Amorasententia ~ 3

As Remus obediently crouched on all fours, Severus Accio-ed a salve for warts from the shelf. When he took some on his finger and pushed it into the other boy’s abused opening, the Gryffindor moaned appreciatively and pressed back against the intruding digit as though begging for more. Severus hardly needed such an invitation, and soon he had forced his way into Remus’ still-tight passage, stretching it open by his presence. Remus groaned but did not try to escape from their union.

Despite having been violated thrice already by the Potions professor, Remus had been allowed to climax only once, and Severus — fascinated by his power over the unsuspecting Gryffindor — reached one hand around the other boy’s waist to grab his male organ and manipulate it, all the while thrusting his own slowly and forcefully into Remus’ cavern of flesh. It was gratifying to have the other boy match him move for move, pushing back against his carnal wand at every thrust, panting breathlessly like a wild animal in rut. Their bodies were pressed together so tightly at the point of their union that Severus’ tender twin jewels were squeezed between them, nearly touching Remus’ jewels where they dangled just below. Both pairs swayed and bounced to the rhythm of their joining, with Severus’ making delicious slapping sounds when they came into contact with Remus’ rear.

Although Severus had released his pent-up desire in lesser tremors while watching Slughorn take his pleasure of the other boy, he soon realized that he was in need of a truly earth-shaking quake to release the remainder of his lust as he felt the rumblings of it begin. Neglecting Remus’ manhood in the single-minded drive to satisfy his own, he grabbed the Gryffindor’s waist with both hands and began pounding into the boy’s bum with his massive battering ram in an ever-increasing frenzy of hormonal instincts. He knew he was close to completion, and — since this was a rare opportunity to fulfill his fantasies — he wanted his climax to be memorable. Recalling what the older man had said earlier, Severus gasped, “Lupin… make it tight! Hold it as tight as you can!”

The response in Remus’ hot tunnel was immediate and cataclysmic. The Gryffindor clenched his opening around Severus’ manhood, denying it exit as though loath to let it depart, and the shocked Slytherin could do nothing but press ever harder and deeper within. As he did so, the tip of his meaty wand pressed repeatedly against the inner flesh of the other boy, and the friction on his most sensitive organ caused it to burst like an over-ripe fruit, leaving its seed and pulp buried in the barren soil of Remus’ body. Severus pressed weakly into it a few more times since his waist could not cease its spasmodic pumping motion at once, then collapsed on the other boy’s back.

“Unnngh! Mmm… Se…verus!” Remus moaned, still doggedly propping himself and his assailant up with his four limbs. “P…Please! Please… touch me!” he begged.

Severus remembered, at last, that he had left his partner (or his slave) unfulfilled, so he reached around with both hands this time to grasp and stimulate the engorged male organ. It did not take much encouragement to make it release its load of milk, and Remus’ sweet voice raised in ecstasy and relief stirred the beginnings of lust yet again in Severus’ member. He pushed the Gryffindor onto his side, allowing him to pant and catch his breath for a minute, then rolled him further over to lie on his back and hoisted his legs up in both arms.

“Ohhh… Severus!” Remus gasped, willingly opening his legs in anticipation.

“You’re a filthy slut, you know that?” Severus said, slightly nauseated in spite of his suspicion that the potion Slughorn had made Remus drink was causing his wanton behaviour. “You’d spread your legs for anyone! Wouldn’t you, you whore?!?”

“Not… just anyone,” the boy objected, fondling his precious member now that he finally could. “Only people I… I like…”

“So. You like when I do this?” Severus demanded, rubbing his tip against Remus’ raw opening.

“Y-Yes! I like it… inside!” Remus admitted, trying to lift his hips to welcome his favorite visitor. Severus was not about to be shy. “Mmmmm!” the Gryffindor groaned, his lips pursed in pleasure as Severus made his entrance again.

“You like my big one, don’t you? You like getting shagged by a real man!”

“Mmm… Yeah!”

“I thought so. You like getting it shoved in hard,” Severus grunted with the corresponding movement. “You squeal like a girl! You just love getting shagged by a nice, big Slytherin snake, don’t you?”

“Y-Yeah! I… I love you, Snape!” Remus answered. For a second it did not register with Severus, and he continued to shag the other boy, but suddenly his thrusting stopped.

What did you say?!?”

“I… I said… I love you, Snape,” Remus repeated, squirming in frustration as the wonderful motion of Severus’ piston had paused in his cylinder. “I… I can’t stop thinking about you! You’re… so mysterious, and… you make me feel… so wonderful!

If he hadn’t been thoroughly aroused, Severus might have stopped shagging Remus right then and there in order to get to the bottom of his unexpected statement; however, his male appendage had a mind of its own and was demanding almost all of his attention at the moment. Severus resumed his needy thrusting into the other boy’s body, able only to vaguely process what he had heard.

“So… you think that you… you fancy me?” he asked, dumbfounded.

“Yeah. I… I think so, anyway,” Remus panted. “I get all hot and… and hard, when I think about you! Even if this… is only a—a dream… it feels so good! I’d do anything to shag you for real…”

His wistful words planted the seed of an idea in the Slytherin’s mind, but neither realized it yet. Severus was far too busy trying to plant his own seed in Remus’ tight body, and Remus was still in a haze from the potion. Severus’ movements became ever more desperate and quick, until at last, with several low grunts of satisfaction, he was able to release all of his newly accumulated male juices inside Remus’ nether opening. Collapsing on the Gryffindor’s body, Severus took his time regaining his breath and energy. He was surprised when he felt the other boy’s hands gently and tenderly caressing his body.

“It’s like a dream… a most wonderful dream,” Remus murmured, as though to himself. “I wish we could stay like this forever…”

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  1. that is good. update soon please.

  2. kayley

     /  2014/03/22

    I love this story. Keep checking for updates but there are non pls update soon

    • Thanks! This is on a back burner — I’m trying to finish my non-HP stories first. Sorry about the wait!


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