21. Honeymoon

When the waiter left the folder with the bill, Reese snatched it away for a peek before Finch had a chance to grab it. It was a rather staggering sum in Reese’s mind, although he had to admit that the food and ambience was worth it.

“Please, John… I invited you, so this is my treat,” Finch said, pulling out his billfold – a rather ingenious article with many hidden sections, all protected by stainless steel against malicious RFID devices.

“Well, if you insist…” Reese drawled with a sheepish smile. “Thank you for dinner. It was lovely.”

“Don’t mention it. I found it much more enjoyable as well, with your company.”

“I’m glad I’m good for something,” Reese said demurely. “But I believe my strengths are in… other areas.” He was rewarded by a flush creeping up Finch’s neck. “I’m so flattered that you brought me to one of your favorite haunts, Harold… Might I be so bold as to hope that you’re… taking me home tonight, as well?”

“Ah… Actually,” Finch said, fidgeting with his card, “the thought had occurred to me, but… I haven’t properly cleaned it in some time… I’m not used to having visitors there, as you can imagine… so I made reservations for us at a… different hotel.”

“Oh, Harold,” Reese whispered, hearing the soft footsteps of Liang returning. “You spoil me!”

“I hope so, John,” Finch replied, glancing at him nervously before turning to hand the folder to Liang.

What Finch had not informed Reese was what kind of room he had reserved at the hotel. Since Reese hung back from the front desk (almost instinctively avoiding direct exposure to the security cameras, at least as much as possible) while Finch checked in under yet another alias, he did not overhear the clerk confirming the type of reservation. Thus when they emerged from the elevator with the bellhop in tow and Finch used his passkey to open the double doors of an elegant room, Reese stopped short of entering to stare at the placard on the wall.

“Harold… You got us the honeymoon suite?” he asked, incredulous.

“I did… It is, after all, our anniversary,” Finch responded with a faint, shy smile.

Reese looked at Finch for another long moment, then pulled him into a passionate kiss – which Finch could not escape if he tried, for Reese had wrapped one arm around him and was using the other to support Finch’s injured neck as he plundered the shorter man’s mouth with his tongue. The bellhop, unfazed, pushed the cart into the suite to unload Reese’s pilot’s case and Finch’s rolling garment bag in the bedroom, then came out and wordlessly accepted the bill that Finch had managed to fish out of his pocket and extend to him. Reese kept Finch’s lips occupied until the elevator doors had closed again and they were both running out of oxygen.

“This is the most thoughtful, romantic thing you could have done, Harold,” he said with sincerity and approval.

“You haven’t even looked inside yet,” Finch said, his smile twitching at the corners of his mouth.

“What’s inside?” Reese asked a little breathlessly, eyes open wide.

Finch led him in, arm-in-arm, and watched him as he opened the bathroom door. There, in all its marble glory, was a bathtub of enormous proportions, with nozzles indicating multiple Jacuzzi jets.

“I thought it might be nice to relax in the privacy of our own room,” Finch explained, beaming with unaffected delight to see Reese’s stunned reaction.

“Oh, Harold…” he breathed, taking in the view. “Do you know what this reminds me of?”


“‘Pretty Woman,’ where Julia Roberts is singing in the bubble bath,” Reese told him, still with an awestruck expression. “You don’t happen to like Prince, do you?”

“More than life itself,” Finch quipped, quoting a line from that movie.

“Harold, you are just full of surprises tonight!” Reese declared with a laugh.

“This may be the extent of it,” he confessed, “but I wanted to… indulge, for a change… especially on such a… special night.”

“Well… let’s get started, shall we?” Reese said with a warm, encouraging smile, moving to turn on the water for the bath and using the bubble bath solutions displayed for that purpose.

Finch went back to the bedroom to unpack his bag, laying out their new pajamas as well as the swimming trunks on the enormous bed. The toothbrush cases from the last hotel he placed in the respective breast pockets of their pajamas.

