MFB52: On the Hot Sands of the Shore

When Aristides arrived at Cair Paravel, Per (or Sir Peridan as we should now call him) was rather nervous to meet the Horse, but having King Edmund go with him to the stables helped soothe his nerves. Aristides was tall and trim, not quite fully filled out yet, with a glossy black coat and white “socks” on his forelegs as well as a white star on his handsome nose. Peridan could not help but admire the fine Horse, and the Horse in turn studied the Son of Adam somewhat shyly.

“We have heard good things of you,” Edmund said, addressing Aristides, “and we can see now that they were true. Has Phillip acquainted you with all the duties that would be expected of you, should you become Sir Peridan’s mount?”

“He has, Your Majesty,” the Horse answered with a slight bow.

“And do you still choose to avail yourself of this appointment? We would not think any less of you for declining, for it may well be a dangerous and often toilsome duty.”

Aristides tossed his head and stamped the ground with a rear foot. “Sire, I would consider it an honour to serve the High King and Aslan in whatever way I am able; if you and Sir Peridan consider me fit for such duties, I shall strive to fulfill them as long as my legs will carry me.”

“Very well then,” Edmund said, satisfied. “All that remains is to see how well those legs will carry you with the added burden of a rider.”

Peridan set about saddling the Horse, which was a tricky business since Aristides had never been ridden before and was unfamiliar with all the tack and gear. Of course the White Witch had enslaved many Horses to do her bidding, but she had been defeated when Aristides was very young; and the Horse’s mother had also moved far to the West to ensure that her Foal would not be captured by the Witch’s minions. As Peridan explained the various parts of the saddle and put them on Aristides, he realised anew how restrictive they must seem to the freeborn Narnian Beast. His gentle manner soon put the Horse at ease, however, and once the young knight was seated upon his back, Aristides had no trouble carrying him out to the fields, where they practised trotting and, once they were comfortable enough, cantering.

“He seems a good match for Per – or Sir Peridan, I mean,” Phillip remarked.

“Yes. They seem to be getting on well,” Edmund agreed with a smile.

‹‹‹‹‹ ж ›››››

Since no other Horse applied for the post, it was quickly settled that Aristides would be Peridan’s mount, but the new knight thought he could not have asked for better. Aristides was nimble and eager for adventure (as most Colts tend to be), and he soon asked to hear Peridan’s tale of encountering the Harpy. Having grown up in the Western Wild, Aristides was familiar with the various places Peridan had visited and expressed his regret at not being with him on that journey. Although Peridan was already wise enough to know that adventures were not always exciting but terrifying, that serving one’s king and country was often filled with drudgery, he was grateful to have a Steed of good mettle who would not shrink in the face of a challenge. Aristides also comported himself well in their training sessions with the Centaurs, proving to all that the two were an excellent match as a Horse and his rider.

‹‹‹‹‹ ж ›››››

High summer came upon Narnia in a blaze of heat and glory. The east wind brought refreshing rainclouds from the sea almost every evening, but the scorching heat at midday was nearly unbearable. Most Creatures sought the dark shades of the forest or, if they were the burrowing sort, the cool underground passageways dug by their ancestors. The royal children tried to keep the work at the castle to a minimum, urged the Beasts to return to their homes or seek respite from the heat in the tunnels below, and spent much of their own time at the beach. The Dwarfs set up a pavilion to provide shade, where the children would retreat after dipping in the water, longing for faint breezes to stir the sweltering air.

Peridan chose to use this time to learn how to swim better. As a Knight of Narnia he felt it was his duty to master this skill as well as jousting, swordfighting, and the like, so the young kings took turns teaching him in the shallows where he could still touch the bottom with his toes – first to relax and float, then to make some headway in the water. Lucy and Susan joined them occasionally before retreating to the pavilion to rest and read.

“I feel lazy for not working on my embroidery at least,” Susan commented while watching the boys splash about in the water.

“It would be hard to keep the sand out of it here,” Lucy observed as she dusted off a cushion. “And it’s too hot to think straight, anyway – you might make a mistake and have to do it over.”

“I suppose you’re right. But I do feel rather useless just sitting here when Peter and Ed are out in the sun, helping Per swim.”

“It looks more like they’re having fun,” Lucy pointed out. And indeed, her brothers were laughing and shouting encouragements to their friend, making sport of what might otherwise have been a dull lesson.

“It does, doesn’t it?” Susan smiled, fanning herself with a brilliantly coloured fan of peacock feathers. “I say, Lu, it looks like Peter is back to his old self again. I haven’t seen him laugh so in… oh, ages!”

