Chapter 57, Interlude 3: Loki Meets Nebula

Loki was summoned by Thanos long before he could recover from his first encounter with the Titan. What little sleep he had caught had been troubled with nightmares, leaving him shaking and desperate for a hot bath and Asgardian food, neither of which was available. Water seemed to be in short supply – the latrine in his cell had a disinfecting light to sanitize his hands but no running water. He was grateful for the large bottle Gamora had brought but since he could not waste it for washing, he made do with seiðr before gingerly putting his clothes back on. Even with his quick-healing body, it would be some time before he could move without pain.

Still, he managed to walk back to Thanos’ throne this time, escorted by four soldiers. Sensing that they were leering at him behind their masked helmets, Loki stood all the taller and prouder, exuding a confidence he did not feel. His pride nearly crumbled, however, when he saw Thanos awaiting him with his obscenely large cock rampant. Loki cast the spell to open his anal passage five times before reaching the throne, hoping it would be enough. He was chagrined when Thanos grinned at him, apparently able to sense what he had done.

“Come here, Pretty One,” the monster rumbled while stroking his cock. “Show me how well you can ride this.”

Loki bit his lip to keep from retching and began to undress slowly in his best semblance of a strip-tease. The thought of being penetrated again by that enormous organ made him tremble with loathing and fear but he was determined not to show it. His movements grew more seductive with each piece of clothing he shed; in part he was delaying the inevitable, but he also knew delayed gratification would make the pleasure seem that much more intense. He turned to flaunt his beautifully rounded ass, bending to remove his boots so Thanos was treated to the best view of it.

The Titan chuckled appreciatively. “You are either very brave or very foolish to tantalize me so, Pretty One. I’m dripping already in anticipation of fucking that pretty ass of yours! But this time I want you to ride it and show me how well you can fuck. Skewer yourself on my cock and tell me how much you want it…”

Although it was the last thing in the universe Loki wanted to do, he mounted the footrest of Thanos’ hovering throne and gazed at the organ, pretending to contemplate it and even licking his lips for good measure. Then he turned away from his captor and lifted himself by bracing his hands on the armrests of the throne. After glancing over his shoulder to confirm the position of the cock, he lowered his ass just enough to rub against the slimy tip, giving Thanos only the slightest amount of friction. When the Titan’s breath grew rough and impatient, Loki pressed against the cock until it squeezed between the lobes of his ass. He inhaled deeply and cast one last spell – this time for lubrication – before lowering his body even further. There was still a good bit of resistance as it slipped through his opening, but at last he impaled himself. Wanting to get the ordeal over as quickly as possible, he thrust his body up and down with purpose, trying to match the pace Thanos had set the previous time. He gauged his success by the satisfied grunts emanating from behind him.

“We’re back, Dad,” came a female voice from the platform below the throne, accompanied by brisk footsteps. “It was another phantom anomaly chase. The fool didn’t even have anything…”

The woman’s words came to a halt as she saw what was happening on the throne. Loki had not intended to slow his movements, but he must have inadvertently done so as he opened his eyes to look at the newcomer – a hairless female with purple and blue skin – and was reminded of his captive condition when Thanos grabbed him by the hips and began pumping him up and down on his cock.

“Fuck, Dad,” the woman said with distaste. “Not another one!”

“Why not, Nebula? Does it incite you to jealousy?” Thanos asked with a leer.

“Hardly. He won’t last a cycle, anyway.”

“You may be surprised. This one is surprisingly… resilient.”

Loki gasped as his own cock was roughly fondled by the Titan’s large hand. His movements stuttered as heat shot through him, engorging his manhood, but Thanos continued to prod him to slide faster on his much larger cock. Loki’s arms were feeling the strain of supporting his body through such rigorous exercise but he dared not stop now. Hoping his captor would soon come, he pushed himself against Thanos’ cock as quickly as he could and, just when he thought his arms might give out, he was rewarded with the heat of semen spurting into his passage and the relief of having his weight supported by Thanos, who now held him still for the sake of thrusting into him more forcefully. A minute later he was lifted up into the air – the better for Thanos to observe the fluids dripping out of his widened hole.

“Good… good,” Thanos growled in delight, turning Loki sideways and licking his cheek. “I am glad I decided to keep you, Pretty One.”

Loki could not stifle the involuntary shudder that ran down his spine as the large, ugly face drew near his own, but the Titan only laughed at his discomfort.

“So, Nebula,” he said, turning his attention back to his daughter. “You have returned empty-handed again?”

