In the Mansion

WARNING: Severe smut alert! LMDM slash incest, underage, implied SSDM & LMSS slash.

Lucius returned to his mansion in mid-afternoon, much earlier than he was wont to, since the summer holidays had just begun for Hogwarts and his son, Draco, was home. He had missed the blonde-haired boy, a close facsimile of his own childhood years, more than he cared to admit — especially since he had been fired from the school governors’ board at the end of last term and had not been able to roam freely about the castle this past year. He was also concerned that Draco seemed somewhat moody upon his return, as though there were something bothering him that he did not feel quite ready to share with his father. That, Lucius thought, would soon be remedied. He was confident that he could coax out any secret his young son might have.

As soon as he entered the mansion, he threw his traveling cloak and gloves at a house-elf and headed for Draco’s room. He had had his friends, Crabbe and Goyle, come over the previous day for what they termed Quidditch practice, but they had left after dinner. Lucius surmised that Draco, having spent most of today by himself or, better yet, being coddled by his mother, would be ready for and appreciative of his father’s company by now. He knocked confidently on his son’s bedroom door.

“Mother, I don’t need anything else to eat!” was the sullen reply. Lucius entered without further ado.

“So she’s been force-feeding you all day, has she?”


Draco jumped up from his favorite divan, scattering broom maintenance implements on the floor as he did so, and practically ran to welcome Lucius.

“You’ve no idea! I mean, it’s great when I have my friends over, especially since Crabbe and Goyle both love to eat, but honestly! There’s only so much my stomach can take!”

Lucius smiled and took Draco’s petulant face in both hands, tucking his cane under one arm.

“You can’t blame your mother for being glad to have you back, son — you know how much she’s missed you. We’ve both missed you, very much.”

“I know, Father. I’ve missed you, too.”

There was something melancholy in his son’s eyes that made Lucius realise this statement was probably truer than it ever had been before. It was also strange, now that he thought about it, that a boy of fourteen would ever refuse food, despite his mother’s excesses. Wasn’t that the very age when a boy’s stomach could expand to devour a small mountain? He remembered his own healthy appetite at that age and wondered if perhaps his son could be ill.

“Draco… Are you feeling all right? I’ve noticed you’ve not been quite yourself since you’ve come home this summer. Is something wrong?”

“No, I–I’m fine, there’s nothing wrong, really,” came the unconvincing reply. Lucius noticed that Draco had not looked him in the eye when he said this. He pulled his son’s chin up with one finger.

“Draco, what is it? You didn’t run into any trouble with that Potter boy, did you?”

No! No, nothing like that! It’s just that…”

Draco stopped, realising he had just admitted to there being a problem. He sighed and continued, resigned.

“It’s just… well, I like being home of course, but I… I miss being at school… with Professor Snape…”

“Ah!” Lucius said, comprehension dawning. “I see… I had no idea that you were so attached to him, but then again, I always found him to be… well, irresistible, also. I can understand why you would miss him.”

Draco nodded, a faint blush tingeing his complexion, but also looking relieved to have unburdened his heart.

“I take it, then, that you’ve been following my instructions?” Lucius asked. “You’ve made yourself available to him, at all times, and obeyed him in every way?”

“Of course, Father! I… I would have, even if you hadn’t given me to him… I… I think I love him!” he blurted out.

Lucius was startled by this sudden declaration, although he was not sure why. After all, he had been the one to offer his son, the apple of his eye, as a catamite to Severus Snape, who had been his own catamite in years past. Lucius’ affection for Severus was exceeded only by his sense of duty to his family, which necessitated his marriage to a woman who could bear his children and so propagate the Malfoy line. If not for that, he may very well have kept Severus as his lover for the rest of his life. And it was equally true that, despite his yearnings for Draco, he had felt it inappropriate to deflower his own son and had entrusted that seminal role to Severus, knowing that he would be gentle enough to allow Draco to enjoy the experience, making him eager for more encounters — even with his father — and willing to experiment.

“Well… Draco… I suppose that’s a natural response when you’ve spent so much time with someone. Especially when he’s as… er, talented, as Professor Snape. It’s been… four years, hasn’t it? Since your first time.”

Draco nodded again, but looked miserable as he leaned against his father’s chest.

“I–I sent him an owl the day before yesterday… but it came back yesterday… It couldn’t find him at Hogwarts, I guess, so it gave up and brought it back as undeliverable…”

“Not at Hogwarts?” Lucius’ eyebrows shot up. “Did you try Spinner’s End?”

“Yes,” the boy mumbled, “I sent it there as soon as it came back, but it… it just came back again…”

“Where on earth,” Lucius began, but broke off as he felt his son sob. “Draco?”

