My Fair Brother

Even the High King of Narnia could not have everything he wanted, as Peter had quickly found out. And the one thing he wanted more than anything else was his beautiful brother, King Edmund.

WARNING: Smut ahead! MM slash/shonen-ai and incest.

This story is set around three years after they came to Narnia, when Edmund is about 13~14 and Peter 17~18.

Chapter 1: The Madness of King Peter 

Chapter 2: The Secret and the Confession

Chapter 3: Picnic Prank

Chapter 4: Reminiscences of the Sun King

Chapter 5: Stormy Weather

Chapter 6: Voyage to Archenland

Chapter 7: Per’s Story

Chapter 8: Peter Finally Sleeps

Chapter 9: Mrs. Dumplesugar Steals His Knickers

Chapter 10: Two Practise Duels

Chapter 11: Peter’s Hand and Edmund’s Misgivings

Chapter 12: A Bath After the Dance

Chapter 13: Helping Each Other

Chapter 14: Edmund Rises to the Occasion

Chapter 15: The Roar of The Lion

Chapter 16: A Chat with Mrs. Dumplesugar

Chapter 17: King Lune’s Request

Chapter 18: A Brotherly Conversation

Chapter 19: Of Strawberry Cordial and Tarts

Chapter 20: The Voyage Home

Chapter 21: Per Meets the Talking Horses

Chapter 22: Edmund Hatches a Plan

Chapter 23: The Comfort of a Caress

Chapter 24: Understanding and Education

Chapter 25: The Trees’ Visit and a Late Night Snack

Chapter 26: Per Settles in and Edmund Finds Stars

Chapter 27: Philosophy on the Beach

Chapter 28: Bathing Brothers in the Laundry Basin

Chapter 29: Puffy Rolls, Bellybuttons, and LogicMFB Title 500 color

Chapter 30: What Is Love?

Chapter 31: Hiding in the Hedges

Chapter 32: A Luncheon and a Lesson

Chapter 33: A Candid Conversation

Chapter 34: Visiting Kings

Chapter 35: Sliding

Chapter 36: In the Dark

Chapter 37: Out of the Dark

Chapter 38: Dreams and Kisses

Chapter 39: Arrows of Love

Chapter 40: The Hunt

Chapter 41: Arguing with King Lune

Chapter 42: The Greatest Trial

Chapter 43: Push and Pull

Chapter 44: Sentimental Journey

Chapter 45: The Stone Table

Chapter 46: Of Mice and Men and Monarchs

Chapter 47: Trouble in the West

Chapter 48: Battle with the Harpy

Chapter 49: The Return of the King

Chapter 50: Edmund Hatches Another Plan

Chapter 51: Vigil

Chapter 52: On the Hot Sands of the Shore

Chapter 53: Happiness

Chapter 54: Consummation

Chapter 55: Bliss

Chapter 56:

Chapter 57:

Chapter 58:

Chapter 59:

Chapter 60:

Chapter 61:

Chapter 62:

Chapter 63:

Chapter 64:

Chapter 65:

Chapter 66:

Chapter 67:

Chapter 68:

Chapter 69:

Chapter 70:



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  1. Zoe

     /  2016/03/17

    Confusing (sorry)

  2. Alex Jackson

     /  2016/03/20

    Do you plan to ever continue this fic?

    • I do! I really do! I just have had very little inspiration and zero motivation due to RL issues. Please hang in there!

  3. FirstoftheDusk

     /  2016/04/10

    Wow. I just started reading this, and I have to say, this is one of the best-written fanfiction stories I’ve ever read. You are seriously a very talented writer (and remarkable true to Lewis’ original style, too), and I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next installments!

    One thing I was curious about though: Peter’s flashback in Chapter 19- do you know if that whole “Bloods and Tarts” thing has any basis in history, or was it just something you invented for the story?

