It’s Not Over 6

In the thoughtful silence that followed, Finch shifted to fit more comfortably in Reese’s embrace. Although the furious pounding of his heart had settled down to a throbbing drum, sleep felt impossible now. In his hyper-alert state, everything was noticeable — especially the proximity of Reese’s warm body. Finch could not stop focusing on the firmness and heat of the younger man’s thighs where they touched his own, protective and possessive. When he felt a separate limb of hardness growing against his leg, he realized that Reese was not about to fall asleep soon, either.

“Sorry,” Reese mumbled and moved back a few inches to prevent his cock from rubbing against Finch’s ass. However, he did not remove his hand from where it was resting on Finch’s bare chest. Finch clearly remembered wrapping himself in the bathrobe, even tying the belt; he was still wearing the robe but the belt had either come undone or been untied, and the front was pulled open to leave his middle exposed. The logical conclusion was that Reese had undressed him. Finch simply could not wrap his mind around Reese wanting to touch him, let alone desiring him sexually.

The reverse was quite understandable, of course — it seemed altogether natural for him to be attracted to the tall, dark, and handsome former operative. He had known it would be inevitable from the moment he had found Reese sleeping, clean-shaven, in the cheap motel. But he had forced himself to refrain from acting upon those feelings in the interest of the Numbers. He did not want anything to get in the way of Reese doing his all-important job. He had also wished to avoid any awkwardness and (if he were to be completely honest with himself) the pain of being rejected by Reese, which he considered inevitable.

Now that Reese had declared his feelings, though, Finch knew he had to face a paradigm shift. He also had to admit that Reese was right: they had moved beyond the point of being mere “business partners” long ago. Somewhere along the way, amid flying bullets and stakeouts and rainy days at the movie theater, they had become much more than friends, even. And Reese’s performance (from a strictly objective point of view) had, if anything, improved with time.

Feeling the skilled man’s warm breath on his neck, Finch could not help wondering if Reese’s “performance” in another area was just as good as he had always assumed it would be. There was only one way to find out. Finch was paranoid, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be courageous if the occasion called for it.

“John… what do you want from me?” he softly asked.

“Everything,” Reese answered after mulling over the question for a moment. “I want you to trust me, Harold… with your body and your heart.”

Finch closed his eyes and searched his soul. He already loved Reese; he even trusted him. If he took this step, he might someday know the pain of loss — again. But his heart was yearning, aching for this, for not just human interaction but intimacy in which he could trust completely and love unreservedly. And with a sudden epiphany, he almost laughed aloud.

“I do trust you, John — with everything. I have for some time now…”

Startled, Reese searched Finch’s face as if trying to find confirmation of his statement there.

“You do?”

“Yes.” Finch smiled. “I love you, John. And I’m ready to take the plunge — to risk my heart on you.”

“I won’t let you down, Harold. I’ll never hurt you…”

“I know.” Not deliberately, you won’t, Finch thought without bitterness. “Just promise me that… you’ll try to live. Because if you die, I’ll die with you.”

Reese’s eyes were brimming with emotion, and Finch nearly regretted his words, but he placed a hand against Reese’s cheek and forged on.

“I’ve lost too much already… too many people. I don’t think I could recover from losing another. So you must promise me that, whatever happens, you will at least be as careful with your life as you would with mine. Because they are… connected, now.”

“Interconnected,” Reese amended in a tender whisper. “I couldn’t survive without you, either, Harold…”

The kiss was long and sweet, although it became rapacious before it finally ended, leaving both men panting and wanting more. Reese had straddled Finch as they’d grown more passionate. Now he pushed open the bathrobe even further, exposing Finch’s mostly bare body, and grasped Finch’s engorged cock through his briefs. While Finch moaned at having his manhood manhandled, Reese shoved down his boxers to expose his own dripping cock. He fumbled in his effort to slide Finch’s briefs down over the bulge but eventually succeeded, then brought the two shafts together at the tips like an echo of their kiss — their precum mingling and forming a string between the two heads when they parted.

“Oh! John…” Harold moaned. The sensation of having Reese’s hand wrapped around his most sensitive member was heavenly; however, Reese had even better things in mind.

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  1. rainiejanie

     /  2013/07/11

    I know I say this a lot, but (BLEEP) I wish I was Finch! 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next “rapacious” chapter! (had to look that up. I think it fits) 😉

    • Me, too!! 😀
      You know, it came to my mind as I was writing, but I had to look it up to double-check that it was the right word for the occasion. 😉

  2. “I’ve lost too much already… too many people. I don’t think I could recover from losing another. So you must promise me that, whatever happens, you will at least be as careful with your life as you would with mine. Because they are… connected, now.”

    Tearing up again

  3. Kate

     /  2013/07/11

    ‘manhood manhandled’ – I loved that! This chapter is very sexy and so sweet!

  4. Plink42

     /  2013/07/11

    This chapter really tugged at my heart! If anything happens to either Reese or Finch, the other will be emotionally done with no possible way of recovering. I really hope it never comes to that.

    Now I’ll sit and wait for the next chapter which should tug at… something else. 😉

    Hurry please! 😀

  5. You sure there is only one more chapter? Maybe there is more of that sexy goodness
    if you think about it…please.


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