“I think… I’m afraid… he’s probably gone… to—to see that… that werewolf!” he cried, his shoulders shaking.

What?!?” thundered Lucius, although the next moment, his reason forced him to concur. He remembered, even if his son did not, that Severus had had an affair with Remus Lupin during their school years.

“Draco,” he began, not sure how much to reveal, “What makes you think that Severus… that he has anything to do with the werewolf? Wasn’t he the one who got him sacked finally?”

“Y–Yes,” Draco answered slowly, “but he… well, last term, when I was with him… it was after we’d… you know, and he was sleeping, and… and when I tried to wake him up, he… he called me ‘Remus’.”

“I see,” replied Lucius, carefully trying to elicit whatever his son knew. “So you think they might have…?”

“He told me,” Draco sighed. “They used to be lovers, back when they were at Hogwarts, as students.”

“He told you this?” Lucius asked, incredulous that Severus — one of the most reticent men he knew — would speak of a past relationship to anyone, let alone a current lover.

“Yeah… I had to drag it out of him, but I figured he owed me that much!” Draco said somewhat defiantly, although tears were still wet on his cheeks. “I mean, he touched me so softly, and tried to pull me close for more, a–and that’s when he called me ‘Remus,’ like he thought I was him!

Draco drew a deep breath, trying to control his emotions.

“He said it was all over between them, that they hadn’t seen each other in years, but… this term, when he came back to teach… I was so afraid… Severus kept looking at him, and… he didn’t call me to his room as often… He said he was busy making a medicinal potion for Lupin… but I know, I just know, he was spending a lot of time with him, and… and I think… he’s not at Hogwarts, or at home, so I think he… he must be… shagging Lupin again.”

The last phrase was uttered with the despairing conviction of a jilted lover. Draco pressed against his father, seeking comfort, and Lucius drew him close and petted him, knowing all the while that nothing would help if his son’s worst fears were true.

“Draco… I’m so sorry… I never meant for this to happen! I never dreamed, not once, that they would get back together again. I–I thought… it was just a passing phase… You see, I had always made Severus bottom, and he wanted to try topping, but he thought I wouldn’t let him — when all he had to do was ask! But he managed to make Lupin bottom for him, and… well, you know how amazing Severus can be! Lupin was completely hooked and was always hanging around him, whenever he could get away from Potter and Black. Severus told me… I think it was in his sixth year… that he’d broken it off, that he wouldn’t touch Lupin again. And I believed him! Draco, dearest, I wouldn’t have given you to him if I’d thought… there was any chance…”

His words trailed off as Draco started crying again, trembling in his arms.

“I–I can’t help it! I know he’s with Lupin, but… I can’t stop thinking about him! I love him, Father! I can’t stop feeling this way, even though… I know… he doesn’t love me!”

“Oh, Draco,” Lucius whispered, holding him tightly and kissing the top of his head. He was angry at Severus for breaking his son’s heart (conveniently forgetting, for the moment, that he been the one who had pushed Draco onto him) and disappointed in Draco for having fallen so completely for a man who, he should have known, would never truly be his (although he had ordered his young, impressionable son to engage in all manner of deviant acts with Severus).

As he tried in vain to soothe the hurt in Draco’s heart by rubbing his back, his shoulders, and his arms, he mostly felt frustrated by his own inability to fix the situation. Even with all his years of experience in blackmail and bribery, he knew that this was one case where he could not get satisfactory results with a snap of his fingers or a wave of his wand. If Severus were still in love with Lupin, there was nothing he could do to change it — even if he killed Lupin with a simple Avada Kedavra, there was no guarantee that Severus would love Draco in his stead.

Lucius sighed and led his son to the edge of the bed, where he propped his cane against a bedpost and sat down. Now that he was seated, Draco stood a head taller than him, and Lucius looked up into his son’s red-rimmed eyes with almost as much despair in his heart.

“My poor boy,” he murmured, pulling him down onto his lap as he had often done when Draco was little and had hurt himself. He covered the boy’s face in kisses, pushing back his white-blonde hair to access every bit of his forehead. Draco put up no resistance and, after a few minutes, Lucius noticed that his son was gripping his robes, as though hanging on to him for support. The boy had closed his eyes, abandoning himself to the sensation of his father’s lips moving across his eyelids, down his nose, and then, tentatively — almost shyly — touching his lips.

“Father!” he moaned, then opened his mouth and sought out Lucius’ lips of his own volition.

“Draco!” Lucius answered, feeling desire burn within his loins, all the stronger for knowing the taboo of touching his own child. The very mechanism that had made his son’s existence possible was now clamoring to engage that marvelous creature himself.

