Close Encounters 4

I realized that my touching him had caused Aurel to lose consciousness, and even though I didn’t fully understand why that had happened, I knew better than to touch him again with my bare hands. As soon as I had him lying safely on the floor, I went into his kitchen to search for oven mitts. Thankfully, they were in the third drawer that I opened, and I pulled on a pair before returning to kneel beside him.

I had no idea how much damage had been done. Aurel was still breathing, but that was all I knew. I could just see the news spreading through the colony: “Earthan male injures Vanzatoan male with unknown chemical reaction — all Earthans quarantined until further notice.” It could become an inter-planetary political nightmare! But right now I had my own, very personal nightmare to contend with: the most beautiful creature that I had ever met was lying unconscious on the floor, and it was my fault.

“Aurel, wake up! Please wake up! Please be all right!” I repeated near his ear. His cheeks, which had blushed to a pale purple while we’d been talking, were now as white as the walls of his house. I tried shaking him gently with my mittened hands, but then wondered if I might hurt him even with indirect contact, and was left with nothing I could safely do. I debated alerting the Vanzatoan authorities, but what could I tell them? Would I have to explain Aurel’s rare ability — which he’d wanted kept secret — in order for them to help him? I decided to wait for a few minutes to see if he might recover, but each one seemed like an hour as my heart constricted with worry. Finally, after a small eternity, his eyelids fluttered.

“Aurel! Aurel, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you, Jun. I could actually hear you… the entire time,” he murmured, much to my relief.

“I’m sorry, I won’t touch you again — I didn’t know it would hurt you! I’m so sorry,” I babbled.

“It is all right — I am not injured,” he assured me, although speaking with some difficulty. “It is simply that… when you touched me, I could feel everything… that you were feeling. Not just your thoughts, and emotions, but… your whole body…”

I stared at him, agape. My fingers had barely brushed the back of his hand!

“No, not like… like I was touching you, with my hands,” he explained. “It was as if… you had become… part of me. I could feel with your sensory system, as though our bodies were connected… sharing the same senses. It was… overwhelming.”

Stunned, I considered what he’d described. Maybe physical contact increased his telepathic receptivity to the point where my nervous system became, for all intents and purposes, grafted into his. It was probably similar to hard-wiring a secondary machine into a primary machine’s circuitry, in order to have the feedback from both sent to the primary’s regulator. So, in a sense, I did become a part of him. No wonder he’d collapsed — talk about sensory overload!

“I believe that is what happened, also,” he remarked. “Something similar occurred, with my sister… When we touched, she could move my fingers with her mind. I had more difficulty moving her fingers, but she often blocked me, to… tease me.”

A tired smile curved his lips, and although I was recovering from my panic (my heart-rate slowly returning to normal), it still bothered me that he looked so wiped out.

“It is all right, Jun. My sensory system will recover soon, like it did when my sister and I first discovered… the effect of physical contact. I apologize for making you worry. I should have realized that… something like this… might happen. But I did not sense that you would touch me. I was… distracted.”

That reminded me of what I’d said to distract him, and I saw that he was blushing again — which only made him even more beautiful!

“You really are, you know,” I told him out loud, wishing that I could stroke those lovely cheeks, or better yet, kiss them… but of course, I couldn’t touch him without overloading his senses. It was frustrating to be so close to him, and yet not be able to even hold his hand!

“Y–You want to… touch me?” Aurel asked, hesitantly.

“Well… yeah! But don’t worry, I won’t — I don’t want to hurt you!”

“It may be possible… over time…” he murmured, and I hoped that I hadn’t misheard him.

“You mean… you might get used to it?”

“Yes. When I was very young, I cried when my sister touched me. My parents already knew of her ability, so they did not allow her to touch me again. They feared it might… damage my brain, to make such a powerful connection, when I was still so young. When I was older, though, I wanted to see what would happen. The first time… it was terrible. But Liumi was curious… much like you, Jun… and before long, we attempted the connection again. It was not so bad. Every time, it became easier… for both of us.”

I could hardly contain my excitement.

“So… You might be able to condition your brain to… tolerate the connection?”

“Yes. It shut down this time from the… overload, but even this was not as bad as the first time… I touched my sister. It should be easier, I think, because I have already become conditioned to connecting with her. You are simply… a different person. In the same way, I should be able to… ‘get used to’ you, also.”

