Anything That Moves 4

Now that Jimmy’s needs had been taken care of (at least for the moment) Tony felt his own cock aching for the chance to do what it did best.

“Easy there, big guy,” he told himself. “Gotta make sure Jimmy-boy’s ready to take it like a man!”

He hastily searched for the lubricant he kept in his bedside table, then paused for a moment to take in the view. Jimmy was still panting, his eyes half-closed, almost spread-eagled as he lay on the edge of the bed. Tony noted that he was conspicuously lacking in body hair, with the exception of his privates.

“Hey, Jimmy,” he asked, standing between the younger man’s legs, “do you shave? Like, not just your face?”

“Ah-um-yeah,” he answered, opening his eyes to meet Tony’s gaze. “I… I used to be on the swim team, and, uh… hair can cause drag in the water. I started shaving in high school, when Coach told us to do it or leave the team. I guess… old habits die hard.”

“Huh!” Tony said, appraising the expanse of smooth, white skin that lay before him. “We’ll have to do a few laps sometime. You can show me your moves!”

“Well, I-I was never that good,” Jimmy admitted, watching in fascination as Tony squeezed out some gel onto his fingers.

“Ya gotta be a little good to get on the team, right?” Tony teased, flashing his inimitable smile. He enjoyed watching the Assistant ME blush. “Like an innocent schoolgirl,” he thought, pleased by the comparison.

“Well, yeah… but I went to a small high school,” Jimmy hedged modestly.

Tony’s throbbing cock had had enough of small talk.

“All right, Palmer,” he declared, in a falsely gruff tone. “Assume the position!”

“Assume the… what?” Jimmy asked, perplexed.

“The position! Y’know, where the officer gets to frisk ya?” Tony shook his head in dismay. “Haven’t you ever watched cop shows? Just turn around, or in this case, flop over, and spread your legs.”

“Oh! That position,” Jimmy mumbled, complying with some embarrassment.

“Are you comfortable?”


“Here, let’s make sure your dick’s dangling, so it doesn’t get smushed.”

“Um, yeah… That would be bad.”


Jimmy clenched the bedspread again as he felt Tony’s fingers sliding into the crack of his buttocks.

“Relax, Palmer. I promised I wouldn’t hurt you!”

“I-I know. I’m trying,” Jimmy whimpered, gritting his teeth.

“Take a deep breath. I know what I’m doing,” Tony assured him, gently kneading the younger man’s ass-cheeks with his free hand in slow, circular movements. “Breathe, Jimmy, breathe! Remember, oxygen is your friend…”

As he continued the mantra in an effort to make his partner relax, Tony’s fingers were busy spreading the gel around Jimmy’s opening, rubbing the tiny pucker of flesh until he felt it was safe to try sliding one in.

“Aaahhh!” Jimmy gasped, twisting the bedding in his hands.

“Easy, Jimmy… Just breathe! Don’t fight it… Let me in…” Tony murmured, sliding his finger in deeper.

“Nnngh! Mmph!” Jimmy cried, muffling the sounds by burying his face in the bed, but Tony felt his muscles twitching as he concentrated on making them relax.

“Good job, Jimmy… Easy does it!” he whispered encouragingly, squeezing more lubricant on with his left hand. He backed his finger out enough to gather most of it and push it inside of Jimmy’s hole.

“Mmfff! C-C-Cold!” Jimmy protested.

“Oh! Sorry about that…” Tony put the tube under his armpit to warm it. “It should only be room temperature, though… So maybe it feels cold because you’re so hot?”

Jimmy blushed, the pink color spreading from his face down into his neck.

“Tony… D-Do you really think… I’m h-hot?” he asked, shyly.

“Yeah,” came his ready reply. “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t, would I?”

Satisfied, Jimmy concentrated on relaxing again, and Tony was struck with the realization that he really did find Jimmy’s body attractive. No doubt it helped that he wasn’t hairy, like you would expect a man to be, but smooth and white, with soft, supple skin on his bottom – even if said bottom was definitely more muscular and square than a woman’s.

“God! I never thought I’d be switching teams, this late in the game,” Tony thought to himself. If he had any doubts, though, they were effectively dispelled by the sticky fluid beginning to leak from his cock. He probed inside Jimmy’s body cavity, knowing that there should be a sensitive spot right-


“Yep, there it is!” Tony said, beaming triumphantly. From his vantage point he could see Jimmy’s cock try to stand at attention, even though it was obstructed by the edge of the bed.

“T-T-Tony,” Jimmy gasped, gulping great draughts of air.

“You okay?”

“Yeah! D-Do that again!” he begged.

Never one to disappoint (at least in the bedroom), Tony rubbed the walnut-sized prostate gland gently, sliding his finger from the entrance to the target repeatedly. Jimmy twitched and moaned every time it reached his sweet spot, and his cock began leaking male milk again.

“You like that, Jimmy? You like being man-handled by your ol’ friend Tony?”

“Y-Yeah! I like it… a lot!”

Realizing that now the pleasure would outweigh the pain, Tony added some more lube and a second finger. Jimmy groaned, but did not clench his muscles in refusal.

“That’s it, Jimmy… just take it easy, let me do all the work…” Tony intoned, rubbing some lube onto his own cock with his other hand, never letting up on the progress he was making in expanding Jimmy’s physical boundaries. After a while he added a third finger from his left hand, and used the leverage to gently pull his partner’s entrance open further, making sure to do so at all points of the compass. He also pushed his fingers in as deep as they would go, trying to make the passage as ready as possible.

“Jimmy… I think it’s time,” he whispered softly in the younger man’s ear.

“Tony…” Jimmy answered, his rasping voice filled with desire. Tony made his entrance.


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