A very small part of Lucius’ conscience was still telling him to back off, to control his passions, and to let Draco alone when he was suffering from a broken heart. But the sensation of holding the boy’s warm body, of touching his shapely limbs, and of entwining their greedy tongues in a dance of seduction as old as instinct itself, proved too much for Lucius’ self-control. He hardly realised what he was doing as he pushed Draco down onto the bed, fumbling to undo his buttons. And Draco, not knowing what he needed, knowing only that he needed, clung to his father and breathlessly waited to be released from his pain.

Lucius grew frustrated at how long it was taking him to undress the boy and suddenly snatched up his cane, pulled out his wand, and commanded, “Devestio!” upon which Draco’s clothes immediately ripped themselves off of his body, scattering to the floor like leaves before a wind. “Laxo! Arvina!” followed in quick succession, and he hastily prepared his son for penetration, putting first one finger, then two, into his welcoming receptacle.

“Ohhh! Father!!!” sighed Draco, pulling his knees up almost to his shoulders. Since Draco’s buttocks were near the edge of the bed, Lucius only needed to stand and undo his trousers, pushing them and his undergarment down, before he was able to join his body with his son’s.

Aaahhhh!!!” Draco cried, feeling the hard shaft entering his tender tunnel, forcing all thought of Severus Snape (and what he might be doing with the werewolf) out of his mind. As his body reacted to the overpowering stimulation, all of his senses were focused on what his father’s hands and his father’s carnal wand were doing to him. He moaned at every thrust, goading Lucius to push ever deeper, harder, and faster.

Although he was always careful to start slowly, the sight of his young son thrashing about in ecstasy seemed to drive Lucius mad, and before he could stop himself he was pounding into the boy’s body so fast that the lubricant soon dried, leaving only the scant fluid seeping through his urethra and the boy’s natural moisture to alleviate the hot friction of their flesh.

Ow! Father… please… it’s so… hot!” Draco gasped, worried that he might be ripped apart by his father’s frenzied movements.

Lucius could not bear to pull himself out, so he wandlessly concentrated on the word — “Arvina!” — and managed to conjure more oil on the area of their union. As it became easier to slide again, Lucius leaned forward and grabbed his son’s shoulders, holding him in a vise-like grip as he beat his twin balls against his son’s bottom in a fierce rhythm.

“Ah! Ah!! Ahhh!!!” they panted in unison, so engrossed in their sensations that they did not hear the door opening or the sharp intake of breath as Narcissa found her husband sodomizing their son.

“Father! Oh! It’s so… good!” Draco moaned, fondling his own manhood between their two writhing bodies and feeling his climax draw near.

“Oh, Draco! My… dearest… darling… boy!” Lucius answered, kissing Draco’s cheek and neck between each word, pumping him furiously all the while.

Ah! Father! I–I’m going to… come!”

“Draco! Come… with me! Ahh! Ahh!!


As Draco ejected hot discharge all over his stomach, Lucius felt his son’s internal muscles contract around his near-bursting manhood, and he quickly released himself as well.

Ahh! AHHH!! DRACO!!!

Exhausted, Lucius collapsed on top of his son, still holding his shoulders in a tight embrace. His lips continued to devour the boy’s skin hungrily, nipping and licking at times, eliciting a weak moan of pleasure each time.

“Father… I love you!” Draco declared, forgetting his earlier angst over Severus.

“Draco, my perfect, beautiful boy,” murmured Lucius, replete with happiness.

It was only after Draco had wrapped his arms around his father’s neck and Lucius had met his lips again for a passionate kiss that they noticed a sudden movement near the door — Narcissa had quickly reached out for the wall, feeling faint from shock.

“Mother!” cried Draco, his heat cooling. Lucius’ mouth went dry instantly, leaving him gaping with no words coming out.

Narcissa rallied upon being called by her son, mistakenly thinking that he was calling for help.

“Draco! My darling!” By holding on to the wall, she was able to take a step closer to the bed and, seeing Lucius panic, she found the strength to steel herself. “You!!! How could you even…! He’s your own son!!!

Lucius swallowed, trying to look as sincerely apologetic as he could. “I’m sorry, my dear, I was weak! I couldn’t help myself, he’s so, well, beautiful…”

“But–But he’s only fourteen! He’s not ready!!” she shrieked.

Mother!” Draco interjected. “I’ve been shagging for years now!”

Narcissa was taken aback by this news.

“Oh! Darling… surely, you can’t mean… not like this… A nice girl or two at school, of course, but…”

“No, mother,” Draco firmly replied, “I mean with Father, and Professor Snape, and Crabbe and Goyle, and…”

“No!” she gasped, almost swooning. “Not–Not men? ALL of them?”

“Yes, mother. I can’t help it; I like it better this way.”

Finally, Narcissa’s legs did buckle, and she sank to the floor, gracefully supporting herself along the wall.

