Close Encounters 6

“Uh…” I began, not even sure what I wanted to say. I mean, Aurel already knew that this was the last thing that I’d watched — this woman getting sexed by a guy who, judging from his grunts, was mere moments away from orgasm. But before I could form a coherent thought, Aurel paused the projection and turned to me with wonder in his pale-purple eyes.

“Is this how Earthans mate?” he asked, indicating the naked, copulating couple on my living room floor.

“Um… Yeah…” I answered, trying to breathe normally. I focused on Aurel so my body wouldn’t respond like it usually did to the scene.

Aurel studied the two forms frozen in the middle of the act. “I am surprised at how… vigorous, it is. For my species, the female must lie still until the egg is implanted.”

I took a deep breath, attempting to think of it in the same detached, clinical manner.

“For us, the stimulation of the… sensory receptors, is key,” I explained, hoping that Aurel would understand those terms better. “The more movement, the more stimulation.”

“I see…” he replied, walking slowly around the projection to look at it from different angles. “I had thought… from what you had said before, Jun, that they would have… more hair on their bodies.”

“Oh, uh…” My mouth had gone dry. “Well, yeah, but they’ve shaved or removed that hair… so the viewer can, y’know… see better.”

“Of course! You would need to see the details in a… instructional video, like this.”

I groaned inwardly, and Aurel looked up in puzzlement. I knew I had to come clean.

“This isn’t exactly a… ‘instructional video,’ Aurel. This is… porn. Pornography. The purpose is to stimulate the viewer, to… facilitate the viewer’s climax.”

“So… does watching them mate… make you desire to mate, also?” he asked, bending over to scrutinize the point of their union with innocent curiosity. His slim buttocks were facing me, and suddenly my penis twitched with interest.

“Well, yeah… especially watching them orgasm,” I managed to inform him, my face red-hot as my cock began to grow. My incorrigible mind flashed an image of him in the same posture as the woman in the projection — on his back with his legs flung out wantonly, my own body positioned between them. Aurel straightened up and stared at me in alarm.

“I am sorry, Jun! I did not realize that this would… make you… ”

Aurel paused as he struggled to find the right words. I turned away with a groan and focused on the bare walls, the dining table, the chairs — anything! — to try to block out the images, both of the porn couple and my own imagination.

“I am very sorry…” Aurel apologized again, turning the projection off. I exhaled in relief and looked back at him standing there, graceful and — in a completely oblivious way — sexy as hell. I was afraid I’d start undressing him in my mind again, so I quickly tried to override any x-rated fantasies by envisioning a trellis of wisteria blooming over his head. He returned my gaze with his smoky-gray eyes as I continued to will a backdrop of gnarled trees to grow around him in my imagination, as though he were visiting a Japanese garden. For one glorious moment, it worked, and I hoped that he could see the picture in my head, too.

“Yes… It is beautiful!” he breathed, his lips curved in a dreamy smile.

Then my penis throbbed painfully, distracting me and making the image dissolve.

“I… I’m sorry, I have to… t–take care of this…” I stammered, flushed beet-red in more places than one.

“Is there anything that I can do… to help?”

I paused at Aurel’s words, although I’d already turned back towards the bathroom. A wild idea had popped into my head, which I tried to dismiss before my resident mind-reader could see it, but my mind (of course) lacked the discipline to do so.

“You want to see me… naked?” Aurel asked, rather surprised.

“No! I mean… I would, but you don’t have to! I’ll just… I’ll be back in a minute!” I gasped, resuming my way down the hall.

“Jun… I do not mind,” Aurel told me, making me stop again in stunned silence. “I have seen your body — at least, your self-image of your body, in your dream — and the two Earthans just now, in the… pornography projection. And since you have not seen any examples of the Vanzatoan body…”

I turned around and realized, to my astonishment, that he was starting to remove his clothing — right there in my living room!

