Brooding 35

True to his word, Clint made love to Loki by attempting to kiss every square inch of his body, from the tips of his toes to the tip of his cock. Of course by then Loki was desperate for release, so Clint spent a few minutes stroking and sucking him off while stimulating his prostate from inside with two fingers. Listening to Loki keen and cry out as he came in his mouth made Clint hard for some action too, so he replaced his fingers with his cock as soon as he could roll a new condom on it. Loki sighed with satisfaction when Clint’s thickness was fully seated inside him.

“You really like this, don’t you?” Clint commented with some amusement.

“Yes. Is that strange?” Loki asked, watching the Human’s every move.

“No, not strange, just… I dunno…” Clint thought for a moment as he thrust slowly into his lover. “When you had me under your control, you could’ve just as easily made me your bitch, you know? But instead you let me fuck you like this… over and over… like you really enjoyed having my cock shoved up your ass.”

“Because I do,” Loki replied, pulling Clint deeper inside his body with his feet, which he had crossed behind his lover’s buttocks. “I enjoy how it feels to be filled with a huge cock… to feel you moving within me, seeking pleasure. And when you reach the height of it, and I can see your face filled with delight and feel your seed spewing forth from your cock… it is very satisfying. Even if it doesn’t coincide with my own pleasure.”

Clint glanced down at Loki’s cock, which Loki was languidly fondling himself but was showing no signs of reviving any time soon. If it had been, he might have paused to fondle it for his lover, but since it was not, he returned his focus to his own cock, which was building up a delicious friction with Loki’s passage.

“Did you ever, you know… do it the other way?” Clint asked.

“Yes. A few times,” Loki answered without elaborating. “But I much prefer it this way.”

“That works great for me, then,” Clint said with a grin, “’cuz I really enjoy fucking you. You’re so damn tight and good…” He shoved his cock in deep a few times, breaking his rhythm, but it only served to make him hotter and closer to climax. “Aw, damn, Loki! I’m gonna come soon.”

“Of course… I want you to.” Loki threw the chain of his manacles behind Clint’s head to pull him closer. “I want you to feel pleasure in my body, my Hawk… You have given me so much of it. Let your sex explode inside me… let me feel your seed burst forth…”

Clint groaned as his thrusts became quick and urgent. He was in a tight crouch over Loki, resting his weight on his forearms while grasping Loki’s shoulders in both hands, pounding into his hole with not just his cock but his entire body. For a fleeting instant Clint wished he did not have any balls so he could plunge even deeper into Loki’s wonderful passage, but the next moment those balls were seized with his climax, shooting out come like a geyser while Clint’s back arched like a high-tension bow.

Ahh!! Ahh!! Ahh!! ARGHH!!!” Clint shouted as his hips fucked Loki on auto-pilot. His semen filled the tip of the condom and blew back into the shaft as well, making the latex sheath slide around with each subsiding stroke. He continued to thrust into Loki, however, as long as his cock was hard enough to be effective. Only when it became too limp and threatened to fold on itself rather than slip into the passage did he collapse and cease moving, his knees still bent so that the precious bump on Loki’s belly was not crushed.

“So good… hot damn! So fucking amazing,” Clint panted against Loki’s chest.

“Mmm… I must concur,” Loki sighed happily. He ran his chained hands up and down Clint’s sweaty back, reveling in the contact.

Clint kissed Loki’s nipple and playfully licked it. “I think it’s another proof that we’re meant to be together. I’ve never had better sex before in my life.”

“Neither have I,” Loki mumbled, almost to himself – it was a revelation that had only just occurred to him.

Clint finally pulled his cock out of Loki’s ass, ducked out from under Loki’s chains, and sat up on his haunches to remove the filled condom. He tied and pitched it into the wastebasket on the other side of the room, aware of Loki’s gaze upon him. Looking down at the god of mischief, who at the moment seemed as docile and content as a well-fed domestic cat, Clint could not remember a time when he had been happier or more sexually satisfied. The slight protrusion on Loki’s stomach reminded him that there was even more happiness to look forward to.

“How’s the kid?” he asked as he crawled down, bringing his face level with the bump. “What does he think of all this… exercise?”

“I… don’t know for sure,” Loki admitted, “but he moved a couple of times… I think he was simply turning over, though he probably wasn’t sleeping.”

Clint chuckled. “I wouldn’t think so, no.” He pressed his lips to the rounded dome on Loki’s otherwise flat belly and whispered, “Hey, Kid… how’re you doing in there? Were we keeping you up?”

Not expecting an answer, Clint had resumed kissing the bump when suddenly both he and Loki started.

“He moved!” Clint said with excitement. “I felt it!”

“Yes.” Loki grinned from ear to ear. “I think he might have heard you. Perhaps… he already recognizes your voice.”

Clint shook his head in awe, his face filled with wonder. “Damn!” was all he could say. Then he laughed and added, “I guess I should watch my language – wouldn’t do to have the kid swearing before he can even talk!”

Loki chuckled, his expression softened by the realization that Clint would be helping him raise the child, that the Human – despite finding out about the pheromones – was still willing to be a father to their son. It was more than Loki had ever dreamed for… all but once.

“When I first discovered that I was with child,” Loki said, feeling compelled to unburden his heart of one last secret, “I was horrified. I considered it the final blow in a long litany of curses wrought upon me by the Norns.”

Clint turned serious as he moved to lie beside Loki and wrap him in his arms. “Baby…” he began, but Loki cut his words short with a kiss.

“My mother convinced me that the child was a gift,” Loki told him after their lips had parted. “And in a way, I could see that it was. I thought it would be the only part of you that I would be able to keep near. I never dared to hope that you would be a father to it, but I thought… if only the child would take after you, it would at least give me a tangible token of… of the blissful time I had spent with you.”

“Oh, Baby,” Clint murmured again, stroking Loki’s hair back with one hand.

“That night… I had a dream,” Loki confessed. “I have never had the gift of foresight, so I tell you this not as a claim to have seen the future but merely as a… a vision of my fevered mind.”

“Go on,” Clint prodded when Loki paused.

“We were in a field,” he finally continued. “It must have been autumn, for the grasses were turning golden and there were apples on the trees. The nearest tree was a good hundred paces away and its fruit was small… but you pointed to one of them that hung clear of the leaves and told Heideral to shoot it. He was… oh, only waist high – a very young child. I thought it impossible for him to hit it at that distance.”

“Yeah? But he did it?”

“On the third try, yes,” Loki said with a smile.

Clint beamed back at him. “That’s my boy! Our boy,” he quickly amended.

“As he left to fetch his arrows, you took my hand,” Loki said, matching his words by taking one of Clint’s hands in his own. “And in my dream, I was… perfectly happy.”

Clint kissed the back of Loki’s hands and twisted their fingers together.

“So… in this dream,” he asked, “what did the kid look like?”

“Like you.” Loki’s smile was clear and unfeigned. “Very much like you. He had your nose and your brown hair, and his eyes were green. I think his eyes might have been more like mine, but there was no mistaking that he was your son.”

“Well… I guess that’s good. Although I wouldn’t mind if he looked more like you – tall, handsome, and beautiful,” Clint said, his adoration of Loki evident in the way he looked at him. “But between the two of us, we couldn’t go wrong, could we?” he joked.

Loki laughed and snuggled closer to Clint. “No. Any child of ours is sure to be beautiful and brilliant.”

“Damn straight,” Clint replied, hugging Loki tightly.

Still smiling, Loki fell asleep in his lover’s arms.

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