Bonding 3

“How you holdin’ up?” G asked Deeks, glancing down to check that Sam’s cock was still shoved up into the other man.

“I… Ah… I…” Deeks began, but could not formulate an answer.

“He’s doin’ just fine,” Sam said reassuringly, wrapping Deeks in both of his arms and giving him his full attention. “You did a nice job warming him up for me, G — he’s all hot and wet, just like a good bitch should be.”

Deeks mumbled in protest, but Sam began to move inside of him, holding the smaller man against his chest as he thrust his hips, pumping him with his large male piston. G poured some extra lube on their sliding parts, releasing Deeks’ hands to do so; however, Deeks was too preoccupied with what was happening between his ass-cheeks to realize that his hands were free. Even if he had attempted anything, it would have been futile against the two men who had sandwiched him. G grabbed Deeks’ cock again, since it had begun to perk up from all the internal stimulation, and slathered more lube onto it as well.

“How’s that, Deeks? Isn’t that nice?” Sam teased, tweaking his nipples with every upward thrust.

“Mmm… Big… so big!” Deeks moaned, but did not struggle to get away from the other man’s appendage. If anything, he was pressing against it every time it slid further in, hoping it would rub that special spot on his inner wall.

“You’re playing with the big boys now, Deeks,” G declared, shafting his hands upward around the cop’s cock. “But I must say, you’re handling it well! One would almost think you’d done this before…”

“Ngh… No… I… never…” Deeks moaned, his breath catching whenever Sam plunged into him.

“You might as well go for it, G. He’s as ready as he’ll ever be,” Sam remarked, and G nodded, shucking off the kimono robe. Deeks opened his eyes and gasped when he felt G’s finger enter him alongside Sam’s cock, pulling his anus open even wider.

“Now the real fun begins,” G smirked, and Sam held Deeks steady while his partner positioned himself.

“Wha-What’re you… You can’t be serious!” Deeks gaped, his eyes as large as saucers.

“I’m dead serious,” G informed him, then pushed his cock up into Deeks’ anus, sliding it along Sam’s. A high-pitched squeal escaped Deeks’ throat as his rectum was forced to accommodate two cocks, both of them larger than his own. The two men on either side of him stopped their movements for a minute, G watching his face for signs of excessive trauma and Sam stroking his skin and murmuring words of encouragement.

“Easy now… just take it easy… You’re doing great. Just breathe,” Sam whispered in his ear.

“I… I can’t believe…” he eked out, his eyes closed tightly.

“I know it’s uncomfortable,” G told him, “but you’ll thank us for this later. Now, take a deep breath…”

Deeks did as he was instructed, and felt their hands running up and down and all over his body, rubbing and caressing him with a tenderness he would not have believed the two men capable of.

“Try clenching and releasing, over and over,” Sam advised. “There you go! Feel your skin sliding around to get more comfortable?”

“Mmm… yeah,” Deeks answered, shocked at how resilient his own body was.

“All right, I’m gonna start moving,” G announced, then withdrew very slowly. Deeks gasped and arched his back — he was leaning against Sam already, so his head dug harder into the big guy’s chest — as the bulbous tip of G’s cock slid past his prostate.

“Fuck! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck… Oh god! Oh! Ah! Ahhh!” he cried.

Having found Deeks’ pleasure button, G was pressing his cock back and forth, back and forth over just that spot, watching the liaison officer’s own exposed cock grow and harden to its fullest.

“Is that good, Deeks? You like that?” G grinned, knowing that he’d hit pay dirt.

“Fuck, YEAH!” Deeks replied, finally finding his hands and using them to clutch at G’s back. He desperately needed an anchor —he felt that his very soul would go rocketing off the planet when he climaxed, shooting out of his vertical cock along with his cum.

“Mmm… Feels great, G,” Sam said appreciatively, his hands venturing out to grab G’s body once more. G obliged him by leaning against Deeks, so close that his rippled abs rubbed against the tip of Deeks’ cock. Sam grasped his lover’s arms as G pressed even closer, pausing his movement within Deeks, to kiss Sam again. As their tongues wrestled within their mouths, Deeks was able to catch his breath and really take stock of his position for the first time.

“Oh god, they’re both inside of me… and Callen’s cock feels so good! Sam is huge, by himself, but I can do this. It doesn’t hurt anymore, and god, I’m ready to explode! I can’t believe I’m doing this… I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying this!” he thought, in amazement.

The other two pulled out of their sloppy kiss, and as G resumed his rhythmic rocking, Sam put his wet lips and tongue on Deeks’ shoulder. Deeks panted as he was driven up the ladder of ecstasy, and soon his cock was leaking freely, leaving a slimy trail on G’s skin where it rubbed against it, like a slug would on a rock. Knowing that Deeks was getting enough satisfaction from their fucking, G changed tactics and began to move in long, powerful strokes — his cock didn’t stimulate Deeks’ prostate as frequently, but it rubbed against Sam’s cock more thoroughly.

“Oh… fuck, G!” Sam panted in approval. “Fuck, yeah… oh baby… Give it to me, G… Bring it!”