“…it is not surprising that you are curious to see what we are like. Our scientists must not have provided yours with more detailed descriptions of our species because we are genetically incompatible, but even if it is unnecessary, I think it would be helpful to exchange such information…”

As he spoke, he was unfastening his lavender-gray clothes, which I now saw was in several layers. The topmost layer covered his shoulders and included one sleeve; the next layer wrapped around his chest and was connected to the other sleeve. When he had removed both, his bisque-white torso and arms were exposed, making my jaw hang slack. He was beautiful in an androgynous way, with soft-looking skin over limbs that were shapely and filled out without being muscular. My penis was straining against the confines of my jeans now.

“Jun, is this… too stimulating?” Aurel asked hesitantly, no doubt sensing the intensity of my lust.

“I’m sorry — I can’t help it,” I sighed, coming as close as I dared, remembering (just in time) that I could look but not touch. “You’re beautiful… and very attractive! I think any Earthan male would react this way to see you like this,” I said, hoping to excuse the strong urges I was feeling. He had paused in the undressing process, but it was maddening to be able to see so much and then be held off. “Please, I–I want to see all of you! Of course, if it makes you uncomfortable…”

“No, I am not uncomfortable,” Aurel replied, although his cheeks were tinged with his purple hue. “I simply have never been… desired, like this. I still cannot understand why you would be so… stimulated, by my body, when you do not even know if it is possible to mate with my kind…”

“It’s not logical, I know,” I admitted, “but Earthans aren’t very logical creatures. Males tend to respond to visual stimuli, and your body… has all the visual cues that normally stimulate us. You look so soft — I wish I could touch you! And your skin looks so smooth and silky… I would love to cover it in kisses…”

Aurel blushed even deeper, whispering, “Once I have become… acclimated, to your touch, I would like to experience all that you wish to do, Jun. My species does not ‘kiss’ as yours does, but I think it would be a… very enjoyable experience.”

I swallowed hard, scarcely able to hold myself back from grabbing him now and touching him in every way imaginable! But I managed to restrain myself, stepping back as he unfastened the next layer of his clothing. It wrapped around his stomach and one leg, with another layer of fabric large enough to go all the way around, giving the garment its robe-like appearance. As his white, curvaceous leg came into view — similar to an Earthan woman’s, yet longer and subtly different — I couldn’t stand it anymore. My penis felt like it would explode if I didn’t release it from its prison, right now!

“Oh! Jun, please… I do not mind,” Aurel assured me. “In fact… I would like to see your body, too. That is, if you are not embarrassed…”

“Embarrassed?” I echoed, with a groan. “I’m way beyond being embarrassed!”

Since he’d given me permission — even encouragement — to undress, I cautiously opened up my jeans, sighing in relief as my cock was allowed to stretch out, the way nature intended it to. I caught Aurel staring at it where it poked out from under my shirt, and blushed more than I could ever remember from just being seen by someone.

“I am sorry for staring, but it is very different from ours,” he told me, finally unfastening the last part of his robes. He let it fall to his feet and stood there naked, like a living, breathing, marble statue of some Greek god or goddess. It was impossible to tell his gender, since there were no distinguishing features that I could see — no penis at all.

“It is stored inside of the body, most of the time,” he shyly began, and my heart beat faster as I saw a tiny white tube — no bigger than an earthworm — grow out of the lowest point of his torso, a bit lower than where an Earthan penis would be. As the tube grew longer, Aurel explained, “We only bring it out when we mate, or when we are being inspected by a doctor.”

I was shocked as the tube continued to grow in length and girth, defying gravity by the way that it coiled around in the air. The closest thing that I can compare it to is the air siphon of a water snail. My dad has a large freshwater aquarium with colorful carp (a hobby that he pursues with almost religious fervor) and snails in it to help keep it clean. When I was a kid, one of them grew to five centimeters in diameter, and would stretch its long tube up to the surface to get air. Aurel’s tube seemed similar in texture, its wall thinning as it grew longer and wider.

