It’s Not Over 7

Reese shifted further down Finch’s thighs so he could place the entire length of his cock flush against Finch’s. Leaning over his lover, Reese closed both his hands around their two erections and began to thrust slowly, rubbing all along Finch’s underside. The older man moaned and arched his back against the bed, his eyes wide and staring.

“Feel good?”

“Oh… yes!

Finch watched in fascination as Reese expertly pleasured them both. Almost as soon as they had started working together, Finch had started wondering, even fantasizing, about what it would be like to have the former operative as a lover. The man had to have been professionally trained in the art of seduction — how else could he know how to tease Finch (aggravating him far more than he would let on) with his flirty remarks? Or use his voice to such arousing effect? He had no doubt utilized his considerable charms to get close to many of his marks; he was now proving just how talented he was at making someone feel as though they were the center of his universe. If it were not true, Finch didn’t ever want to find out. He wanted to be held captive by Reese’s lust-filled gaze forever.

“Help me out here, Harold,” Reese purred. “Give me a hand.”

“Uh… like this?” Finch asked after placing his hands around their sweaty cocks.

“Exactly.” Reese removed his hands and set them on the bed on either side of Finch’s torso to support his weight, then began to thrust against Finch with slow, powerful movements that made them both gasp at the intensity of the sensations. After a minute of this, Reese bent down to kiss Finch’s clavicle, letting his hips continue their rocking motion while licking through the curls on Finch’s chest. When he reached the left nipple, he latched on so tightly that Finch clenched his hands around their cocks in reflex — but that felt good, too. It all felt good, almost too good to be true.

“Oh, Harold… I’ve wanted this… I’ve wanted you… for so long,” Reese told him between hard kisses that left a trail of red welts on his soft, pale skin. “This is… so good.”

“Reese… Oh, John… Oh!” Finch could only moan. His brain could not function at its normal capacity while it was being bombarded with so much stimuli, and he was content to simply float on this wonderful ocean of pleasure, drifting wherever the tide carried him. When he reached his destination, it was with wave upon wave of crashing, violent surges of cum splashing over his belly and chest, with tremors running through his body that set every nerve on fire. Even when he was finished, the aftershocks continued to thrum through him, making him almost oblivious to Reese’s eruption right above and against  his body.

“Uh! Uh! Ungh!” Reese grunted as he added stripes of his cum on Finch’s skin. He collapsed on top of his lover, trapping Finch’s hands between their bodies and entangling his stubbled jaw in Finch’s chest hair.

“That… was… amazing,” Finch finally managed to say as his consciousness returned to the world around him. He could feel Reese still kissing him and suckling on his other nipple.

“Mm-hmm,” Reese agreed without taking his lips off Finch. Sated and exhausted, they both slipped into sleep as they were, the sticky proof of their activity clinging to their skin.

Finch awoke alone in the wide bed and completely naked. It took him a moment to remember why he was there, in that particular condition, and when he did he lifted the sheets to check himself. He was surprisingly clean and feeling more well-rested than he had in days. Reaching over to grab his glasses off the side table, he found a note tucked between the earpieces.

Harold — Went to get some supplies. Be back soon. Love, John

The final two words tugged at Finch’s heartstrings and made him stare at the slip of paper for a long time. As he got up to go to the bathroom, he still had the note in his hand, and once there he tucked it carefully into the breast pocket of his suit, under his purple pocket square. He found the bathrobe he’d been wearing in the dirty clothes hamper, along with his briefs, and realized that Reese had used a corner of the robe to clean him up; he also found the sweatpants and t-shirt Reese had set out for him to wear. After debating with himself for a minute, Finch put them on without bothering to wash his briefs. It would take a while to dry them and he didn’t want to parade around the loft buck naked until they were ready. He had never, to his recollection, gone without underwear before, even when sleeping; it made him feel rather daring and almost risqué. But as he looked in the mirror and saw how tightly Reese’s t-shirt hugged his belly, his meager balloon of machismo deflated.

How could he possibly want me? he thought, examining his love handles with dismay. I’m a cripple, and far past my prime… His lips curved in a sardonic smile, however, as it occurred to him, Well, I am past my expiration date, after all… He let out a sigh and tried to suck in his gut. He knew Reese had been right in suggesting to him, early on in their working relationship, to get more exercise. Vowing to do better in that arena, Finch fluffed his hair as best he could with the comb (which Reese had also set out for him to use) and decided that he was about as presentable as he could make himself.

He tiptoed out of the bathroom, half-expecting Reese to be back, but when he confirmed that he was alone in the apartment he sat awkwardly on the sectional, at odd ends. What is the protocol for waking up in someone’s house alone — naked — after having sex? he wondered. He knew there was nothing he could do in the kitchen, and the loft hardly needed any cleaning with Reese’s military-zen lifestyle. There was a small TV on the desk that he had provided along with the furnishings, but he didn’t feel like watching anything. He looked around for books but the closest reading materials were gun and hunting magazines. He yawned and was wondering if he should go back to bed when the door opened and Reese walked in with three large grocery bags on his arms.