I was thrilled, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. What if he didn’t want to touch me? After all, the process sounded painful…

“Jun… it has been a long time since anyone has felt so… affectionate, towards me…” He looked up at me with his smoky-lavender eyes. “It is not… unwelcome, Jun. I am… flattered.”

It took all of my meager self-restraint to not kiss him, right then and there! In fact, it was hard not to simply have my way with him, alien anatomy be damned!

“Please… it will take some time,” he added, somewhat hastily. “I need to rest before we can attempt it again. I am tired, because I worked all night without sleeping.”

Suddenly, I remembered that he’d let me use his bed, and realized that it was partly my fault that he was so tired — which must have made the trauma that much worse for him!

“No, it was my own choice… I was inspired, and did not want to stop. But… it might have made it worse, yes. Jun… can you get me into my bed?”

Oh, the double entendre that brought to my dirty mind! But I tried to focus on it as a logistical problem.

“Will it be all right if I hold you? I’ve got these oven mitts on…”

“Yes, it should be fine, as long as we do not come into direct contact. That was how it was with Liumi.”

Tentatively, holding my breath for fear that I would hurt him again, I slipped an arm under his shoulder. He didn’t flinch from the indirect touch, so I helped him sit up.

“Oh…” he moaned, and leaned against me. I held him carefully as he rested his head on my shoulder. It was the most nerve-wracking experience to try to support him without touching his exposed skin, and yet feeling his warm body through our clothing — which made me want to fondle him more than ever! I tried to think of something calm and soothing, while a faint, sweet scent from his hair assaulted my nostrils. I took a deep breath and focused on getting him in bed so he could recover from the shock that I’d given him.

“Let’s put this here to be safe,” I said, placing one of the oven mitts between his forehead and my neck as a barrier. Holding him close with one arm, I slipped the other under his knees, and found that although he was much taller than me, he was light enough to pick up. He clung to my shoulders, holding my shirt, as I navigated our way down the hall and into the bedroom. I hadn’t made up his bed when I left it, so it was easy to slip him in between the covers.

“There… Is that better?” I asked, tucking a pillow under his head with both oven mitts securely back on my hands.

“Yes. Thank you,” he sighed.

I looked down at him for a moment as he lay there, the sunlight making stripes on his white comforter as it came in through the blinds. The brightness seemed to wash out the color of his hair, but at the same time it made his white skin look almost translucent.

“Well… I should let you sleep,” I mumbled, trying to tear myself away.

“Wait, Jun…” Aurel called softly, opening his eyes again. “You do not wish to leave, and… I do not wish you to leave, either…”

Stunned, I sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Okay… but don’t you need to sleep?”

“I… cannot sleep yet. I am too excited. This has been a very… stimulating day.”

“Maybe a little too stimulating?” I asked, still worried.

“Perhaps. But I have recovered from worse. I believe it will be fine if we… simply talk. Did you not have other questions for me?”

“Well, yeah…” I tried to think of them, but my mind was rather fuzzy — probably because I was looking at him, and he was smiling back at me. “Uh… You said you’d worked all night, because you were inspired. What do you do?” I asked.

“I make artwork… sculptures. I made that, on the wall.”

He waved a hand weakly at the wall art that I’d noticed before, with the colored fibers that were woven and intertwined into a three-dimensional shape. There’d been others in the living area, too, I recalled.

“They’re very colorful. I don’t know much about art, but they remind me of antique wiring.”

“Thank you. I enjoy making them. It helps me… relax.”

As I glanced at it, the blue strands seemed to get darker.

“Is it just my eyes, or are they changing color?” I asked hesitantly.

“It is not an illusion. They are designed to sense the fluctuations of chemicals in the air, and change their color accordingly. We have severe storms on Vanzato, twice every circuit, and when they are approaching my strings will turn very dark, almost black.”

“Oh! So it’s art, but it’s also useful — sort of like a barometer.”

“What is a ‘barometer’?”

“It’s a device for measuring atmospheric pressure. We use it on Earth to forecast storms, too.”

Aurel closed his eyes before answering, “Yes, that is very similar. My strings will also change when the chemicals emitted from my body — or yours — change enough to affect it. Right now the blues are darker because I am resting. The pinks are also brighter, because… I am happy.”

“Oh,” I responded, my jaw hanging slack. “So it can sense what sort of mood you’re in?”

“Yes. At least, in this small room it can, because the chemicals become concentrated enough.”

