Cheering Up Finch ~ Part 2

He was trembling when he handed the key to Reese, but the other man did not comment on it as he swiftly unlocked the handcuffs and removed himself from the pole.

“You have set me free, Master, and I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

Finch was startled to be addressed in such a manner by the former operative, who was looking up at him earnestly. Reese crawled closer to Finch until he was kneeling between his legs, his hands rubbing gently along his thighs.

“Allow me to return the favor… by giving you… pleasure… by freeing you now…”

All thoughts came to a screeching halt, all brain functions ceased, as Finch gazed into Reese’s smoldering eyes. Without waiting for his consent, Reese began unfastening Finch’s trousers – making the older man gasp in relief as his cock was emancipated. The slender fingers pulled out the member already weeping with need, stroking it with feather-light touches which only made its release more urgent. Finch groaned from the unbearably wonderful sensations and the anticipation of more.

“Master… so beautiful,” Reese whispered. Before his words could sink into Finch’s mind, Reese had placed his lips on the sensitive tip of Finch’s cock, kissing it and then sucking on it with shameless slurping noises. He lowered his head on the organ until the head entered his throat, at which point he hummed – a low, growling, purring noise deep in his chest – making Finch buck and nearly rise up from the leather limousine seat.

The sudden jerking movement sent a bolt of searing pain through his injured hip and Finch gasped, but he never considered asking Reese to stop. Instead, he found (to his slight embarrassment) that he had placed both of his hands in Reese’s hair, grabbing great fistfuls of it in spasmodic ecstasy. When Reese swallowed around his cock, he could not help clenching his fingers; it was all he could do to keep himself from forcing Reese’s head down onto his now fully erect and engorged manhood.

Reese smiled around the thick cock, knowing quite well what sort of effect he was having on his older partner, but he wanted to take things slowly and make the experience memorable. He stroked the underside of the cock with long, powerful licks as he pulled the shaft almost out of his mouth, then pressed down hard with his lips as he plunged his nose all the way into the musky curls. With one hand he fondled Finch’s balls, noting with satisfaction that they had drawn up close to the cock, ready for ejaculation at any moment; with his other he formed a tight ring around the base, preventing Finch from reaching that orgasm.

“Oh! Oh God… John…” Finch panted, being driven to the edge of the cliff but frustrated from diving over it into the sea of pleasure. “P-Please! Don’t… Don’t tease me… I-I can’t… take it…”

I will take it, Master, if Master wishes to give it to me,” Reese replied, his voice hoarse from deep-throating Finch’s cock and, if it were possible, even more sexy than usual. “Would Master like to come over my face… or inside my ass?”

Finch stared at him, agape, for several seconds. His eyes grew huge behind his glasses and his brain struggled to analyze the alternatives. Finally he gulped and answered, “Either would be fine, but… since you’ve obviously… already prepared your… your ass… it would be a shame not to… put it to good use… I suppose…”

“An excellent choice, Master,” Reese said, beaming, although his fingers still held Finch’s cock in their steely grip. With his other hand he pulled open a hidden compartment under the seat, revealing an assortment of toys – dildos, vibrators, whips, and furry handcuffs – as well as several choices (both flavored and non) of lubricant. Flipping open the cap of one vial, Reese quickly slathered a thick layer of the viscous fluid on Finch’s throbbing cock, sliding the hot palm of his hand deliberately over the shaft more times than was necessary.

Finch gasped at the tortuous caress, feeling his eyes roll into the back of his head at the sensation, but at long last Reese was satisfied with his handiwork and released Finch’s straining cock from his iron hold. Finch drew in deep breaths to regain his bearings when the titillation stopped. The car was still moving, Bear was still chewing on his toy, and Reese was crouched on the floor, his shoulder pressed against the pole and his ass raised invitingly in the air. It looked like Finch would have to get down on the floor as well, but that was a small price to pay for the delights which that tight, muscular ass promised him.

“Please, Master,” Reese begged while wiggling his hindquarters side to side, his knees spread wide in an open invitation. “I want to feel Master’s hard cock inside of me.”

Finch needed no more invitation than that: he was on his knees faster than he would have believed possible himself, pressing his cockhead against the still-moist opening where the key to the handcuffs had, until recently, been hidden. He could not spare a thought as to how long Reese must have kept the key inside, or where the limousine was going, or what had made his handsome partner decide on this entire course of action – all Finch could do, all he wanted to do, was fuck that beautiful ass until he had slaked his desperate lust.

“R-R-Reese!” he cried out as he entered the tight, hot ring of muscle. Whatever else Reese might be, he was always thorough: he had prepared himself so that he accommodated Finch’s length and girth at once. Finch, having been driven almost mad with pent-up desire, began thrusting with abandon in that ready and willing passage. The lubricant made obscene slurping noises as they fucked, echoing in the vehicle cabin as a strange counterpoint to the music. Finch had grasped Reese’s hips for leverage and was now plunging deep into his lover’s body, his balls slapping rudely against Reese’s skin; Reese, for his part, was pressing back against Finch with each thrust, driving their bodies as close as physically possible and their passion to a fever pitch.

