Amorasententia ~ 1

WARNING: Smut alert!

It was still half an hour to curfew when Severus Snape decided to run up to the Potions classroom for another porcupine quill to use in his experimental potion that would, if successful, kill weeds without harming the surrounding plants. As he was rather a favourite with Professor Slughorn, he was allowed such liberties (at least with inexpensive ingredients), and he calculated that he would be able to return to his dorm before Filch started prowling on his nightly rounds.

He entered the classroom noiselessly and had just opened the jar of porcupine quills when a sharp cry startled him from behind. He froze for a moment, thinking that he had been discovered by another student. The short, high-pitched wail sounded again from the far side of the room near the fireplace. As he turned around to look for the source of the noise, he heard it yet again, but this time it was muffled. Setting down the jar of quills, he crept closer to investigate, curiosity making him forget his need for expediency.

What he saw shocked him and glued him to the spot. There, on the floor of the classroom, was the Potions professor, grunting as he moved in the unmistakable rhythm of lust, while a small naked figure squirmed under his grotesque body. At every thrust the pale white limbs flinched and a gasp, as of pain, escaped from the victim’s lips. Severus was startled even more to recognize the boy as Remus Lupin, a Gryffindor and friend of his sworn enemies, James Potter and Sirius Black.

For a few moments he watched in horrified fascination as the older man took his carnal pleasure in Remus, occasionally muffling the boy’s cries with lecherous kisses. Then it occurred to Severus that the knowledge of this incident might serve a useful purpose sometime in the future (perhaps in a verbal altercation with the Gryffindor gang) and — since he had not yet been noticed by either of the two — he backed away carefully, then hid behind one of the tables where he could observe them from the shadows.

Despite his dislike of Remus, it was still sickening to watch the other boy being forced by their teacher, who was now holding down both of Remus’ hands and moving ever quicker to reach his climax. Slughorn was naked under his robes and his fat, obscene flesh slapped against Remus’ thighs and buttocks, making wet noises at the point of their union, while Remus’ legs were pushed awkwardly into the air, flailing about from the frenzied movements of his assailant. Suddenly, Slughorn made a sound like a strangled whine, pushing himself deep into the boy’s body. Twice more and he collapsed, trapping Remus under his dead weight. They both lay panting for several minutes.

As he watched, Severus had felt his own body responding with irrepressible excitement. He had awakened to manhood only recently, although Lucius Malfoy (who was several years his senior) had seen to it to acquaint him with the ways of men in his very first year at Hogwarts. Now that he had learned the strength of his own need, it was hard to condemn Lucius for what he had done — the Malfoy heir had been, after all, very gentle with him. But seeing the professor take advantage of a young boy like himself, while it disgusted him, also stirred within him a hunger for that kind of dominance, a power that could take what it wanted from another and do with him whatever it willed. His hand almost unconsciously went inside the front of his robes to fondle the male member growing hard and large there.

“Very good, my dear boy,” Slughorn wheezed into Remus’ ear, stroking his hair almost affectionately. “That’ll do quite nicely! Yes, yes, very good indeed…”

Severus crouched as he watched the professor pick up his wand and perform a few cleaning spells, Evanesco-ing the filth that he had excreted onto and into Remus. He caught a glimpse of the older man’s manhood, hanging limp and useless now, and had to stifle a snigger. Slughorn’s male organ was disproportionately small for his bulk, much smaller than Severus’ own rather sizeable one. He couldn’t help but think that the man chose to shag boys for their tighter and narrower orifices, which must be necessary in order for him to gain any satisfaction.

He glanced at Remus to assess the Gryffindor’s physical assets and smugly noted that the other boy was not as well-endowed as he was, either. However, Severus’ attention was drawn to the fact that Remus had not spoken at all during the entire ordeal. He was now lying motionless on the floor, not even attempting to cover himself. Slughorn was already dressed and preparing to leave, but he bent over the supine figure and whispered soothingly into his ear.

“Now, my dear boy, I know you must be tired from making such an excellent batch of the Confusing Concoction, but do tidy up a bit before you leave. Oh, and ah… don’t forget to put on your clothes, but when you’re quite awake, you won’t remember having taken them off. You were only here to brew the Confusing Concoction to make up for the one you flubbed during class, of course. Good night, now.”

