Not a Story, Sorry; Sci-Fi Convention Announcement

So in case you haven’t already heard, I’m going to the MediaWest Sci-Fi Convention in Lansing, Michigan over Memorial Day weekend!! 😀
I’m so geeked — it’s my first Con! XD

If you’re going, too, please let me know so I can look you up!

Here is the Con’s official website:

Tickets (or “memberships”) are $55~60 for the entire Con, $30~35 for a single day.
(It’s $5 extra if you’re coming from outside of the US, but there’s no additional fee if you’re coming from another planet. 😉 )

There will also be 4 different discussion forums for Person of Interest — I’m already in heaven!!  I applied to be on the panel for 2 of them as well as 2 other panels:

10~11am — A095-PERSON OF INTEREST: Discussion on the dynamics between The Gang of Four, and throw in Elias, too!
11~12am — E29-SLASH FICTION: Join us for a discussion on where M/M might be headed in the future (with Shira Anthony).
5~6pm — E42-WRITING: Grammar and punctuation are your friends.
11~12am — A093-PERSON OF INTEREST: Discuss second season with new cast members and arc episodes.

My good friend Shira Anthony is also going, as well as a few other folks you might know from Dreamspinner Press. We’re hoping to organize another forum just of DSP writers/editors, possibly on Sunday.

Stay tuned for more news!! 😀

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  1. rainiejanie

     /  2013/04/11

    4 POIs? Wow! This place does seem like heaven for you. Have fun and be sure we get details! 😀

    • I will, thanks! 😀
      If I weren’t already committed to so many forums, I would have submitted a POI-SLASH forum, too! XD

  2. Mamahub

     /  2013/04/11

    I would absolutely LOVE to be there but just don’t think I can swing the schedule and costs involved. 😦 Maybe next time. But I definitely look forward to reading your reports and seeing pictures!

    • Awww, bummer… But yeah, even though the Con itself is inexpensive, the cost of transportation would be prohibitive. Too bad… Maybe some other year? :’)

  3. Plink42

     /  2013/04/11

    I have no words except: Jealous! Hope you have fun representing us Rinchers (and grammar geeks). 😀


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