    • Thank you so much! I’ve tried very hard to keep it in Lewis’ tone and style, although since he himself said that he couldn’t stomach anything smacking of romance between children, I’m sure he would not approve. XD

      However, he was surprisingly frank and pragmatic about homosexuality. The whole “Bloods and Tarts” system was described in his autobiography, Surprised by Joy, as the only way for some of the younger boys to advance in the societal caste structure of his school. He also wrote:

      In his unnatural love affairs, and perhaps only there, the Blood went a little out of himself, forgot for a few hours that he was One of the Most Important People There Are. It softens the picture. A perversion was the only chink left through which something spontaneous and uncalculating could creep in. Plato was right after all. Eros, turned upside down, blackened, distorted, and filthy, still bore the traces of divinity.

      It’s on his descriptions that I’ve based what might have been happening in Peter and Edmund’s school. Lewis would have expected the boys to grow out of it as they got older and had more opportunities to mingle with the opposite sex, as often happened, but I see Peter and Edmund as having a strong permanent attachment. I think it would be hard for any of the children who had been to Narnia (except perhaps Susan) to find happiness with someone who had not, unless they found a rare gem who believed their fantastic tales despite having never seen the evidence of them.

      In The Last Battle we see Peter and Edmund dressing up as workmen to go dig up the rings. It’s unclear how old they are at that point, but nowhere is it mentioned that either of them has a girlfriend, let alone a wife. I’d like to think that they stayed together, faithful to each other, regardless of being returned to our world. Like I always say, I insist on a happy ending for my stories. 🙂

      • FirstoftheDusk

         /  2016/04/12

        You’re welcome 🙂 That’s really interesting- I can see you’ve put quite a bit of thought into it (which is unfortunately more than can be said for a lot of fanfic authors, lol). I’ve never read Lewis’ autobiography, but I just might have a look at it…

  4. Cian Jones

     /  2016/05/04

    OMG I started this yesterday and I’m already on Chapter 25. You have such a gift for writing and I really hope you continue writing because what I have read so far is so addictive and I need Edmund and Peter to be together cause they’re my OTP. Hope you write more Fanfic in the future cause you’re freaking talented!
    – Cian xxx

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I do plan on continuing the story, although right now I’m on hiatus (not by choice). The boys will be together forever, though, I promise! 🙂

  5. Kelly

     /  2016/06/29

    I’ve been following this story for years, and it’s still one of my favorites, unfinished or not. I really hope you find motivation to continue it, but I also know how life can get and how interest levels in projects can change. Just wanted to let you know that there are still people out here rooting for some more of your brilliant Peter/Edmund writing.

    • Awww… thank you so much! Reviews like yours is what keeps me (and I’m sure all other writers) going! ❤

  6. Please, please continue this fic. I know i sound so demanding but it is so well written I can’t get over the fact that it’s still unfinished with so many ways it could go.

    • I’m so sorry! >.< But it can only go in a good direction. Please imagine them cuddling and snuggling and being happy!

  7. Goldensky

     /  2016/08/09

    Please can your write more I had fallen in love with your story. I hope you know you are an amazing writer XD

  8. gabriella

     /  2017/02/07

    aww I just started reading this today, and I finished all the chapters!! This is one of the best fan-fictions I had ever read!! it’s simply addictive. Will you plan to finish writing this? Arggg I can’t wait for the new update.

    • Awww, thank you so much! Yes, I do plan to finish it… although I’m not sure when….
      Thank you for reviewing! It’s the best incentive for me to keep writing! 😀

  9. the-great-dragon

     /  2017/02/08

    This story brought me out of a 15 month writing funk. I even wrote a wopping 70 page Rough Draft inspired by this story (don’t worry, I haven’t copied you and I’m not even sure if I’ll ever upload it, though if I do I will send everyone your way, bc it couldn’t exist without our gorgeous story.) I owe you a great debt, because it’s this story that inspired me and brought me out of a very bad funk caused by some unfortunate incidents in my life. I have a totally renewed vigour now and I can’t thank you enough – I’m truly grateful!

