Brooding 16

Clint kept his arm around Loki’s waist as he guided him down the corridors to the PX, flanked by a handful of dark-suited agents. The store was a little out of their way, actually, but Clint grabbed only what they needed to keep their visit short and unwanted attention to a minimum. The cashier rang up the boxes of condoms and personal lubricants without so much as batting an eye; they were in and out of the place like one of Clint’s precision operations. Loki thought he could not have pulled it off with greater efficiency himself.

Of course, at the moment, Loki’s mind was spinning almost out of control, so it was unlikely he could have pulled anything off – even a shopping trip –without serious complications. Ever since Clint had touched him, lust had been raging through Loki’s veins like wildfire; however, he still had qualms about engaging in sex with only Midgardian contraceptives for protection. But the reassuring presence of Clint’s hand on his hip, making him feel as though the Human really did know what he was doing, stilled some of his fears. Raw desire made him disregard the rest.

They arrived at the quarters prepared for the Asgardians and an attendant showed them into Loki’s room. As soon as the door closed behind her and they were finally alone, Clint spun Loki around to face him.

“Are you sure you want this?” he asked, searching Loki’s eyes for any hint of deception.

“Are you joking?” Loki shot back, peeling off his tunic and mentally thanking his mother for choosing one that could be taken off around his handcuffs. “Just shut up and fuck me!”

Clint laughed and started shedding clothes as well. “I thought so! I knew I felt you shiver when I touched you. You couldn’t stop thinking about me, could you?”

“Well, seeing as how I was in solitary confinement this whole time,” Loki said sarcastically, dropping his baggy trousers and crawling up onto the bed, “my mind did run over the times we spent together rather often, yes.”

“If it’s any consolation,” Clint huffed as he climbed up after him, “I haven’t been with anybody else, either. That’s a pretty long dry spell for me.”

“I do hope that means… you’ve saved up a… a lot of… energy… for me,” Loki panted out between the kisses Clint was demanding of him. His body thrummed with need when Clint started removing his form-fitting Asgardian underwear, palming as much of Loki’s skin as possible while he slid it down the demigod’s long legs.

“Mm-hmm… all of it… just for you,” Clint declared with a wicked glint in his eyes. He had kicked off his own underwear along with his pants and was enjoying the hungry, almost salivating look on Loki’s face as he stared at the bead of precome growing on the tip of Clint’s cock. Loki’s own cock, slender and slightly curved, had also grown to its full length and girth and was now smearing precome on his protruding belly. Clint crouched down to place a gentle kiss on that rounded bump before taking Loki’s cock deep into his mouth.

“Oh! Clint!” Loki cried out and writhed on the bed as Clint tongued the sensitive underside, following the pattern of a throbbing vein there. When he sucked hard, Loki flailed helplessly and tried to cross his ankles behind Clint’s back; he failed because Clint pressed the tip of his tongue into the tender slit of Loki’s cock and began rubbing up and down rapidly. The delicious friction made Loki’s toes curl and his back arch, nearly sending him over the edge. Clint eased up, however, and sucked off of his cock with a lewd popping noise.

“Neither of us is going to last until you’re stretched,” he panted, his voice rough with lust. “We’ll have to make do with this for now.”

Before Loki could ask what “this” was, Clint lined up their two cocks and began stroking them together with his strong, meaty hands. With a gasp of pleasure, Loki gave himself over to whatever his lover wanted to do with him. As Clint formed a tunnel with his hands and moved in tiny thrusts to force their cocks to rub together within it, Loki threw the chain on his wrists behind Clint’s head and pulled him down closer.

“So… good…” Loki whispered, wishing they could kiss again. He could see Clint had run out of hands to support himself with, though, so he did not pull him any further.