Instinctively, Sam began thrusting again, craving more of the wonderful friction that his partner supplied. The hot undersides of their two cocks writhed against each other, and the overhanging lips of their tips (arguably the most sensitive spot of their entire anatomy) caught and titillated their senses, pressed together as they were in the tight tunnel of Deeks’ rectum. Their movements became more frenzied as they both neared their climax, and although G still hit the other man’s G Spot on occasion, it was obvious even to Deeks’ hazy consciousness that he was merely a tool, a sex toy, a convenient receptacle for their cocks as the two men made love with each other inside of his body. Their primary focus was on the sensation of their cocks sliding together to a primal beat of lust.

As G’s thrusts became quicker, Deeks grasped the sheets again, feeling the pressure in his genitals building up like a massive volcano. Then at the next stroke against his trigger, his volcano erupted, spewing lava-hot cum in great spurts against G’s abs and raining down on his own. Feeling Deeks’ body quiver in ejaculatory release, G thrust deep and hard against Sam’s cock and spurted out his own cum. Sam groaned and growled like an animal, then immediately followed suit, trembling violently as he filled Deeks with a second load of viscous passion.

“Oh fuck… fuck… damn!” G breathed, thoroughly sated.

“Fuck, yeah! That was good,” Sam agreed.

“Oh god… Wow… Just… WOW!” was all Deeks could say.

They dozed off, exhausted and content, and Deeks awoke to find himself still held in Sam’s arms, his curly hair being lazily combed back by the big black man’s fingers.

“Where’s Callen?” he asked, unable to come up with anything better to break the ice. Although Sam seemed completely at ease, Deeks was feeling somewhat awkward as the impact of what had transpired sank in.

“Took a shower, then headed out to get donuts,” Sam answered, a faint smile playing on his sensuous lips. “We should get cleaned up, too.”

“Yeah…” Deeks trailed off, not yet wanting to get up. “Say, Sam… how did you, y’know… um…”

“How did G and I become lovers?” Sam supplied with a knowing smile.

“Yeah. That,” Deeks nervously nodded.

“Well, at first, it was just a convenient way to blow off steam, y’know… Working undercover, women are just too… complicated. Plus, you don’t want the liability — you wouldn’t want them to get involved or, hell, even hurt, if the mission went south. So we started out just gettin’ it on the down-low. It was sex, plain and simple — a basic human need, like food or sleep. But then… well, the more we got to know each other, and really trust each other… it became something more, something… special.”

Deeks had listened with a look akin to awe on his face.

“Yeah. I can tell that… that you mean a lot to each other. Like… you’re really a pair, y’know, like two sides of the same coin. You’re really partners.”

“Exactly,” Sam beamed, his eyes sparkling with happiness. “We’re partners, in every sense of the word. We were just made for each other!”

Deeks considered that statement for a moment before murmuring, “I sorta… envy you guys. That’s something… really rare. Most people go all their lives without ever finding it.”

“I know. We were lucky,” Sam agreed. “I hope you’ll find it, too, someday… but until then, you’re always welcome to join us.”

“Thanks,” Deeks told him, and meant it.

Sam insisted on showering with Deeks, giving the thinly-veiled excuse that it saved water and was better for the planet, and washed him off tenderly. G had returned with the donuts and eaten his share of them before the other two came out, and he eyed them suspiciously until Sam shoved him against the refrigerator and kissed him within an inch of his life, making Deeks snort in laughter and get the cream filling of a long john stuck up inside his nose.

While the two partners were making up and making out, though, Deeks felt another call of nature and ducked into the bathroom. Sam and G heard a string of curses let out in a caterwaul shortly thereafter, and chuckled.

“He’s taken his first post-anal-coital dump, I presume,” G commented.

Sam grabbed his cell phone and they both burst through the bathroom door, much to Deeks’ dismay.

“God, that is huge,” G declared, peering into the bowl as Sam shot a photo of it.

“You must be so proud,” Sam smirked at Deeks, who was standing there with his pants down.

“Don’t you guys have any respect for a man’s privacy?” he demanded, reaching for his underwear.

Sam and G glanced at each other before stating, in unison, “No,” with perfect aplomb.


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  1. deliacerrano

     /  2012/06/15

    Super sexy and super funny!

  2. Kittykatkins

     /  2015/11/29

    Wow, that was awesome! Would love to read more of these 3 together, and maybe one with Kensi added in – one man for each orifice! 😉

    • ROFL!!! To quote George Takei, “Oh, myyyyy!!!” XD

      • Kittykatkins

         /  2015/11/29

        I can’t help it, my mind just went straight there, complete with pics and sound effects! :O 😀

      • You and I are on the same wavelength, it seems! 😉

      • Kittykatkins

         /  2015/11/29

        It’s great but at the same time terrible! Harmlessly, innocently watching a show or film then your mind just goes “WOAH! TOTAL MISSED PORN OPPORTUNITY!” and disappears off on this horny tangent and you suddenly realise you’ve lost 10 minutes of your favourite show and have to rewind. Unless you’re with company and then you have to pretend you just fell asleep for 10ms with your eyes open….

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