Brooding 29

Since all of the doors in the facility automatically locked, Steve wedged his book in the door to the hallway so Bruce could get in if he arrived while Steve was still in the shower. He did a quick check of his room – it was as clean and spartan as any Army barracks, or rather cleaner. He did not plan on staying long at any one place because S.H.I.E.L.D. could move him at a moment’s notice, and he hardly had any material possessions to speak of. He straightened up the bedding so it wouldn’t look like he had tossed and turned before giving up on sleep, then stepped into the bathroom for his much-needed shower, spending extra time washing his nether regions. There was a tight knot in the pit of his stomach and his cock was already beginning to harden.

After stepping out and drying off, Steve left the towel wrapped around his waist while he brushed his teeth, remembering what Bruce had said about kissing. When he rinsed and looked up, Bruce’s reflection was in the mirror, leaning against the doorjamb to the bathroom and smiling.

“I let myself in,” Bruce said, holding up the book. “And I got all the supplies we need.” This time he held up a large bottle of lubricant. “Are you ready to do this?”

“I… think so, yes,” Steve replied. His whole body was abuzz with excitement, making him tremble.

“Well, come on, then, Captain,” Bruce invited, backing away to let Steve through to the bedroom. “Why don’t we start with something simple… Just lie back on the bed – you can keep your towel on for now – and make yourself comfortable.”

Steve did as instructed, feeling more awkward than he had in a long while, and watched with unfeigned interest as Bruce took off his shirt and undershirt. The man had a lush covering of hair on his chest and abdomen which Steve could not help but envy since he had always been as smooth as a peeled egg. Bruce set his shirts aside on a chair, then slipped out of his shoes before crawling onto the bed to join Steve. They turned to face each other, their gazes shy but curious.

“How are you feeling?” Bruce asked.

“Nervous,” Steve answered honestly. “But a good kind of nervous, I think.”

“Me too,” Bruce confessed, making Steve feel infinitely better. “Let’s just start with touching, shall we?”

The scientist’s gentle hands reached out to Steve’s wrists, then traveled up his arms, lingering on his biceps before continuing to his shoulders, transferring warmth and a sense of closeness all along the way. Hesitantly, Steve placed his own palms on Bruce’s chest, exploring the hard expanse covered in soft fur. The ridges of his stomach were just as toned as Steve’s own, he found, and when he rubbed up the sides of the other man’s ribcage, he heard Bruce sigh and relax.

Bruce trailed his hands all over Steve’s body as well, admiring the perfection which he had striven so long to recreate. Steve was no longer an abstract ideal, or even a model soldier, but a living, breathing, feeling human being who had reached out to a fellow man in his loneliness. With a surge of gratitude, Bruce shifted to get closer to this amazing man and slid a hand around to his back, holding him in a loose embrace. He noticed Steve’s cheeks had turned pink as their eyes met again; Bruce felt a little flushed as well.

“Would you like to try some kissing?” Bruce asked, surprised to find himself short of breath. “I know I sure would.”

“Yes,” Steve answered, leaning in closer as his heart thudded in his chest. When their lips met, he puckered like he thought he was supposed to, wondering at the slightly scratchy sensation of Bruce’s stubble, and backed away almost immediately. Bruce chuckled, though his voice was not unkind.

“I’m not your grandmother, you know,” he teased. “Loosen up a little and open your mouth. Let me show you how the French do kissing.”

“Uh… okay,” Steve said, not sure what to expect. When Bruce’s tongue licked his lips, he was startled; when it entered his mouth and engaged his own tongue, Steve felt his cock grow hard in response. It was an altogether novel experience but one he liked at once. He tried to mimic what Bruce was doing, feeling and tasting the other man, and was actually disappointed when his tongue retreated.

“No, don’t stop – now it’s your turn,” Bruce whispered. Realizing what he meant, Steve reconnected their mouths and slipped his tongue into Bruce’s. He was wondering if Bruce was getting hard, too, when he felt Bruce’s hand making its way under the towel and sliding up his thigh. He swallowed out of reflex when that warmth enveloped his cock, gasping for air as their lips parted.

Bruce reached down to massage Steve’s balls, his fingertips gently trying to learn what made the other man feel good. At this point, anything he did would have been good by Steve; having another person stimulate his privates in such a caring manner was truly mind-blowing for him. When Bruce brought his hand back up Steve’s shaft and his thumb touched the underside of the exposed head, though, he knew he had found a good spot – Steve tensed and moaned, the sexy sound making Bruce’s own cock fill to maximum capacity. They both needed release, and desperately; Bruce now had an idea how to make it happen.

