Brooding 31

Thor remembered how they had argued about who would go first, neither of them knowing that the receiving partner could experience pleasure also; Loki had only agreed to let Thor take the first turn after Thor had sworn to give him his dagger – a relic from their great-grandfather’s days – if he did not immediately let Loki have his turn afterwards. Thus mollified, Loki had stripped out of his clothes, sat on the edge of his bed, conjured some oil, and spread his legs. Thor was upon his brother at once, penetrating him with no more preparation than the oil Loki had placed himself within his passage, causing the smaller boy to cry out in pain.

“Stop! Pull out! You’re hurting me, you big brute!” Loki spit out savagely, tears welling in his eyes.

“I… cannot… You feel so… good!” Thor gasped, already thrusting. “So tight… so… wonderful!”

With what sounded like a half-sob-half-snarl, Loki slid his fingers down below his own cock and balls to conjure more oil to his abused hole. The constant motion of Thor’s cock spread it quickly enough, and after a few gasps and another spell – this one to loosen his muscles – Loki was able to relax and lie back while his brother fucked him like a bull bilgesnipe in heat. It was just as well that Thor’s manhood was not a great endowment or he might have injured his brother on his first move.

Even with Loki’s passage opened to easily accept his intrusion, however, Thor trembled from the pleasurable sensations traveling along his cock. His movements grew frenzied before long, and as Loki looked up at him with mingled disdain and curiosity, Thor pressed down further on Loki’s exposed ass, hooking his brother’s slender legs over his arms to better pound into him. Standing as he was on the floor, he had good leverage and footing to do so, and as the sensation of sliding inside Loki’s tight passage stimulated his cock more and more, Thor felt the dam of seed pooling at the base of his manhood growing as well.

“Loki! Oh, Norns… so good… so… unghhh…!”

Thor growled and groaned as his seed shot forth like liquid lightning, striking many times until its energy was spent. The hot fluid was now coating Loki’s passage, making squelching noises with every thrust, for even though Thor could sense his come had been fully released, he could not stop thrusting into that wonderful, all-encompassing warmth.

“Aren’t you done yet?” Loki complained, flailing his legs to get Thor’s attention.

“I… I am… but I… do not want to stop,” Thor panted, letting Loki’s legs slip off from his arms. He leaned forward, bracing himself on the bed with his hands on either side of his brother. “It feels so good… Your body… feels so good, Loki.”

“I’m sure it does,” was the biting reply. “But you promised me my turn. Or do you wish to forfeit the dagger?”

“You can have the dagger,” Thor promised, “just let me do this… a while longer.”

Loki looked at him in surprise, then pursed his lips in resignation as well as satisfaction, for he had coveted the dagger ever since it had been given to Thor. After a few more thrusts, Thor lowered himself onto Loki’s chest, wrapping his arms around his brother’s back, and kissed those prim lips. The pleasure of coming inside Loki’s body had been incredible; the joy of holding his slim, naked body and continuing to be joined with it was unparalleled. Rather than subsiding, Thor’s cock was beginning to grow hard again.

“Another!” Thor declared. “I can do this… once more, Loki!” He laughed when Loki’s eyes grew wide. “I could do this… all day…”

“You can’t – we must go to dinner or Father will suspect something,” Loki protested, somewhat panicked.

“We have time yet before then,” Thor said, still sliding his cock inside his brother. He rose up onto his elbows to gaze down into Loki’s face. “This is… amazing, Brother! I wish I had known… such pleasure was possible… much sooner than this.”

“And now that you know, I suppose you’re going to be insufferable,” Loki bitterly retorted.

“You will have your turn later,” Thor assured him. “For now, though, I must find pleasure… in your lovely body… once more. Loki, I will have your ass… overflowing with my seed! My own hands shall… never satisfy me again. Your tight hole… is the only place… my cock will… release its seed… Brother!”

“You do realize this is incest,” Loki said in some desperation as Thor’s thrusts grew faster.

“What? Why?”

“We’re brothers. Having sex. That makes it incest.”

“Oh… I thought that was… only for women… since the child would be… born with deformities.”

“No, you idiot! This is… shameful… disgusting… a perversion of nature.”

Thor shook his head. “No, this is wonderful… delightful… the best thing I have… ever felt!”

Wanting to plunge even deeper into Loki, Thor forced his way further up onto the bed, pushing Loki’s body with only his cock, until his knees came to rest on the rumpled bedcovers. He crouched over Loki so he could kiss him again and slid his arms under Loki’s shoulders, placing both hands on them to hold his brother’s body still while he thrust his cock as hard as he could. The change in angle did enable him to dig deeper; it also wrought a sudden change in Loki’s demeanor.

