Person of Interest – Long

Getting Closer  Complete. Reese has found himself rapidly developing feelings for his mysterious employer, and takes advantage of a rare day off to pursue Finch in a more physical way. WARNING: Smut alert! Somewhat AU due to later canon developments.

Breaching the Space-Time Continuum  Reese was shot on December 15, 2011, but did not return to “work” until 2012. What happened during his recovery? Character studies from varying POVs. Fluffy slash but nothing hardcore. Spoilers for Episode 1.10 “Number Crunch.” (on hiatus)

Happiness  Complete. Reespective (Reese’s Introspective Perspective) Rinch story set after Episode 1.22 “No Good Deed.” Reese offers to cook lunch at his new apartment for Finch after finding out about Grace. WARNING: Smut alert!

Wolfhound  Irrational AU story based in part on all the Reese-werewolf stories as well as Mrs.JohnReese’s suggested plotbunny about how Finch would react if Reese brought home a puppy. WARNING: Smut alert! Possible bestiality in later chapters.

Lord Finch  Complete. Totally AU story where Finch is the lord of a castle and Reese an assassin hired to kill him. WARNING: Smut alert! In later chapters, anyway…

Absence  …makes the heart grow fonder. Both Reese and Finch are forced to realize how fond of each other they have become during Finch’s abduction. Complete. WARNING: Smut alert! In later chapters, anyway…


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  1. katito

     /  2014/12/20

    now, yes i’m perfect with some omaigosh in the middle and wTF they have to be toghether… but i don’t know what going on when i finish all your stories, then i’m going to tell u :3

  2. katito

     /  2014/12/27

    i need more T-T, i read all of them and i can say that they were pretty fantastic >-< i love them, please write more D: more more more …. with smut alert dassadasdasdasd


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