“That is… amazing,” I responded, awestruck. His penis/tube/tentacle was now nearly fifty centimeters long, about two centimeters wide at the tip, and four to five centimeters wide at the base. It swayed a bit from side to side, and reminded me of a snake dancing to a snake charmer’s pipe.

“Ixion’s gravity is stronger than Vanzato,” Aurel explained. “It is harder to control here.”

“Looks like you’ve got plenty of control to me,” I countered, glancing down at my own appendage, now ramrod stiff and pointing near vertical. The strange appearance of its Vanzatoan counterpart had, if anything, stimulated its enthusiasm. “Earthan penises get erect as they swell, but they don’t move around on their own like that… Is yours made of muscle?”

“Yes, I believe it would be classified as muscular tissue. Ours is much more… flexible, than Earthan tissue… I remember reading about it somewhere…”

While Aurel spoke, his tube started to retract back into his body, and I watched with fascination as it folded in upon itself. When it was completely tucked in, all you could see was a faint, circular ridge of skin, like a tiny navel.

“Oh! Do you have a navel?” I asked, looking over his stomach in vain.

“A… An orange?” Aurel asked, confused.

“No, it’s a… like this,” I said, pulling up my shirt to show him mine. “It’s where the feeding tube from your mother is attached, when you’re inside of her. They cut it off, of course, once you’re born and separated from your mother, but it leaves a little mark.”

“Oh! That is our kores,” he exclaimed with understanding. “On us, it is attached here.” He showed me by turning around and pulling his hair over one shoulder. There, at the base of his scalp and right on his spine, was a faint scar running sideways, about two centimeters wide. “When we are born, it is removed and… cauterized. The scar is left as a symbol of gratitude to our mothers.”

“Wow,” was all I could say as I stood on tiptoes to see it. Between his tentacle-tube penis and his non-belly-button scar, I was impressed with the realization that Aurel was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, alien. That realization did nothing, however, to dampen my eagerness to explore his anatomy for myself, once it was safe to do so. My shameless cock was throbbing in agreement, reminding me that my sex organ would not put itself away without some satisfaction.

“Jun, if you need to… master-bait,” Aurel began, turning back towards me, “I would like to watch. Even though I touched you while you were dreaming, it would be interesting to see in… real life, how you stimulate it yourself. If you do not mind my watching…”

“O–Of course not,” I answered, although torn between embarrassment and excitement at the proposition. He still had his long hair pulled over one shoulder, which made him look extremely sexy, making my cock pulse with desire. As Aurel’s lavender eyes watched me expectantly, I grabbed my penis and began yanking on the loose skin. It didn’t take long to bring my cock to the brink of release.

Of course, in such a situation, I couldn’t help seeing flashes of Aurel in sexy poses, which I attempted to quell in vain. Just the thought of touching him, rubbing our bodies together, and having his tubular penis winding around my less flexible one was enough to make it start leaking, but somehow it was difficult to reach full ejaculation — perhaps because I had an audience like none other.

“Would it help to… ‘facilitate your climax,’ if I lie down — like the woman in the projection?” he asked, right in the thick of things.

“Um… Uh… Could you… turn around, and let me see your… buttocks?” I panted, emboldened by desperate need. When he complied, I couldn’t help myself — I blatantly fantasized humping against his tender-looking ass, and in a matter of seconds began spurting. Aurel twisted around to watch as my semen shot through the air, splattering on the carpet between us. I was too far gone to care about anything else until I had released every last drop and collapsed, panting, on the couch. Then my shame battled for dominance over my pleasure.

“Why do you feel so embarrassed?” Aurel asked, gracefully picking up his clothes and draping them over the other end of the couch. “It is a natural physical requirement for your species. Not only does the pressure in your organs make fulfilling that need a priority, but you are also motivated by the pleasure that comes from satisfying it. Your bodies have evolved to ensure that mating occurs, whether you use it to breed or not.”

