Anything That Moves 6

The rest of the weekend was spent lazing around, having sex so often that even Tony grew tired, watching “Magnum” re-runs, and eating whatever food they could get delivered.

“The great thing about being with Jimmy,” Tony smiled to himself as he lounged on the floor, his back against the couch where Jimmy lay dozing, “is that I don’t have to make nice and talk about him, or his hobbies, or family troubles, or whatever. And I don’t have to clean up this place just to impress him. Plus he’s happy just to stay in and watch TV – I don’t have to take him to fancy restaurants, or out dancing, or shopping,” Tony shuddered, “or any of that stuff girls want to do! I can just… be myself…”

The realization was liberating. In fact, it was something of an epiphany.

“Maybe I’ve been going at this all wrong,” he mused. “Maybe I don’t like girls… NO! What am I saying? Of course I like girls! Well, I like having sex with girls. But I don’t really like hanging out with them. I mean, I did all that romantic stuff when I was with Jeanne, but of course it was all an act – I had to do it, for the mission! Maybe I’m just not cut out to be in a relationship with a woman. And it’s so easy being with Jimmy… He’s just another guy! Well… not just any other guy… He’s… special…”

Reaching behind him, Tony found the shock of curly hair resting on a cushion, and gently combed it with his fingers.

“He knows me – really knows me – and still likes me! How amazing is that?” Tony thought, gazing into Jimmy’s peacefully slumbering face. “He laughs at my jokes, listens to my stories, is almost as horny as I am… and he actually wants to be with me. Just me, exactly the way I am, without trying to change me or expecting me to do stuff that’s not me. He’s just… perfect…”

Tony let out a sigh without realizing it, and Jimmy’s eyes fluttered open. An ingenuous smile crept over Jimmy’s lips as he stretched languidly, like a cat. Tony’s face reflected the smile as he got up on his knees to kiss him.

“Hey… Ready for another round?” he asked.

“Yeah!” Jimmy readily answered, much to Tony’s delight.

As hard as they tried to keep their affair a clandestine operation, rumors started circulating around the NCIS water cooler when several people noticed that Tony not only took Jimmy home several times a week, but also arrived in the morning quite often with the ME’s assistant in his flashy new car. Coupled with Tony’s conspicuous lack of interest, recently, in the female staff, daring conjectures were made which came surprisingly near the truth.

Even Tim was surprised when once, at a crime scene, he saw Tony wordlessly helping Jimmy carry one of the equipment cases.

“He never helps me carry stuff,” Tim later grumbled to Ziva and Abby.

“Maybe he figures you can handle it,” Abby tried to console him.

“I just hope he isn’t trying to turn Palmer into a mini-Tony,” Ziva frowned. “We have enough trouble with the one!”

Things came to a head (quite literally) one night when the team was working late on a case. But the kidnapped Navy officer was rescued safely, the culprits were all apprehended, and Gibbs told his people to go home. When Tony went down to the morgue to pick up Jimmy, he realized that his lover was alone in the quiet room.

“What, no Ducky?”

“The Doctor went home when he knew we didn’t have any fatalities from the shoot-out,” Jimmy yawned, turning off his computer. “I was just waiting for you.”

Tony felt his exhaustion melt away in the glow of Jimmy’s smile.

“And I can’t wait to get my hands on you!” he declared, wrapping his arms around the younger man and locking his lips in a kiss. In a flash, he had the ME’s assistant bent over one of the autopsy tables, scrub bottoms pulled down to expose his ass-cheeks as he readied his rectum for penetration.

“Use that… there, the… petroleum… jelly…” Jimmy gasped, pointing. Quickly retrieving it, Tony spread a liberal amount on his own cock as well as his lover’s back door, and as soon as the entrance was wide enough, he was inside, bucking like a wild animal.

“So… tight, and… hot!” Tony panted, gripping Jimmy’s shoulders securely while the lower half of his body pounded him like a battering ram.

“T-T-To~ny~!” he groaned, trying to support himself against the furious onslaught of Tony’s sex drive. Jimmy felt his own cock bouncing at every thrust, leaking and spattering semen all over the floor. His mind scolded him for making a mess in the morgue, and planned to clean it before leaving, but it was drowned out by his body, which was enjoying the sensation of being fucked by Tony, his idol-turned-lover.

“Jimmy, I’m gonna come!” he announced. “You ready? Ready for some Grade-A, Homogenized, DiNozzo Milk?”

“I’m ready, Tony!” Jimmy cried out. “Give it to me! I want it all!”

Not needing any more encouragement, Tony pounded into Jimmy’s ass until the dam in his balls gave way and his sperm started flooding his lover’s narrow cavern.

“One more,” he whispered, forcing his cock deep into Jimmy’s flesh and quivering in ecstasy as the last of his semen squirted out. “Ahhh…” he sighed, replete and satisfied.

“Good god, DiNozzo!” came a shocked voice from the doorway, which neither of them had heard open.

“B-Boss?” Tony asked, horrified to see Gibbs standing behind them.

“The girl in Accounting was right,” came the gruff answer. “You’ll fuck anything that moves!”

Gibbs turned on his heel to leave, actually forgetting about the file that he’d come down to deliver to Ducky. However, he turned back to fix one last glare on the guilty lovers.

“Clean up your mess before you leave! And DiNozzo,” he added, with a steely glint in his eye, “if you’re gonna break Rule #12, at least be sure not to piss them off!”

“Yes, Boss,” Tony meekly replied.


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