Brooding 55, Interlude 1: Loki in Thanos’ Sanctuary

A/N: Explicit descriptions of rape and other non-consensual sex acts and torture in the Interlude chapters. Reader discretion advised.


Cold. Cold that permeated the body and numbed the mind. Cold that froze even the soul, trapping it in its mortal coil and preventing it from whatever release – Valhalla or Hel – that awaited it. The vastness of the universe was filled with space devoid of any heat or comfort, overflowing with an abundance of life-killing cold.

And still it was not enough to drown out the pain that seared Loki’s heart.


A single sound, representing all the centuries of rejection piled upon Loki, who could no longer deny its existence or relegate it to a matter of mere birth order. Odin’s pronouncement echoed in the starless tracks through which Loki floated, dead and yet not dead, mocking him with its never-ending finality.

The cold did dull his senses, however, so when at last there was a change in his environment (whether after an eternity or a moment, he could not tell), Loki resisted the thaw by withdrawing deeper into the cold that had settled within his bones. To awaken was to feel – to feel was pain. Loki burrowed deeper, sinking into the cold, embracing it.

“What is this?”

The large voice barraged his ears, shattering his frozen eardrums and forcing him to listen.

“He was found floating in the wreckage recovered in the Kafra sector. He looks to be Asgardian.”

Warmth assaulted Loki and he realized that he was being lifted, held in the grip of something that exuded heat. The pain increased with his returning senses but he could not even flinch. Reflexively he tried to see, only to find that his eyes were frozen shut by a solid casing of tears.

“His clothes are Asgardian… but he is not Æsir. He would not have survived in the Void if he were.” Pain seared his left arm – pain that was both hot and cold simultaneously, different from the other pain and yet familiar, traveling up his arm. “Ah! He is a Jötun, one of the Frost Folk, disguised as an Æsir. Perhaps he was a spy… or a saboteur. That would explain the destroyed pieces of the Bifröst.”

“What do you wish to do with him, Lord Thanos?”

There was a pause as heat assailed Loki’s left cheek.

“He is a pretty one. I will keep him as my fuck-toy for now.”

What little warmth had returned to Loki’s body froze again at those words. This time he did not wish to retreat into the cold but rather to have his limbs freed from their stiffness so he could fight back – escape – or at least die in the attempt. However, his greatest effort to move his arms resulted in only a twitch.

Meanwhile the warmth at his cheek had moved up to his temple and spread over his eyes. Whether he would or no, the ice caking his lashes was melted, and in helpless curiosity he opened them to see his captor: the deeply creased, leering, purple face of a monster. Loki tried to scream but no sound came out of his frozen vocal cords.

“Hmm… Very pretty.”

Thanos’ satisfied assessment would have made Loki tremble if his body were not still paralyzed from the cold. He could not so much as turn away while the Titan ran a large finger along his jaw, down the side of his throat, and then under his collar.

“You did well to bring him to me. You may leave now… or stay and watch, if you wish.”

“I do wish to see what sport he may afford you, Master,” came the groveling voice. Loki was unable to see the owner yet, but it was a minor concern compared to the fact that Thanos was now methodically undressing him.

“Your Jötun form would please me as well, Pretty One,” the Titan murmured, “but I will save that pleasure for another time. For now, let us see if your Æsir form makes you as nearly indestructible as a true Asgardian. It will need to be to accommodate my cock…”

Thanos laid Loki face-up and naked on a cold slab of stone, then rose from his throne to reveal that he did indeed possess an enormous cock – even in proportion to his hulking frame – which had pushed aside the codpiece hanging from his belt when it had grown fully erect. The bulging veins on its surface pulsed visibly as Thanos slathered it with lubricant, fondling it for good measure.

It won’t fit! It will tear me apart, Loki thought in terror. It was every bit as thick as Thor’s forearm and nearly as long. In desperation Loki tried to spread his fingers to summon seiðr, but his hands were still unresponsive.

