Anything That Moves 7

“What is Rule #12?” Jimmy asked curiously, once they had cleaned every trace of their encounter in the morgue and were safely in Tony’s car.

“Gibbs’ Rule #12: ‘Never date a co-worker,'” Tony groaned.

“So then, he told you to never piss me off?”

“Yeah. ‘Cuz if you get into a fight with a co-worker, it destroys the work environment.”

“Oh.” Jimmy contemplated this for a moment before turning back to Tony anxiously. “Do you think Gibbs will tell anyone?”

“What, about us? Of course not! You’ve heard the motto, ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell,’ haven’t you?”

“Well, yeah…”

“That goes double for Marines! And in Gibbs’ case, that goes quadruple! Besides, who’s he gonna tell?”

“Um…” Jimmy’s voice sank to a mere whisper. “Dr. Mallard?”

“Oh!” Tony finally realized the cause for his worry. “Nah, he wouldn’t! I mean, how’s he gonna say it? ‘Ducky, did you know DiNozzo is sleeping with your assistant?'” Tony shook his head. “Nope. It’s too damn embarrassing.”

“I guess you’re right,” the ME’s assistant acknowledged, looking somewhat relieved.


“Isn’t it?”

“He’s been that way all week.”

“We’re beginning to get worried.”

“Maybe we should get him checked out by a doctor!”

Abby, Tim, and Ziva were watching Tony with concern. Tony was at his desk, working; not eating, not surfing the internet, not even making sexist wisecracks – just working.

“You do realize I can hear you,” Tony sighed, typing furiously. “Gibbs won’t let me leave until I finish this, and I’ve got a hot date tonight!”

“Oh, no! To~ny!” Abby wailed, clomping over to his desk in her new boots.

“What?” he asked, startled.

“How could you do that to Jimmy!”

“D-D-Do what?” Tony stammered.

“You’ve forgotten all about it, haven’t you?” she accused, though not harshly, since she was concerned about his mental state. “Jimmy said you were taking him clubbing tonight! Don’t tell me you forgot and made other plans?”

“Ah-um-no! Of course not!” Tony replied, thinking fast. “I’m taking Jimmy clubbing, and that’s where I’ll meet my date. And,” he added, with a burst of inspiration, “I asked her to bring a friend! But don’t tell Jimmy – I want to surprise him!”

“Awww, that’s so sweet, Tony!” Abby beamed, but Tim was slightly pouting behind her.

“You never took me on a double-date,” he grumbled.

“That’s because I have to spend enough time with you during working hours,” Tony glibly told him. “Besides, Jimmy’s a better conversationalist.”

“Ha! This from the man who mocked me for having Palmer over for dinner!” Ziva put in, incredulously.

“Yeah, why this sudden interest in the ‘Autopsy Gremlin,’ Tony?” Abby pressed. “I heard from reliable sources that you’re giving him rides to and from work all the time! What gives?”

“Well, h-he… lives near a bar I like,” Tony improvised, his ruddy complexion growing redder. “And, y’know… he really is a nice guy! I mean, once you get to know him and stuff…”

“Of course he is!” Abby exclaimed. “And I’m so glad you noticed, Tony!”

“All right, people, pack your gear!” Gibbs yelled as he burst into the bullpen. “We’ve got a dead sailor!”

“So much for my hot date,” Tony muttered. Abby sighed sympathetically.

“And I know Jimmy was so looking forward to tonight!” she added.

Gibbs stopped mid-stride, looking thunderstruck.

“You told them?”

“Y-Yes, b-but,” Tony stuttered, jumping up, “they promised not to tell him about the girls!”

After staring at him wordlessly for another moment, Gibbs head-slapped him and headed for the elevator.

“So we need to get our stories straight, at least,” Tony explained to Jimmy, as they lay in bed after another passionate session of love-making, early the next morning.

“Even if we’re not?” Jimmy quipped with a smile.

Especially because we’re not!” Tony replied, quite seriously.

Jimmy’s face fell as he heard the urgency in his lover’s words.

“So… you don’t want them to ever know? A-About us?” he asked, pain filling his eyes.

“Jimmy…” Tony sighed, pulling the younger man closer to his chest. “I don’t know. I just don’t know how to work this all out.”

Jimmy tried to hide his tears as he nodded, but he couldn’t help being disappointed. Tony kissed him tenderly, knowing the heartache he was causing his lover.

“Maybe someday, okay? I’m just… not ready yet.”

A week later, Jimmy and Ducky arrived at a crime scene in uproar. Apparently, from what the local LEOs told them, one of their team had been shot by the perpetrator of the original murder, who had been lurking in the house somewhere until he panicked and decided to shoot his way out. While Ducky brusquely pointed out that it was the police’s job to secure the crime scene, Jimmy rushed to the ambulance, having caught a glimpse of Tony with blood on his coat.

“Tony!” he cried, running up to him with his face as white as a sheet. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine, it’s just a flesh wound,” Tony told him quietly, trying to calm him. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing.”

Unable to control his emotions, Jimmy burst into tears, just as Ducky came up behind him, concerned now for not only Tony but his own assistant as well.

“Jimmy… Hey, Jimmy! Look at me!” Tony demanded, finally getting his attention. “You know what they say about your whole life flashing before your eyes?”

Jimmy gasped and clutched at Tony’s hands, gaping in horror.

“They lied. That’s not what happens when you face death,” Tony told him, grabbing both of his hands securely in his own. “You just realize what’s most important to you, and the regrets you’ll have if you die right then. And you know what I saw, Jimmy?”

He shook his head wordlessly, never taking his eyes off of his lover’s face.

“I saw you, Jimmy! And I knew Gibbs was right – if I’m gonna do this, I have to go all the way. I don’t want to have any regrets.”

As though on cue, Gibbs came up behind Ducky, with Tim and Ziva following, to check up on Tony’s condition. And there, in front of the entire team and emergency response crew, Tony went down on one knee, still holding Jimmy’s hands.

“Jimmy Palmer, will you marry me?”

Overwhelmed, Jimmy could make no sound, but he nodded and bent to kiss Tony’s hands.

“About time,” Gibbs commented, then rounded up his other two flabbergasted agents to go process the crime scene.


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  1. deliacerrano

     /  2012/06/15

    So unlikely but it would be so fun & sweet if it did. Seems like Jimmy could make Tony be a better person as we saw.

  2. ombrepluie

     /  2012/08/28

    I find this final verry cute, and, my god, I’m so disapointed of do not be abble to actualy see Ziva and McGee face… bouhou. but really it’s a verry great story and I like the way you play with the character of Tonny.

  3. I can see Tony and Jimmy having cute babies some day, I loved this story I think they’d make a great couple, I mean, I ship McGee/Dinozzo a lot but oh well ❤

  4. hailey

     /  2014/07/31

    yo could have finished it on, but thanks to you, you introduced me to a new website I love ! thank you. sorry if that sounded rude I didn’t want it to.

    • Thanks for reading! I’m glad you liked it. No, you didn’t sound rude — I realize now that it would have been all right at but at the time my friend was reported and had her account frozen so I panicked and took everything down that might be considered remotely objectionable. XD I do like having my own site, though, since it lets me put pictures in it the way I want.
      Hope you like some of the other stories too! 🙂


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