Brooding 15

Thor had been listening to Clint’s plans for Loki with growing outrage; as Clint began to lead Loki, who was still somewhat dazed, toward one of the doors, Thor whispered furiously at his mother.

“Are you just going to… let them leave?

She arched a delicate brow at him in surprise. “Of course, my dear,” she murmured. “It would hardly be fair to have you visiting Jane Foster while your brother is not allowed to spend time with the father of his child.” She glanced up as Clint placed an arm around Loki’s waist, guiding him to go first through the doorway. “Besides, I like Clint Barton – he is quite the gentleman, and it is obvious that he cares for my son. I think he just might make Loki happy… When was the last time Loki was truly happy, do you think?”

Thor could not answer her seemingly offhanded query, for he was taken back to a moment in time that was etched indelibly in his memory: the sight of a younger Loki laughing on a bed of green grass, naked and wet from swimming in the river. Thor had hauled him out of the water and carried him on one shoulder before depositing him, with some care not to hurt him, onto the ground. Thor’s cock had been achingly erect from watching his brother’s lithe body splashing in the sunlight.

“Hide us from Heimdall,” Thor had demanded.

“What – here? Now?” Loki had laughed, not believing him at first. When Thor crouched over his body and hoisted Loki’s knees on his arms, Loki saw his rampant manhood and quickly cast a spell of concealment.

“You do realize, we could still be seen if anyone chances to walk this way,” Loki pointed out while casting the next spell, two fingers touching his own hole and the other hand wrapped about Thor’s cock. Both became slick with a clear, viscous fluid.

“Nobody comes this way,” Thor argued tersely, already pushing his tip inside Loki’s tight body. Loki groaned and cast another spell, allowing Thor’s cock to slide in with greater ease.

“I hope you’re right, Brother,” was all Loki said. A moment later he gasped and cried out as Thor found the good spot inside of him. “Thor! Oh, yes – right there!”

Thor had gladly complied, his thrusts growing more powerful and desperate as his brother encouraged him. By the time Thor had shot his seed within Loki, the younger boy’s chest had already been spattered with his own seed, and Loki had sighed with pleasure when Thor collapsed and lay on his sticky skin.

“Oh, Thor… you make me so happy,” Loki had mumbled as he raked his fingers through Thor’s hair.

Recalling that day now, just as Loki was being dragged away from him (however willingly) by another man who planned to engage Loki in exactly the same sort of activity, made Thor realize how much it bothered him to see his brother with someone else. He had not even considered how Loki might have felt when he had begun courting Jane, but Thor certainly was not ready for Loki to court (or be courted by) another lover. He respected Clint Barton, even liked him as a comrade and a friend, but imagining him doing things to Loki… made Thor’s blood boil.

However, since his mother – far from stopping them – was actually encouraging Clint and Loki to go make love, Thor knew there was nothing he could do. Her casual reference to Jane, too, made him realize that he had an obligation. He had not intended be away from Jane for so long, although in his defense he had been quite busy since he had taken his leave of her. It also forced him to admit that he was being unreasonable about Loki – if he himself had found another lover, he could hardly fault Loki for finding another as well. Drawing in a deep breath, Thor resolved to do the right thing by Jane and to leave his brother alone.

“Commander Fury,” Thor addressed the man, who was still staring at the door Clint and Loki had left by as though disbelieving his eye. “I wonder if you could tell me where Jane Foster is right now?”

“I thought you might ask that,” Fury said, returning his attention to Thor. “We have a jet standing by for you.”

“There is no need for that. I can simply fly there,” Thor began, but was interrupted by Fury’s clipped response.

“You would be crossing multiple international airspaces and potentially disrupting the flight paths of hundreds of aircraft. Our way might take a little longer, but it will be a lot less trouble. Believe me.”

“Oh… well, then… Thank you,” he rallied, then stood to leave. “Mother, if you will excuse me…”

“Of course!” Frigga rose as well and gave Thor a quick peck on the cheek before saying in his ear, “I do hope Loki will not be the only one gifting me with a grandchild, my dearest.”