“So… it’s sort of like you, then. You can hear my thoughts the closer I get…”

“Yes. And the strings respond the closer I am to them, as well. I have often wondered if thoughts are not like chemicals… unseen and unnoticeable by our other senses, but constantly emanating in waves…”

His voice died off, and I wondered if he’d fallen asleep. I didn’t want to wake him if he had, so I got up quietly from the bed, quelling the urge to lean over and kiss him. I was also tempted to slip in next to him and hold him while he slept, but scolded myself to leave before I hurt him any more.

“Jun,” Aurel whispered, his eyes still closed, “I think… it is safe for you to sleep beside me… as long as you are wearing the gloves…”

I wondered if I’d imagined him saying that, but he rolled over towards the window.

“If you keep your face away from mine, and wear the gloves… I believe it will be fine.”

One of his hands reached out to pull a hanging cord, turning the blinds and shading the room. I stared at the inviting, open space behind his back, which seemed almost too good to be true, but then tentatively slid into it, pulling the covers up over both of us (which was rather tricky to do with an oven mitt on my hand). I slipped my other hand under his light body, and soon had him in a buffered embrace, my face pressed against his back and my body molded against his. We were, in fact, spooning. He was such a slight, slender creature that I felt protective of him, and wrapped my mittened hands around him securely. He sighed, and I could feel the softness of his flesh relax and rest against mine.

All but one part of me relaxed, too, and soon, listening to his steady breathing, I fell asleep again as well.

I was in a dark place, so dark that I couldn’t see anything. It felt like I was suspended in space. There was no up or down, but I was comfortable. As I continued to look around, trying to get my bearings, I saw a light ahead of me. It drew nearer, and turned out to be Aurel, his white skin glowing in the dark and his layered clothing (usually a grayish purple that matched his hair) also white now and emitting a soft light.

“Hello, Jun,” he said in his quiet, sweet voice.


I reached out to try to touch him, and realized that I couldn’t move, but for some reason it didn’t bother me much.

“Jun… I want to know… how you feel,” Aurel told me shyly, stepping around me as though he were looking me over. At that point I realized that I was naked.

“Okay,” I responded, craning my neck to watch him — which, at least, I was able to do.

“May I touch you?” he asked. It struck me as an odd question, but it took me a moment to remember why.

“Well… yeah,” I answered, “as long as it doesn’t hurt you!”

“It should not… Not much, anyway,” he admitted, coming to a stop when we were face to face. “Just… relax…”

I was already quite relaxed, and I observed with detached interest as he started to run his slender fingers over my shoulders and arms. Actually, they were hovering a centimeter or so above my skin, and wherever they traveled I felt a warm, mild tingling sensation in my body. It was pleasant, especially when he went behind me and ran his hands over my shoulders and neck. I tend to get sore there from concentrating on small parts at work, but as the tingling worked through those muscles, they loosened and relaxed.

Aurel continued to explore down my back and buttocks, but then he came around to the front of me again, and his hands got closer to my genitals. I wasn’t embarrassed, exactly, but I wondered if my favorite appendage might look ugly to him. I knew from experience that even Earthan females take some getting used to (some parts were better to sex than to look at), and didn’t want Aurel to get turned off by my Earthan penis before he had experienced its function. Of course he could read my thoughts on the matter, so he looked into my eyes and smiled.

“I do not think that you are ugly, Jun,” he assured me. “But you are very different from my species, so you are… fascinating.”

Then his hands were hovering over my precious member, with the warm tingling working its way through my testicles and down my shaft — which, not surprisingly, started to burgeon and lift its head. He paused there, just watching it grow, with amazement on his delicate face.

“It… It feels… tight, as though it is holding back something,” he said, concerned.

“Yeah, because it wants to ejaculate — it wants to release sperm,” I explained. “But it feels great when it releases!”

I was almost drooling as I said this, undressing Aurel in my mind’s eye since I couldn’t do anything else. I imagined how pretty his white-skinned body must be under those flowing robes, and panted as my now fully-erect penis pointed towards him. What I wouldn’t give to hold him in my arms and penetrate him somehow! Even if all I could do was rub my manhood against his thighs, it would be so amazing!

Aurel was blushing as he took a step back. His hands left my groin region, but my erection continued to stand proudly on its own.

“This desire, this… drive, is very powerful,” he remarked, still eyeing my erection. “I do not know how you can bear it…”

“I don’t. I usually just sex the first woman I can find,” I informed him. “Or if I can’t get one that I like, I’ll just watch some porn and masturbate.”