The younger queen’s face lit up with joy as the notion seemed proven: Peridan had accidentally splashed Edmund in the face while kicking in the water, and Peter, laughing, was scooping up large handfuls to toss in his direction as well. With as hot as it was, the cool water was welcome even when unexpected, so Edmund only shook out his dripping hair and retaliated good-naturedly.

“I do think you’re right! Peter looks happy now. I suppose he must have been worried about Ed while he was gone.”

“He had good reason to be,” Susan replied thoughtfully. The mere idea of her brother fighting a Harpy in close combat made her feel a chill which had nothing to do with the scant breeze rolling in from the sea. She was glad that Edmund’s shoulder was mostly healed now – well enough that he had taken up some light knife-throwing lessons with Hoblin the Dwarf – but having seen such monsters on the night Aslan had been slain by the White Witch, Susan knew how easily her brother might have been injured beyond hope of recovery, and it made her blood run cold.

“Oh, look! Per just swam that far on one breath. He’s learning very quickly.”

“Yes, he is, but I hope they don’t tire him out.”

‹‹‹‹‹ ж ›››››

Peter was, in fact, feeling more at ease now than he had in a long while. A great part of the reason was that Edmund had returned home, of course; another was that his persistent younger brother had stopped trying to engage him in inappropriate behaviour. Since they now had their bedtime tea served in the den with the others, Edmund no longer had the opportunity to sit on his lap or initiate any other sort of intimate contact; and, much to Peter’s relief, he had not asked to resume that routine. Peter hoped that the trip to the Western Wild, not to mention the battle with the Harpy, had put such things out of his mind. Indeed Edmund did seem more kingly and grown-up upon his return. The responsibility of caring for his subjects and coming face to face with their troubles might have steadied him a bit, Peter thought.

However, every so often Edmund would slip into his room from the balcony to discuss something in private with the High King. Although these nocturnal visits were quite businesslike, revolving around whatever matters of state they had at hand, before leaving Edmund would get up from his perch on the edge of Peter’s bed and lean in to place a kiss on his older brother’s forehead. Peter chastised himself severely for deriving pleasure from that sweet, seemingly innocent and brotherly kiss, but the fact remained that he now looked forward to Edmund’s late-night visits. And in his dreams, that kiss would be bestowed upon his lips instead, and he would return it with unspeakable passion.

Little did he know what great restraint Edmund had imposed upon himself to limit his gesture of affection to those brief kisses, but the younger king had, upon his return to the castle, determined to keep his actions above reproach. Seeing his brother conduct himself around Lucy (whom Edmund still believed to be the object of Peter’s love) with perfect courtliness and gentlemanlike behaviour, regardless of how deeply his heart (no doubt) pined for her, gave Edmund a model to which to aspire. So he did his best to mimic his elder’s example, although there were many nights when he breathed heavy sighs and wished for more than what his situation afforded him. The very crown of Narnia, for which he had once been willing to trade his siblings, no longer seemed too great a price to pay in exchange for the one thing his heart truly desired: for Peter to accept and return his love.

‹‹‹‹‹ ж ›››››

It came as no surprise to any of the children that Peridan fell fast asleep after stretching out on a blanket, exhausted by the exercise. He had worked tirelessly until he could swim five times the length of his body, at which point Peter had congratulated him and wisely suggested they return to the pavilion. The girls had welcomed them back with praises and fruit, but the young knight had succumbed after only a few bites. The siblings then fell to pantomiming so as to let the boy sleep, and Lucy had to bury her face in a cushion when she got the giggles.

The two brothers were not very tired yet, so after some whispered conversation they decided to head out to the rocks that rose above the waves about a furlong out from the shore and north of the mouth of the Great River. Susan expressed concern over their plans, worried about Edmund’s injured shoulder, but he assured her that it was well enough for such a short excursion and the brothers struck out into the gentle swells towards their goal.

It was a testament to Peter’s attentiveness that he noticed Edmund’s distress immediately, at about three quarters of the way to the rocks. Edmund was a length or two behind him when the beat of his arms against the water suddenly became erratic.

“What the matter?” Peter asked, stopping to tread water while his brother labouriously swam closer. “Is it your shoulder?”

“No – cramp! In my leg,” Edmund gasped, wincing in pain.

“Here, catch hold of me,” Peter directed, calm despite his alarm. When Edmund managed to wrap his arms about his neck, lying across his back, Peter surged towards the rocks with powerful strokes and kicks. In spite of his pain, Edmund could not help but marvel at the strength in his brother’s body.

As they neared the rocks, Edmund let go and managed to swim the rest of the way until he was clinging to the jagged outcropping. It took a minute for both of them to catch their breaths, then they took turns rubbing the taut muscle at the back of Edmund’s thigh until it had un-cramped.