“Mother!” Thor gasped, blushing.

“Well? Can you fault me?” Frigga replied in a reasoning tone. “It has been much too long since the patter of little feet have echoed in the palace. And Loki’s son may want a playmate.”

While Thor gaped at her, speechless, Tony piped up, “I’m surprised you can remember the patter of little feet – I would’ve expected Thor to have stomped around like a herd of buffalo.”

“He did. The patter was of Loki’s feet, before he learned to slip through the halls as silently as a shadow,” Frigga informed him with a smile. To Thor she added, giving his back a little push, “Why are you tarrying? You should be off like an arrow from the bow to see your Jane Foster. Do not worry about your brother; I will keep watch over him. Although I do believe Clint Barton will take good care of him as well.”

Thor felt a jolt of thunder tear through his own chest at the mention of Loki’s new lover, but he only nodded and pursed his lips.

“I’ll take you to the hangar,” Steve offered, so Thor followed him out without another word.

Once her two sons had left, Frigga turned to Fury with a disarming smile and said, “I was hoping to see more of your facility here. You are developing weapons in case of another war with a superior race like the Chitauri, are you not?”

“How did you…?” Fury began but caught himself. “Yes. We have realized how vulnerable we are and are preparing to defend ourselves better,” he admitted. “While we appreciate having your people as allies, we would prefer to fight our own battles.”

“A very noble sentiment,” Frigga assured him. “And I must say, the progress your people have made in such a relatively short amount of time is impressive. When I last visited your planet, Man had just learned to make weapons of steel. This building itself would have seemed like the palace of the gods to your people then.”

Tony jumped up to offer his arm to Frigga in a gallant gesture. “It would be my honor to show you around, if you’d like. And on behalf of the entire Human race, if you have any suggestions for improving our defenses against nefarious aggressors like the Chitauri, I would be grateful for the information.”

And the profit,” Fury muttered darkly.

“Hey, the last time we were invaded by aliens riding crustaceans, my tower was the one that took a direct hit,” Tony reminded him.

“I do apologize for that,” Frigga said, patting his armored arm. “Loki is being punished for his part in it, of course, but I hope you understand… he was not acting of his own volition – he had been threatened by the Chitauri into helping them.”

“Oh, ah… of course,” Tony responded.

“I’ve asked the All-Father to grant him leniency, considering the trauma Loki had experienced prior to those events, as well as his current condition,” Frigga sighed, “but my husband is quite strict about not changing his decrees, even though he had been in a foul temper and might have been rather harsher in his initial judgment than otherwise. But I digress. If there are any suggestions I can make about your fortifications, or at least ones that you are able to implement, I would be happy to inform you as reparation for the unspeakable damage my son has wrought upon your world.”

“How very generous of you,” Tony beamed. “Shall we?”




Natasha had let the conversation wash over her like sounds at the seashore, wave upon wave of meaningless noise. From the moment she had seen the projected image of the baby growing inside of Loki, she knew that Clint would insist on being a father to the child. But more than that, she knew it would cement his feelings toward Loki himself. Clint had already confessed to her that he might be in love with his former captor, even though that particular situation complicated things quite a bit; now that they would be raising a child together, Clint would want to be a proper family. And from the way Loki had responded to Clint’s kindness – not to mention his sexual overtures – Natasha had no doubt that the god of mischief would eagerly accept Clint’s love and attention. Whether Loki would do so without breaking Clint’s heart was yet to be seen, but regardless of the outcome, one thing was certain: Loki was taking Clint away from her. Again.

When Bruce sat down on the sofa across from her, Natasha’s survival instinct kicked in, making her notice for the first time that they were alone in the room.

“Are you all right?” he asked in his gentle voice.

She considered an outright lie but settled for, “I’m not sure. Of anything.”

Bruce nodded. “It’s a lot to think about.”

“That’s for damn sure.” After another long pause, Natasha got up and announced, “I could use a drink. Join me?”

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