Brooding 36

Steve was in a half-dreamlike state when Bruce got up and went into the bathroom, returning a moment later with a warm, wet washcloth to wipe his come off Steve’s chest.

“Oh… thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Steve was mesmerized with the way the laugh lines crinkled around Bruce’s eyes when he smiled. He hoped to make the reclusive scientist smile again, and often.

“So… what’s next?” he asked.

“What do you want it to be?” Bruce asked in return.

“Um… I’m up for anything,” Steve said, thinking anything with Bruce was sure to be wonderful. “What do you want, Doctor?”

Bruce laughed as he stretched out on the bed and propped his head up on one elbow. “Please, ‘Captain’ – you can call me Bruce.”

“Okay. But only if you call me ‘Steve.’”

“Deal,” Bruce agreed. He rested one hand casually on Steve’s hip and ran it up and down the curve of his ass. “Well, if you’re sure you’re up for ‘anything’… I think we might be ready to take it to the next step.”

“What would that be?” Steve asked, feeling excited rather than anxious. Still, he was startled when Bruce’s hand slid back to cup one half of his buttocks.

“That would be… getting you ready… to do what Loki was doing,” Bruce said with a twinkle in his eyes. “Unless, of course, you would like to try Clint’s side first.”

“No, I… whatever you decide is fine. Really.”

“Okay.” Bruce rolled over to grab the large container of lubricant he had bought. “This might take some time.”

“I’m in no hurry, Doc–I mean, Bruce.”

They both chuckled at his slip-up, then Bruce squeezed a large amount of lube onto his fingers. “Try to relax,” he said as he leaned closer and placed those fingers in Steve’s crack.

Steve shivered at the coolness of the gel but was soon distracted when Bruce started kissing him again. He wasn’t sure how the other man managed to keep him engaged in the kiss while sliding his fingers around his backside, coating everything with lube, but he wasn’t about to complain. When he felt one finger prodding at his puckered entrance, though, he gasped and backed out of the kiss. The next instant the finger slipped inside; Steve was relieved to find that it didn’t hurt at all.

“You okay?” Bruce asked, his eyes searching Steve’s.

“Perfectly fine,” Steve told him with a smile. He initiated another kiss, wanting to taste Bruce’s tongue again. The digit worming around inside of him was distracting but not uncomfortable, and Steve felt fully relaxed in Bruce’s hands, knowing he could trust the gentle man with anything.

This time Bruce broke off the kiss, but only so he could put more lube on his fingers. “Ready to try two?” he asked, holding them up for Steve to assess.

“Why not?” Steve answered, emboldened by their success thus far.

“Turn over, then; I need to see what I’m doing. I don’t want to hurt you by mistake.”

Steve complied and felt the first finger slip in again without a problem. The second, however, was a stretch – it stung as it forced his entrance open.

“Just breathe,” Bruce coached him from behind. “Take deep breaths and let your body relax. There you go… nice and easy…” He removed the second finger for a moment to apply more lube, then after pushing it back in, he turned his hand so that his combined fingers were twisting around, stretching Steve’s entrance at every point on the compass. “Keep breathing… You’re doing great.”

Steve felt his body growing accustomed to the intrusion as he focused on breathing. The lube was allowing Bruce to move easily within him, and the stretch gradually became less painful until at last the sting disappeared. He took another deep breath before saying, “I think I’m ready for more.”

He heard Bruce squeeze another dollop of lube out before the final stretch came. It was not as uncomfortable as before, even though Bruce had inserted three fingers at once this time; after a minute or two of twisting on Bruce’s part and deliberate relaxing on Steve’s part, the inserted digits were sliding around as though they belonged there. Then Bruce seemed to be searching for something, groping along the front side of Steve’s passage in a grid pattern. When he hit the target, Steve knew it immediately.

“Oh!” he cried, clutching at the bedspread. “Wow!”

“Good wow?” Bruce asked, pausing the movement of his fingers.

“Yeah… oh, yeah!” Steve told him with enthusiasm. He cried out in a wordless caterwaul when Bruce rubbed that spot again, then gasped, “Oh, wow!

“Good,” Bruce said, a smile apparent in his warm tone. “I think you’re ready for the real deal, but it’ll probably be easier for me to hit that spot if we do it doggie style.”

“Doggie…?” Steve asked, temporarily at a loss.

“Um… you know, how dogs do it – on all fours,” Bruce explained.

“Oh! Yes, of course,” Steve said, blushing as he assumed that position. He could feel Bruce moving around on the bed behind him and heard more lube being slathered – this time on Bruce’s cock. Steve swallowed, nervous and in some disbelief that he was actually about to be penetrated by another man; but when he considered who the other man was and how carefully he had handled him so far (even sticking his fingers in where Steve himself had never touched), he was able to expel the breath he had been holding and relax his muscles. He sensed Bruce positioning himself from the heat emanating from his body and the hint of contact at his rear entrance, then Bruce placed his hands on Steve’s hips and guided them down. Steve spread his knees and shifted to stabilize himself in the lower stance, realizing that since Bruce was shorter than he was, it would be easier for him to fit that way.