Bear stopped chewing his toy to watch with somewhat confused interest, his tongue lolling out as he tried to decide whether to bark or not. His two masters were rutting, grunting and groaning as they moved ever faster in their frenzy of lust. Reese was digging his fingernails into the carpet of the car, eyes squeezed shut as he reveled in the sensations assaulting him, his cock dripping pre-come onto the floor. Finch was gasping from the exertion but, driven by bone-shuddering hunger, continued to drive into Reese’s ass with determination. Bear felt a low, rumbling growl beginning in his throat, but before he could let it loose, Finch let out a series of howls.

“Aaahhh! Ah! Ah! AH! AH! AAAAAUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!

With trembling and twitching thigh muscles protesting their abuse, Finch collapsed onto Reese’s exposed back. Reese took his weight readily but was breathing in harsh, ragged gulps; a few seconds later he also came with violent spurts striping the floor beneath. Finch shivered as his spent but all-too-sensitive cock felt the internal eruptions of Reese’s body. Then slowly, like an air mattress with a small leak, Reese slid his knees down to lower his upturned ass until he was lying flat on the floor, Finch still conjoined with him.

“Oh… Oh, John…” Finch could only mumble, over and over.

After catching his breath, Reese replied, “Was it as good for you, Master, as it was for me?”

“Better, I’m sure,” Finch answered and kissed Reese’s shoulder.

Reese smiled as he said, “I don’t think that’s possible, but I will always believe what Master says.”

Bear finally felt that it was safe enough to approach them and sniffed at their midsection, storing the scents of their sex in his memory.

“Did we scare you, Bear? It’s all right… we were just… playing,” Finch said and coaxed the dog closer so he could scratch his head.

Reese did not move until Finch was ready to get up, so it was a long time later that they uncovered the stains on the carpet under him. Finch would have fussed with it, at least tried to get it out with club soda or something, but Reese only grinned (in the predatory manner that had instilled cold dread in the hearts of many) and told him, “Don’t worry – I’ll tip the driver to take care of it.”

“Speaking of the driver,” Finch said, adjusting his glasses and clothing in an attempt to regain some semblance of his usual dignity, “where are we going?”

“Nowhere, just yet,” Reese answered. “I haven’t told him anyplace specific, so he’s just been driving around in circles. Where would you like to have dinner?”

After much consideration Finch chose an Italian restaurant, saying, “I’m going to need some carbs to rebuild my stamina,” and Reese turned on the intercom to give the instructions to the driver.

“Oh, and uh… we made a bit of a mess back here. I hope you brought the steam cleaner like I asked you to,” Reese added with a smirk.

Leon’s voice came back over the speaker: “Aww, man!! I so do not get paid enough for this!!!” 

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  1. Marnita

     /  2013/04/11

    Wow! I loved it when Leon anwered, too. LOL Hot, hot, hot!!! Loved it.

  2. Mamahub

     /  2013/04/11


    And Leon!! *grin*


  3. Plink42

     /  2013/04/11

    Such a smoldering tale of hotness, and Leon was the cherry on top! (I seriously laughed out loud at that). So lovely! 😀

  4. Kate

     /  2013/04/11

    Bwah-ha! Poor Leon! Too good!

  5. rainiejanie

     /  2013/04/11

    I noticed how everyone forgets the hotness when Leon showed up. 😉 I didn’t. Whoa!

    • I’m so glad! I just couldn’t stay serious all the way through; and I’m sure Finch and Reese must’ve had a good laugh about it over dinner!! 😉

  6. deliacerrano

     /  2013/04/11

    So sexy and so good ! And Leon turning out to be the driver needing to clean up??? Hysterical! What a nice funny little surprise at the end.

  7. managerie76

     /  2013/04/11

    OH MY GOD!! yes yes yes !
    Leon the driver!!!!
    So good!

    • And of course he had to have known dam’ well what Reese and Finch were *up* to in the back the whole time… XD

  8. darkheart999

     /  2013/04/12

    Another good one! Please keep the cute and sexyness coming.

  9. Sam Rawana

     /  2013/04/12

    Serves you right. Leon. And Harold got his wicked way, with John after all. I sure Harold will find a use for all those toys. After all, Harold’s into field testing. 😉

  10. bell

     /  2013/04/13

    oh my poor leon!! jjajhjahjahja it was perfect ❤

  11. dancingdog

     /  2013/04/18

    this cheered me up, a lot.

  12. K

     /  2013/04/20

    i literally laughed at loud when Leon answered! I love, love, love your work…keep ’em coming!


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