Anonymous Reunion

The tall man sidled up to the older gentleman sitting at the bar. He sat down nonchalantly beside him. “Buy you a drink?” he asked.

The older gent’s lips quirked to the side. “Thank you. Don’t mind if you do.”

They sipped in silence for a while. Then the older gent pulled out a key card from his pocket and left it on the counter.

“Thanks for the drink,” he said, then stood up and left.

The tall man finished his drink slowly, then paid for the drinks, picked up the key card, and left.

By the time John entered the hotel lobby, Harold had already disabled the security system.


The end.

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  1. Lili

     /  2014/05/14

    I swear by everything Thea. I love all your work.

  2. Gary c Tesser

     /  2014/05/14

    OK, Thea, I am completely baffled.
    — GcT

  3. Plink42

     /  2014/05/14

    This made me smile.

    Thanks, I needed that. 🙂

  4. Mamahub

     /  2014/05/14

    Our first Fix It Rinch fic. I could hug you! Sigh. It is going to be a very long summer for us and the Boys!

    • No kidding! But I’m gonna imagine John and Harold meeting up in all the places that have significance for them. *sigh*

  5. Sam Rawana

     /  2014/05/15

    To everyone else its two guys heading off to have sex, in some room at a hotel. But, this is Harold and John and they don’t do meanless hotel sex, what they do with each other is make love. Friends or lovers they are the very best of each other, even though it may not work out This is one thing and Harold and John know this to be true of each other.


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