Media*West Con Report & PoI Links!

So as most of you know, I went to the Media*West sci-fi convention in Lansing, Michigan, over Memorial Day weekend. What a fun time! My Dreamspinner Press friends — Shira Anthony, Hb Pattskyn, J.p. Barnaby, and Venona Keyes — sold a lot of books, and I got to participate in four Person of Interest forums as well as several writing forums. Color me happy! 😀

In case a few of my new friends check out this website, I want to list some helpful links for the Person of Interest fandom:

  • The Person of Interest Discussion Forum — My friend Mamahub and her husband created this site, complete with public and private chatrooms, so we can all squee about the episodes. 😉 There are also permanent blogs for comments on each episode.
  • Katica Locke’s website — Beautifully written Rinch slash fanfics! I love all of her stories.

People you should follow on Tumblr:

  • emlary — The photos from her recent pilgrimage to NYC are awesome!
  • magicb0x — Wonderful gifs of our favorite moments!!
  • Managerie 76 — She is very helpful in getting you acclimated to the fandom; she is also multi-fandom so just let her know what shows you ship. Her South Park style Person of Interest characters are a hoot!
  • Mamahub — Yes, she’s on Tumblr too. In fact she’s the one that got me into Tumblr, even though she did warn me it would devour all my time… 😉
  • kmmerc — She also writes fanfics and posts them on Tumblr and/or AO3. She deserves much love! 🙂
  • gauna-03 — Draws original fanart, often Rinch. One word: NSFW!
  • me! — I primarily re-blog other people’s posts, but every now and then I’ll put a funny caption on a screenshot and post it.

I also have an account on deviantArt with a group specifically for Rinch, but I don’t check on it that often. You have to sign up for devArt to see the NSFW pictures. 😉
If you’re on Facebook, I would love to be your friend! I have a Rinch group there as well.

Last but not least, my original fiction e-book (and the only published one I have so far) “A Tale of Two Trucks” is on sale this week at Dreamspinner Press! $3.99 vs. $4.99 usually. But wait, there’s more! I just checked Amazon and it’s even cheaper there!! Only $3.82! 😀

If you read it, would you please leave a review on either Amazon or Goodreads? I value your honest opinion! But I should warn you, it’s just a fluffy, ridiculous comedy. If you can’t stomach it, I understand completely. ^_^

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. My e-mail is SeveRemus at AOL dot com. (It was recently spoofed to send out spam, but I believe it’s under control now.)

Hope you all have a great short work-week! 🙂

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  1. Plink42

     /  2013/05/29

    So glad you had fun! I wish I could’ve been there for the forums. Maybe next year. *pout*

    BTW, congratulations on having 150 followers! Yaaay!! 😀 😀 😀

    • I know! I would’ve LOVED to meet you!! 😦 But next year? Really??? 😀

      I do? O.O Ohmygosh, I do! Whoa!!

  2. Mamahub

     /  2013/05/29

    It sounds like you had a fantastic time! I REALLY wish I could have been there too. I’m with Plink- maybe next year!!! Fingers crossed.

    Would you do me the honor of writing up your experience with the POI panels and posting it on the Site? I am fascinated by how the whole thing works, what the panels talked about, what the questions were, what the reaction from the attendees, etc. I want to know it ALL!! And I think others would be interested in hearing about it too. I know some people have been to Cons before, but I never have. Plus I think that this may be one of the first smaller Cons to have POI panels, I know the ComiCons had the cast there, but it is great that you authors and fans got to represent the Irrelevants.

    Thanks for all you do!!!

    • I’ll see if I can write it up tomorrow (while it’s still relatively fresh in my mind). The topics tended to blur together after 4 sessions with mostly the same people, but each forum was supposed to discuss different aspects.


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