“Lie back and spread your legs,” he told Steve. “Bend your knees if that’s more comfortable.”

When Steve had complied, Bruce removed the rest of his clothes and positioned himself between those long thighs, opening up the towel and kneeling at the soldier’s exposed crotch with his own legs underneath Steve’s double arches. Leaning forward, he brought their cocks into contact; aligning them without using his hands, Bruce rested his weight on his forearms, then made a little thrust with his hips to rub his cock against Steve’s, eliciting a cry from him.

“Oh! Wow…” Steve panted.

“Is that a good ‘Wow’ or a… not-so-sure ‘Wow’?”

“Good ‘Wow.’ Definitely.”

“Good. Can you give me a hand here?” Bruce asked, indicating their two cocks with a nod. Steve hurried to follow his directions. “Just wrap them around them… not too tight… yeah, that’s good.” With a grin, Bruce began thrusting, stroking his cock along the underside of Steve’s in a slow, tantalizing pace. Steve groaned as the friction caused him to start leaking precome, then realized that Bruce was leaking too – his cock was dripping beads of it as it rubbed up and down his own, making them glide more smoothly.

“Um… should I,” Steve began, blushing red-hot as he realized what he was about to ask.

“What? You can do whatever you want,” Bruce answered. “Just do what feels good. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t.”

Emboldened, Steve gathered up the drops of his own precome with a thumb and transferred it to the sliding surfaces of their cocks.

“Ahh…” Bruce breathed in approval. “Yes, very good. You’re a quick study.”

A warmth that had nothing to do with the heat of sex permeated Steve’s body, and he let out a long sigh of relief as he gave himself up to the wonderful sensation of having his cock rubbed by Bruce’s, of having the other man hovering over him, moving in the tender rhythm of love. When Bruce bent down to kiss him, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to do. Steve was glad to learn that they could kiss in this position, which made their physical need seem like so much more – like they needed each other in deeper, more metaphysical ways.

Still, they were both men who had not had their sexual needs met in a long time – in Steve’s case, perhaps ever – so it did not take long for them to start grinding their cocks together in shorter, more urgent thrusts. While their tongues tangled between their mouths, Steve struggled to keep their cocks in contact without hampering their movements. He sensed Bruce’s desperation when the other man sucked hard at his tongue before drawing back, his hips pounding mercilessly against Steve’s thighs.

“I… I can’t… hold back,” Bruce panted. “I’m… coming… coming…!”

“Oh!” Steve gasped as he felt Bruce’s come splattering his skin, some of it reaching his chest and even his chin. He could sense how the orgasm tore through the other man – a deep, satisfying eruption of pent-up need and frustration. But as excited and as stimulated as he was, Steve was not ready to follow suit. He squirmed, wanting release desperately but unable to reach it, while Bruce thrust a few more times with his softening cock.

“Sorry,” Bruce apologized when he’d caught his breath. “But that was… amazing.”

Steve released his hold on both of their man-handles, choosing instead to grip the bedcovers. He wasn’t sure he was comfortable with having Bruce watch him jack off. However, he need not have worried – Bruce shuffled down the bed until he was crouched between Steve’s legs and placed Steve’s cockhead in his mouth. While Steve stared in open-mouthed wonder, Bruce’s tongue began doing things to his cock that Steve had not imagined were possible even in his wildest wet dreams. The way the muscle lapped up his shaft, moistening it as well as stimulating it; the way it tried to make its way into the narrow slit, unsuccessfully but still to great effect; the way it flicked over the most sensitive spot on the underside of the head – all made him admire the other man so much more and brought his release that much closer.

When Bruce took his cock into his mouth again and began sucking and swallowing, Steve felt rumbling tremors in the core of his body; when Bruce moved his head up and down on his cock, letting the head push against the ridges on the roof of his mouth, Steve’s body erupted at last, shaking and trembling in the aftermath of the earth-shattering quake. His come spurted out like V-2 rockets being fired in quick succession, and Bruce gathered it all in his talented mouth, swallowing it bit by bit until it had all been consumed. He sucked a few final times to make sure he had drained Steve completely, then licked the head in lieu of a parting kiss and crawled up to lie alongside his new lover.

“Oh… wow…” was all Steve could manage.

“Mm-hmm,” Bruce concurred.

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