“Look at you – little Susie Homemaker,” Reese teased as he came out looking for him. Stepping closer, right into Finch’s personal space, he began untying his tie, the edges of his mouth curling upwards and accentuating the laugh lines around them. “I think this is what they mean by ‘divesting’ someone,” he joked as he unbuttoned Finch’s vest, bending his head slightly to one side to see better. After a moment’s hesitation, Finch began to reciprocate by unbuttoning Reese’s shirt as well. When his fingers brushed against Reese’s chest, they both drew in a sharp breath at the contact, then caught each other’s eyes and began to giggle.

“What? You’re not nervous, are you?” Reese asked, still chuckling.

“A little, yes… but I know… you’ll be gentle…” Finch confided.

“Damn right I will,” Reese said in a low growl, his fingers eagerly unbuttoning Finch’s shirt. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me…”

Finch almost voiced the question that popped into his mind: More than even Jessica?

He swallowed hard, banishing that thought as he concentrated on the wonderful sensation of Reese’s fingers slipping inside of his shirt, rubbing his nipple until it hardened into a tight nub.

“Oh… Mr. Reese…”

John,” he softly corrected. “I promise I’ll be more formal when we’re working, Harold, but only if you lighten up a bit when we’re not working… especially when we’re… spending time together… and… making love together…”

Reese followed his words with wet kisses on Finch’s neck, which he had exposed by pushing back the collar of his now-unbuttoned shirt. Feeling the taller man’s tongue slide over his skin produced an immediate and powerful reaction in Finch’s nether regions, and he knew that Reese must have sensed the tremor run through his body, for he quickly removed both of their shirts to press their naked torsos together.

“Harold… my sweet, wonderful Harold,” Reese murmured into his ear. “How I’ve longed to touch you… like this!”

“Y—You have?” Finch squeaked, in a tone rather higher than he would have liked.

“Yes… ever since…” Reese snuffled with amusement as he nibbled on Finch’s earlobe. “Ever since that day… I told you to try exercising, and you did… but didn’t want to tell me…”

“Oh… really?” Finch said, nonplussed. “Why?”

“Because you were so adorable, damn it! I could hear you huffing and puffing, right in my ear – do you have any idea how horny that made me? And then you said, ‘Nothing,’ as though you thought I’d buy it! As if I wouldn’t know… you’d taken my advice…”

Reese continued kissing Finch on his forehead while reaching down to unbuckle his belt.

“And then I couldn’t help but wonder, Harold… what sort of noises you might make… when you’re having sex… or when you’re masturbating… You weren’t masturbating that day, were you?”

NO! O—Of course not!” Finch said, horrified. “I was just… doing some push-ups…”

“Oh.” Reese claimed the other man’s lips, sliding his trousers down past his hips and buttocks before adding, “I wouldn’t call that ‘nothing,’ Harold… In fact, that’s quite impressive, considering your injuries…”

Finch could not reply since Reese was now pulling his underwear (the same underwear that he had washed for him the night before) down past his growing bulge, which he fondled once affectionately before kneeling on the floor to help Finch out of his socks and shoes. Standing there completely naked, Finch might have begun to feel awkward and exposed, but Reese fended it off by placing a large portion of Finch’s cock into his mouth.

“Mmm… mmm! So much meat!” he said appreciatively as he pulled it out and licked the tip.

“M—Mr. Ree—I mean John,” Finch stammered. “I’m not sure I’m comfortable… having you do that…”

“Whyever not?” Reese asked, still licking the ever-stiffening organ with enthusiasm.

“Because,” Finch panted, having to fight to keep his mind clear, let alone speak, “Because I don’t think I can… hold out, for very long…”

“That’s the idea,” Reese replied with a wicked grin. “But if it’ll be easier for you, you can lie down on the bed while I… work you over…”

Slowly, awkwardly, Finch took a step back towards the bed and sat down, while Reese continued to touch his privates in ways that were meant to drive him to the edge of ecstasy. In fact Finch did not even notice that he was lying down on top of Reese’s pajamas that he had set out – he was far too focused on the other man’s fingers as they played across his most sensitive skin.

“Tell me if I hurt you, Harold,” Reese said as he lifted Finch’s good leg and set it over his own shoulder. “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, either… but I want to see my spot… this precious little spot that is all mine… right here…” His fingers rubbed the patch of furry skin just behind Finch’s male organs, all the way to his rear entrance, then came forward again. “Do you like it, Harold? Do you like having me touch you there?”