Severus gaped as he realized that their Potions professor had used some kind of Befuddlement Draught to render Remus not only unable to resist but also unaware of what had been done to him. The story about brewing the Confusing Concoction would, of course, account for it if he could not tell his fellow Gryffindors what exactly he had been doing; but whatever Slughorn had given him had also, somehow, made him susceptible to suggestion, for their teacher — now sated and ready for sleep — was walking out of the room, completely confident that Remus would do as he was told and forget about the atrocity that had been committed against him.

When he was quite sure that Slughorn was gone for the night, Severus tiptoed over to where Remus lay, exposed and expressionless, on the floor. Although the professor had removed all traces of his activity, there was a small thread of red blood running from Remus’ abused opening. With a start, Severus realized that the man had raped the boy without so much as preparing him first and, despite the diminutive size of his male organ, had rubbed the boy’s skin raw.

He also noted, with a growing sense of outrage, that Remus was covered in scratches and scars all over his body. Even though they were mostly healed, he wondered if these wounds had been inflicted on the boy by the Potions professor as well. Severus was not one easily moved to compassion, as he had suffered much himself and often at the hands of Remus’ friends, but seeing him lying helpless and bleeding there prompted him to action. He went to Slughorn’s cabinet (where he remembered to take the porcupine quill that he had come for in the first place) and returned to Remus’ side with a jar of Burn-Healing Paste. Technically, the injury was not a burn, but Severus knew that the thick, orange paste would disinfect it and help it heal.

It took him a moment to build up the nerve to apply the paste, though, due to the location of the injury. Severus’ Slytherin training rebelled at the very thought of helping a Gryffindor in need, let alone placing his finger in such an area of the other boy’s anatomy; however, he knew that Slughorn’s Evanesco spell had cleaned off all bodily fluids except the fresh well of blood, so he drew a breath and applied the paste to the reddened entrance. He stopped abruptly when Remus moaned.

“I—I’m putting medicine on it,” he said hurriedly, ashamed of how his voice came out in a squeak. Remus did not seem to hear him, though, so he continued to rub more of the paste onto the boy’s back door, wondering if he ought to push some inside in case the origin of the blood were deeper. Experimentally, he poked the tip of his finger into the lax opening.

“Mmmmm!!!” came Remus’ voice, and his hips moved slightly towards Severus, impaling him on the Slytherin’s digit by an inch. Startled, Severus immediately drew his finger out, which caused the other boy to let out a sigh, as of loss. Thinking that Remus was unconsciously seeking the relief of the balm, Severus took a generous amount of the paste and pressed it in with two fingers this time. Remus responded by bucking his hips up and crying out in need, effectively swallowing Severus’ fingers into his orifice. After a moment, Severus recollected himself and started to rub the ointment around Remus’ insides, which elicited yet more moans of appreciation.

When he had finished, Severus glanced up and realized that the other boy’s male organ was engorged to its fullest. More disturbing still was the knowledge that his own organ had responded in kind and was straining against the confines of his trousers. Hesitantly, he removed his fingers from Remus’ body (“Ahhh!” the boy panted) so that he could allow his manhood to escape the restriction of his clothing. It pointed directly at the other boy’s rear entrance as if declaring its intentions to enter there. Severus tried to ponder his course of action rationally, although the blood now pounding through his veins made lucid thought nearly impossible.

“Slughorn seemed sure that he wouldn’t remember any of this, and if he gave Lupin some kind of Befuddlement Draught, I could just tell him to forget that I was ever here. And besides, he’s acting like he actually wants me to shag him! Maybe Slughorn gave him something to make him horny, too…”

Even as Severus attempted to justify what his body had already decided to do, Remus’ eyelids fluttered, then opened. He looked at the Slytherin with glazed, unseeing eyes and licked his lips.

“P—Please…” he said thickly, “p—put it… inside me! I… I want it… inside…”

With such an invitation, and with male hormones raging through his young body, Severus could do no else. He crawled closer to Remus on his knees, placed the tip of his swollen manhood at the other boy’s orifice, and pushed himself in.


As his bulbous tip forced its way past the narrow opening, Severus felt the orange paste that he had applied there working as a lubricant, allowing his member to slide in smoothly. The sensations were novel to him, for Lucius (citing his rights as his elder and superior in every way) had never permitted him to reciprocate in their nocturnal activities. Severus held his breath as he reveled in the sensations assailing his most sensitive organ, feeling his pulse echoed by that of Remus and enjoying the tightness and heat of the Gryffindor’s body as it seemed to welcome him into its innermost sanctum.