“Master… bait?”

“It’s where you rub it with your hands, to simulate the friction you’d feel if you were sexing someone. It stimulates the sensory receptors and lets it climax, releasing the semen.”

“And that is pleasurable?”

“Oh, yeah!” I replied dreamily. “The release — it’s called orgasm — is the best thing in the world!”

I was surprised when Aurel stepped closer to me and placed his hands over my penis again. The tingling resumed, although it was fainter now that it had to compete for my attention — the natural straining of my sex organ was, like he said, very powerful! But then I felt a more solid, tactile sensation and, looking down, saw that his white hands were wrapped around my shaft.

“It is so hard, and hot,” he commented, as his fingers started to rub up and down my length. “And it is quite short, compared to ours. How can your… sperm, reach a female’s ovaries?”

“They travel up the fallopian tubes to meet the egg. They can swim on their own.”

“Oh… I did not know that,” he said, continuing to work on my penis, which felt marvelous. Since I couldn’t move my hands, I was grateful that he was taking matters into his own hands, quite literally! It had been a while since I’d gotten a good hand job.

“You’re doing great,” I told him, hoping to encourage his actions. “That’s really… awesome!”

“I am glad… But it also seems… more uncomfortable.”

I grinned at Aurel’s puzzled face and replied, “That’s because the pressure’s building up. Don’t worry, it’ll feel that much better when it releases!”

“Oh,” he said, and I realized that he was panting, too, with his face flushed almost as dark as his lips now.

“Aurel, are you all right?” I asked, worried by the changes in him.

“Yes, I think so. This sensation is very powerful, but… if you can bear it, I should be able to, as well.”

It took me a moment to figure that out.

“So… you can feel, how it feels for me?”

“Yes, because I am touching you now.”

“Oh! Okay,” I mumbled, feeling my climax coming on. Aurel responded by moving his hands more quickly, and I started to leak. In the haze of lust, it occurred to me that this way, Aurel would be able to experience Earthan sex — vicariously, in one sense, but also (because of his gift) as though he himself were an Earthan male. I was proud and glad to share my orgasm with him.

“Oh! Yeah! Oh, fuck yeah! Ahhh! Mm… Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhh! Ahhhhh!” I cried out as my penis shot out a large load of semen into the air. I closed my eyes in the moment of release, so I didn’t see where my cum went, but when I opened them and looked at Aurel, he was trembling and pale again. His hands had left my body, and now I just wanted to hold him and kiss his lovely face.

“It is… very… powerful, yes, and… amazing,” he murmured, almost reverently. “Now I can understand… why mating is so important… to your species. I… I must rest, now…”

“Aurel,” I called, straining against the invisible force holding my arms. “I want to hold you…”

He smiled wanly and replied, “But you are holding me, in your arms. When you awaken, I will be there.”

I blinked as his words sank in. “So… I’m actually asleep, right now?”

“Yes,” he answered. “I hope you are not offended… I decided to touch you while you are unconscious, so that my mind will not become overloaded. But I will disconnect our senses now, and we can both rest.”

The post-coital lethargy was already taking over.

“Okay,” I mumbled. “Whatever you say…”

“Sleep well, Jun,” I heard Aurel whisper as I fell back into a deep, restful sleep.

I awoke slowly, drifting in that state between sleep and consciousness, and first noticed the warm body lying in my arms. When I opened my eyes to investigate, they were filled with a smoky-lavender haze, and I remembered: Aurel! My beautiful and kind Vanzatoan. He had not only tolerated my ignorance and lust for him, but had even answered my questions and let me sleep with him in his bed. I felt a cooling stickiness in my underwear and inwardly groaned. Apparently, even that was audible to him.

“Did you rest well, Jun?” he asked, stroking my arms through my shirtsleeves.

“Yeah… I… Was that a dream, or…?”

“Yes, it was a dream. But I participated in it. I removed one of the gloves and touched your skin while you were sleeping. It is safer that way, until I become accustomed to the connection.”

He twisted around in my arms to face me, and smiled his lovely smile.

“So… You felt what I felt?”

“Yes. It was… wonderful!”

“Yeah… Yeah, it was!”

I grinned at him vacuously, but he didn’t seem to mind. After what we had just shared, nothing else seemed to matter.

“I think I will cook dinner now,” he stated, yawning and stretching like a kitten.

All this and home-cooked food, too? I must’ve died and gone to heaven!


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