“Are you ready?” Clint asked, keeping his movements steady. When Loki nodded, Clint doubled the pace of his thrusts, attempting to hit the edge of Loki’s cockhead as much as possible with his own. With a cry like a creaking door, Loki shot out his load, spattering his own stomach, chest, and chin. Clint followed soon after, leaving thick, ropy stripes of white semen on his pregnant lover’s body as well. By comparison, Loki’s seemed almost watery. Clint bent down to lick Loki’s paler issue and smiled at the familiar taste.

“Well, that was… different,” Loki panted. “Not unsatisfying, although it wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind…”

“We’ll get you opened up now,” Clint promised, then ducked out from under Loki’s chain to fetch their shopping bag. Ripping open a box with a tube of lubricant, he quickly slicked up two of his fingers and placed them at Loki’s entrance. The first finger slipped in without effort; the second elicited a groan. “Sorry – too fast?” Clint asked and withdrew one digit before Loki could answer, cursing himself for being too eager when Loki had just told him he had not seen any action for over two months.

“No, don’t!” Loki protested. “Don’t hold back – I can handle it. I want your cock up inside me so much… hurry up and get me open!”

“You horny slut,” Clint teased. “I’ll get it in there, don’t worry.”

Loki groaned again as the second finger reentered his hole, but he breathed deeply to force himself to relax. While Clint’s fingers wormed their way around inside him, stretching his opening and applying lube everywhere, Loki pulled his legs up on either side to give the man unrestricted access. Before long Clint was inserting a third finger from his other hand, twisting the three around to make sure the entrance was equally loose at all points of the compass.

“Oh, Norns, Clint – I’m ready! Put it in me already,” Loki begged.

“I’m beyond ready too, Baby,” Clint answered, “but I gotta touch you where it’s good…”

Pressing one finger in deeper than the rest, Clint found the spot on the first try, causing Loki to experience what looked like a seizure of pleasure, trembling as he cried out. Clint’s other fingers followed suit, making Loki twitch and flail his limbs like a ragdoll.

“Oh, Clint! Oh! Oh, Norns! C-Clint!” Loki spouted, not even trying to be coherent.

“Are you ready for the big one?” Clint asked, withdrawing one hand so he could stroke himself and roll on a condom. He was erect again and straining after watching and hearing Loki’s reaction.

“Of course I am, you big dolt! Just stick it in me – fuck me hard with it,” Loki demanded, knowing Clint would not refuse. When the man’s thick cock breached him, he groaned with relief. As it plowed deeper into him, he welcomed it with everything he had, attempting to draw it further in with what muscles he controlled in that passage. It did not take long to become fully seated, a sword driven in all the way to its hilt, Clint’s tense balls the only obstacle that prevented it from going in any further.

“Loki,” Clint called, and when Loki looked at him he saw the command in his lover’s eyes. Reaching up to meet him was an effort, especially with his rounded stomach, but Loki managed to bend himself until their lips met in a hot, passionate kiss. Only when their lips were locked did Clint begin to move within Loki, thrusting from deep to deeper with every fiber of his muscular body.

“Mm! Mmhh!” Loki moaned into his mouth, unable to verbalize how much he enjoyed being filled by Clint’s large manhood – how much he had missed it over the past several weeks. But Clint knew exactly what Loki was feeling: how right this felt, so like a homecoming, as though all of their pieces were parts of a greater whole that was meant to fit together. The tightness and the heat were a familiar sensation to him now, but after being deprived of it for so long, he knew he would never take it for granted. He guessed, from Loki’s enthusiastic sounds, that his lover felt the same way.

Clint indulged in the shallow but powerful thrusting for a while, wanting to reestablish that connection he remembered having with Loki over the days and nights they had spent together. Then he finally released Loki’s lips, now bright red from the activity, and bent his neck to suck instead on the slender god’s nipples. Listening to Loki gasp for air, Clint smiled with satisfaction and braced himself on the bed with his strong arms, making sure he was a safe distance above the precious baby bump. Then he pulled out most of his cock from Loki so he could slam it into him again and, as ordered, fuck him hard with it.

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