Lucius seemed to regain his composure, now that his wife was not glaring hexes at him, and hastily adjusted his clothes to hide his spent manhood. He went over to her and knelt at her side, taking one hand in his, and looked into her somewhat dazed eyes.

“Cissa, I’m so sorry! You were an angel to marry me, even though you knew of my weakness, and I vowed I would never let you down… yet here I am, begging your forgiveness again…”

“Lucius… You’ve been…? With Draco…?

He hesitated for a moment before admitting to it. “Yes, dear. Not often, but it’s bad enough, when I ought to know better.”

“How–How long…?”

“Since I was ten,” Draco answered, slowly sitting up on the edge of the bed. “Severus — Professor Snape — was my first, though, not Father.”

“But… But…” Narcissa tried to string together a coherent thought. “When you were ten? You weren’t in… in Hogwarts, yet!”

“No,” Lucius agreed. “It was when Severus came to see me. Draco happened to walk in on us, and… well… expressed an interest…”

“I wanted it,” said Draco. “I wanted to know what it was like. And it was wonderful!”

“Draco,” gasped Narcissa. “Draco, my baby… I had no idea… But you were so young!”

“Mother! I’m not a baby, and ten is not that young! Besides, Severus is so… well, amazing! I just keep wanting more…”

“But Lucius! You let him…?!”

“Well, I… I’m afraid I did.” Her husband found the grace to look miserable. “You know how patient Severus has been with me when I… impose upon him. I couldn’t possibly refuse him the opportunity…”

“But he’s your son! He was only a child!” Narcissa insisted. This caused Draco to lose his temper.

I TOLD you, I ASKED for it!!!” he bellowed, startling both of his parents. “I wanted him to shag me! And it was great!! So Father, don’t apologize for it! It was one of the best things in my life!

Both Lucius and Narcissa were dumbstruck by Draco’s outburst, and he took advantage of their silence to press his point.

“Mother, you have to understand, I need this. Severus has been… he hasn’t touched me lately, and I’ve wanted it so badly… And I’ve really missed Father, too, since he hasn’t been able to come see me as often, and I just needed to feel him, to be close to him…”

The look of longing that Draco cast his father made Lucius’ limp manhood start to stiffen again.

“I’m not trying to take him away from you, Mother — I know I would never be able to take your place,” Draco continued (though with a shrewd notion that if he tried in earnest, it was not impossible). “I–I just wanted to feel him, inside me, filling me up… I’ve tried different things with my friends, but nothing is… well, as satisfying as being with Father or Severus.”

“Oh, Draco…” Narcissa whispered, on the verge of tears.

The boy slipped off the bed and knelt before his parents.

“Mother, it’s wonderful for you when Father makes love to you, isn’t it? I know. Severus let me take a potion once that gave me female organs — temporarily — and it was great to be filled up that way. I need you to understand… you always have Father close to you, but I–I’ve missed him so, this whole term, and…” He managed a look of desperate sadness and whimpered, “I’ve just been so lonely…”

“Draco! Oh, my poor baby!” his mother cried, pulling his naked body close. Draco did not fight her but allowed her to pet him to her heart’s content. He knew, from long experience, that if he used the right words and looked sad enough, his mother would forgive him of all wrongs — even of seducing his father. And with perhaps his father’s instinct for sounding out others’ weaknesses and using them to his own advantage, he had deflected his mother’s anger at his father — thereby making his father, who was all-powerful in every other aspect of their family, indebted to him.

“Mother… I wonder… if you could find it in your heart, to… to let me… just once in a while… borrow Father, to spend some time with him…?”

“Oh, darling,” Narcissa answered, without hesitation, “if that’s what makes you happy! I can’t stand to think of you… all alone in that big school… and injured, too, by that horrible monster! Oh, my poor boy!”

Just as Draco had anticipated, he could do no wrong in his mother’s eyes and would be permitted all things. He also knew, without a word from his father, that he had gained an upper hand in their relationship (for the first time) by ensuring that their activity could continue — and not only continue, but with his mother’s consent, even blessing.

“Thank you, Mother,” he sighed, as though relieved. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you understand… I’ve tried with girls, and I know that — someday — I need to get married, but… I’m so much happier with older men. It’s just the way I am.”

“Oh, Draco,” she murmured, “it’s all right, you can’t help it. And I do know how wonderful it is to be with your father… I knew all along how he feels about other men, but… I married him anyway! I couldn’t refuse him… not when he was so sweet. I know exactly how you feel…”

“I’m so glad, Mother,” Draco smiled, leaning over to kiss her cheek. Seeing his father sigh with relief, too, Draco pulled him close and kissed him squarely on the mouth, with just the slightest tantalizing touch from his tongue. “I love you both, so much!”

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