“Do not fear, Pretty One – I will not kill you before I have had my fill,” Thanos chuckled, as though he had sensed Loki’s failed attempt at defense. With his lubricated hand, the Titan thrust a finger into Loki’s anus and twisted it around. Had Loki been able, he would have screamed at the pain of the rough intrusion; as it was he could only shed silent tears while his captor forced a second digit into his ass and used both to stretch his opening.

“Tight but resilient… It seems you possess all the qualities of an Æsir while also retaining those of a Jötun. Curious…”

A third finger was added and for the first time Loki’s body moved noticeably, jerking in response to the pain of being stretched too fast. Loki’s tears were flooding his ears, blinding him to Thanos’ movements until the huge, ugly face drew near his own.

“Does it hurt, Pretty One? But this pain is nothing compared to what it would have been if I had fucked you without preparing your hole. And now you are almost ready… just a little more…”

Loki’s back arched up off the stone slab as a fourth finger – Thanos’ entire hand except for the thumb – was wedged into his orifice. A cry escaped his lips at last, his body having gradually warmed and regained some control. Loki drew on seiðr to cast a spell, then hesitated.

An attack now will be ineffective and pointless, he realized, since he had not yet fully recovered his strength; even with his full powers, he did not know if he could do any damage to his gigantic assailant, whose very being seemed to hum with unfathomable power. With the little seiðr he had at his command, Loki decided to cast a once-familiar spell for relaxing his anal muscles – a spell he had used often during the time Thor had been his lover. At once the pain dissipated and Thanos’ fingers slid easily within his rectum.

“Ah! Good. You have made a wise choice, Pretty One,” the Titan said, withdrawing his hand. His mammoth cock replaced it at the entrance to Loki’s ass. “Serve me well and you shall be… rewarded.”

Thanos pressed his cock into the orifice with an appreciative groan, plunging deeper slowly but steadily. Loki struggled to breathe while his body endeavored to adjust to such a large object being forced inside. Just when he thought he could not take any more, he felt the metal of Thanos’ armor press against his thighs and ass. A sob of relief escaped him, but it was short-lived, for the Titan immediately began thrusting back and forth in his tight passage.

“Good… Good! You please me well, Pretty One. Rarely has a male of your size… survived being penetrated… by my cock,” Thanos panted, grinning with pleasure. “I will fill you well… with my come… and see it drip… from your gaping hole!”

Loki only heard him dimly, distracted by the sensation of having his entrails rearranged within his body. The pain he had experienced in the Void had been cold and numbing; now it was overlaid with physical pain and humiliation and anger and frustration at his helplessness, turning it into a searing, burning fire that threatened to consume him whole.

“No… No… No… No…”

The one word repeated itself over and over, like a mantra, in Loki’s mind, but in his current state he could not distinguish the cry of his soul – protesting the rape of his body – from the pronouncement of Odin – denying Loki’s very existence. He did not even realize that he was saying it aloud.

“You may pretend… to resist my cock,” Thanos told him between grunts, “but your body… says otherwise.”

To Loki’s shame, his own cock grew hard when the Titan grasped it in one hand and ran a thumb along its underside.

“No… No… No…”

“You will succumb… to my cock… as all others have… before you…” Thanos declared, continuing to fuck him unmercifully. He was stroking Loki’s cock in time to his movements also, drawing a drop of pre-come from its head. “All succumb… eventually… if they can even… endure it.”

“No… No… No…” Loki moaned as he was driven to the brink of climax. Thanos toyed with him for a while, gripping the base of Loki’s cock to prevent his release while stimulating it with a thumb, as well as rubbing Loki’s prostate with his cockhead. The short, titillating thrusts of that giant organ drove Loki mad with equal parts desire and loathing until, finally, Thanos loosened his grip on Loki’s cock and allowed him to finish. Loki cried out as his come spattered the Titan’s armor and dripped back down onto his pale skin.

“Good… Good,” Thanos said while he dug deeper with his cock, lifting and spreading Loki’s long legs by the ankles in order to better see where he was entering his victim’s ass. His thrusts grew faster and more erratic as he also neared his climax.

