square teaI fell in love with reading when I was introduced to C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia in the second grade, then voraciously began to read all of his books (both fiction and non) that were available to me. Since a good portion of my childhood was spent in Japan, English books were hard to come by, but fortunately my family had an extensive collection. I also had stacks of Reader’s Digest Condensed books that I worked through ‒ this whetted my appetite for books of various genres, although fantasy-fiction has always been my favorite.

Around the same time I fell in love with anime. The most memorable series for me was the original Gundam, which was geared for teenage viewers but also drew in children with the action as well as adults with its complex political drama. For me, it was a step out of the childish programs I had been watching until that time, graduating to a serial show that told a much bigger story ‒ like a novel ‒ in smaller increments. I was hooked.

In the fourth grade, when I was back in the United States, my teacher encouraged me to write my own stories. I did ‒ and found it singularly rewarding when some of my classmates couldn’t put my manuscript down and begged for more. That was the beginning of my writing. I continued to write when I was back in Japan, but only in sporadic fits since I didn’t have an English-reading audience.

Then in middle school, as I began to learn more how to write in Japanese, I found some pen-pals who were equally enthusiastic about writing stories (fan fiction) based on anime shows. The term “doujinshi” has come to mean more sordid things in recent years, but when I first became involved it was quite innocent (or at least my group was, anyway) — sweet little romances that were hinted at in the original programs but never elaborated to our fangirl-hearts’ content. I not only wrote for the group but also began to make little desktop-published booklets of my own. I realized then that this was what brought me the greatest joy: writing and getting feedback on it.

Back in the States for college, I created my own website to display my stories and was thrilled to have readers contact me from both sides of the Pacific. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered fanfiction sites and began posting on them, reveling in the immediacy of the feedback as well as the ease with which I could be plugged into a group of like-minded individuals. However, as many of my stories explicitly describe sexual encounters, I decided that it was time to manage my own site again ‒ one in which I did not have to worry about censorship.

So if this is your first time reading my stories, welcome! But please be forewarned:  if you do not like or do not agree with what I am writing, you are welcome to go elsewhere. Nobody is pointing a gun at your head, forcing you to read anything. If you are an old friend from one of my other forums, thank you for joining me here! Your comments are what keep me writing.


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  1. Thank you for the welcome. I will try to look in some.
    Gary c Tesser

  2. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    O my, that comment was about as moderate as mine ever get.

  3. I can’t figure out how to message u on here, either, but I have Thor stories on this site and others. U could probably read on AO3.


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