“It wasn’t my fault!” she protested. “How could I have known that the trader was a pathological liar? He didn’t have half of the things he’d claimed to, let alone the Soul Stone. It was a total waste of time.”

“I trust you made him pay for his lies?”

“Of course! Though it wasn’t a challenge – he started screaming before I’d even drawn blood. And as I was saying, he didn’t have anything worth taking. I towed his ship back, anyway, in case it might fetch a few units at Knowhere.”

Thanos had been absentmindedly stroking Loki’s cock during Nebula’s report. Loki was now as fully erect as he had ever been, but Thanos was keeping a tight hold around the base of his cock, preventing him from coming while stimulating him to the point of pain. Loki wondered how long he could endure it without going mad.

“Your new fuck-toy,” Nebula began, taking a few steps closer, “has a nice long cock. When you’re done with him, I want to ride it.”

“You think you deserve a reward for bringing me nothing?” Thanos asked in turn, his voice dangerously low.

“I wouldn’t call it ‘nothing’ that I searched every corner of that trader’s filthy ship to make sure he didn’t have the Stone,” Nebula replied. “I can’t help it if your informants bring you unreliable information. Besides, I accomplished your standing mission: I instilled the fear of you in all who would hear of the trader’s fate. There’ll be fewer fools who claim to have what they don’t in the future.”

“True enough,” Thanos agreed. “If you will rip out the entrails of those useless informants for me as a further warning to other fools, I suppose you would have earned yourself a good fuck.”

“Thanks, Dad. Shall I go now?”

The Titan’s laugh rumbled through the area. “No, there is no need – I know you will be successful in this next mission. You may fuck my toy now.”

Loki was too shocked to speak as Thanos laid him supine on a hovering slab that lowered him to the platform below, where Nebula was already opening a flap in the crotch of her form-fitting outfit. She climbed onto him without hesitation, straddling him, and used her fingers to part the lips of her cunt. A moment later he was seated balls-deep within her.

“Oh!” she groaned as his tip hit resistance. “Finally! A cock that reaches my spot!”

She shoved herself against him intently without seeming to care that Thanos and several soldiers were watching. Every time Loki’s cock hit the wall within her, she cried out in ecstasy and increased her efforts. Loki watched her in numb fascination for a while before realizing that this was his first time with a woman. If Thanos had not forced him to be erect beyond the point of no return, he might not have remained hard enough to please Nebula; however, it did not take long for her to reach her climax. As she came, screaming with each thrust and shuddering with the intensity of the pleasure, Loki felt her warm juices pouring out of her hole. Although it made him queasy, he still needed release himself.

“My wanton daughter,” Thanos told her with lecherous pride, “you make a lovely sight! But my fuck-toy has not yet come.”

“I can ride him again,” she declared, though she was panting. “I won’t waste his hard cock.”

“I would like to see him ride you,” Thanos said. “He must earn his keep as well. Spread your legs and let him do the work this time. And bare your breasts so he can suckle them. Show him how sensitive they are.”

Loki detected only the briefest hesitation in Nebula before she complied, lying back on the slab. As Loki crouched to penetrate her, he had to marvel at the dexterous way in which she almost folded herself in half, hooking her knees over her arms to present him her cunt at an angle that was easy to enter. He tried not to think too much about what he was doing – for he had only once been attracted to a female before – opting instead to concentrate on relieving his still-engorged cock. It was not difficult to satisfy Nebula as long as he thrust deep and hard, and soon he found that the sensation of fucking a cunt was not so unlike fucking an anus as to be impossible for him to enjoy. However, despite having been painfully erect for so long, his climax was elusive.

A deep rumble came from close behind him, making Loki realize that the hovering slab had risen and turned to present his ass to Thanos.

“I know what you need, Pretty One,” the Titan said with a chuckle. “I have exactly what you need…”

Loki had only time enough to cast another lubricating spell before Thanos’ cock impaled him again. It was so huge that it could not help but stroke his prostate, and after a few rapid pushes – during which Loki realized that Thanos was, in effect, fucking his supposed daughter through him – Loki began to come, his semen pulsing out with every movement Thanos made. All Loki could do was brace himself to allow his body to function as a condom for his captor. He watched in horror as Thanos fondled Nebula’s breasts under him, pinching her taut nipples until she was crying out with mingled pain and pleasure.