“No… No…” Loki thought desperately. “Help… Somebody, please… help me… Thor… Brother, please… Thor!”

Thanos’ cock moved ever more quickly, disregarding any pain on Loki’s part, as the Titan sought his ultimate pleasure.

“Heimdall! Help! Please, anybody! Mother! Mother! Oh, Norns… Thor!

With a shout of triumph, Thanos began to come, flooding Loki’s body with hot semen. The Titan growled as he continued to pound into the smaller humanoid while spurt after spurt of the fluid shot into Loki’s bowels, bathing it as well as Thanos’ cock, which churned it into a sticky foam with every subsequent thrust. Loki shuddered and flailed his legs (scarcely aware of the fact that he was now able to do so) while Thanos wrung every last ounce of pleasure from his unwilling body. The Titan lowered his monstrous face close to Loki’s when his cock ceased its frenetic movements.

“You please me well, Pretty One,” he rumbled. “You are the best cock-toy I have had in several centuries. Tell me, who else has taken pleasure in your ass?”

Loki was too exhausted and overwrought to answer, but Thanos had not expected him to. The Titan gripped Loki’s left arm above the wrist and infused it with a slightly different form of power than before. Loki wailed as Thanos sifted through the pictures in his mind like a careless child rifling through a book, then honed in on the memories of Thor fucking Loki – laughing and playful at times, urgent and demanding at others – and brought each image into sharp focus.

“So the Prince of Asgard was your lover? A strange bedfellow indeed for a Jötun! But perhaps that had been your plan – to seduce him and discover his weaknesses. Speak, Pretty One, and tell me all you know of Asgard.”

In his weakened state, Loki could not resist Thanos’ questioning, for he realized that compliance would be far easier than having the Titan search through his memories by force. He told his captor about his recent discovery regarding his origins; how his affair with his supposed brother had been fueled by lust rather than design; and how (in his mind) he had been discarded by Odin when his superior intellect had threatened the All-Father’s true son’s right to succession.

“Hmm… Interesting, but useless information at this point,” Thanos remarked when Loki paused for breath. “Tell me of the royal treasure trove – what weapons of mighty power does it contain?”

“Many,” was Loki’s cautious reply. “The greatest of them is Gungnir, which I wielded all too briefly. Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, may be the next most powerful, but only he can wield it, and even he not always.”

“Can you allow me to enter the vault undetected, as you did with your fellow Jötnar?”

Loki’s heart skipped a beat at the reminder, but he swallowed and answered with a semblance of the truth.

“I can guide you there, but whether you would be successful in raiding it is another matter. Odin will have changed the passwords for entry by now, so even if I take on the form of a guard, I would not be able to open the doors to you without learning the new passwords. And Heimdall, the Gatekeeper, will surely sniff out the secret ways I had used to bring the Jötnar in – making it more difficult than before to fool him, even with seiðr. Then, if you are able to enter the vault, you must deal with the Destroyer. For all your power, it will still be a formidable foe.”

“What is this Destroyer?” Thanos demanded, scoffing. “You think it could withstand me?

Loki conjured up images of the Destroyer razing the town of Puente Antiguo, bringing them to the forefront of his mind so that Thanos could easily see them. Loki was glad that, while he had been speaking, he had recovered enough of his strength that he was now able to conceal from the Titan the part where the Warriors Three and Thor had destroyed the Destroyer.

Thanos frowned at the images. “That is not an Asgardian town it is destroying.”

“No – it is a small village on Midgard,” Loki explained. “While I was King, I sent it there to… eradicate some vermin.”

“You know Midgard well, then?” Thanos asked, a new glint in his eyes.

“Well enough. Not that I care to know much of such a backward, insignificant realm.”

“Hmm… Very interesting.” Thanos stood and withdrew his cock before adjusting his clothing. “You may prove more useful than I had thought. Rest now and regain your strength – I will send for you when I am ready to fuck you again.”

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