“Hey,” he said, breaking into a brilliant smile when he saw Finch. “How are you feeling?”

“Fine. In fact, much better than fine. Can I give you a hand with that?”

They took the bags into the kitchen to unload the meat and vegetables.

“I figured we could both use the protein,” Reese said as he pulled out a large pack of two well-marbled steaks. “I got some chicken breasts, too, in case you wanted something lighter.”

Finch peered into the third bag and froze.

“Oh, those are for… after dinner,” Reese said, noticing his petrified expression. He grinned wolfishly when Finch pulled out an enormous bottle labeled Personal Lubricant. “I hoped you would be up for some… dessert.”

“Ah… yes, of course,” Finch murmured while he blushed and set an economy-size box of condoms beside the lube. Next he pulled out a package of underwear that clearly depicted a pair of thongs. “And what, pray tell, are these?” he asked drily.

“For you,” Reese replied with aplomb. “Unless you prefer to go commando.” At Finch’s baleful look, he added, “Personally, I think you pull it off quite well. I’m going to enjoy thinking about it every time I wear those sweats; plus it’s that much less clothing I have to rip off to get at you.”

“I see…” Finch said in an unconvinced tone.

“You said you’d trust me with everything,” Reese reminded, leaning in to kiss him on his forehead. “You also said you’d never lie to me, so I’m going to hold you to that.”

And after their mid-afternoon dinner of steak and mashed potatoes, Reese made good on his threat. Finch had no sooner turned on the dishwasher than he found himself pressed up against the kitchen counter, being kissed so deeply and so ardently that he couldn’t catch his breath. Then he was practically dragged off to the bed where Reese stripped him of his borrowed clothing in a matter of seconds. Panting, he watched as the younger man squirted a generous amount of lube onto his slender fingers and hoisted Finch’s good leg up on his shoulder to get at his virgin anus. Finch tensed for a moment as the digit entered his body, but within moments Reese had found his prostate, making his limp cock twitch at the novel sensation.

“Oh… Oh!” Finch exclaimed, seeing stars explode in his vision.

“You like this?” Reese asked with a wicked, knowing smirk. “You like having me touch you… here?”


“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Smug with satisfaction, Reese continued to stimulate, titillate, and elongate Finch’s nether regions while shedding his own clothing piece by piece. When he determined that his lover’s opening had been stretched and loosened enough, he rolled him onto his side and reached for the box of condoms.

“That… won’t be necessary, John,” Finch managed to say through his haze of lust. “I’ve seen your medical records… I know you’re ‘clean’ and healthy. Unless, of course, you’re concerned that you’ve picked something up recently…?”

Reese shook his head. “Not unless one of the bad guys bled on me. And even then, odds are pretty slight that I’d catch anything. No, these aren’t for me — I figured you’d rather not make another mess.”

“Oh… how… thoughtful… of you,” Finch panted while Reese rolled one onto his growing cock.

“Don’t mention it,” he replied before planting a kiss squarely on Finch’s now-covered head. Moving behind Finch’s back, Reese slathered more lube on his own cock before placing it at the entrance. “Harold… do you trust me?”

“Implicitly,” Finch answered, meaning it. He gasped as the large cock forced its way inside, but the discomfort was soon eclipsed by the wonderful sensation of it stroking against his prostate. He groaned as Reese withdrew to slide his cock over that sweet spot again and again.

“So tight… so good,” Reese whispered in his ear, clutching Finch in both arms as his strokes grew stronger and faster. “Harold… I love you, Harold…”

“I… I love you, too, John… I… Ah! I love you so much… Oh! So good…”

Finch grabbed his cock in both hands, keeping it from bouncing all around with Reese’s frantic movements. The intense stimulation from within was making him draw near his climax with hardly any need for external stimulation. One of Reese’s hands found a nipple and tweaked it, sending a lightning bolt of pleasure through Finch’s body which further electrified his cock. Arching his back, Finch pressed into Reese’s welcoming embrace and realized that he had been pushing himself against Reese’s thrusting organ, repeatedly and wantonly, to make it reach even deeper inside him. The flush of embarrassment mingled with his already red-hot flush of exertion, causing Finch to lose all sense of time, place, or decorum. All he knew was that he wanted that amazing cock to keep thrusting, keep stroking inside of him — he wanted to feel Reese desiring him, lusting for him, loving him — until the end of time.

All good things had to come to an end, however, and as Reese’s movements grew swift with urgency, Finch heard him gasping against his shoulder and felt, with mild shock, the hot slide of Reese’s cum filling his newly-developed sensory organ. The younger man’s thrusts stuttered, then with several deep, satisfying digs and more spurts of hot cum, halted altogether.

