Bonding 2

Deeks was frozen on the spot, and the two other men’s threats only made matters worse for him. G rolled off of Sam with a sigh, pulling on a silk kimono-style bathrobe that was obviously too big for him, and approached the petrified liaison officer in the hallway.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to see anything! I mean, I didn’t see anything — that is, y’know, nothing important! Not that that isn’t… important…” Deeks babbled, the blood draining from his face as he realized that G had deliberately left the front of the bathrobe open, putting his glistening family jewels on display.

“Deeks. Shut up,” G stated as he sauntered over to Deeks, then placed an arm around his shoulders and forced him to walk towards the bed.

“If you need a plug for that mouth of yours,” Sam commented from where he languidly lay, “I’m sure we can find one.”

Deeks felt his blood run cold to see Sam fondling his manhood as he said that. Even spent and limp, it was enormous — he did not want to imagine what it would be like at full girth and length.

“I’ve got a better idea,” G countered, twirling Deeks around as though he were a puppet and shoving him onto the bed. Deeks squeaked as he landed ass-first between Sam’s legs, and started sputtering when he felt two pairs of arms on his person: one pair grabbing him from behind in a vice-like grip, immobilizing his own arms, the other removing his jeans and unbuttoning his shirt.

“G-G-Guys, guys! I should get going! I didn’t mean to intrude, I-I just meant to say thanks for letting me crash here over—RAAAUUUGGGHHH!”

His words turned into a caterwaul as G grabbed his cock and gave it a rough tug. Since the taciturn federal agent now had him literally by the balls, Deeks realized that he was entirely at the other man’s mercy.

“Hey, play nice,” Sam interjected, making Deeks hope for a brief, insane moment that the big man at his back would let him go. “It might be his first time.”

“Is it, Deeks?” G demanded, his face every bit as serious as in an interrogation.

“W-W-Well… yeah!” Deeks managed. “I mean, not, y’know, my first first, but…”

“First time with a guy? Or just the first time being the meat in a man sandwich?” Sam murmured into his ear while caressing him with his huge black hands and running a hot tongue along his shoulder. Deeks broke out into a sweat as he realized, with terrible certainty, the other two men’s intentions.

“I’m guessing ‘yes’ and ‘yes,'” G supplied, crawling onto the bed without taking his eyes off of Deeks’ trembling face. “Don’t worry, we’ll go easy on you.”

“At least for your first time,” Sam added, his hand joining G’s in fondling Deeks’ now-growing manhood. For, despite the terror that the duo instilled in him, the young cop couldn’t help but be aroused at the sight of their passionate love-making earlier, and even the way they were man-handling him now was, in a perverse way, exciting. But above all else, their hands were touching his most sensitive organ, opening up a whole new universe of pleasure to his senses. The last few shreds of his reason and resistance disintegrated under their strong, gentle, yet insistent ministrations.

Another novel sensation joined the fray, and Deeks caught a glimpse (through eyelids heavy with lust) of G’s head bent over his own rising head. He realized with shock that the NCIS team’s fearless leader and obvious alpha male was sucking on his cock. The warmth and wetness assailing his joystick made Deeks mewl in ecstasy, throwing his head back against Sam’s shoulder to gasp meaningless words in the throes of his coerced passion.

“Oh god! Oh god… Fuck! Ah, ah, ah… mngh… nngh… yeah! Fuck yeah! Oh god…”

Meanwhile, Sam had entrusted Deeks’ family jewels to his partner, merely supporting their new playmate with one arm as he reached for the tube of lube with the other. Single-handedly, he squeezed out some gel, then slid his sticky fingers down between Deeks’ buttocks and into his body cavity to steal his ass-virginity.

“WAAUUUGGHHH!” Deeks cried out as the first intruding digit found his sweet spot and stimulated it, a little too harshly. Sam moderated his touch and stroked it gently, getting a silent thumbs-up from G to indicate that their friend — or victim — had started to leak his cum. In fact, Deeks even began to drool as his mind became overloaded with the pleasurable sensations bombarding his body.

“Ah… I… ah… anngh! Hnngahhh! Ahhh! Ah! Ah! AHHHHH!”

With a few more unintelligible pants, Deeks released his cum in several powerful spurts, trembling, then collapsed in Sam’s arms. G got up from his crouching position to sit back on his haunches, wiping his mouth once with the back of his hand.

“You swallowed it?” Sam asked, slightly incredulous.

“Yeah. It was his first time, after all.”


“Says who?” G challenged, showing his partner how hard and erect his cock was again. Sam grinned and hefted Deeks’ inert body up, revealing his own sizeable erection beneath. “Impressive,” G conceded.

“So’re you. Wanna go first?”

