11. Crime

“Yo’ wallets and watches, bitches!” their assailant demanded, poking the gun menacingly in their direction.

“Well, I never!” Reese huffed, removing his hands from around Finch’s arm. “I may be a queen, but I’m nobody’s ‘bitch’!”

“Shut the fuck up and gimme yo’ fuckin’ wallet!”

With another dramatic sigh, Reese pulled out his wallet, saying, “Well I just went shopping so there’s not much left – not even a hundred dollars – but if you want it that badly, fine. Just take the cash so I don’t have to cancel all my credit cards and go through that fuss again!”

He unfolded his wallet and opened it up so that its contents were visible, then extended it towards the thief – whose gaze was now fixed on the cash as he took a step closer to grab it. In a move too quick to truly see, Reese grabbed the thief’s arm and broke his right elbow and (before he even had a chance to scream) kicked the backside of his knee to blow out that joint. The would-be robber crumpled to the ground with barely a whimper.

Now holding the gun that the boy had used to threaten them, Reese crouched over him and pressed its muzzle to his forehead.

“You really need to learn how to use a gun, at least, if you’re going to lead a life of crime,” he advised the youth in his calm voice, not even winded from the exertion. “For instance, there’s no point in having a firearm if you’re going to move into hand-to-hand combat range. And also, if you intend to use your gun, you need to disengage the safety.”

In the momentary silence, a chilling “click” was audible. The boy’s writhing stopped as he froze in terror.

“Now, if you hadn’t had the safety on, I would have assumed that you’d done this before and shot you immediately. As it is, I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt – either this is your first time, or you’re a complete amateur who won’t go far in this business. So I’m not going to kill you, but I am going to have a friend of mine at the NYPD pick you up. If you’ve actually used this gun before, you’ll have to pay for those crimes, but I think you might still prefer that to being dead.”

There was a brief, frantic motion of his head, indicating that he would very much prefer to live, while his wild eyes remained fixed on the gun.

“Good. But I want you to remember, every time it turns cold and your elbow and knee ache – and they will ache, believe me – I want you to remember this night, and ask yourself if you really want to lead a life of crime, or if there’s something else that you might rather do, like eat and breathe and sleep. Maybe even become a manager at a MacDonald’s, or a carpenter, or a mechanic. I want you to think very hard about it, young man.”

There was another, more prolonged trembling of his head. Reese took a step back and emptied the gun of its cartridge as well as the bullet in its chamber, then stuffed the useless piece of metal back into the boy’s pocket. As he stood up he pulled out his cell phone and dialed.

Hello?” came a grumpy voice from the other end.

“Good evening, Lionel. Have you missed me?”

You again!”

“Yes, Lionel. I have a present for you, all gift-wrapped.”

I’m with my kid right now.”

“Oh, all right, then – send someone else to pick it up. It’s a juvenile offender that attempted to rob me at gunpoint.”

…Stupid bastard.”

“He may need some medical attention.”

You shot him?”

“No, I didn’t kill him, just taught him a valuable life lesson: Crime doesn’t pay.”

There was more swearing on Fusco’s part before he took down the nearest intersection and promised to send a uniformed officer out to investigate. Reese hung up and told the gasping boy, “Stay right here until someone comes for you. If you cooperate with the police, they’ll at least make sure that your arm and leg will heal up right.”

The boy winced in pain but nodded. Reese turned back to Finch and Russwood, who had watched the proceedings in stunned silence.

“I believe I’ve had enough fresh air for tonight,” Finch remarked blandly, and Reese repositioned himself on his partner’s arm with a smile as they started walking back towards the hotel. Russwood followed almost automatically.

“That… You…” he began, his jaw twitching for a moment. Then with a “Huh!” he expelled his breath and regrouped. “So. You really do know a thing or two about this… security business.”

“Oh… just a little,” Reese smirked.

“I hired him initially to be the ‘muscle’ of my operation,” Finch added. “It was only later that I learned of his… other talents.”

“And what might those be?” the Senator asked without thinking.

“Well, for starters… he’s very good with his hands,” Finch deadpanned. “And he can also find some… very unique solutions to troublesome situations. Although I must say, I thought that last bit was somewhat… lacking in originality.”

“What do you mean?” Reese asked, still in a good humor.

“Seriously, ‘Crime doesn’t pay’?” Finch queried, glancing at Reese with one eyebrow cocked.

“If it’s good enough for McGruff the Crime Dog, it’s good enough for me,” Reese declared.

“I believe McGruff’s slogan was, ‘Take a Bite out of Crime.'”

“Oh… You’re right. Well, it’s still true. Crime really doesn’t pay, you know…”

Finch turned a wry smile to Reese.

“I think he got the message, anyhow.”

Walking behind them, Russwood simply shook his head in disbelief.

When the three of them were alone in the elevator, Russwood asked, “So, what were you? Green Beret?”

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you, Senator,” Reese responded, still smiling. “The important thing is, I’m on your side now. What time would you like to leave tomorrow?”

“Nine o’clock. My driver can bring you back to the City when you’re done.”

“Sounds good. Goodnight, Senator. Please give our regards to your lovely wife.”

Finch and Reese got off of the elevator arm-in-arm as Russwood watched them balefully. However, once inside their suite, Finch disengaged Reese’s hands from his arm and led him to sit on the couch with him.

“I need to confess, I’m having second thoughts about this whole thing,” he admitted. “If Senator Russwood were to expose us to the authorities—”

“He won’t. Not yet,” Reese replied. “He needs us to figure out what’s going on first. As for my background, if he tries to dig any deeper, we could tell him the truth.”

“The truth?” Finch echoed, alarmed.