    As for this story – I don’t even know where to start, except to tell you not to worry that you haven’t uploaded in a while. Trust me, you’re in good company there (thinking about Melblue’s King’s Love series. It’s Ed/Caspian and gorgeous and it will never be finished, yet I still absolutely adore it.) And, if I’m being perfectly honest, what you’ve written so far seems like a fair ending to me, even if it does leave some things hanging. If you do upload anything later, I will absolutely read it, but even if this isn’t the ending you pictured, it’s *still* an ending (having resolved, I think, the most pertinent dilemmas facing the characters in this story.) If you had to leave it off anywhere, this is the best spot, so I hope you don’t fret too much. It’s wonderful as is!

    And it *is* wonderful! The story is beautiful and you’ve done something I would have thought impossible a week ago – you made me adore Peter! I’d never disliked him, but I always found his character a bit…lacking? In some ways. So many stories are Edmund-centric (with good reason, bc Edmund is everything. I’ve been in love with him since first grade, I should know.) It’s nice, but it does tend to make the other characters fall flat. This story really brought life to him in a way that made me sympathetic to his plight but interested in his struggles. I’ve loved reading about him navigate this horrible situation and I even got a little mad on his behalf at Edmund’s, er, stubborn-headed-ness.

    I could really go on forever (and I might feel compelled to later, as I reread chapters) but this is just so great. Absolutely splendid read and wonderfully written story! Thank you so much for this amazing story.

    • O_O
      Wow. I mean, just… WOW!
      Thank you so much! I can’t even fathom that this story affected you so much, but I’m heartily glad that it has helped you out of your writing funk! Since I’m in a mild one of those myself right now, I can totally sympathize and do wish you all the best! I would love to read your story if you upload it, so please — seriously! — keep me posted!!!
      I love Edmund… Skandar is such a beautiful and talented boy/young man and the perfect choice to have played Ed, thereby launching a thousand fanfics, I’m sure! ^_^ But Peter (Bill) is also a cutie, and although the second movie was very unfair to his character, I wanted the golden High King to shine through, so I’m especially glad that you liked him in this! 😀
      I do have the continuation worked out in my mind… where they go back to England and are young children again, so Peter will have to deny himself for a while (MUCH to Edmund’s dismay and disgruntlement, of course!), and then they will return to Narnia to help Caspian but then have to go back to England once more… and for Peter and Susan, for good, which will put a different kind of strain on Peter and Edmund’s relationship… but I see them growing up to be fine young men who will never give up their love for each other.
      Thank you again for your lovely, wonderful, and encouraging review! :::HUGS:::

  10. Joshua

     /  2017/03/01

    Please, please, please continue this amazing fic. Seriously, it’s my favorite so far. Please?

    • Thank you sooo much! I’ve been thinking about this story lately so I will try to gather my thoughts and come up with the next chapter! ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. firecrowm

     /  2017/03/04

    Please please do continue this story, it’s absolutely beautiful. It really saddens me that at least as far as i can see the peter and edmund fics in the fanfic community are almost nonexistent, seems these two boys are being forgotten little by little which is a shame as there’s something so pure, so archaic, almost religious about this couple that it feels epic and mythical, to me they are like Adam and Adam, pure and perfect made for each other.

    Your fic has the advantage of being so well written that just as this couple your work should not be forgotten but celebrated.

  12. Ronan Tangerose

     /  2017/11/29

    Could u PLEASE take the time to finish this absolutely BEAUTIFUL story? I am so very happy that the brothers FINALLY admired their love for each other, and I am dying to know the rest of the story… Thank u for writing the PERFECT live story!!!

    • Thank you so much for reading! And I’m SO SORRY I haven’t continued in such a long time… but please imagine that the boys are happy together, and will be happy together forever!!!

  13. Aurora

     /  2018/01/28

    Pleas continues this story 😍


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