Clint undergoes hypnosis to remember what he had done while under Loki’s control and becomes unable to get Loki out of his mind. Meanwhile, Loki suspects he is being poisoned by Odin.

Set after “The Avengers” but before “Thor: The Dark World.” Explicit HawkFrost (FrostHawk) and past ThunderFrost (Thorki), with a side-story of Hulk/Cap (Cap/Hulk). Mpreg – don’t like don’t read!

Chapter 1: Clint Remembers
Chapter 2: Loki’s Illness
Chapter 3: Clint Struggles
Chapter 4: Thor Visits Loki
Chapter 5: Missing Memory
Chapter 6: Loki’s Secret
Chapter 7: Loki’s Problem
Chapter 8: Natasha Visits Clint
Chapter 9: Loki Struggles
Chapter 10: Thor’s Plan
Chapter 11: Surprise Reunion
Chapter 12: The Revelation
Chapter 13: Initial Reaction
Chapter 14: A Name
Chapter 15: Thor’s Flashback
Chapter 16: Love Me Hard
Chapter 17: Control Room
Chapter 18: Loki Vents
Chapter 19: On the Big Screen
Chapter 20: Feral GnomesHawkeye
Chapter 21: Bruce and Steve
Chapter 22: The Mess
Chapter 23: Dinner Party
Chapter 24: Loki Interrogated
Chapter 25: Real Reasons
Chapter 26: Thor Visits Jane
Chapter 27: Stockholm Syndrome
Chapter 28: Bruce&Steve: Experiment
Chapter 29: Bruce&Steve: Touching
Chapter 30: Thor&Loki: The Beginning
Chapter 31: Thor&Loki: Pseudocest
Chapter 32: Domestic Dreams
Chapter 33: Loki Confesses
Chapter 34: Clint&Loki: Pillow Talk
Chapter 35: Loki’s Vision
Chapter 36: Bruce&Steve: One Way
Chapter 37: What Tony Saw
Chapter 38: Driving Into Town
Chapter 39: Clint’s Apartment
Chapter 40: The Drive Back
Chapter 41: Before Leaving
Chapter 42: Broken Bridge
Chapter 43: Meeting Odin
Chapter 44: Odin’s Information
Chapter 45: Back into the Cell
Chapter 46: Loki’s Room
Chapter 47: Lunch with the In-Laws
Chapter 48: Loki’s Musings
Chapter 49: Clint’s Test
Chapter 50: Clint&Loki: The First Time
Chapter 51: Clint Meets His New Team
Chapter 52: Frigga Talks with Odin
Chapter 53: Odin Questions Loki
Chapter 54: Guest of Honor
Chapter 55: Interlude 1: Loki in Thanos’ Sanctuary
Chapter 56: Interlude 2: Loki Meets Gamora
Chapter 57: Interlude 3: Loki Meets Nebula
Chapter 58: Interlude 4: Loki Plans His Escape
– and the long-overdue summation of this fustercluck

Bruce Tony


Bonus: Thorki Page (with gifs & ficlet)

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  1. Marie

     /  2015/01/17

    Hello, I read this story and it is very fun to read. is there an ending?

    • I’m working on it… Just posted the last 2 chapters last week, but it will be a while before I can finish the entire story. ^_^;


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