When the last drop of semen had been wrung out of Loki’s body and his cock had begun to grow limp, he was cast aside unceremoniously to be replaced by Thanos himself, who pulled Nebula to the edge of the slab where he stood. There was a sickening crack as the monstrous cock forced its way inside her slim body, pushing the two halves of her pelvic bones apart. She gasped, obviously in pain, but Thanos continued to fuck her, ignoring the bluish blood that began to seep out of her cunt.

Knowing all too well what she was going through, Loki was moved to empathy and did something uncharacteristically kind: he cast the stretching and lubricating spells on her vagina. Immediately her breathing eased and she gave him a curious – possibly grateful – glance. Thanos only grunted, for he was close to his climax and the loosening of her passage, while depriving him of some friction, also made it easier for him to move. His thrusts grew fast and erratic as he came, his vast discharge of semen flowing out of her with each successive push, mixed with Loki’s come as well as her own fluids.

After pulling out of her and sitting back on the throne, Thanos gazed at his cock with indolent satisfaction.

“Come here, Pretty One,” he ordered, indicating his footstool. “Suck me clean.”

Loki scoffed, having regained his breath while his captor had been distracted by Nebula.

“I can service you far better than that,” he said as he nimbly stepped to the footstool. He still needed to look up to meet Thanos’ eyes, but he did so with an unabashed smirk. One swift movement of his hand caused the filth clinging to the Titan’s cock to disappear; another and Loki’s own naked body was clean, even inside his abused orifice. Then with a subtle flick of his wrist, Thanos’ diminishing cock grew hard once again.

“Indeed… you have many… talents,” Thanos said approvingly as Loki bent to lick the purple cockhead.

“How did he do that?” Nebula demanded. “Make him clean me too!”

“But of course,” Loki purred, shifting so he could see her while he kept his tongue busy. She still had her legs splayed open, making it easy for him to magic away all the fluids on and in her body. He also moved her pelvic bones back into their proper position for good measure.

“Oh! That’s… convenient,” she mumbled. “I like this one, Dad. I hope you don’t wear him out too soon.”

“I doubt that,” Thanos replied. “He comes from one of the hardiest races to ever exist. Look!” He grabbed Loki’s left wrist and pressed a thumb into his forearm, the nail almost puncturing his skin. Pain infused Loki’s veins and traveled upward and outward across his body as the corresponding parts of his skin turned blue and ridged with markings. “He is one of the Frost Folk,” Thanos explained. “They can withstand even the coldest desolation in the universe by lying dormant and allowing their very blood and cells to freeze.”

“He’s blue… like me,” Nebula said, almost in awe.

“Yes, and he will live thousands of years – just as you will, thanks to the modifications I had done to you.” Thanos eased his grip on Loki’s arm, allowing his skin to turn back to its usual color. “You would not want to fuck him while he is in his Jötun form, though; his skin would be ice-cold and may injure yours.”

Loki remembered how the other Jötun’s touch had affected him, freezing and destroying his armor, and felt hollow. It was especially difficult to be reminded that he was a monster by the worst monster he had ever seen.

“But how did he clean us like that?” Nebula was asking.

“This one learned to use seiðr during his time on Asgard – a talent not many can master,” Thanos told her.

Giving himself a mental shake, Loki dared to interrupt his captor. “That is not the only talent I possess.” He smirked again as he dragged his tongue across Thanos’ slit. “Do not forget,” he said between licks, “that I also possess… all the knowledge… of the Golden Realm.” He paused to turn his sultry smile up at Thanos, never ceasing to fondle the giant cock with his hands. “You may be tempted by my charms to use me simply as your fuck-toy, but I could be of much better use to you in searching for – and acquiring – this Soul Stone that you seek… or any other treasure for that matter. I doubt your daughter would object to my… assisting her.”

“Hmm,” Thanos rumbled, staring at Loki as though reassessing him. “You make an interesting case, Pretty One. But for now, you may serve me by riding my cock.”

“Of course,” Loki said while stroking it tantalizingly with a finger. He began to turn away from Thanos to ride it as he had before, but the Titan had other plans for him.

“Face me,” he ordered. “I wish to watch your pretty face writhe in pain as you fuck yourself on my cock.”

“As you wish,” Loki responded blandly, trying without success to keep his revulsion from showing.

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  1. I see it’s been years since this was updated, but it’s a beautiful story and I need to ask if it’ll ever be finished?

    • Oh, goodness! I still hope to, even if it’s just writing down the plot of the story that I had planned. Thank you for reading! I did have everything planned out through The Dark World, so please stay tuned!


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