“Y—Yes,” Finch answered, his eyes closed and his hands grasping the covers. “I… I like it, John… Touch me there… everywhere, you want to… Oh!

He had gasped because he felt the wetness of Reese’s tongue sliding across that part of his body, back and forth, as Reese’s nose nudged the loose skin between his balls. Reese’s hot breath then engulfed Finch’s privates before he attempted to take both balls into his mouth.

“Mmph… Mmm… MmMmm…” Reese mumbled with his mouth full. The vibrations of sound made Finch arch his back, almost painfully around his neck, as his main member strained from the exquisite excitement. His hands wrapped around himself and he began to pull with urgency as Reese’s hands stroked the tender insides of his thighs, occasionally venturing into the crevice area which the taller man had claimed as his own.

“Ah! Ah! Ahh! Ahh!” Finch’s voice rose in an ever-quickening crescendo, then hit a final, prolonged note: “AAAHHHHH!” His male secretion spewed forth into the air, landing on his bare stomach and chest as his trembling manhood forcefully ejected every last drop.

Reese continued to suckle Finch’s balls, one at a time, as though trying to stimulate them into releasing even more; then he moved to his claimed territory, licking and kissing down that patch until he arrived at the tight rosebud of Finch’s virginity. Here his tongue prodded the circle that had lain inviolate for so many years and – finding it as relaxed as it ever would be, right after such a satisfying climax – managed to worm its way inside. Finch’s eyes flew open at the strange and novel sensation.

“Reese! John!” he cried, startled. “What are you…?”

“Mmm…” Reese moaned, smiling, as he laved the puckered ring with his wet, muscular organ. “All mine!”

Finch had hardly recovered from his orgasm yet, and his mind felt numb and paralyzed.

He can’t possibly be licking that, can he? he thought in shock. When the texture and dexterity of the touch indicated the impossible, his brain simply shut down. Staring at the beautiful ceiling, he knew that Reese had lifted both of his legs and inserted a pillow under his bottom, then was cradling his body to move him closer to the edge of the bed. His feet dangled awkwardly for a moment while Reese’s figure disappeared from view.

“Harold! Did you buy this?” he asked, returning with the bottle of lubricant which Finch had set out on the bedside table.

“Ah… Yes…” he managed to answer, as though from a distance. He felt detached, like he was floating on the bed.

“You really did bring the whole bag of tricks tonight,” Reese chuckled, and the sound echoed pleasantly in Finch’s ears. It helped to distract him from what came next, as Reese inserted a slender finger into his rear passage.

“Tell me if I’m going too fast,” Reese said, carefully opening the narrow entryway while supporting Finch’s legs, resting the heels on his broad shoulders. “How does that feel?” he asked when he found Finch’s prostate, rubbing it tenderly with the soft pad of his finger.

Oh!” Finch gasped, almost rising up from the bed. “Oh! That’s… very… good…”

“Good… That’s my target,” Reese grinned, sliding in a second finger with more lube. Twisting them around, he gauged Finch’s reaction to the movement, then began stretching the ring of muscle by forcing his fingers apart. Finch panted, but did not protest. Reese leaned over him to grab one of the toothbrush cases and confided, “Now comes the fun part,” as he dribbled lube over the smooth, elliptical end, then slid it slowly – very slowly – into the newly-widened opening. The elongated egg shape allowed him to open Finch’s tight circle even further, but in very gradual increments, with the added benefit of having one hand free to fondle himself. He had cast off his own trousers and underwear when he’d retrieved the lube, and now stood fully naked and poised to penetrate his lover. When he had inserted the toothbrush case to its thickest point, he paused to slather some lube over his own throbbing member, then withdrew the case to set it and the lube on the bedside table.

“Harold… I love you,” he said, gazing down at the dreamy, bespectacled eyes of the other man.

“I love you, too, Reese… John…” Finch responded.

Reese guided himself to Finch’s gaping hole and entered it, groaning as the heat and tightness enveloped him.


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