Wolfhound Chapter 13

When Finch awoke, it was with the sense that he had slept far better than he had in a long while. The bed was luxuriously cozy and even the ache in his hip that usually troubled him in the mornings was almost imperceptible. He yawned, stretched, and reached for his glasses. Only when he opened his eyes to put on his glasses did he realize that there was a huge, shaggy face staring into his.

“Roor-rowrin, Awr-rowr,” [“Good morning, Harold,”] Reese announced in a low voice bordering on a purr. “Rir-roo reef-rerr?” [“Did you sleep well?”]

“Yes, thank you… And you, I see, are still… a dog.”

“Unforfurrefry, yeff.” [“Unfortunately, yes.”]

Finch heaved a sigh. “I was afraid of that. I was rather hoping… the effects would wear off, eventually…”

“Or var-riff-aff a faff-freem.” [“Or that it was a bad dream.”]


Resigned for the moment, Finch pulled on a bathrobe and made them both some breakfast, which Reese wolfed down in no time flat. With the large dog watching his every move, Finch was debating aloud which shirt to match with the dove-gray suit he had picked out for the day when his cell began to ring.

“Detective Fusco,” he greeted after checking the caller ID. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“What? I thought I called Wonderboy’s phone,” came Fusco’s seemingly grumpy voice.

“Mr. Reese is a bit… indisposed… at the moment,” Finch replied, meeting the eyes of said Mr. Reese. “I’m having his calls forwarded to me. What can I do for you?”

“Well, you know the Haitian gangbanger Mr. Indisposed gift-wrapped for the police the other night?”

“Of course — one Mr. Ronaldo Mawon.”

“He’s gone. They had him in a holding cell at the 15th precinct, and sometime last night he just — poof! — vanished. The surveillance tapes show nothing out of the ordinary, nobody coming or going down that hallway, but between the time they served dinner and the time they served breakfast, Mawon managed to get away.”

Finch’s brows furrowed in consternation. “Could the tape have been tampered with?”

“It’s possible. But then they would’ve had to fix all the tapes, you know — the ones outside the building too — which would mean that whoever did this has got way more access than is comfortable. Not the sort of thing a lowly gangbanger could pull off, or at least I’d hope not.”

“No, indeed…”

“Anyway, the cops in charge are checking out other cameras in the neighborhood to see if they can see how the guy got out, but so far no joy. I just thought you’d want to know since you guys had brought him in for all intents and purposes.”

“Thank you, Detective. I appreciate it.” Looking thoughtfully at the large canine form of Reese, Finch added, “Would it be possible to have you show me the holding cell where they had him?”

“I guess so, but there’s not much to look at.”

“I’m sure the officers there have inspected it thoroughly, but I have a… rather uniquely gifted partner at the moment who might be able to sniff something out…”

When Finch showed up at the precinct with the enormous Wolfhound in tow, Fusco squinted at it suspiciously.

“That walking shag carpet’s not gonna bite me on the ass, is it?”

“Only if you provoke it, Detective. John has a very calm temperament and,” Finch emphasized, addressing Reese more than Fusco, “he knows that if he doesn’t behave, he’ll have to eat kibble for dinner. And he really dislikes kibble.”

While Reese glared at Finch in obvious disgruntlement, a grin broke out on Fusco’s face. “You named your dog, ‘John’? How does Wonderboy feel about that?”

“Oh, he seems to be fine with it. And this dog is only a… temporary addition to our team,” Finch blandly replied.

After a shrug that expressed, “To each his own,” Fusco led them into the back of the precinct building where the holding cells were. Some of the local officers looked askance at Reese as the trio made their way, but they were satisfied when the detective told them the dog was being trained for the K-9 unit. The cell from which Mawon had escaped was still unoccupied, pending a thorough investigation, so the three were able to inspect it in peace. Reese immediately began sniffing around the bed.

“There’s no camera in here,” Finch noted. “There are ways to find residual images that were erased from tampered footage, but without video from inside the room itself, it will be hard to piece together what happened.”

“Yeah. But the window isn’t big enough for a kid to crawl through, let alone an adult, and that’s if they brought a blowtorch to cut through the steel bars. And as you can see, the bars are still intact.”

Fusco said this as Reese was sniffing around the window, having jumped up to place his forepaws on the bars. He sniffed the bottom of the windowsill with interest, then sniffed the air outside, even pushing his shaggy muzzle as far as it could go between two of the sturdy steel bars.

“What’s he doing? Smelling the pigeon droppings out there?” Fusco said, scrunching his face in mild distaste.

“I’m not sure,” Finch murmured, but he was interrupted by a sharp bark. Reese jumped down from the window to look earnestly into his partner’s eyes.

“Hee wenf-owf-fa winwow,” [“He went out the window,”] Reese stated. “Hif-anf muff-haff meif-him franfowm!” [“His aunt must have made him transform!”]

