Brooding 17

Frigga’s tour of the underground facility was more informative for Tony than for her since she kept dropping hints about unexpected uses for common elements, each one spawning ideas for multiple patents in Tony’s hyperactive mind. Fury trailed behind them, feeling disgruntled and even superfluous at times. Most of the team had disappeared – Natasha and Bruce were now toasting each other with commiserating drinks – although Steve rejoined them when they passed through the hangar.

“Thor is safely on his way,” Steve reported to Fury while Frigga described some of the Asgardian flightcraft in enough tantalizing detail to fire up Tony’s imagination.

“I thought you might go with him,” Fury commented.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think he needed a chaperone,” Steve answered, right when there was a lull in Frigga and Tony’s conversation.

“I should hope not, gentlemen,” Frigga said with a throaty chuckle. “As I mentioned before, I am quite ready for my sons to present me with grandchildren. And I do believe Thor’s intentions toward Lady Jane Foster are honorable.”

“Of course, ma’am,” Steve replied politely, his cheeks coloring.

There was not much else to see except the control room, which Tony had saved for the last. As he led Frigga in, still chatting about potential uses of flerovium in weaponry, he was horrified to see a porno flick up on the main screen. Tony was very fond of porn, but even he had some sense of decorum; plus it featured two men going at it like bonobos.

“Hey, Galaga Guy!” he called out in a stage whisper to an agent he recognized. “Ix-nay on the porno gay!

The man had been staring open-mouthed at the sight of unbridled male-on-male anal action, so it took him a moment to gather his thoughts and search his controls for the right buttons – time during which Frigga calmly observed the scene on the massive monitor.

“That is certainly a nice view of Clint Barton,” she remarked. “I can see why Loki likes him.”

“I-You-ah-What?!” Tony stumbled, completely caught off guard. Fury had come in a few steps behind them and was looking not only furious but downright apoplectic, while Steve was blushing all shades of red, including purple.

“That is Clint Barton, standing, and Loki lying on the bed. I would recognize my son’s legs anywhere,” she replied with aplomb. The legs in question were crossed behind Clint’s back, which was in full view of the camera, as was his naked, muscular ass, which was clenching with every thrust as he pounded into Loki. “I realize you have concealed viewing devices everywhere,” she continued, “though of course Loki would not have noticed them since his powers are severely limited right now. And it seems Clint Barton either does not know about them or does not care.”

“He doesn’t know,” Fury answered through gritted teeth. “But it’s standard protocol to record any encounter with a… potentially hostile alien being.”

“Oh, of course – we would do the same,” Frigga blithely assured him. “You never know when you might find a weakness that you may need to exploit later. But I do hope, Commander,” she added with her most charming smile, “you will extend the courtesy of allowing me to watch.”

“You want to see this?” Tony asked, incredulous.

“Why would I not? Loki is carrying his first child – my first grandchild; I would like to know that Clint Barton is treating him with the proper care and respect.”

So saying, Frigga settled herself into Fury’s command chair as though getting comfortable for a show. Fury was so stunned that he could not object or even comment. Tony glanced back and forth between the screen and Frigga’s calm visage, then shrugged and sat in the seat next to her, mumbling to himself, “Too bad it’s not twins.” Steve simply had his eyes glued to the larger-than-life sex scene unfolding on the monitor that covered one entire wall, mouth agape. For a small hidden camera, the visual quality was excellent.




“Ah… Ah… Ah!” Loki keened every time Clint hit his sweet spot, which was almost every thrust. But before he could quite reach his climax, Clint backed off from the spot and slowed his movements, making it maddeningly impossible for Loki to reach release. His manacled hands were dangling from Clint’s neck where he had hooked his chain again, so he could not even touch his own cock for relief.

“Stop… tantalizing me!” he complained, breathless and sweaty.

“Patience is a virtue – something you need more of,” Clint teased with a wicked grin. “Besides, the wait will make it that much better.”

Loki mumbled something unintelligible, although Clint was fairly certain it was derogatory. He had pulled Loki’s lanky body to the edge of the bed, his ass jutting out just enough to be easily accessible when Clint planted his feet on the floor and grasped Loki’s hips for leverage. He had been alternating bouts of deep, long strokes with short, quick jabs – driving Loki and himself to the brink of ecstasy only to ease away again – for the better part of an hour. When they had fucked before, Loki had demanded quick release and often; now that Clint was in full control of his faculties, he was determined to show Loki his own preferred style of making love. The gradual buildup of tension, he knew, would make their climax that much more satisfying, even if Loki whined shamelessly now.

