Original Fiction – Novels

A Tale of Two Trucks  – I’m a 5’4″ interior designer with no love life when Joe – a 6’6″ contractor – lumbers into view. Of course I’m going to get my heart broken, but a guy’s gotta dream, right? © Thea Nishimori, 2010
WARNING: Smut alert!
* This story is available as an e-book from Dreamspinner Press and Amazon.com so I can only post up to 10% of the content here.
Read the review by Rainbow Book Reviews! 😀

Quartetto – Brian, the American bass singer in Quartetto, was a happily married man until he fell in love with Johann, the beautiful tenor from Austria. However, Johann has a tragic past and Brian has a wife. Will they be able to live happily ever after? © Thea Nishimori, 2009
(Not moved here yet. Please email me if you would like a PDF copy of the draft originally posted.)
WARNING: Smut alert!

Close Encounters of the 7th Kind – When Jun Nakamura was transferred to Planet Ixion, he had no idea that he would become the first Earthan to experience a Close Encounter of the 7th Kind: wild, kinky sex with an extraterrestrial. Only… his beautiful Vanzatoan is male? © Thea Nishimori, 2010
WARNING: Smut alert!

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