“Hey! Did he just say something?” Fusco demanded, staring incredulously back and forth between the two of them.

“Oh, I’m sure it was just your imagination,” Finch said, backing out of the cell. “John likes to vocalize in a passable facsimile for human speech when he gets excited. Thank you for your help, Detective.”

They left Fusco in the holding cell, bewildered and shaking his head, and walked out of the precinct. Reese pulled on the leash to lead Finch around the building to the parking lot, to the spot directly below the window of the cell. He jumped up onto the wall and sniffed a sinuous line down the brick.

“Viff-if-frer hee feim fown,” [“This is where he came down,”] Reese told Finch in an undertone that could have been mistaken for a growl.

“But… how is that even possible?” Finch whispered back.

“Werr, hee fmerff funny… raif-fa frov or fromfin… amfivian.” [“Well, he smells funny… like a frog or something… amphibian.”]

“So you think his aunt might have… transformed him into, say, a lizard? Something that could get out through those bars and climb down the wall?”

“Furr frerff-raif iff.” [“Sure smells like it.”]

Reese set his nose to the pavement and began following the scent. Finch did not dare talk to him on the crowded sidewalks, so he did his best to blend in and look unassuming as the big dog kept his pace slow enough for Finch’s limping gait. They went on in this way until they neared the Haitian neighborhood they had been watching on the surveillance cameras. Reese found a secluded side street and pulled Finch into it.

“Va-freirr reevf raiff-infu-va vanvff ferrifory. Hee muff-faff von fu-fiff-fanf fu-vee franffowmf vaff-infu a fuman.” [“The trail leads right into the gang’s territory. He must have gone to his aunt to be transformed back into a human.”]

“Which gives us some hope that Nadege Mawon is capable of turning people back into themselves, at least,” Finch said. “I’m sure she wouldn’t have used that sort of spell on her nephew unless she was confident she could bring him back. Now, whether she would be willing to do the same for us or not… that is another question.”

“Onry won-wei fu-fain-vawt,” [“Only one way to find out,”] Reese replied. “Vuf-faivraiff-fu-vee freferred — for anyffin — veforr-fee fay-ferr a viviff.” [“But I’d like to be prepared — for anything — before we pay her a visit.”]

“Agreed. Let’s go back to the library and check on Ms. Mawon’s movements, if possible. I also want to do some research on voodoo talismans that might offer us some protection, however slight a chance that might be. After seeing what she is capable of… well, I’m willing to give this supernatural stuff — black or white magic — the benefit of the doubt.”

“Vee-foo-fawr Farfer-foo,” [“We should call Carter too,”] Reese suggested.

“Yes — she might have gathered some useful information from her source.”

With a rather un-doglike nod, Reese led them back out to the main street, where Finch hailed a cab.

A/N: Many thanks to those of you who have encouraged me to keep writing! I’ve been in a slump for almost a year now (UGH!) but here’s to hoping I’m coming out of the fog. :::hugs:::

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  1. Marnita

     /  2013/12/04

    Yes! I’m so glad you’re back to this one. I love it. Thanks so much!!

  2. Oh, thank you so much! I really needed some good PoI stuff after all that mess they’ve landed into in the latest episodes…

  3. Mamahub

     /  2013/12/04

    Squeeeee!!! Wolfie is back!!!

    I love your characterization of Fusco and his nicknames – Mr. Indisposed LOL!!

    Can’t wait for more. I’m so grateful your muse is back.

  4. Plink42

     /  2013/12/04

    So glad your muse is out of hibernation. Wonder what they’ll need to do to get Reese changed back… I’m picturing nothing short of death threats.

    BTW, it’s been nearly a year and I still hear the Scooby-Doo voice. 😀

  5. Kate

     /  2013/12/04

    I’m just so, so happy! Thank you!

  6. darkheart999

     /  2013/12/04

    I’m so glad your back to do this! I really love this story and I was so sad you were not working on it. I also hope you do more stories because a lot has been happening in POI land that needs to be written about.

    • Thanks so much! I don’t know how much I’ll be writing about Season 3 since so much of it is depressing… but I hope to get back into it. 😉

  7. YAY! Detective WolfHound is on the case!

  8. Thanks for this lol….I don’t know why but I thought..What would Bear think???…
    I am hoping now season 3 gets better, it can’t get much worse.

    • Yeah, I started this pre-Bear… :::tucks tail between legs in shame:::
      I’m with you. I’m hoping for much Rinchy comfort after the angst!

  9. poi fan for

     /  2013/12/07

    Waited for sooooooooo long!!
    Thanks! Alot!

  10. I was so excited to see this in my email. I’m always happy to see updates from you. I love the dog talk, it makes me smile.

  11. nemo

     /  2015/04/09

    Where are you … any plans to complete this?

    • Yes! Just not in the near future. I’ve had a lot going on in RL and it’s taking all my time just to work enough to pay bills. Yeurgh! :p


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