“Thanks, Pete. I don’t know if I could have made it on my own,” Edmund said, bending and stretching his leg in an effort to loosen it further.

“Don’t mention it. Though you did give me a turn there for a moment.” Peter surveyed their location before asking, “Do you think you can make it to shore?”

Edmund squinted at the nearest point of land, which was marked by many rocks jutting out into the sea, but there was a passage through them to a small, sandy beach. “I think so. If we go north of the rocks, it should be fairly easy to get to that little cove.”

Peter nodded. “From there it looks like a bit of a climb up into the forest, but then we can walk inland to the bridge across the River. With any luck, we should come across some Birds who can let the girls know where we are.”

After resting their limbs for a few more minutes, the boys headed towards land, this time with Edmund in front so Peter could see if he had any trouble again. Fortunately, the sea was calm and what waves there were only pushed them more quickly to shore, so they arrived at the beach without mishap. The afternoon sun afforded them no shade, but they were glad enough to be on dry land. Edmund sat down to knead his sore muscles.

“Here, let me have a go at it,” Peter offered, kneeling in front of Edmund and straddling his leg. He pushed Edmund’s tunic out of the way and went to work on his thigh with gentle strokes, rubbing the underside through the fabric of his short trousers. The wet layer of cloth made it cumbersome, though, so after a minute he pushed that up as well, exposing Edmund’s pale, shapely thigh. Peter swallowed hard as he felt his body respond in an unseemly fashion, thankful that his own tunic, hanging down in front of his bent form, was hiding his growing arousal.

For Edmund, it was tortuous and delightful at the same time. Feeling Peter’s large hands and strong fingers moving over his leg made him yearn almost at once for his touch in a more sensitive, intimate part of his anatomy; when Peter shoved the pant leg up and began touching his skin directly, Edmund thought he might spill his seed right then and there. His manhood was as hard as it had ever been, forcing its way through his bunched-up clothes, but Peter seemed so intent upon tending his leg that he  hadn’t noticed it yet. Edmund flushed, hotter from his internal desire than the external heat of the summer day, and wished he had better command over his body.

Peter was also remembering how, not so very long ago, he had used his hands to stimulate Edmund’s manhood for the first time. The strokes he was using on his brother’s leg were similar to what he had done then, so perhaps it was inevitable that they reminded him of that occasion. His burgeoning manhood grew to its full length and girth, pulling taut the material of his trousers until it could no longer be hidden by his tunic, even though he bowed lower over Edmund’s limb to make it hang slack. As forbidden desires ran rampant through his mind and body, Peter finally forced himself to sit back and remove his hungry, wanton hands from his brother’s smooth skin.

“I–I’m sorry, Ed. Is it well enough now?” he asked, hoping against hope that his condition would go unnoticed.

“It’s much better now, Pete – thanks,” Edmund struggled to reply. Without intending to, he glanced down at his member’s protruding bump, which led Peter to look there as well.

“Oh!” Peter gasped, startled to realise that his brother was in the same straits.

“What? Oh!” Edmund exclaimed also, for in looking at Peter he caught the unmistakable outline of his great, manly sword. In fact he could not take his eyes off of it now, overcome with the itch to heft its weighty length, to explore its every inch, to feel it tremble in release again. His hands reached out to grasp it, and Peter (still on his knees) could not move swiftly enough to escape them. With a groan the High King succumbed to the sweet sensation of being enwrapped by his brother’s warm fingers, which deftly began to stroke him in ways that drove all thought from his already exhausted and heat-benumbed mind.

“Oh… Oh! Ed, that’s… that feels… Oh!

Though incoherent, Peter’s babbling conveyed that he was enjoying this treatment, and so encouraged the younger king continued his ministrations while removing each layer of clothing that separated him from his object. When his hands at last touched his brother’s manhood directly, feeling the silk of his delicate skin as well as the throbbing of his pulse, he was rewarded with a sigh of exquisite pleasure leaving Peter’s half-open lips.

“Is that good, Peter? Does this feel… good?” he prompted.

“Yes… Yes! Oh, Ed… Oh!”

Enraptured, Peter had not been able to assist with undressing himself, but now he noticed a lack of the warm contact on his organ, which made him open his eyes. Edmund was using one hand to free his own manhood from his clothing, desperate with pent-up need. The sight of his smaller yet no less randy organ filled Peter with overwhelming desire and, hardly sensible of what he was doing, he pushed Edmund down on to the hot sand and scrabbled to unclothe him. With greedy hands he grasped his brother’s manhood, reveling in how its heat and hardness responded to his touch.

