Brooding 3

Clint sat in his wreck of an apartment, contemplating the last bottle of beer in his hand. It was empty, as were all the other bottles of assorted liquor he had kept in his home-away-from-S.H.I.E.L.D. Alcohol had been the only way – or at least, the easiest way – to drown his overwhelming memories, and even that merely made him numb enough to not care about what his mind was revealing to him. He considered going out to buy more, then rejected that thought since going out required getting dressed, and getting dressed required taking a shower, and taking a shower required getting up out of his comfortable reclining chair. It simply required too much effort.

Over the course of the past few days, he had been reliving his time with Loki, trying very hard to go through his memories chronologically. The frustrating part was that quite often one memory would trigger another, similar memory; then another; leading him down endless rabbit trails of repeated experience. And he knew now that he and Loki had fucked like rabbits. A lot. Almost every spare minute, in fact. And, while he was under Loki’s unique brand of mind control, Clint had enjoyed every minute of it.

The strange thing, though, was that Loki seemed to have enjoyed it just as much. Even though the mercurial god of mischief was more often the fuckee than the fucker, left with a sore ass and Clint’s passionate bite marks all over his back, he had smiled in genuine satisfaction after each bout. His words now echoed in Clint’s mind with a clarity that made the archer curse the day he had decided to try hypnotherapy.

“You’re really a good lover – you know that, don’t you?” Loki had told him once while running the tips of his fingers through Clint’s short hair. “You fulfill my desires in ways I hadn’t even imagined possible.”

“I’m glad to be able to please you,” Clint had answered, at the time meaning it with all the sincerity of his heart.

“I know. And you pleasure me, too,” Loki had said with a lecherous grin. “When my plans come to fruition, Thanos may rule the rest of the Nine Realms, but Midgard – your Earth – will be a haven of peace under my rule; and you, my sweet Hawk, will be my second in command. As a Midgardian yourself, you will advise me on how best to rule your people. Perhaps I should make you my consort – that would help your people more readily accept me as their ruler, don’t you think? If they know how I value and cherish one of their own.”

“It’s possible,” Clint answered, “but I’m no expert on such matters. I only ask that I be allowed to serve you… in every way I can.”

“Mmm,” Loki murmured, a contemplative smile curving his lips. “Your wish shall be granted. For now, you may serve me by kissing me, my dearest.”

Clint had complied with alacrity, and his tongue had been engaged by Loki’s with equal enthusiasm. Remembering it now made Clint’s stomach twist, but there was a part of him that had to admit, Loki had been a good lover as well. The sensations he recalled from the many times he had reached his climax with Loki were far more powerful and pleasurable than anything he had experienced with a Human lover, either male or female. As the last of the alcohol wore off from his system, he couldn’t help but remember some of the other remarks Loki had made.

“I know I can trust you, my Hawk, because I’ve ensured that you won’t betray me. You, at least, will never leave me for another – let alone a pathetic, mortal, Midgardian woman! You love thrusting that wonderfully thick manhood into my ass, don’t you? Of course you do! You have great taste, my little Hawk. It’s no wonder that you hadn’t chosen a mate yet – you were waiting for someone perfect for you; you were waiting for me.”

“Yes, Sir,” Clint had gasped, every nerve on fire with the intoxicating scent of Loki, thrusting into his welcoming flesh with emotions akin to adoration. “I must have been waiting… hoping… for someone like you.”

“There is no one else like me, my Hawk. Remember that! Remember that I – and I alone – can satisfy your every need. I am the only one who can make you feel this way.”

“Yes… yes! You are… the only… ahhh!”

With several cries of ecstasy, Clint came deep inside of Loki; and before his shrinking member had slipped out of Loki’s slick hole, he could feel the demigod coming too, striping the sheets with his seed as he stimulated his own cock with one hand.

“My, what a mess we’ve made,” Loki remarked when he had caught his breath, directing a knowing grin over his shoulder.

“Allow me to clean it, Sir,” Clint had offered. When Loki rolled onto his back and away from the wetness, Clint did not hesitate to put his face to the sticky mess and start licking it off the sheets. Loki had watched in indolent fascination, smiling when Clint lapped up a particularly thick pool with his tongue extended.

“You’re a man of many talents, Clint Barton,” Loki had laughed, then roughly demanded a kiss as he toppled Clint over and wrapped his arms around him.

What really irked Clint now, as he watched the whole scene unfold through his own eyes, was how he could actually taste Loki’s come in his mouth as though it had just happened. And to add insult to injury, his cock was straining against his jeans again, as it did every time he remembered one of their fuck sessions. Ever since he had unlocked his memories, he had not been able to jack off without thinking of Loki – of his tight and talented ass muscles; of his smooth, pale skin; of the way he wrapped his long legs around Clint’s waist to pull him further into his body; and, especially, of the beatific and completely genuine smile of pleasure that lit up his face when he climaxed. When Loki had once asked him what position he preferred, Clint’s answer had been immediate and unwavering: “On top, with you on your back, so I can see your face when you come.”

Clint sighed and undid his fly to give his cramped cock some space. As he gripped it with his roughened palms, he swore and cursed Loki with every invective in his colorful arsenal. Then he called up the memory of a particularly satisfying fuck when Loki had cried out his name over and over while twitching and shuddering his release for an impossibly long time. Feeling the remembered tightness of Loki’s ass around his cock, Clint began stroking it in time to his previous thrusts.

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