“Probably because of the… high mortality rate, we had in the past,” I agreed, gasping a bit. “You’re right — we may not need to breed as much, anymore, but the drive has sure remained!”

Aurel nodded and sat down on top of his garments, still naked, and crossed his long legs. My furniture was made for Earthans so it was rather low for him, but he seemed relaxed, and gazed at me serenely as I came down from my sexual high. In that moment I wanted nothing more than to touch his gossamer hair, stroke his milk-white skin, and grope every nook and cranny of his body.

Then I was struck with an idea — a simple yet brilliant inspiration — and wanted to bang my head against the wall for not thinking of it sooner! I hastily put away my spent member so I could run into my workshop (what would ordinarily be a spare bedroom), and grabbed a box of cotton gloves — the thin kind that you could feel even small nuts and bolts through — and pulled out a new pair to show to Aurel.

“Do you think this material is thick enough to… make it safe? To touch you?” I asked, breathless with anticipation.

“Yes… Yes, I think it is,” Aurel answered after assessing them, then turned a sweet, shy smile up to me. I stood there petrified for a moment, even though I knew that he knew why I’d asked, and was giving me permission. Pulling on the gloves, I reached out to gently take a lock of his hair, right by his ear, and stroked it. Having used these gloves often when working on small, greasy parts, I could tell that Aurel’s hair felt like silk — fine yet strong. I was filled with a profound sense of happiness since this was the closest that I had gotten to touching him, apart from the moment that I’d made him collapse.

Aurel’s pale cheeks blushed to match his eyes and hair as I hesitantly reached out to stroke his face with the backs of my fingers. When the glove came into contact with his skin and he didn’t flinch or fall over, I let out the breath that I’d been holding. Soft… I knew his skin must be soft, from the way that the fabric glided across it. And the flesh beneath it was tender, too. I didn’t want to apply too much pressure, in case it would hurt him, but he placed his hand against mine and pressed it against his cheek.

“That much… does not hurt. Any harder, and it might, but… you are very careful, Jun, so I am not worried.”

I swallowed and whispered, “Tell me the moment it gets uncomfortable, okay? I don’t want to hurt you…”

“I know.”

Aurel leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, immersing himself in the sensation of being touched. Of course he could still hear my thoughts, and possibly even see himself through my eyes, so I hoped that he could sense how captivating he was to me. I yearned to kiss him, but settled for running the tip of my finger over his pale-purple lips, which curved in a faint smile.

“My species… communicates affection in many ways,” he told me, once my fingers had traveled away from his mouth to the soft flesh of his throat. “It was difficult for me to… show physical affection to my friends, because I was worried that they might affect me like Liumi had — even though our gift is very rare. And… I did not make many friends. It was rare to find someone… tolerant, of my color — or who was not interested in me because of my father’s wealth.”

“Being able to read minds has to be an advantage, though,” I pointed out, while running my hands along his arms. “At least you can tell when someone’s being dishonest! Most people have been hurt or disappointed when they trusted someone they shouldn’t have.”

“Yes… I understand that,” Aurel nodded, “but it is also hard to feel like… you are all alone… because nobody wants to be your friend. If I had been a beautiful color like my sister, this ability would not have been such a burden…”

I stopped caressing his rounded shoulders and willed him to open his eyes. He did.

“Aurel, I know it’s hard to un-learn something that’s been drilled into your brain all your life,” I said with conviction, “but you are beautiful! Your color is delicate, not gaudy or brash. You’re simply breathtaking! And I think it’s the same on your planet as ours, that rarer metals are more expensive, right? The fact that there aren’t many Vanzatoans with your color makes you a rare specimen — it makes you special. In fact, you’re special in many ways!”

“Special…” Aurel slowly pronounced, rolling the word on his tongue as though savoring it. “Does that not mean something… inferior, as well?”

“Only in some cases,” I protested, dismayed. “They use the term for children who have ‘special’ needs — they’re challenged, and need extra attention either for their physical or mental development. So, yes, compared to regular children, they may be ‘inferior’ in some ways. But that doesn’t make them any less Earthan!”

