny story. You are one of the best if not the best writers & have made this adorable unlikely couple come to life.

    • Awww, thanks!! XD
      I had so much fun with this, especially Carter calling when they’re in the middle of… woo-hoo! ROFL

  2. managerie76

     /  2012/06/23

    I love this story. I must admit it is my “go-to” when I need a PoI fix.
    I think I have read this one about 6 times.
    Love your work.

    • Awww, thanks so much!! You have no idea how silly I look doing my little Happy Snoopy Dance, but it means so much to me to hear that people like my stories! ^_^
      I’m so sorry this is the only long one I’ve actually finished… I’m hoping that work will settle down after this week so I can get back to writing more.
      Thanks again for your support!!

  3. deliacerrano

     /  2012/07/06

    THE most wonderful, smutty, romantic, love story!!! Please write tons more like it. Your view of Finch/Reese is so perfect.

  4. deliacerrano

     /  2012/08/17

    Reread this one again. Each time is a joy…what sexy smutty fun yet with a good story behind it! Can’t wait till you write more.

    • Awww, thanks so much!! I just got back from a gruelling business trip — what a great thing to read just before going to sleep in my own bed! I’m hoping I’ll dream of Rinch tonight… 😉

  5. loscar

     /  2012/09/28

    oh my god! i can´t decide between laughing, swooning and/or squealing the house down! i loved your story… even if it was ocassionally a little bit too smutty and fluffy for my taste… i just can´t see reese especially sooo mushy…

    oh and a foot fetish? ö-ö” never dreamed up ~that~ possibility… ah and GAY!Reese (yes! written in capitals!!! *fawns* hilarious!! absolutly hilarious! i loved him… i think reading this story, you could make it a drinking game ala “everytime he says ~my harold~ you have to take a tequila body shot …. ö.Ö”)

    on a whole other point: the concept of the show (finch giving reese a reason to live/fight/love and/or show emotions again – not to forget the giving him an apartement, money and all together beeing bossy over reese) does somehow fit the sugar daddy principle… which sparks sooooo many possibillities of the kinky kind

    sorry.. i´m babbling…
    just loved the story! now, i´m going to stalk the rest of your stories …. all reese-like..*climbs high building* …

    • ROFL! I love the drinking game concept!! XD

      And I’m so glad that you liked this smutty little fic. 😉 You’ll have to excuse my Reese — he was being particularly gay in this story. :::giggles::: Flamboyantly gay, in fact! XD

      Ah… Sugar Daddy… Yes, indeedy! Motorcycle and all… 😉

      Hope you like my other stories, too! Most of them aren’t quite this silly, although there are a couple of doozies… >.<* Please let me know what you think, even if you don't like them!

  6. Cee

     /  2012/11/24

    What a lovely story. I couldn’t stop smiling every time Reese started with his “flamboyantly gay” persona. He looked so happy and cute. And yes, I perfectly agree Finch is adorable, especially when he did some exercise taking Reese’s advice. You made more enjoyable points for the drama with your story. Thank you !

    • Thank you so much for reading! I’m so glad you liked it. If it made you smile, my goal was accomplished! 😀

  7. deliacerrano

     /  2013/04/20

    Reread it and it is still marvelous!!

    • Awww, thanks!! That’s the best encouragement for me to get my rear in gear and finish my other stories!! XD

  8. Nacho

     /  2013/05/14

    I love this story!! It made me smile all the time during my reading:) I love to see Finch and Reese in sexual tension and exchanging jokes, especially Reese in gay personna..lol

  9. T'LIRA

     /  2014/12/22

    Oh I do so love re-reading your stories and the ending is such a hoot! Thank you!

  10. I’m at the pool today and had a hankering to reread your glorious, super hot and sweet Rinch masterpiece. Brava! It is just as wonderful as I remembered it.

  11. fell

     /  2015/11/22

    Ohmygod, best ending ever! I laughed until I cried!


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