Anything That Moves 5

Jimmy gasped for air as Tony’s large cock pressed into him. It hurt so much that he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, and couldn’t even beg the man inside of him to go easy. After his bulbous tip had moved through the narrow opening, Tony continued to push until his cock was in all the way, his balls slap up against Jimmy’s ass. Only then did he finally stop to check on the Assistant ME.

“Jimmy? You all right, Jimmy?”

After heaving a few gulps of air, Jimmy was finally able to respond.

“Y-Yeah… I-I think so… But Tony, it-it hurts!” he moaned.

“I know, Jimmy; that’s what they all say. But it gets better, I promise!”

He whimpered pitiably, reminding Tony of a wet, bedraggled kitten he had once found as a boy.

“Easy, Jimmy… It’ll get easier. Just breathe, buddy!”

Jimmy could only nod, and Tony realized that he was holding back tears. In a flash of clarity, Tony recalled what the younger man had just told him about being assaulted before, and leaned over his back to stroke his curly hair.

“Jimmy, are you okay? This isn’t giving you flashbacks, is it?”

“N-No,” he managed, visibly relaxing under Tony’s gentle touch as he struggled to control his breathing. “It’s just… just…”

“What is it, Jimmy?” Tony prodded, as the younger man’s voice faded to silence. Tony rubbed his shoulders, trying to comfort him with hot, affectionate kisses as his lips and tongue roamed across the pale skin of his back. “Tell me. You know you can tell me anything, right?”

“It’s just…” Jimmy paused, gathering his courage. When he spoke it was in so low a voice that Tony had to strain to hear him. “I’m so… so stupid!

“Why? Are you… having second thoughts? About this?” Tony worriedly asked.

Jimmy swallowed and turned his face away, making him even harder to hear.

“No… Because… I-I should have waited for you!”

Stunned, Tony stopped his hands from wandering over Jimmy’s body.

“W-What do you mean?”

A sob escaped the younger man’s lips, convulsing his body. Tony immediately embraced him, wrapping his arms around Jimmy’s slim torso in a gesture that was both comforting and possessive.

“I… I was in a relationship, recently,” Jimmy began, the pain obvious in his quiet voice. “I broke it off… I felt like I was being used, and it turns out I was… I was so stupid!

“Shhh,” Tony hushed him. “It happens to the best of us – I should know!”

He nodded shakily, taking off his glasses to wipe his eyes on the bedspread.

“It’s just… The sex was great, but that was all it ever was. I never… never felt about her, the way… I f-feel about… you…”

Jimmy bit his lower lip, wishing, belatedly, that he could take back his words. “It’s too soon!” he scolded himself. “We haven’t even finished having sex, and you practically told him you love him! He’s gonna run for sure, now – he always does! Oh, why couldn’t I just keep my stupid mouth shut…”

While Jimmy inwardly berated himself, Tony was stuck in a very tight spot. Both literally and figuratively.

“My god! He has feelings – Jimmy’s got feelings for me! Well, I knew he had a crush on me, but hell, I didn’t think it was serious!

However, Tony was surprised by his own reaction, or lack thereof. Usually, the moment a woman started talking about “feelings” or “commitment,” his cock (very honestly) wilted. He just couldn’t perform under that kind of pressure! But strangely, despite Jimmy’s confession, his body was giving him an All Systems Go. In fact, he found Jimmy’s profession of feelings rather… endearing.

“DiNozzo, you’re getting soft!” he mocked himself. “You’re actually feeling all warm and fuzzy, just from knowing Jimmy has a thing for you! What in the name of all that’s holy is happening to me?”

Aloud, he only commented, “Well… Jimmy, that’s awful nice of you to say. Especially since my dick is stuck up your ass and I know it can’t be very comfortable.”

Jimmy muffled a sob and replied, “It’s getting better. I-I think… I’m getting used to it.”

“Good,” Tony said, relief evident in his tone. “‘Cuz I need to fuck you, Jimmy – I’m about to blow!”

“I’m ready!” Jimmy declared, hoping to please his lover at least once before this was all over.

Tony withdrew partway and slammed into Jimmy’s ass forcefully, although he tried to hold back on the speed. He built up a steady pace of thrusting into the tight tunnel of love, feeling Jimmy’s reaction through his hands placed securely around the younger man’s waist. As his cock was stimulated by the tight ring of muscle at Jimmy’s back door, which seemed intent on wringing out every last bit of his manhood, he felt his self-control slipping, and knew that he would be humping his partner like an animal before long.

“J-Jimmy… You all right?” he asked, already pounding into his ass like a piston in a Mustang.

“I’m… f-fine!” Jimmy answered, gasping again.

Tony tried to reign himself in, to go slower and aim for Jimmy’s sweet spot. His back was arching as his cock reveled in the friction, but he knew he had to aim lower in order to pleasure his partner. He moved his hands onto the bed, knowing that Jimmy’s ass would not move away – the younger man’s cock was acting as a stopper against the side of the bed – and dug deep.

“AH! AH! AH! TO~NY~!” Jimmy cried, bending like a bow as his lover prodded his prostate. Both of their cocks were leaking freely now.

“Jimmy! Jimmy! Oh… FUCK!” Tony yelled, then clamped his teeth on Jimmy’s shoulder to keep himself from waking the neighbors.

As the last shred of reason left him, Tony fucked Jimmy in short, rapid thrusts that made the bed shake and creak as though hit by an earthquake. Jimmy cried out again, a wild sound without words, as he came from the sheer force of having his prostate stimulated. Tony followed soon after, his frantic movements halted as he shoved himself, with all of his strength, into Jimmy’s body, spurting his DNA in several long, satisfying thrusts.

“Jimmy…” he heard himself say, dreamily.

“Tony… I love you,” came a whispered reply.

“I love you more,” Tony affirmed, wrapping his arms around a very pleasantly surprised Assistant ME.


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