Harry Potter

Currently all Harry Potter stories are on hiatus, sorry…


These are interrelated Alternate Universe stories (some not re-posted yet but available upon request):

Prologue to Severus and Remus When Remus Lupin was assaulted by Fenrir Greyback as a very young child. Non-con, bestiality, underage, & violence.

リーマスの初体験 ― 幼い頃にフェンリールに襲われたリーマス。

Severus and Remus Severus & Remus’ first year at Hogwarts. Main pairing is SSRL slash, with LMSS and multiple Marauder combinations. Non-con & violence.

セブルスの初体験 ― セブルスのホグワーツでの初日、ルシウスとの出会い。

The Marauders’ First Christmas Part of “Severus and Remus.” Sirius gets the Marauders unusual Christmas presents, but Severus is left to handle the aftermath… Sirius loves Remus, Remus loves Severus, and Severus loves Lily.  References to SSRL & SBRL slash but nothing hardcore.

In the Cottage After PoA, Severus delivers the Wolfsbane Potion to Remus and, realizing that Remus still loves him, admits his own attraction to Remus. They then spend the summer holidays at Remus’ cottage. Conceptual starting point for my series. Mild SSRL slash.

In the Mansion Sequel to “In the Cottage”. After PoA, Draco is brokenhearted at Severus’ disappearance during the summer holidays. Lucius tries to comfort him… LMDM slash incest, implied SSDM & LMSS slash.


These next two stories can be read independent of each other and the interrelated ones in my larger Alternate Universe.
Amorasententia Severus finds an unlikely pair shagging in a classroom late at night and is irresistibly drawn in… Set during Marauder period. Slash, non-con, underage, etc.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Bonds of Guilt ― When Lily’s spirit brings Severus and Remus together, it changes the nature of their relationship forever… Slash, smut in later chapters.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Also, here is the link to a gen fic I started a long time ago and posted on FF.net:

What If (2 chapters) ― At the end of the first book, Harry finds out that Snape had been trying to protect him and the Philosopher’s Stone. What if… Harry had gone to Snape, before he left Hogwarts for the summer, to say a few simple words?

Since I don’t intend on continuing this story, it is up for adoption.

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  1. knightkat

     /  2013/05/11

    Why haven’t you posted the rest of the stories yet??

    • To be honest, I got derailed when people pointed out errors in some of my premises. I want to go back and fix those problems, but I’ve been sidetracked with writing other stories…
      Which one in particular were you interested in? I can at least give you an outline of how I had planned to have the story go, if that helps.

      • knightkat

         /  2013/05/15

        Severus and Remus. To be honest, at first I was just looking for dirty stories but this interesting twist on the HP world is really fascinating and now I really want to know what happens. I’ve been waiting a really long time to read the next chapter

  2. knightkat

     /  2013/05/15

    I just realized that I used “really” three times, oops…

    • LOL — I do that all the time! 😉

      I think I’m at the same place, too — I started writing the sort of smut that I wanted to read, but now I’m more interested in how the characters grow…

      If you send me an e-mail at SeveRemus@aol.com or friend me on Facebook, I can send you a summary of what I had envisioned happening. I had most of it worked out… just never had the time to write it all out… sorry…

  3. Jessica

     /  2013/06/29

    Hi! I was wonder how i can read your story Severus and Remus. I read the first chapter on ff.net but the rest was gone ;( i would really liketo continue it please! Is there somewhere else i can find it? Or can you email it to me? It seems to good f

    • Jessica

       /  2013/06/29


    • Thanks! I suppose I can let you read what I have at this point, but I haven’t edited it so it’s really rough. If you don’t mind that — and the fact that it’s unfinished — you can e-mail me at SeveRemus at AOL dot com. Please let me know if you want it in Word format or just in the body of the e-mail. 🙂

  4. kanahagino

     /  2014/12/01


    I read your story with Remus getting bitten (…and raped) on fanfiction.net before. Do you mind posting it here in the future? I would like to read it again

    Best regards

    • Hi! Thanks so much. I would be happy to post it here. 🙂 It’s rather brutal, of course, so I didn’t think anyone would want to read it. I’ll try to post it later this week.
      Thanks again!! 😀

      • kanahagino

         /  2014/12/02

        Aw!! I immediately got a response from you.
        Well yes, I already read it, so I knew already.:) Thank you very much!
        Once in a while I like to read brutal fanfictions. Not for enjoyment, just for the tragedy;_;

      • It’s up, gore and all. Hope it makes you cry… T.T

  5. Nina

     /  2016/01/16

    Hi! I read the first part of severus and remus and it seemed really good, is it possible i can read the rest somewhere?

    • Hi! Thanks for reading it. 🙂 If you’d like, I can email the document to you, as well as a summary of the story for what I haven’t written yet.

      • Nina

         /  2016/01/19

        That would be great! Thank you

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