AH!” he cried when Thor’s cock pushed up and in. “What… What was… AH!

“What is it?” Thor asked, startled enough to slow his movements.

“Don’t stop – do it again,” Loki demanded. “Push hard!”

When Thor complied, Loki arched his back until he nearly came off the bed.

“Oh! Oh, that was… that was… incredible,” he panted.

“It was good?” Thor asked, wanting to be sure.

“Yes! Push there again… YES! Oh, yes – right there! YES!

So encouraged, Thor thrust in the way that seemed to drive Loki over the Rainbow Bridge of desire. He continued to hold Loki and kiss his lips whenever he could spare a breath, while Loki, for his part, wrapped his long legs around Thor’s backside and pulled him in with every thrust, inviting him to delve ever deeper into his body. The sensual cries that spilled out of Loki’s mouth made Thor’s blood pump hotter. He could feel his brother’s slender fingers groping between their bodies, stroking madly at Loki’s long manhood, so it was no surprise when Loki came, spattering his hot seed on both of their naked chests. What surprised Thor was how good it felt to have Loki climax while his cock was still within him. He thrust with abandon then, seeking only his own pleasure, and soon found it. Collapsing upon his brother, Thor felt as though all pleasures he had previously experienced in his life were nothing compared to what he had just had with Loki.

After a few minutes of simply existing – of breathing and enjoying the bliss of sexual satisfaction – Loki pushed at Thor in a vain effort to move him.

“You’re heavy,” he complained, though there was not the usual sting in his words.

“Mm… and you are too hasty,” Thor replied, running a hand through Loki’s hair. “This is a most glorious way to pass the time indeed!”

“We must get clean before dinner,” Loki protested, trying to pull out from under Thor.

“Use your tricks,” Thor said, still unwilling to release his brother. “It will save us time… time we can lie here together, Brother.”

He heard Loki mutter a few words and felt the stickiness covering his skin disappear. Grinning, Thor pulled Loki even closer to himself and claimed his lips once more.

“Thor! We must go… now!” Loki managed to say between the greedy kisses. “Mother will worry.”

Thor sighed. “All right. But only if you give me a proper kiss, Loki. For even I know that you cannot have sex without kissing.”

“What? There is no rule for that,” Loki contradicted. “You can very well have sex and never kiss.”

“There isn’t? I shall have to rectify that when I am King,” Thor declared. “I think it is absolutely necessary for lovers to kiss, so give me a kiss, Loki – or you will make us both late for dinner.”

“We are not lovers, Thor. We are brothers. Who just happened to do something very… illicit.”

Thor gazed into Loki’s troubled green eyes, and although he felt some misgivings – as though he had been infected by his brother’s concerns – aloud he only said, “Well… I love you, Brother, and if you would love me too… we will be lovers. And the next time, I promise you, you may do as you please with me.”

Loki seemed stunned by Thor’s statement, returning his gaze with an unwontedly open expression. He parted his lips as though to say something, then pressed them to Thor’s mouth instead. Thor kissed him the best he knew how, running his hands along the smooth, pale skin of Loki’s back. When Loki broke the kiss, he was subdued, almost unsure of himself, and Thor wanted nothing more than to hold him close.

“We should get dressed for dinner,” Thor finally admitted, sitting up and pulling his brother along after him. “We wouldn’t want to be late, and I am famished!”

“I’m not surprised… after all that exercise,” Loki remarked while retrieving his clothes. “You will have no excuse to not finish your questions tonight.”

Thor groaned at the thought of his neglected studies, but he was soon distracted by the sight of Loki pulling his undergarment up his long legs and over his rounded buttocks. Despite his promise to let Loki have a turn at being the thruster, Thor was already dreaming of the next time he would enter his brother’s luscious body.

Remembering that day, Thor was amazed at how little remorse he had actually felt. The guilt had come later, after being reminded by Loki time and again how shameful incest was. Of course, now they knew they were not related by blood; Thor wondered what would have happened if they had known all along. Would they have been allowed to pursue their lust for each other? He had thought, at the time, that he truly loved Loki; would Loki have returned that love as well? Would his exile from Asgard, meeting Jane, fighting the Chitauri on Midgard… would all that never have occurred?

Then another thought struck Thor like a thunderbolt, electrifying him where he lay. If Loki had not used his magic to clean himself of Thor’s seed, he might have become pregnant with Thor’s child. Thor himself might have been the father of Loki’s baby, not Clint Barton.

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