“Oh… Peter! Yes! I… I’ve wanted this… so much,” Edmund moaned. With his free hand he pulled his love down and with his other he guided Peter’s larger organ to align with his own. When their flesh rubbed together, they both inhaled sharply, intoxicated by the delicious sensation. Then Peter lost himself and began rutting against Edmund, lying over him with his hands on the sand on either side of his slighter body. Edmund aided him by holding their two manhoods together to extract the most pleasure, panting words of encouragement until he felt a shudder travel through his spine and arched his back like a bow. A moment later he shot his liquid arrows with a cry of triumph. Watching his beatific face, Peter also reached the pinnacle of exhilaration, releasing his hot seed in long, satisfying spurts. When every last drop had been wrung out of his body, he collapsed atop of Edmund, who welcomed him into his arms like a long-lost lover.

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     /  2013/07/30

    god, i just reread the entire story and i am dying for peter and edmund to realize their affections for each other! so angry at king lune! i wish peter would kiss edmund and he would wake up and see that they are in love with each other!

  2. C

     /  2013/07/31

    Wow, that was a great chapter. I especially liked the very last line. The fact that it ended that way leads me to believe the boys are about to have a very serious conversation about things that need conversing about… which I am greatly looking forward to. Thank you for writing! ❤

  3. windupbird

     /  2013/08/01

    I always find myself looking forward to your updates. I had to pinch myself when I realized there was another chapter! This is a really good story to reread from time to time. I never comment on these as much as I would like…but thank you. I lack the words to describe how utterly cute, amazing, fantastic, I find this. I ((and probably plenty of other anons like me)) are cheering you on silently haha. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

  4. Melina

     /  2013/08/03

    oh a new chapter!! you made my day. love the story soooo much

  5. cupcakes

     /  2013/09/01

    this is my first time commenting on one of your stories and i just wanted to say i love this story so far and i hope you update soon because its been almost a month already

    • Thank you for reading!! I’m so sorry my progress is slow… I’ve been busy with work lately (which is a good thing) and this story takes a lot of time and effort to get it just right. But I’m glad you like it! 😀

  6. Orin

     /  2013/09/21

    I just finished reading this and I’m happily waiting for more chapters. (The magic this story has brought me is boundless.

  7. a.

     /  2013/09/22

    Can’t wait for more! I love this story more than words can say!

  8. Jannasaur

     /  2013/10/21

    Oh my goodness, I simply adore the way you write suxh heated scenes… That was… So… So hot! You favourite pairing justice with how.amazing you write about them. I always find myself going through the whole story and rereading all my favourite parts. As always I await and update

  9. Bookie Bee

     /  2013/10/23

    OH MY GOD. I started reading this on and find out just as I am about to get to the hot scene in the highly anticipated sexy scene between our lovely Edmund and Peter and it stops… It stops! My heart was pounding and then you cut it off! Haha, oh dear! I was simply shocked! However, I am glad it didn’t completely and was on here. I can very much so empathize with Edmund, I WANTED THIS SO MUCH! And waited so long to get it! Haha. Oh gosh, I feel as though my face has really heated up due to this wonderful ending. Although I have a feeling that Peter will come back to his senses and begin to feel bad for what he has done… It makes me feel so for Edmund, because he wanted to be with Peter in such a way as I do. It’s very hot… Oh please, I hope you update soon~

    • Thanks for reviewing! I’m so sorry it’s taking forever to update… but I promise I’ll get back to it as soon as I can. And as always, there WILL be a happy ending! 😉

  10. Latenightfanfics

     /  2013/11/02

    so I’m reading up on the story, it’s amazing T.T

  11. Amazing

     /  2013/11/17

    I just read through this entire story so far, and I have to say that it’s one of my absolute favorites! I’m just sitting here waiting for one of them to just confess their feelings and take things to the level they want them to be at! I do hope you update soon! 🙂

  12. Lily

     /  2013/12/03

    I had plans today. 😐
    This is frustratingly good. I hope to see it updated soon! 🙂

    • MWAHAHA! So much for your plans, Daughter of Eve!
      I mean *ahem* I’m sorry to hear that you were distracted by this. I have the next chapter on my list of things to do! 😀

  13. youval

     /  2014/01/27

    iv’e been waiting for a g e s
    just update quickly pleaseeeeeeee

  14. shinee

     /  2014/02/07

    This story is so wonderful. I wish they would just confess their love to each other!!! I was so happy when Edmund realised that he was in love with Peter
    Oh when will you update this work?

    • I’m so glad you like it! 😀
      I don’t know when I can update… RL has been hectic, but I’m working on the next chapter slowly… 🙂


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