“Yes. I think a man like him would appreciate how someone could become disillusioned from doing the government’s dirty work. If he figures out that I’m using an alias, I’ll just tell him that I was dishonorably discharged and am trying to hide it from our clients.”

“I see,” Finch said, though he still sounded unconvinced. “But I’m also concerned about the numbers… the numbers that we’re missing right now…”

“Oh, Harold,” Reese said, though not in the exaggerated tone which he had been using for his flamboyant act. He edged closer to Finch on the couch and placed an arm tenderly around his shoulders. “They do weigh heavily on you, don’t they?”

“Yes… they do.”

“But what’s to say that the Senator’s number isn’t one of them? And even if it isn’t, there’s something going on – something mysterious and possibly dangerous. Wouldn’t it bother you if we didn’t investigate it?”

“Yes, I suppose it would,” Finch sighed. “I just wish… I hadn’t drunk so much alcohol tonight. I’m afraid it loosened my tongue and made me say more than I had intended. If I hadn’t told him that I work in security—”

“He might have been blackmailed, or worse, his granddaughter might have been kidnapped. I think the child’s father should be our first focus.”

“I agree – the Senator dismissed him too easily. Any man he would’ve allowed to marry his daughter would at least come from a good family, so he could very well have the means to arrange for this type of surveillance.”

Reese drew even closer to Finch until their noses were almost touching.

“Well, now that we’re in agreement as to our plan of attack,” Reese whispered, “I vote for setting work aside until tomorrow and having some real fun.”

“Ah… What kind of fun would that be?” Finch asked, somewhat nervously.

“First of all, I want you to give me your shirt, socks, and underwear.”

“But not my trousers?”

“No. Those you need to hang up with your waistcoat and jacket.” Reese stood up and began stripping out of his own clothes. “The other things I need to wash tonight so we have something clean to wear tomorrow. I didn’t see you bring an overnight bag, and I know I didn’t.”

Finch gaped for a moment, then countered, “You don’t need to do that, John – we can call Housekeeping and ask them to have them ready by morning.”

You may be made of money, Harold, but I don’t like wasting it on frivolous things. Do you have any idea what a rip-off hotel laundry services are? Especially when you consider that the shampoo and body wash in the bathroom are free? Not to mention how dry the air is from the heating system. It’s actually better for our own health to hang up a few wet towels around the room. Trust me, everything will be bone-dry by morning.”

Reese had removed his suit coat and trousers as he gave his little lecture, draping them on the back of a chair. Seeing that Finch was still hesitant, he teased, “Chop-chop, Harold! I have to finish the laundry before we can get to the really fun stuff!”

Finally getting up to follow his demands, Finch undressed while Reese took the tags off of their new pajamas. It felt strange to put them on without underwear, Finch thought, but his briefs had already been confiscated by Reese and taken to the bathroom.

“Can you bring me a couple of hangers?” Reese called out over the sound of running water. When Finch arrived with the desired implements, he saw their socks and underthings already hung up to dry on the shower curtain rod. Their shirts were being efficiently wrung out by Reese who, once they were on the hangers, snapped the sleeves and sides to stretch out their wrinkles.

“There – hang these over the heater register, and by morning they’ll look like they’ve been pressed,” Reese assured him, going to do just that.

Left in the bathroom, Finch decided to brush his teeth and get ready for bed, although he could not help but wonder what their sleeping arrangement might be. The answer came as soon as Reese returned.

“I’ve turned down the bed in the other room – we should at least try to make it look like we stayed in separate rooms, right? And I’ll use the other bathroom tonight. Just make yourself comfortable and I’ll join you in a little bit.”

Since Reese said this with a seductive smile and one finger trailing across Finch’s shoulder, the smaller man had no doubts as to what sort of “fun stuff” was to ensue; what he didn’t know was how ready he felt about it, but before he could voice his doubts, Reese had breezed out of the bathroom again.

Finch lay in the king-sized bed and waited, wondering what Reese was doing in the bathroom as he heard some unidentifiable noises.

At least all of our previous… activities… have been pleasurable, Finch reminded himself, trying to take deep, calming breaths. He won’t hurt me… If I ask him to, he will stop.

Despite all of his efforts, Finch still flinched when Reese opened the bathroom door and turned off the light. He continued to inhale slowly while Reese slipped into bed beside him and took him into his arms.

“Harold… You’re not nervous, are you?”

“Ah, yes. I would have to say that I am nervous. A little bit.”

“Don’t be. I’ll be gentle, I promise,” Reese breathed, leaning in to place a soft kiss on his cheek. Finch attempted to return the kiss, but gasped instead as he felt Reese’s hand slide in under the hem of his pajama top, then down into the pajama bottom. “Well, it’s obvious that you aren’t ready for this yet,” Reese murmured with some amusement, “but let’s see if we can’t get you in the mood with some… encouragement.”

Finch could not stop his breathing from becoming more ragged as Reese used deft movements to stroke his manhood, and his pulse – which he knew Reese could feel in the veins of his growing organ – began to race with the anticipation of being brought to climax. Reese continued to slide his slender fingers up and down his partner’s hot member while with his other hand he unbuttoned both of their pajamas.

“I’ve wanted you for so long, Finch,” he moaned against his chest, where he then planted wet kisses.

With one last sigh, Finch expelled all of his remaining doubts and prepared to enjoy whatever Reese had in store for them.


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  1. “With one last sigh, Finch expelled all of his remaining doubts and prepared to enjoy whatever Reese had in store for them.” There you go! fuck you, paranoia lol

    PS: Reading at work and trying to keep an impassive face!

  2. Re-reading my favorite POI Story. I needed something to soothe my anxieties from a busy weekend. Love this story so much.


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