Anything That Moves 3

Keeping their lips locked in a deep, wrangling kiss, Tony gently nudged Jimmy over to his bed by pressing against the younger man, making him step back a little at a time, until the backs of his legs were touching the mattress. Then he grabbed his shoulders and forcefully pushed him over, making him bounce lightly on the bed. Jimmy gasped, frantically clutching at Tony’s naked back.

“So,” Tony began with a grin, “you’ve never been with another guy before?”

“N-Not really,” Jimmy answered.

“What do you mean, ‘Not really’? Either you have or you haven’t,” Tony teased, nipping the tender skin on Jimmy’s neck. He felt Jimmy swallow and take a deep breath.

“I-I was… almost raped, once,” he admitted, tensing.

Tony froze for a moment, then pushed himself up on his elbows so he could look directly into Jimmy’s face.

“When? What happened?” he asked, concern evident in his expression.

“W-When I was in college,” Jimmy began, trying very hard to keep his emotions under control. “Some guys were out drinking on the lawn, and caught me when I came back from the library.” He paused as Tony stroked his hair tenderly with one hand. “They… pinned me down, and got my p-pants off,” he continued, leaning his head into Tony’s warm palm and closing his eyes. “I just kept screaming, and someone must’ve called campus security. They… They groped me, a little, but got caught before they really did anything.”

Tony lay down against Jimmy, pressing their cheeks together.

“Do you think… you’ll be all right, doing this?”

He felt Jimmy nod slightly.

“Yeah… I-I want to do this! I want to… to be with you…”

Jimmy hugged Tony tightly with both hands, his breathing somewhat labored and his heart rate soaring. Tony gently nibbled on his earlobe, feeling Jimmy’s jeans swelling beneath him. He spoke in his ear softly, petting him all the while.

“Well… This is gonna be my first time with another guy, too. But the anatomy of the… ‘tail’ end of the digestive track, is basically the same for both male and female, right? And I’ve done this with women before, so I can promise that I won’t hurt you.”

“Okay,” Jimmy replied in a barely audible whisper.

Tony placed another kiss on the younger man’s cheek before standing up and unzipping his trousers. Jimmy watched with interest and some trepidation as Tony pushed his underwear down with the trousers, revealing his large, already half-erect cock.

“Tony,” came Jimmy’s querulous voice. “You’re huge!

“Don’t worry, Jimmy,” he reassured him. “It’ll fit. I’ll make sure it can fit before I try to.”

Jimmy’s nod was nervous. Tony was now completely naked, and he reached next for Jimmy’s belt and jeans, loosening and opening them before pulling them down his long legs. He tried not to smirk when he released Jimmy’s cock, which was also mostly erect, but shorter and much more slender than his own.

“I wonder,” he thought, looking at the smaller organ. “Maybe I should give him a blowjob so he can relax. Never done it before, but it can’t be that hard…”

Getting down on his knees, Tony leaned over the edge of the bed and carefully took Jimmy’s cock in his hands, stroking it for starters.

“T-T-T-Tony?” Jimmy stuttered, eyes wide as he stared at him.

“Relax, Palmer. That’s an order!” Tony said with mock severity, still fondling the stiffening organ. “You need to loosen up. Just let me work my magic on this little guy, and enjoy the fireworks!”

It had been a slip of the tongue that he’d referred to Jimmy’s precious member as “little,” but Jimmy didn’t seem offended. Of course, with Tony’s nimble fingers stroking and rubbing it, he probably couldn’t think of much else. When a milk-colored bead formed at the tip, Tony decided it was time to take the plunge. He licked the slit with the tip of his tongue, eliciting a moan from Jimmy, who was lying back with both hands grasping the bedding.

“Hmm… Bitter, and sour, but… just a hint of something sweet and… fruity? Weird, but not too bad…” Tony thought as he tasted another man’s cum for the first time. He’d gotten a taste of his own by accident, when it was transferred by the mouth of a girl who’d done this very thing to him, but at the time he was too keyed up by sexual tension to care.

Having had plenty of experience on the receiving end of a blowjob, Tony knew what felt good, and tried to give Jimmy the best of the best. He began by licking the underside of Jimmy’s cock from the base to the tip, slowly and tantalizingly, and found the groans that escaped his lips a turn-on that made his own cock eager for action. Taking the entire length into his mouth, he sucked hard, making Jimmy arch his back right off of the bed. He continued sucking it in rhythm, occasionally drawing it almost completely out of his mouth to lick off the leaking pre-cum, swirling his tongue around the sensitive end.

While holding the cock with one hand and sucking it, he used his other hand to massage the balls. When he felt them tense, he knew that Jimmy was close to climax, and soon afterwards, he ejaculated forcefully. The first few spurts went into Tony’s mouth, and the rest squirted up into the air like a fountain.

“Not bad for my first try, eh?” Tony asked, but Jimmy could only gasp in reply.


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