“Oh… Oh! For pity’s sake… Clint! Stop… torturing me!” Loki gasped.

“Stop, you said?” Clint echoed, bringing his movements to a standstill. He couldn’t suppress a smirk when Loki groaned out loud in frustration.

“I liked you… a lot better… when you were… obedient,” Loki panted as Clint laughed and resumed his gentle prodding. Loki reached down to pinch and twist Clint’s nipples in retaliation, pleased when the Human’s breath caught in his throat. The god of mischief tried to spur him into thrusting faster and deeper by pulling on his ass with his long legs, which were crossed behind his hips, and was somewhat successful. For a while the room was filled with the sound of their ragged breathing and the heavy slapping noises Clint’s balls made when they hit Loki’s ass.

Loki released Clint’s nipples in favor of grasping the bulging muscles on his upper arms, then arched his back to try to make the man’s large cock drive in deeper. Clint obliged by stroking Loki’s prostate and smiled to see his eyelids flutter at the sensation.

“You’re really beautiful, you know.”

Startled, Loki’s eyes sought out Clint’s, suspicious of duplicity. When he could find no evidence of it but rather was presented with the truth of the other man’s regard for him, he seemed at a loss what to do. Clint paused his hip motions and slid his hands up Loki’s sides to grab him behind the shoulders, then hauled him up off the bed as he himself stood up straight. Loki’s jaw dropped in surprise at the show of brute strength as well as the feeling of having most of his weight supported solely by Clint’s cock.

“C-Clint?” he asked, unsure what to expect.

Clint kissed the demigod’s chest and sucked on a nipple before replying. “You’re so beautiful… and I’m so lucky to get another chance with you.”

Any words Loki might have said were blocked by an enormous lump in his throat. All he could do was wrap his slender arms and legs around Clint and hang on as the man jostled him up and down on his cock, taking some care for his protruding belly but very definitely declaring his ownership of Loki with every momentous thrust. When Loki whimpered, his needy cock leaking precome on both their bodies, Clint decided that it was time to bring their lovemaking to a conclusion at last.

“Loki… I love you,” Clint whispered.

With a sharp intake of breath, Loki pushed himself up from his lover’s neck to look him in the face. Loki’s lips twitched as though he were trying to say something, but no sound came out.

“It’s all right,” Clint told him. “I know.”

He gently laid Loki down on the bed again and pulled the chain off over his head, giving Loki the freedom to touch himself if he wanted to, then began stroking his sweet spot in slow, powerful thrusts that made Loki’s toes curl. Clint’s hands held Loki’s hips in a punishing grip – one that would have left bruises on a Human – while he plowed into him with deliberate and deadly aim. Loki cried out in ever-increasing pleasure and urgency as he was driven up the staircase to ecstasy. In the end, he came all over himself without his cock ever being touched by either of them.

When the echoes of Loki’s cries had died down, Clint allowed himself to shoot his come in his lover’s body. Withdrawing only after the last drop had been released, he pulled off the condom and tied it, then tossed it into the wastebasket across the room. Clint touched Loki’s rounded stomach tenderly before lifting his long, exhausted body and settling him on the bed in a more comfortable position.

“How’s the kid?” he asked while he stretched out next to Loki.

“I don’t know,” Loki replied in a hazy murmur, “but I think he’s just fine.”

“If he’s feeling all the endorphins in your system, he should be better than ‘just fine,’” Clint pointed out.

“That sounds like an excuse to mate again… and often,” Loki said, smirking.

“Hey, if it works.”

Clint turned to study Loki when he did not answer and found his expression clouded.

“What is it?” he asked, rolling onto his side and moving closer.


“Wrong answer. Something’s bothering you.”

Loki finally met Clint’s gaze and, after a thoughtful moment, quietly replied, “You do realize… this can’t last.”

“Nothing ever lasts.”

“Of course. But we have only a day or two before… I must return to my cell. And I will not be allowed to have ‘conjugal visits’ there.”

Clint considered the statement. “Are you sure? Couldn’t you ask for leniency… or a reward for good behavior?”

Loki’s face subtly hardened as he looked away. “I could ask, but the answer will be ‘No.’ My mother has been asking for clemency on my behalf since the moment I was thrown in there, but Odin will not even entertain the notion. And a prisoner is only given rewards if he is meant to be rehabilitated.” Loki drew in a deep breath as though bracing himself before saying, “I am not meant to be rehabilitated. What I was given is nothing less than an excruciatingly long death sentence.”

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