“Sure. How much d’you open him?”

“Not much.” Sam showed him one slicked finger in explanation.

“Should probably stretch him a bit more than that.”


Deeks was nearly comatose from the intensity of the orgasm he had just experienced, and was only barely aware that the other two men were probing his anal tract with their fingers, pulling his sphincter open. But by the time G slid in a second finger, in addition to Sam’s two, he was beginning to come around.

“Uh… um… guys?” he asked, his hands flailing weakly in protest. “I… uh…”

“Just relax, Deeks,” Sam advised as he plunged even deeper into the other man’s orifice.

“Don’t clench,” G warned him, then hooked a finger up towards his navel to find his hot button.

AH! Oh god, oh god, oh god…” Deeks groaned as his prostate was probed and prodded, making his flagging cock twitch. “God, Callen… that feels… so good…” he gasped.

“There’s a reason why they call it the ‘G Spot,'” the NCIS agent smirked, continuing to stimulate the helpless cop’s body from both outside and in.

“I… I can’t… take it!” Deeks groaned, and G let up on him slightly. Sam, however, still had two fingers inside of him, pressing deep into his cavity to open up his passageway.

“I think he’s ready,” was the big man’s assessment.

“All right, hold him steady… Nice and easy, now, Deeks…” G told him, hoisting the other man’s legs up to expose his bottom, crack opened wide, as he placed his own cock at the entrance.

“Wait! I… I can’t… ah… AHHHHHHH!” Deeks cried, writhing as G penetrated him in one long, powerful stroke.

“Stop clenching!” G ordered. “You’re only making it harder on yourself.”

“Relax, Deeks,” Sam soothed, rubbing his shoulders, arms, and torso in movements most conducive for relaxation. “Don’t worry, you’re gonna be just fine…”

Deeks grasped the sheets with both hands from the pain of the intrusion, but G carefully pried them open, then intertwined their fingers as though they were joining in prayer.

“Just breathe,” he told him. “You’re gonna love it by the time we’re through. Trust me.”

“Ow… It’s so… big…” Deeks protested, tears brimming in his eyes.

“Hey, if you think this is big,” G snorted, “you should try getting fucked by Sam with only a few drops of motor oil!”

“Don’t go telling him all of our secrets,” Sam smiled coyly. “I was saving that for later!”

Deeks’ breath hitched in his throat, but before he could beg for mercy, G started to move back and forth in a slow, steady rhythm. Sam reached around with the lube and dropped another dollop on G’s cock as it slid partially out for a moment.

“Look at me,” he coaxed, and when Deeks obeyed and turned around (still vaguely hoping for some respite), Sam kissed his lips and cheeks, disregarding his trademark stubble, and resumed caressing his body.

“Mmm… Sam…” he breathed, no longer capable of coherent thought. All he knew for sure was that he liked how Sam’s large hands were touching him and how tenderly Sam was kissing him. G continued to probe his nether regions with sure, strong thrusts, and the initial discomfort was wearing off, being replaced by a sense of increasing arousal and excitement as his male anatomy was stimulated from the inside. He was also beginning to feel mildly curious, wondering what the culmination of this strange version of sex — sandwiched between the two tough agents — would be like. So far they had been remarkably gentle.

“I think it’s about that time,” G remarked to Sam, making Deeks’ eyelids flutter open.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Sam responded, then shifted beneath Deeks. G pulled out completely and hung back, watching, as Sam positioned the other man’s anus directly above his own erect cock. At the last moment, Deeks realized what was about to happen.

“NO! No way! It’s too big — it can’t fucking fit!” he yelled, struggling to get free; however, G was still holding his hands, preventing him from using them, and in a moment the two men had wrestled his body down, skewering him onto Sam’s thick and long cock. He gasped, hardly able to breathe, as the large missile was fitted inch by painstaking inch up his launch tube. The tears rolled down his cheeks to fall, unheeded, onto the sheets below. Once Sam was in as far as he could go, he gave the smaller man a moment to adjust to his girth.

“Mmm… Nice and tight,” Sam murmured appreciatively.

“Don’t get too used to it,” G warned, deadpan, but Sam knew that it was the closest his partner would ever get to expressing jealousy.

“Awww, G! You know you’re the best,” he grinned, reaching for his partner with one hand. G allowed himself to be pulled in for a kiss over Deeks’ shoulder, and Deeks was paralyzed as he heard the two men make wet, slurping noises as they deep-kissed right by his ear. Sam caressed G lovingly, sliding his hand in under the kimono robe and pulling him even closer — which meant by default that G’s body was now mashed against Deeks’. When their lips finally parted from lack of oxygen, the man sandwiched between them was sure that he would never be able to look at them in the same way again.


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