When his entire length was fitted into Remus and he leaned over the boy’s pale body, Severus felt his lower abdomen come into contact with Remus’ hot manhood. It made him remember how, when Lucius had done likewise to him, he had yearned for that contact since it was the only external stimulation afforded to his own member — Lucius had always commanded him to keep his hands off of himself, claiming that while he deigned to share his bed with him, his body was not his own. Lucius would sometimes give him satisfaction, wanking him off or even (if he was in an unusually generous mood) sucking him off, but more often than not he had left Severus panting and unfulfilled. Severus considered depriving Remus of satisfaction, too, but thought better of it. If Remus reached climax as well, it would leave him that much more exhausted and less likely to remember the events of the night.

Grabbing hold of the Gryffindor’s shoulders (now that he was irrevocably committed to the act), Severus commenced shagging Remus as he had never shagged anyone else before. His sizeable manhood slid back and forth, back and forth through Remus’ nether passage in an ever-faster rhythm of lust, and the half-unconscious boy under him moaned and mewled in unmistakable enjoyment. His voice only served to stimulate Severus more, who was ready to burst forth almost immediately, and soon he felt his muscles tensing. He released his fiery passion with suppressed yelps of ecstasy, feeling himself drained of all energy by that one act.

He rolled onto the floor to lie there, panting, but when his breathing had settled somewhat, he heard Remus gasping and turned to see the boy’s smaller manhood erupting as he wanked himself off with both hands. Seeing Remus soiling his chest and stomach reminded Severus of his own issue, left inside of the Gryffindor, so he pulled out his wand to Evanesco both of their messes. When he did so, Remus opened his eyes again and hazily murmured, “Snape?”

“I… I’m just a figment of your imagination!” Severus improvised, hoping that the effects of whatever potion Slughorn had given Remus had not worn off yet. Although if he’d thought it through, he would have realized that they must be wearing off somewhat already, for Remus had not spoken at all during his shagging by the professor.

“Oh… I see…” Remus replied, blinking as though half asleep. “I must have a… a very dirty imagination, then… I could’ve sworn you just shagged me…”

Worried that the Befuddlement would not work if he tarried, Severus hastily adjusted his clothes and prepared to leave.

“It was all a dream. Just a stupid dream you had when you fell asleep here,” he told him.

“Oh… What a nice dream…”

If Remus had declared himself to be the heir of Salazar Slytherin, he could not have shocked Severus any more than he did.

“A… Ah… What?!?” he demanded in disbelief.

“It was… so good! I like big ones,” Remus confessed happily. “I like Sirius’, too, but that’s because he knows how to use it. But sometimes… I just want… a little more, y’know…”

So saying, Remus rolled onto his side and curled into a comfortable ball, obviously preparing to sleep. But Severus could not walk away and miss this opportunity to get such rare information on his most hated Gryffindors.

“So, Black — Sirius, is small?”

“Yeah. Not as small as Peter’s, of course, but pretty small. I think that’s why a lot of girls like him. He doesn’t hurt them,” Remus rambled sleepily.

“What about Potter? Is… James small, too?”

“No, he’s… about average, I think. I like it when he shags me, too…”

Severus felt as though his head were spinning.

“So… They both shag you?”

“Sometimes,” Remus replied unconcernedly, then yawned. “It’s a bit harder when they’re both pushing inside at once, but I don’t mind. I like how it feels… I like being filled up.”

His response opened up a whole new world of strange possibilities for Severus, who had been guarded possessively by Lucius while the older Slytherin had been at Hogwarts. Lucius had demanded Severus’ unwavering loyalty, regardless of how many affairs he himself carried on with various girls, and sharing him with another lover — let alone at the same time! — was a concept that would never have occurred to Severus.

“They… They can both fit, at the same time?” he asked, just to be certain.

“Yeah. It hurt at first, but not too much,” Remus murmured, his breathing slowing.

Realizing that he had already pushed his luck dangerously far, Severus turned to leave. Then he paused, looking back at Remus’ form lying naked on the floor with only a thin rug under him. He hastily returned to pull the other boy’s clothes more or less on top of him, then left the classroom to brave the halls, hoping against hope that Filch would not find him out after hours.

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