“Your species is very… tolerant,” Aurel commented, thoughtfully gazing at me. “On Vanzatoa, children with inferior traits, such as… defective organs, undesirable colors, or significantly lower mental acuity, are destroyed before they are born.”

“We used to, too,” I informed him, “but even we know enough about genetics to be able to predict common deformities, and if the children of two people are likely to have problems, they would do in-vitro fertilization to make sure only the healthy ones are implanted.”

I had to explain in-vitro fertilization to Aurel, and in the process found out that the Vanzatoan method of genetic engineering entailed direct manipulation of the parents’ gonads — altering the actual DNA of the organs, which in turn changed the DNA in the reproductive cells made by them. The fact that they could alter the DNA in a living organism while it was still inside the organism was enough to blow my mind, let alone doing so without putting the patient under anesthesia! But it also meant that there was still a slight chance for random “aberrations” to occur, in which case the fetus was destroyed — a fate that Aurel had only narrowly escaped.

All during our discussion, my hands were wandering over Aurel’s bisque-white skin, and I was fervently glad that his parents had chosen to let him live. His smooth chest had no nipples and no blemishes of any kind — not even the odd freckle or mole — and had a layer of tissue about two centimeters thick between the skin and skeletal structure. Since his Vanzatoan muscle tissue was much more pliable than the Earthan equivalent, his entire torso felt as soft as an Earthan woman’s breast. In fact, I could barely tell where his bones were, he was so soft and… well, squishy all over! I remembered how comfortable he had felt in my arms when we had taken our nap, and realized that this was the reason why.

“May I use the gloves, also?” he asked, snapping me out of my blissful reverie. I gave him a new pair from the box, and even though they didn’t fit right on his long fingers, at least they covered most of his hands. I was startled when he began unbuttoning my shirt. “You are amazed at how soft my tissue is,” he explained, “but I want to feel how hard your tissue is.” He was astonished at the difference in texture when I proudly flexed my pectorals under his hands.

At this point I was kneeling on the floor between his legs, rubbing his thighs, and he was sitting forward to touch my chest and shoulders. I couldn’t keep my eyes from straying to his crotch, wondering about the amazing appendage hidden there. I had always assumed that the Vanzatoans had some sort of orifice for expelling waste material, but if their penis was so vastly different from ours, what would their anal opening be like? Maybe it was so different from ours as to make even anal sex impossible…

“Oh! I had intended to speak about that,” Aurel said, breaking into my thoughts. “I am sorry, I had forgotten… but I believe, from what I have seen of Earthan mating so far, that it might be possible…”



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  1. Please tell me this will continue. It’s such a lovely story.

  2. Kelsey

     /  2013/03/10

    I absolutely love this! Are you still planning on continuing it? :c

    • Thanks! I do hope to, eventually. I’m sorry it’s got stuck on a back burner for so long…

      • Kelsey

         /  2013/04/05

        Okay! I’m really looking forward to the next chapter. C:

  3. that is good. update soon please.

    • Thank you very much! Unfortunately, this one is on the very back burner. I won’t be working on it until next year, sorry… 😦

  4. ♥♥♥

     /  2016/06/21

    NO!! T////T This is impossible! T_T Hiatus! 😦
    I LOVE this story!! It’s so sweet!. I love your write… Since the first line, I can’t stop read. I simply loved Aurel and Jun… they’re so cute!! You stopped the story before these two made love! This isn’t fair!!! T____T They never were toguether! Made me very sad. T_T How the story continues? They became a pairing, right?.
    Please, you don’t abandone this story!. Its wonderful!. You are a fabulous author, you have to continue!

    • Awww, thank you so much! Someday I hope to rewrite the story but for now, I have to work on other things. T_T But YES, they will be a couple! And they will be together forever!!
      Thank you for reading! ❤


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