Bonding 1

WARNING: Smut ahead! Dub-con as well.

Sam grinned as G rolled his eyes at Deeks, who was already slurring his words over his drink. Deeks had been the one to suggest going out in the first place, and even though Hetty had required that they turn in their borrowed tuxedos, they were having a good time shooting pool and trying to top each other’s crazy cop stories. Well, for Sam and G they weren’t exactly “cop” stories, but they’d come across their fair share of bizarre crimes in their time.

“So this guy’s fightin’ like hell to get out of the strip search, right?” It was Deeks’ turn in the friendly competition. “And I’m holdin’ him down so my partner can get him cuffed to the bars, and we finally got both his hands cuffed, and he’s spread-eagled. So then we pat ‘im down and take off his clothes, and whaddaya think he’s wearin’ underneath? A pink bra and matching panties! With brown polka-dots on ’em!”

“That’s just not right!” Sam good-naturedly chuckled.

“I’ll bet he wasn’t looking forward to prison,” G added dryly.

“Damn right!” Deeks agreed, sloshing some of his Scotch as he saluted G with it. Sam and G gave each other a knowing glance, then came up on either side of Deeks.

“All right, you’ve had enough to drink. We need to get you home and into bed,” Sam told him.

“What? Aw, come on, we’re jus’ gettin’ warmed up here!” he protested.

“Party’s over, Deeks. Let’s get a cab,” G said, grabbing his arm and propelling him towards the door while Sam deftly took the glass from his hand and left it on the counter.

“Nawww, guys, come on!” Deeks whined, but they soon hailed a cab and forced him to sit between them on the hump.

“All right, what’s your address?” Sam asked.

“Not tellin’!” came the reply from the obviously disgruntled liaison officer.

“No wonder they didn’t like you downtown,” G sighed. Sam simply leaned forward and gave the cab driver his own address.

“We can put him on the couch,” he commented to G over Deeks’ head.

“I wanna party!” Deeks pouted, crossing his arms. “I thought we were shupposed to be bonding. I was having fun!

“Getting hammered isn’t my idea of fun,” G said with a withering glance, but Deeks was too far gone to notice. In fact, his chin had slumped down onto his chest, and in a matter of moments he was snoring.

“Guess that takes care of that problem,” Sam smirked, and finally got G to smile, too.

After they’d dragged Deeks onto the couch in Sam’s living room, they locked themselves in the bathroom off the main bedroom. The bigger man pulled G into the shower, stripping him of his clothes and lathering his back with soap.

“What was that you said about ‘getting hammered not being your idea of fun’?” Sam teased, running a soapy finger down into G’s crack.

“It’s not. At least, not the kind of hammered that Deeks was getting,” G answered, with just the ghost of a smile curving his lips.

“Yeah? So what kind of hammered is your idea of fun?” Sam persisted, one finger already rubbing the inside of his partner.

“The kind of hammered where you don’t ask me stupid questions, and I don’t have to tell you to shut up!” G retorted. He braced himself against the shower wall as Sam placed a second finger inside of him.

“Works for me,” was all Sam said in reply, his voice thick with desire. He soon had G moaning from the movement of his fingers, and after quickly lathering himself with his free hand, he guided his missile to G’s now gaping hole. They both grunted as his thick manhood slid into its favorite orifice, and G put one foot up on the side of the bathtub to give the taller man better access. Sam fell into a steady rhythm, and they both rocked their bodies together to maximize the depth of their connection.

Always considerate, Sam reached around his partner to wrap his hand around G’s growing cock, stroking it in the tunnel that his fingers formed. G bent over to press his forehead against the wall, panting as he was prodded slowly but surely up the ladder to ecstasy. The only sound in the bathroom for a long while was the pattering of the shower, their labored breathing and appreciative grunts, and Sam’s massive thighs slapping against G’s tight, muscular ass.

Eventually, G’s gasps became quicker and sharper, and Sam plunged as deep as he could and held it there for a few seconds at a time. G let out a few moans as his body trembled, and his cum spattered against the bathtub in several long, satisfying spurts. Stimulated by the contractions that G’s climax produced around his own cock, Sam followed suit a moment later, infusing G with his lava-hot cum.

