Brooding 30

Thor stroked Jane’s hair in indolent satisfaction. Their lovemaking had been slow and hesitant at first since he had not been sure how frail a mortal woman might be, but he soon learned that Jane was as lusty and as hardy as any Asgardian wench he had known. He was glad that she no longer shared her quarters with Darcy and Erik – there would have been no disguising the noises they had made in their passion.

She was sleeping now, nestled against his shoulder where he held her, but sleep was far from Thor. Not because he was displeased with how their first coupling had gone, but rather because it had been more fulfilling and gratifying than he had expected. It felt like coming home after a long and wearisome battle – there was a rightness about it, a sense of connection and kinship… something he had not felt with any other woman.

But it was not the first time he had sensed it, and that was what troubled Thor and robbed him of his rest now. He had experienced such closeness and intimacy with only one other person: his supposed brother, Loki.

Thor reached back into his memory to the first time he had touched Loki with desire rather than in jest, sport, or anger. It was not hard to remember – the events of that momentous day were clear in his mind even though he had attempted to bury them, or at least ignore them, after being chastised by his father.

Loki was sitting at his desk, writing out the answers to the questions their instructor had given him. Thor was sprawled on the recessed seating around the brazier, tossing one of the pillows in the air and catching it. He also had questions to answer, but he had given up after only doing a few. He wanted to go to the training grounds but Frigga had forbidden it for the past several days since he had not completed his questions for weeks. She hoped that confining him to the palace would inspire him to apply himself to his studies; thus far, it had not proven successful.

“I’m bored,” Thor said for the eleventh time.

“Why don’t you just finish your work, and then you will be free to go play with your friends,” Loki pointed out without stopping his writing.

“If you would help me with my work, I would be done already,” Thor huffed.

“I helped you yesterday.”

“Yes, but half of the answers were wrong!”

Loki shrugged. “I’m younger than you. Why should you expect me to know all the answers to your questions?”

“Because you’ve read twice as many books as I have!”

Thor glared at his brother, but Loki’s expression remained calm and unperturbed.

“Perhaps if you stopped moping about and actually read your assigned books, you wouldn’t need to ask me to help you.”

It was the same old argument they had had many times before. Loki would grudgingly agree to help Thor on occasion if Thor promised him something in exchange that Loki considered worthwhile, but if Thor grew too demanding or insufferable while he was doing the work for him, Loki would deliberately write the wrong answers to embarrass Thor in front of the instructor. Still, Thor hated his studies with such a passion that he continued to resort to bribing his brother.

“Mother has forbidden me from setting foot outside of the palace,” Thor mused aloud, “but she never said I couldn’t explore inside the palace…”

Loki’s pen halted for the first time. “I do believe my cleverness is beginning to wear off on you,” he remarked.

“Let us go look through the old section,” Thor said, eagerly jumping to his feet. “There are still many rooms stocked with unused things from Grandfather’s day – perhaps we can find some old armor and weapons!”

Loki resisted as long as it took him to finish his assignment, but despite his many protests and dire warnings about the consequences, he seemed just as eager to look through the dusty rooms in search of boyish treasures. For Thor, it was necessary to persuade his brother to join him, for only Loki knew how to cast spells that would make them, if not entirely invisible to Heimdall, at least shadowed enough that the all-seeing watchman would not immediately alert their parents.

And so they made their way down to the unused section of the palace, each carrying a torch. They found a room full of cabinets with antique royal dishes, which fascinated Loki more than Thor. They also came across a room with tapestries and flags, worn and faded but still showing the splendor of the past kings in their fine embroidery. When they rounded a corner of the corridor, however, they both froze, having heard sounds coming from a room ahead.

“I thought nobody came down here anymore,” Loki whispered accusingly.

“As did I!” Thor whispered back.

Holding their breaths, they tiptoed to the source of the noises, a door Loki found was locked and sealed by magic.

“It sounds like someone is in pain,” Thor said after they had listened to the muffled sounds for a minute. “Perhaps he is being tortured. We must find help!”

“Wait.” Loki moved to the wall next to the door and spread his hands over it. The solid stone began to slowly grow translucent, then transparent. “We can see in without them seeing out,” he told his brother.