He came inside me… he climaxed inside of me… because he wanted me, Finch realized. Squeezing his eyes shut to hold back tears of joy, he stroked his own cock rapidly until it had filled the condom with milk-white cum, leaving him lightheaded with ecstasy. Panting, Finch drew in large draughts of air, coming down from his sexual high only to be greeted by an emotional one.

“I love you, Harold,” Reese murmured in his ear. “I love you so much…” He was kissing every square inch of Finch’s exposed skin, it seemed, and reiterating his declaration of love between each one. “I’ve wanted you… wanted to do this… for so long…”

“You have me, John… all of me, body and soul… for as long as you want it.” Finch covered Reese’s hands, which were still wrapped around his stomach and chest, with his own.

“Then you’re mine forever,” Reese pronounced, intertwining their fingers. “Mine… forever.”

They ended up making love one more time before showering together, changing the sheets, eating a light supper, and turning in for the night. By then Finch was so comfortable with being naked around Reese that he didn’t even think twice about refusing the sweatpants and t-shirt.

“And don’t even think of trying to get me into that… scanty piece of fabric masquerading as underwear these days,” he declared with mock severity.

“I think you’d be too sore to wear a thong right now, anyway,” Reese grinned as he fluffed the pillows for Finch. “I believe I wore your ass out pretty thoroughly.”

Finch groaned in agreement, but he didn’t realize how true that statement was until he woke up early the next morning and went to the bathroom. Nevertheless, he got dressed in his clothes from the previous day (including his briefs, which he’d washed and hung up to dry overnight) and slipped out of the apartment with only a slightly greater limp than usual. He left a note for Reese, telling him to take another day off at least before reporting for duty.

So he was understandably surprised when Reese rejoined him in the library to an exuberant welcome by Bear. If his ass were not so sore, Finch might have been able to respond with greater enthusiasm to Reese’s genuine smile. And it took him a full five minutes to realize that Reese had been thanking him for saving his life — for defusing the bomb vest — rather than for the sex they had shared afterwards.

The End

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  1. Kate

     /  2013/07/13

    FInch in a thong! Ooh, I’d pay to see that!

    • Wow, you’re fast! Did you get the whole thing? I posted it once and then saw that I’d skipped a whole section at the beginning. Sorry! :p

      • CTN

         /  2013/07/13

        hey Thea, is this based on a fanfic or is it original?

      • CTN: Um… it *is* a fanfic of “Person of Interest,” the TV show on CBS. I didn’t base it on anybody else’s fanfic if that’s what you’re asking.

        I’ve also posted it on AO3.

  2. Aww It’s over? This was so cute and sexy! I loved it like I loved your other stories.

  3. Plink42

     /  2013/07/13

    So lovely! It’s great when they realize how they need each other, then make the ultimate connection. They’re so perfect together. 🙂

    So great as always! 😀

  4. Mamahub

     /  2013/07/13

    Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

    Now we know EXACTLY why Finch gave Reese that Mona Lisa smile when he came back to the Library! 😀

    Fantastically smexy and loving and just PERFECT!

    • Heeheehee… I’d been wondering about that and now I have the answer! XD
      Thanks always for your support! 😀

  5. Combined Gratitude- Life saving sex

  6. deliacerrano

     /  2013/07/14

    John may have been trained for sex but Harold is getting the benefit! And Finch walking around naked in the apt? I can just see that with his doughboy belly…he would be adorable.
    I’m surprised that he would though as he always seems so aware and disparaging of his looks. I guess it shows how comfortable he is with John & their activities. Your story made my daydreams as always!

    • They really are the perfect fit. And once John had proved to Harold that he loves him just the way he is, Harold could let that doughboy belly hang out with pride! XD Which, of course, John would be constantly touching. 😉
      Thanks so much!! 😀

  7. Sam Rawana

     /  2013/07/14

    John sees Harold more than a friend, he also, his hero and partner, and now his lover. John and Harold where a romance waiting to happen, I’m glad they realise that they meant be together, as friends and lovers. Because they are good for each other, and they know it.

  8. rainiejanie

     /  2013/07/14

    Aww, this is probably some of the sweetest smut I’ve ever read. 🙂

    Great job, sad it’s done, but great job. ;D

  9. T'LIRA

     /  2013/07/20

    Thanks as usual for another example of your stupendous writing talent. I can always depend upon your stories to markedly get me over the dull-dumps, since I have been confined to my room under air-conditioning for ten days. In case no one has every told you; you are one of the best PoI writers (bar none) that I have had the pleasure of reading. Thanks for writing and sharing.

    • Awww, thank you so much! I needed that pat on the back today. :’)
      I’m sorry you’re confined indoors, but as hot as it has been around here lately, I’m glad you’ve got air conditioning!


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