They stood there, panting and leaning against the wall and each other, until their breathing returned to normal, then continued washing each other off. Sam bent to claim a kiss, and could feel G’s lips smiling under his own.

“You like that kind of hammered?” he whispered, wrapping his arms around G to hold him close.

“Yeah. You bet!” G grinned impishly. “I gotta take a leak now.”

When Sam released him, he turned around and shat Sam’s cum out of his hole.

“Yeah, you’ve got a leak all right!” Sam smiled in approval. “You’re gonna have to plug that up, you know!”

“I know, big guy,” G laughed. “But I’m ready to take a load off my feet!”

“Yeah! Me, too,” Sam agreed, and held off doing anything more until they were cleaned and dried.

“Should we do something about Deeks?” G asked, stifling a yawn.

“Already took care of it — stuffed some cotton balls in his ears,” Sam replied, grabbing G and throwing him onto the bed roughly before straddling him and pushing him over. “Besides, he’ll be dead to the world until tomorrow!”

Their lips met hungrily, and their hands roamed over each other’s skin, scratching backs and grabbing asses. They tussled in a furious make-out session until they were both too aroused to wait any more. G flipped Sam onto his back in a surprising show of strength, then grabbed Sam’s saluting cock to hold it steady while he impaled himself on it.

“Ahhh…” he breathed, settling down into a comfortable crouch over the bigger man.

“You’re fuckin’ beautiful like this, G. You know that, right?” Sam demanded.

“Fuck, yeah!” G smirked, then began to grind his ass against Sam’s hips. Sam responded by pumping up into him, holding G’s hips still so he could drive further into his welcoming hole. G grabbed the headboard to support himself, and very quickly they were both covered in a light sheen of sweat from their exertions. Sam tried to reach G for a kiss, and eventually pushed himself up into a sitting position with G’s body held so close against his own that G’s cock rubbed against his stomach.

“S…Sam!” G gasped, holding onto his partner’s bulky shoulders as he tensed. The next moment he was shooting ropy strands of cum all over Sam’s chest, trembling in his arms. When he was finished, completely sated, Sam rolled him gently onto his back so he could satisfy his own needs. G clasped Sam’s body with his legs as the bigger man grunted and moved with surprising speed, thrusting repeatedly into his partner until he skewered him so hard that G’s ankles, crossed behind his back, came apart under the onslaught of his partner’s passion. G moaned as he felt Sam deposit a second load inside of him.

“Fuck, Sam,” he protested without rancor.

“No shit,” Sam agreed, collapsing on top of him and hugging their hot bodies together.

“Hey. Let go.”

“No way. I’m keeping your leak plugged. Like the little Dutch boy at the dike.”

“What dyke? All I see are a couple of fags,” G snorted.

“Yeah. A couple of fagged-out fags. Now go to sleep,” Sam ordered with mock gruffness.

G only smiled as he struggled to get comfortable. He knew better than to argue with Sam when he was like this. As tough as the big guy was, he enjoyed cuddling in the afterglow, and G knew that his partner was determined to keep him in this hold for as long as he could.

Deeks awoke with a mild hangover, which was no surprise; what did surprise him was the unfamiliar apartment in which he now found himself, and the inexplicable cotton balls stuffed into his ears. He was on the couch — that did not bode well. He tiptoed down the hall to the bedroom, hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl’s face (and hoping that she was still sleeping) before he high-tailed it out of there. Even before he reached the door, though, he could hear some movement in the room. He turned the doorknob silently and pulled it open just enough to peek inside.

What he saw was a lean, muscular, and very definitely male back leaning over the bed, moving to a very distinctive rhythm. He could also see a pair of black, muscular, and thick-as-tree-stumps legs wrapped around the waist of the moving male. He rubbed his eyes, thinking he was hallucinating, but when he looked again, the vision persisted. Even more astonishingly, he recognized the couple making the two-backed beast on the bed.

As he watched, mesmerized with something akin to horror, the couple started to grunt and gasp. When they had both finished, he knew he should run for his life, but his legs simply refused to move.

“Deeks! Get your sorry, peeping-Tom ass in here,” Sam ordered.

“You do realize, we’re gonna have to kill you now,” G added ominously.

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