Anything That Moves 2

Tony took Jimmy to one of his favorite Italian restaurants – a bit fancier than pizza-in-a-box – and teased and coaxed the younger man into talking about himself. He even regaled him with some of the more memorable cases he’d seen in his police years, and it was a credit to both of their stomachs that they could shovel pasta and marinara sauce into their mouths while talking about gruesome murder cases and blood spatter patterns. Tony insisted on paying – “After all, I’m the one that invited you!” – but Jimmy was determined to leave the tip, and Tony finally gave in after considering how he might feel in Jimmy’s position.

“So – your place or mine?” Tony quipped when they were back in his car, starting the engine.

“Ah-ah-WHAT?” Jimmy gasped, flushing a bright red again. The three beers he had downed with his meal didn’t help with his cognitive abilities.

“Relax, Jimmy-boy,” Tony laughed, thinking all the while how adorable the ME’s assistant looked when panicking. “I’m not gonna eat ya! That is, unless you want me to,” he added in a dark, sultry voice. He was delighted to see Jimmy turn pale, then bright red again, gaping like a fish. On an impulse, Tony leaned over to kiss that open mouth, grabbing Jimmy’s jacket to pull him in closer. Probing with his tongue, he found that Jimmy’s tongue, like the rest of him, was petrified.

Tony ended the kiss with a gentle parting lick of the younger man’s lips, and felt himself growing cold sober again, despite the four beers he’d had.

“Hey… I’m sorry, if you didn’t want to…”

Jimmy simply looked at him, stunned.

“Look, kid, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-”

“You kissed me…”

It was said in a daze, with his gray-green eyes unfocused behind his glasses.

“Uh, yeah,” Tony answered uncomfortably. “I said I’m sorry. I just got a little… carried away, y’know?”

“You kissed me,” Jimmy said again, as though to himself.


Tony went along with him carefully, wondering if there were a punch or a bitch-slap coming.

Jimmy stared at him, blinking and swallowing several times before he managed to say, “Do it again?”

The next time their lips meshed, Jimmy started to participate, and Tony felt both of their bodies responding to the stimulus. The older man pondered – if only for a fleeting moment – the wisdom of his actions. He was not drunk, but having been sex deprived for the longest dry spell since hitting puberty, he knew his judgment was probably impaired. His reservations were cast aside, however, when Jimmy slipped both hands around him, drawing him closer with a desire so consuming that his own groin caught on fire. Coming up for air, he panted in Jimmy’s face, gazing deep into the gray-green eyes that now mirrored his.

“We need to get a room,” Tony told him. “Let’s go to my place.”

“Okay,” Jimmy breathed, nervously but happily.

How he managed to drive home without causing an accident would forever be a mystery to Tony. He guessed that he had set a new land speed record despite the Friday night traffic, and as soon as he had parked the car they both scrambled to get out of it and into the building. Jimmy had to chase him up the two flights of stairs to his apartment where, once they were inside and had shut the door, they both collapsed on the floor giggling with excitement.

“C’mere, you!” Tony growled, pulling Jimmy onto him in a tangle of arms and legs. As their tongues also tangled in another kiss, Tony ripped off Jimmy’s jacket and shirt, throwing them haphazardly on the coffee table. He paused to admire the younger man’s body, clad only in a sleeveless undershirt and jeans.

“Jimmy… You look good enough to eat!” he declared with utter sincerity. Jimmy blushed.

“Y-You always look good, Tony,” he said shyly, averting his eyes. When he looked down, though, he noticed the bulge in the front of Tony’s trousers, and blanched again.

“T-Tony, I… I never…”

“Don’t worry, Jimmy – I’m a trained professional!” he said, only half-teasing, then got up, offering him a hand. Standing up slowly, Jimmy continued to hold his hand as Tony led him into the bedroom, which was decorated in sedate greens and beiges.

“Oh!” Jimmy gasped. “This is… nice!”

“What? Not what you expected?” Tony grinned, removing his sport coat, shirt, and undershirt to reveal a prime example of male physique. His well-defined pecs were covered with a liberal growth of hair, which grew denser down the six-pack abs, especially below the navel. Jimmy’s mouth hung slack as he took in the view.

“Um… yeah. I mean… I didn’t know… what to expect…”

“Like what you see?” Tony asked, undoing his belt with a devilish smile.

“Oh… yeah! I like green. It’s the… same color… as your eyes.”

Jimmy’s voice had gradually sunk to a whisper, but Tony heard every word. Tossing his belt aside, he stepped closer to Jimmy and grabbed his head in both hands.

“Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy,” he murmured. “How long have you been crushing on lil’ ol’ me? Hmm?”

He enjoyed watching him blush beet red, trying in vain to break eye contact.

“I-I just… I always thought… You’re so handsome!” Jimmy blurted out, looking embarrassed enough to spontaneously combust. Tony rewarded him with a soothing kiss on his cheek.

“Yeah? That makes two of us,” he smirked, and kissed Jimmy’s other cheek more passionately.


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