Even before his spell had finished, the boys realized that what they had stumbled upon was a tryst, not a scene of violence. But Thor was shocked to see that both of the lovers were men – soldiers he recognized as Einherjar. One man was naked from the waist down, half-lying and half-sitting on the edge of an old table; the other was fully clothed except for his cock, which he was thrusting into his lover as he stood between his outspread legs. Both men were grunting and crying out in pleasure with almost every thrust.

“How… What…” Thor began but could not finish. His own cock had grown painfully hard at the sight.

“What?” Loki asked. “You’ve never seen people having sex before?”

Startled by his brother’s cool demeanor, Thor turned to look at him. “You mean you have?”

“A few times. By accident, of course,” Loki answered, indicating his stone-changing spell. Thor was not sure how “by accident” he could believe it to be, but there were more pressing matters on his mind.

“But… they are both men,” he pointed out.

Loki shot him a look that spelled contempt at his ignorance. “Of course. If you can penetrate a woman in her rectum, why couldn’t you do the same with a man?”

“You can?” Thor asked, his jaw dropping.

“Well, obviously,” Loki retorted, gesturing to the couple before their eyes. “You have to use oil, but it must feel just as good as the child-making way, maybe even better, since some men prefer men over women.”

“How do you know that?” Thor demanded, forgetting to keep his voice down.

“Hush!” Loki hissed at him while watching the two men. When they showed no signs of having heard Thor’s outburst, he whispered, “It’s common knowledge! Some men marry other men, just as some women marry other women. There are several Lancers who have rooms apart from the central barracks so their lovers can live with them – a few of the Charioteers too.” Seeing Thor’s incredulous expression, Loki explained, “I once saw two soldiers holding hands, strolling on the rear ramparts, and followed them to that section. Father must have made provision for them, since they are given quarters large enough for families, just like the Royal Guards who marry palace servants. Some of them even have children, although I would guess they are adopted.”

Thor stared at his brother, mouth agape, for a long time. Loki returned to watching the lovers before he did, but soon even Thor could not ignore the guttural sounds emanating from the room. His cock, which had become somewhat flaccid during his brother’s exposition, now raged rampant again at the sight of the two men enjoying their carnal pleasure. His hand slipped down to touch it through his trousers, stroking it in time to the lovers’ movements until his leaking fluid stained the fabric. When the man thrusting reached his climax, announcing it in harsh cries and uncontrollable strokes, Thor gasped and felt his own seed release as well. Blushing furiously, he glanced at Loki to see if his brother had noticed – only to find that Loki had done the same and was now using a spell to erase the wetness on his trousers.

“Do mine too,” Thor demanded. Loki only smirked as he complied, then continued watching the two men inside. The one who had been penetrated had not yet reached his release, so his lover knelt on the floor before him to suckle his cock. A few moments later, he began crying out in ecstasy. Thor observed this as well, dumbfounded.

“We should leave before they do,” Loki warned when the second man had finished, then passed his hand over the wall to undo his spell. The two boys scurried down the corridors, nearly taking the wrong turn once but making it back to Loki’s room without mishap. By the time they had closed the door, however, Thor’s cock had already begun to grow hard again; he could not get the images of the mating men out of his mind.

“So… that happens often?” he asked his surprisingly more knowledgeable younger brother.

“Of course. Sex happens all the time. Those soldiers were off-duty, at least – sometimes I’ve found them having sex even while on-duty.”

Thor frowned. “They should not be having pleasure when they ought to be serving the King.”

“True,” Loki agreed, “but I shan’t be reporting them to Father anytime soon – it would require answering some rather uncomfortable questions of our own, don’t you think? Besides, you know as well as I do how strong the urge to mate can be; and from what I’ve seen, at least, the pleasure seems to merit the risk of discovery.”

“It did seem pleasurable,” Thor admitted. “Very… pleasurable…” He turned a considering eye on his brother. “Loki,” he began, “would you like to try that for yourself?”

“What, with you?” Loki retorted in a mocking tone. He turned to face Thor and paled when he realized his older brother was serious. “You… mean that?”

Thor deliberately shifted the bulge in the front of his trousers. “I need release. I suspect you do as well.”

Loki swallowed hard, for his bulge had grown bigger even as Thor spoke. He glanced around the room nervously. “Let me cast a better concealing spell…”

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