Original Fiction – Short Stories

Dreamshore  Poem on nightmares.

The Metropolitan Museum  I go to the museum when I need inspiration.

The Barefoot Princess  What Princess would ever be caught without her shoes? This one, unfortunately…

Birthday Surprise  Adapting to American culture can be hard.

Ebb and Flow  A young man visiting his father in a remote Pacific island learns that what matters most sometimes can’t be said.

Treasure  Sometimes the simplest things are the most important.

The Last Kiss  The last kiss is often the cruelest.

Wild  Winona was missing something in her life, but what will she do when she finds it?

Sweet Peach  It wasn’t the first time she regretting living with him, she thought as she ate the peach cobbler.

The Möebius Cave  My task was to help Xelena retrieve the Book of the Tree, but in the treacherous cave, I found an even greater treasure.

Metamorphosis  A hunter wanders too deep into the enchanted forest.

Ravan’s Tower  The village blacksmith’s son wonders if the stories about the sorcerer, Ravan, are true…

The Black Diamond  My own favorite story, inspired by the Hope Diamond and the Winchester Mystery House.

Sixteen  Short story about a boy’s first kiss. Fluffy gay romance.

Twisted Pleasure  WARNING: Smut alert! Cris could not believe how perverted, how utterly twisted his attacker was…

Grammar Thief  WARNING: Smut alert! Short smutty fic inspired by a picture (included).

Rebuilding  Two fishermen who survived the 2011 Northern Japan Disaster (earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant meltdown) start rebuilding their lives together. Flash Fiction (under 300 words)

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