“Ready?” Bruce asked one final time, giving him the chance to back out of it.

“Ready,” Steve replied without hesitating. The next moment he felt a warm, slick object push against his opening, then it practically popped through the bottleneck and slid into him with little resistance. It did, however, slide right against his prostate, making him gasp in pleasure.

“Oh, wow…” Bruce’s voice floated to him from behind. The man sounded as though he were drunk or dreaming. “Oh, wow… This is nice… Yeah…” As he drawled his words, Bruce was pressing his cock further into Steve’s passage. When it was in all the way, his hairy balls scratching Steve’s ass, Bruce took a moment to run his hands along Steve’s waist and ribs. “How are you doing?” he asked. “Are you regretting this yet?”

“Not at all,” Steve answered, inhaling deeply and letting it out to make his muscles loosen. He felt his body adjusting to the presence of Bruce’s cock inside it, and he marveled at how he could now feel the other man’s pulse through their connection. He realized exactly how intimate the act of sex really was, now that he was experiencing it, but he also knew he would not regret this at all. “I’m fine, Bruce – don’t worry.”

“All right, then… I’m gonna start moving,” Bruce warned before gently making good on his promise. He aimed for Steve’s sweet spot and hit it on his first try… and the second, and the third. Steve moaned in pleasure, encouraging him to keep thrusting at that angle, and Bruce was more than happy to oblige. Soon Steve’s cock was dripping precome onto the bed and Bruce’s was slathering his own inside Steve’s already well-lubricated passage. Every thrust made wet, slurping noises that echoed in the room, driving both of their needs to a fever pitch, but Bruce was determined to hold out until Steve came since he had come before him the last time.

He did not have long to wait. Steve was crouched low over the bed, taking in huge draughts of air and pushing back to force Bruce’s cock deeper into his body with each stroke. His toes curled as the two men worked up to a frantic pace, the pleasure almost too intense to bear – and then Steve was bearing it no longer, his cock twitching and shooting out come in liberating release. He arched his back and wantonly pushed against Bruce’s hardness over and over, crying out unintelligible words as his climax swept all thought from his mind. The only thing that mattered, that existed for Steve in that moment, was Bruce’s cock filling him and making his own cock explode with fireworks of sensation that burst in his mind’s eye.

Feeling the spasms that shook Steve to the very core of his being through his cock, Bruce gritted his teeth and drew upon all the self-control he had trained himself in to maintain his excitement without letting it take over, but when he sensed that his lover’s wave of ecstasy had crested, Bruce allowed his body to do what it had been screaming at him to do. He plunged mindlessly into Steve’s hot passage, all gentleness cast aside in the tempest of his lust, and moved so quickly that his balls were out of contact with Steve’s skin for only fractions of a second at a time. After a blur of movement during which he held Steve’s exhausted hips in place for the sole purpose of fucking him, the usually mild-mannered scientist began to roar with pleasure. His come shot out with amazing force, filling Steve’s tunnel with liquid fire, and he reared up from his position over Steve’s back in a primal gesture of sexual dominance and conquest. Shoving his cock deep into his partner’s ass as he pulled it hard toward himself, Bruce felt a release like he had never felt before – a total relinquishing of control which he had only felt when “the other guy” had taken over.

For a minute Bruce’s mind went blank as he continued to hump Steve’s unresisting form, but then his awareness snapped back into focus. He checked himself, worried for a dreadful instant that he might have turned into The Hulk, but the normal flesh-tone of his skin reassured him that he had not. Breathing a sigh of relief, he thrust a few more times into his new lover, enjoying the simple pleasure of human contact. To have a man he respected, even admired, allow him to touch his body in such an intimate manner was an almost unimaginable privilege; to have given Steve pleasure, as was proven by the sticky mess of semen now covering the bedspread, was unbelievable.

When Bruce finally pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside him, Steve sank down onto his belly and mumbled, “Wow…” into his arms.

“I hope that’s a good ‘Wow,’” Bruce remarked.

“Oh, yeah… a very good ‘Wow.’”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Bruce said. “This was my first time… with a man.”

Steve’s head popped up from where it had been resting. “Really? But… But how did you know… what to do?”

“Internet porn,” Bruce confided, blushing slightly. “Being alone all the time… can get a little lonely. And a few times when I was surfing free porn… I saw some for gay sex, and… well, I thought, ‘What the heck,’ you know? It was hot, and I learned a few things… which came in rather handy tonight…”

“No argument there,” Steve told him with a sated smile.

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